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Poland: The largest & most important state on the NATO frontline

Continuing on from earlier today, US Paratroopers go to Poland/Polish Defence Minister goes to Washington,  it appears that yes, I have Poland on my mind.
 We are going long in this post. So settle in for a spell. 

I can't quite recall who left the link to a Votaire article regarding Poland training the thugs from Maidan
either karin or kamnan- whichever one of you it was, thanks!  It certainly got the brain fired up.
Let's look at that article briefly if you have not seen it already?
Ukraine: Poland trained putchists two months in advance
In his capacity as EU negotiator, Radosław Sikorski signed a crisis settlement agreement with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, in the evening of February 21, 2014. The following morning, the men he had secretly trained in Poland were about to take power.
Radoslaw Sikorski- keep that name in your mind, cause we are going to have a flashback experience...

 According to this source, in September 2013, Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski invited 86 members of the Right Sector (Sector Pravy), allegedly in the context of a university exchange program. In reality, the guests were not students, and many were over 40. Contrary to their official schedule, they did not go to the Warsaw University of Technology, but headed instead for the police training center in Legionowo, an hour’s drive from the capital. There, they received four weeks of intensive training in crowd management, person recognition, combat tactics, command skills, behavior in crisis situations, protection against gases used by police, erecting barricades, and especially shooting, including the handling of sniper rifles.
While I was looking around on Voltaire, I came across this piece Poland as the ‘Slavic Turkey’ of NATO Destabilization The Slavic Turkey! An interesting take on the role of Poland in destabilizing the areas surrounding itself.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk ( keep this man's name in your mind too, because he is part of our flashback!) stated on 20 February, 2014 that Poland is already treating the injured insurgents from Kiev, and has actually ordered the military and interior ministry to provide hospitals to help even more [1]. The deputy health minister has confirmed that Warsaw is in contact with the rebels in Kiev “in making plans to take in Ukrainian wounded”.This means that Poland has formally extended its covert and diplomatic reach nearly 300 miles into the interior of Ukraine, and that its intelligence services are obviously doing more in Ukraine than just ‘helping the wounded’ (terrorists)
 Quite reminiscent of Turkey. Aiding, abetting, arming, treating the NATO mercs and useful idiots that have been destroying Syria for years now.

Yet another similarity-
 Both Poland and Turkey are frontier NATO states, with Poland being described as “the largest and most important NATO frontline state in terms of military, political and economic power.” These two geostrategic states also have an overwhelming population when compared to their neighbors, as well as national inferiority complexes stemming from their lost imperial legacies (the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Ottoman Empire). They share a significant land border with the states targeted for a ‘democratic transition’, as well as important cultural and political connections with those societies (as a result of the aforementioned imperial legacies)

Poland- the largest &  most important NATO frontline? Sure.
When the target is Russia. And the goal is destabilization/ balkanization.

Recall this post, from a couple years back?   Predicting the Future: The destabilization of Russia
If the Chechens couldn't get the job done, then why not try a different route?
Which isn't a stretch to imagine. If you have an intended goal, you're surely going to have more then one way to attain that goal.

So, Poland. Important! Don't take my word for it. How about what this guy said? In 2009

Poland. Important. OK?

From 2009 to just a year later. 2010. When the entire Polish government fell from the sky!
A coup by any other name.... is still a coup. If you don’t recall the incident resulting in  most of the Polish government met their untimely demise in a single plane, please, reread, recall and refresh

Deadheading the Polish government Deadheading the Polish government Part 2

Promptly after the Polish government was strangely wiped out, we saw news coverage of Radoslaw Sikorski. I covered a bit of Radoslaw’s busy-ness in this post

Poland- IMF loans and Radoslaw Sikorski does the US

Just look at where Mr Sikorski is today! Very prominent. Very influential. Very much in the fold of NATO and the US. The one benefit in having this blog for so long is that  it serves as a resource and a peek back in time.
 Clearly four years ago, I was seeing the plane crash as some type of coup.

“But, the plane crash looks like a coup, and that originated in Poland. But who in Poland, which faction?”

Sikorski went to Washington before the soil had settled on the deceased. And Donald Tusk, is very influential in Poland today. Let's look back at Donald Tusk before the Polish president was killed.

Donald Tusk was no friend to the Polish President Kaczyn'ski (the one who died in the plane)

“ From 2007 until Kaczyn'ski's death in the Smolensk air disaster in 2010, policy differences between the two offices were a constant source of division, with the president employing his limited veto powers numerous times over the government's legislation; Tusk's government lacked a 60 percent threshold to overturn such vetoes”

Cui Bono?

Looks to me as if some very long term planning has been ongoing......

During the Maidan thuggery. Poland was busily promoting pro-fascist propaganda in support of the thugs in Kiev to the Polish viewers

This video from  EuroMaidan PR

All Polish TV channels and radio stations supported Ukraine with this song Saturday night.

Propaganda... it’s so insidious

One last read from John Pilger


  1. Penny, Got too hot and had to come in from outdoors to cool down. Ran into this over at Strategic Culture
    Letter to European Friends from Lugansk

    Have to get back out but will read your post later.
    I think I did drop that off, but you need not give me credit. I bring you info because you have a voice I do now and the gift to put it "on paper" so to speak. :)

    Glad anytime you see what I share has merit

  2. Kinda ridiculous considering that the Banderas in Ukraine were literally talking about regaining territory Ukraine had lost to Poland (historically) and that their idol, Stepan Bandera had 90,000 Poles murdered when he was working for the Nazis.


    The airliner was refurbished by a company owned by Oleg Deripaska four months prior to the crash. I say crash but it actually exploded in mid air. The chief suspects are the 'usual' ones.
    The main reason for it all was for control over the state owned central bank.

  4. Hi Penny,

    Found these short speeches by Sheik Imran Hosein on his take of the situation in Crimea. He makes some very interesting points on why Crimea was given to the Ukraine.


  5. Golly Pen,
    you took me on a few hours read there, but boy am I glad. I wasn't "global" back in 2010 and don't even remember if I read about that plane crash believe it or not.

    I was glad to see you had so much info right here for me to get 'caught up' better on the Poland part in this play against Russia by US/ NATO 'and allies' ( or partners as Putin and Lavrov like to say w/ a smirk )

    Sure isn't a pretty picture and how in hell they got by with 'deadheading' the whole damn upper Gov practically is beyond me. Ugly business.

    That George Freidman video is odd to me. He sways back and forth disturbingly except when he is making a certain point. Sway sway sway. Seems I've read something somewhere along the line pertaining to that movement before.

    Thanks Pen, invaluable reads here tonight. Going to catch up on some headlines and hit the bed. :) If I find anything worth sharing I'll pop in w/ it

  6. Во Владикавказе открылся музей жертв агрессии стран НАТО и США (Vladikavkaz has opened a museum of the victims of aggression, NATO and the United States)

    (auto trans) "Gathered in the city library exhibits show the mass extermination of civilians in a military alliance.

    Unusual museum exhibition opened in the city library of Vladikavkaz. Exhibits show the mass extermination of the inhabitants in different parts of the world in different years from the military forces of NATO and the U.S. From the Vietnam war in the 60s to prepare Georgia for an armed attack on South Ossetia in 2008.

    On this day in the city of Vladikavkaz library especially crowded. Here and political analysts and officials, and members of national communities. But the most welcome guests - local schoolchildren. So North Ossetia opens museum of the victims of aggression, NATO and the United States. Endorsed the idea of ​​its appearance head of the republic.

    - Our children need to know with whom we are dealing. We never went beyond its borders, but to pursue the criminals who attacked us. We must say to our children: the last years of any presidency - the bloody events unleashed by the Americans - said the head of North Ossetia Teimuraz Mamsurov.

    The exhibition throughout the warnings: "Children under 16 are not admitted." Highlights of this exhibition - many photos of dead and wounded, posters with the image of American politicians, and more - with bloody soldiers dollars in hands.

    The new museum of his rangers collected almost the entire history of violence on the part of the international military bloc and the U.S.. Here and extermination of the Indians, and the deportation of the Japanese, and nuclear weapons, and Vietnam. And loud events in Ukraine.

    - The United States and NATO have imagined yourself to be those who can dictate to the world that you can do, and what not, - says the chairman of the public movement "Our Ossetia" Vyacheslav Lagkuev.

    After a short hike through the halls silently Ossetian schoolchildren sit at the computer. Long and intently write something. Teachers do not interfere, they know that this idea has long nurtured children. Vladikavkaz English high school students wrote to U.S. President. Message sent to the address of the website of the White House in Washington. Barack Obama disciples 5th school requested that Ukraine finally at peace.

    After viewing the exhibition, there were several entries in the guestbook. Ossetian school students write differently, but - as one. "We want peace in the world", "America and NATO should respect other countries." A loud, not saying a word, teens added: "We want our museum to work around the clock and never had a war."

    There needs to be many more of these museums around the world.

  7. Radosław Sikorski, married to a uber Khazar Zionist Anne Applebaum. I keep saying this whole project is a Khazar project, which got me banned in MoA. But the cavalry is on its way, watch for Mt. Rainier, and the devastation it can cause to the center of power in the USA, not wishing death or destruction, But sometimes nature is your last resort.

  8. Pen,
    Pepe Escobar goes Kerry on RT over his RT is propoganda reference
    See him ‘Mr. Kerry, let’s talk about Fox News, BBC and Al-Jazeera bullhorns’

    :) karin

  9. thanks for all the comments
    watched pepe
    applebaum a so called journalist? I am pretty sure I have had the misfortune of reading her crap
    james- thanks! I know you were here when the polish government was taken out
    tnt eh? not a surprise
    karin- sometimes I need the background and refresher and I no you will appreciate it
    this is always how we help one another fill in the blanks
    ty, be back tomorrow!

  10. Your lovely Canada is going to have to shell out the $$ anyhow for that military satelite See Canada to Pay for Ditched Launch Contract with Russia - Moscow

    money for nothing :)