Sunday, April 13, 2014

Russia requests UNSC Meeting Tonight.Ukraine Military Op- Criminal

Following on Ukraine ordering  a  military operation against the pro-federation protestors-
Update 2 in the post  Ukraine- Conflict, casualties, building seizures,1 MIA Oligarch & Updates

Additional info here- Ukraine to deploy troops "in anti-terror" Operation

The article  linked above was initially headlined -Ukraine special forces sent to eastern city.
Then changed to "anti-terror"
Perhaps a bit too much was given away with that headline?

Anti-terror means oppression and the only attacking that went one was  launched by the coup government against the federation protestors.
 Ukraine is deploying troops in a "large-scale anti-terrorist operation" to resist attacks by armed pro-Russian forces, Ukraine's President Oleksandr Turchynov said on Sunday in a televised address.

The Russian requested UN Security Council Meeting...

The Kiev authorities, who self-proclaimed themselves as a result of a coup, have embarked on the violent military suppression of the protests,” the ministry said adding that the rallies, which have gripped the Donbas region were prompted by Kiev’s disregard of the legitimate interests the people.

Moscow slammed Sunday’s order, issued by the coup-imposed acting President Aleksandr Turchinov approving a full-scale security operation in the country’s eastern regions, as “criminal”.
“Blood has already been spilled as the result of such actions in the South East.”

The ministry’s statement elaborated that Russia strongly condemns attempts to use brutal force against protesters and activists by involving militants from the far-right Right Sector group or other illegal armed forces.
The West should bring its allies in Ukraine's government under control, Moscow said stressing “it depends on the West now to stop the civil war in Ukraine”.
“We demand the Maidan henchmen, who overthrew the legitimate president, to immediately stop the war against their own people, to fulfill all the obligations under the Agreement of 21 February,” the Foreign Ministry said.
“The western sponsors of the Maidan government, especially those who witnessed the Agreement [of 21 February] and are backed by the US, have to curb their out of control wards, they have to make them break away from the neo-Nazis and other extremists…”
The Kiev authorities have to start a national dialogue with an equal participation of all regions to make urgent and radical constitutional reforms, the ministry said.
 The coup-imposed President Aleksandr Turchinov set a deadline until Monday morning for the pro-independence supporters in eastern Ukraine to leave the government buildings they have occupied or the military will use force.

 UN Security Council to hold emergency meeting on Ukraine


  1. Russian spec ops against merc voice of Russia reported Friday protestor had pinned down a merchant claimed to be us citizen. Remember what happened to the Israeli fob in georgia.

  2. Penny,
    Voltaire Press Kit on Human Rights in Ukraine Alot of good info nearly all of which is new to me.

    Ran across a new name who is stated to be one of the people behind the Maidan I had never heard before,
    Mustafa Nayem

    Yep, 'mustafa' thru me too, that's why I googled him. Afghani

    He participates in the "Stop the censorship!" Ukrainian journalist movement and Hromadske TV project.But you will read his actions speak louder than his memberships in above orgs. :) They are censoring all kinds of papers, TV and internet sites.


  3. Huge demonstration in #Kharkov yesterday: the #police are with the #people! – #RussianSpring

  4. Military column from 50 vehicles was blocked near the city Mariupol, Donetsk republic.

    14.04.2014 00.04 a m by local time

    The inhabitants of the village Volodarskoe, that near city Mariupol, Donetsk republic, blocking the way for military equipment. Near the dam were noticed about 50 vehicles including tanks, armored personnel carriers , rocket launchers ( GRAD ) and military vehicles .

    Residents of the village Volodarskoe and the nearby villages blocked the way for military equipment by their cars , now to area continue to arrive more cars of villagers in order to prevent military to travel farther .

    The movement for several roads of the village was paralyzed, not the military, nor the local cars can't to drive.

    By the way, a little earlier column of military equipment were noticed near the village no Novokrasnovka of Volodarskogo district.

    Video about same column made at evening of 13th April, 60 km away from city Mariupol.

  5. excellent article on ukraine

    “People abandoned their homes and their villages, because there are no jobs. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the entire Ukraine has been falling apart… People are leaving and they are dying. Young people try to go abroad…. The government is not even supplying us with gas and drinking water, anymore. We have to use the local well, but the water is contaminated by fertilizers – it is not clean…”

    “Was it better before?” I ask.

    “How can you even ask? During the Soviet Union everything was better, much better! We all had jobs and there were decent salaries, pensions… We had all that we needed,” she answers.

    Looking around me, I quickly recall that Ukraine is an absolute demographic disaster: even according to official statistics and censuses, the number of people living in this country fell from 48,457,102 in 2001 to 44,573,205 in 2013. Years after its “independence,” and especially those between 1999 and 2001, are often described as one of the worst demographic crises in modern world history. In 1991 the population of Ukraine was over 51.6 million!

    Only those countries that are devastated by brutal civil wars are experiencing similar population decline.
    The next day, in Kharkov, Sergei Kirichuk, leader of the left-wing Borotba (Struggle) movement, told me:

    “People all over the world are fighting against the so-called “free market,” but in Ukraine, to bring it here, was the main reason for the ‘revolution.’ It is really hard to believe.”

  6. karin, brian anonymous

    re tatars- why would they support the regime in kiev?
    that junta does not appear to uphold any minority that would not be in the interest of the tatars any more then it is in the interest of the Russian populace

    1. I think the confusion stems from the fact this is either a mistranslation or directed disinfo. It is not the Tatars who have pledged support but the Cossacks. They have not only pledged support but are already mobilized and in route. Some already in place which you can see from the increase in effective defensive measures and organization of the anti-Kiev militias. The Cossacks know how to fight.,8599,2088949,00.html

      Outside the Slaviansk city council offices stood a group of about 12 armed men in matching camouflage fatigues with black masks, one of whom was holding a Russian flag.

      They said they were Cossacks...

      These guys will not admit where they are from but they arrived from Crimean area once things were secure in their home area.