Sunday, April 20, 2014

Shooting near Slavyansk Ukraine/ Sniper reports

Happy Easter to those so inclined and thanks for the good wishes
Been reading about the shooting...  outside of Slavyansk.
-We clearly have local (pro-federalist) victims. As many as five.
-We have sniper reports.
-We have cars that left with shooters and potential victims?
-And, we have the western/NATO media spinning on the same message that "We don't know what really happened" . That in itself is very, very curious. Because NATO media always knows.
The know Assad, Hussein, Qadafi and Putin are all Hitler.. They knew Saddam had WMD's.
The NATO media 'knows' that the uprisings in Syria & Libya (Tunisia) are yearnings for democracy.
Recently the NATO media has been very sure about those papers in Donetsk, too. Though they were an obvious hoax originating with some backwater outfit in Ukraine
Of course today we see a change in the storyline, but, who is going to pay any attention to the truth trickling out after the masses have drowned in lies.
The NATO media knows who is bad and who is good, and repeatedly tells their receptive audiences all the things that need to be suggested to sell a specific agenda

April 21/14- Just two more points of interest

Regarding the shooters? I thought about this last night- The coup government is not issuing denials. (the Ukrainian Interior Ministry acknowledged the incident) they are just sort of spinning it. So there was definitely a provocation of sorts, planned, and most likely carried out by mercenaries- hence the deflection

Regarding the media? -Nothing to see here. So move along. In line with the deflection coming from the coup government. Did members of the media play a role in contaminating the crime scene? I will bet they did!
The media has been so thoroughly embedded with the NATO war state that so called journalists, acting as spooks are commonplace.

Therefore, I find it odd that  the NATO media just doesn't know

Local resident reacts as he look at the bodies of victims of a gunfight overnight near the city of Slaviansk
The gunfight in Bylbasovka, ( 119,000 populace) a village on the outskirts of the separatist-controlled town of Slavyansk, broke out just four days after the EU and the Ukrainian, Russian, and American governments signed a "de-escalation" deal in Geneva designed to find a peaceful solution to the crisis.
According to the Ukrainian interior ministry, fighting began when unidentified men in four vehicles opened fire at a checkpoint manned by pro-Russian activists at about 2am on Sunday morning, killing at least three people.
The activists returned fire, destroying two cars and injuring and killing an unknown number of attackers, the statement said. About 12 attackers are believed to have escaped with their dead and wounded in their two remaining vehicles, though the ministry said it did not know how many of them were hurt.

"They drove right up to the barricade and started shooting from the vehicles," said one man who declined to give his name. "Those who could get away did so. But they killed my friend. He was 22."
The man, who was visibly distraught, said the activists manning the checkpoint were peaceful protesters armed only with sticks. "They promised a ceasefire for today, and then they do this. Why?" he said.
 Other locals said the position had been surrounded by snipers in black camouflage before pro-Russian "self defence" units from Slavyansk arrived to return fire.
 Could there have been snipers? Who shot at both sides? I don't know? It wouldn't be the first time these types of reports have been made.

 Bullet holes in the rear vehicle appeared to have been fired from close to the ground from a position to its rear and left – the other direction from the barricade.
 The cars appeared to have been moved since they caught fire, with residue from burnt tires and glass from what appeared to be shattered rear lights found closer to the barricade.
Both Russia and the separatist militia in control of Slavyansk have blamed the attack on Right Sector, a far-right militia group that was prominent in the February revolution in Kiev.
Since the Ukraine has no military to speak of. Their fascist thugs in Right Sector and Svaboda would act as  their military. And Kiev can't and won't disarm their thugs.

Mr Ponomarev, the self-declared "people's mayor" of Slavyansk, said he wanted Russia to send weapons, food and medicine if it was unable to send troops. "So far I am only appealing through the media. We have no direct links [with Moscow]," he said at a hastily called press conference in Slavyansk's occupied town hall.
Although he said he favoured a peaceful solution to the crisis, he ruled out any negotiations with the Kiev government, calling it an "illegitimate junta." "We are not the aggressors, they are. We're on our own land. We're not sending people to Kiev or Lviv," he said.
Asked how he thought the situation could be resolved peacefully without negotiation, he said "maybe Russia will help us"
Mr Ponomarev makes a good point, it is not the federalists that have sent people to Kiev or Lviv
BTW: Kiev still has protestors active. Still believing they are going to get accountability from the coup government.


  1. Russia will send no troops but everything else I'm sure the list has been done for some time and is already packed for delivery. Fingers crossed;)

    1. I see this town has asked for Russian peacekeepers through the media
      so.... I wonder?

  2. 'A random example of Kiev's Thieves fakery: photoshopped Ukrainian flag on a bridge over the Dnieper, uploaded to the web by EuromaidanPR. But it was too difficult to do the reflection of the flag in the water in photoshop. LOL. We haven't yet seen anything like the extent of photo and video fakery that the Color Revolution "false flag" puppetmasters disseminated in Syria yet. (If the link is taken down let me know, I've downloaded the image.) '

    @GrahamWP_UK is doing video interviews in Kramatorsk. He says, Asking people in Kramatorsk if Ukrainian tv is blocked proves absolutely fruitless, the near universal answer is 'we don't watch it' .
    My first impression (on seeing the voting map a month or two ago) seems to be right - It's just not the same country.

  3. Admirable Ambition! ("I want to shoot Putin in the head", "Stop Russia with nukes") dreaming of mass annihilation, but also a nutjob demagogue that lost her touch with reality.
    "Ukraine is the spiritual center of Europe, it soon will gather leading intellectuals of the world to create a new model of society. Ukraine will be a platform to create an updated image of mankind, more just and freer than at any time in history. In the not-too-distant future, all European peoples who are unhappy with something in their own country will learn from the Ukrainian experience of creating effective social and political systems. Here in Ukraine, a new civilization will be started that will lead all the peoples of the world. Immediately after the presidential election, the rebirth of national education will start, which will create a new human being within ten years who will be physically unable to tolerate corruption and injustice."
    - Julia Tymoshenko

    1. wow that woman is truly insane and not in a good way... :O


    2. brian and jo

      was listening to Charlie Rose last night-hubby was watching it
      unbelievable nonsense- Putin is irrational and other such language
      finally my husband just shut the tv off

      There has been plenty of irrationality in this situation but none of it has come from Putin as near as I can tell

      Julia has been dam irrational
      Yats is quite dramatic also
      Kerry and Obama are just bizarre, over the top spin and lies making them appear lunatics
      But Putin?

    3. Maybe Julia is big on the transhuman agenda ;)

    4. theres been no irrationality from Putin at all,nada...and i can tell

      however, the progressive media is something else...there irrationality/lies deceit fraud is the rule: take the case of Raw Story: this on their FB page:
      The Raw Story
      17 hrs ·
      What do you make of all these conservatives having man-crushes on a war-happy Russian dictator?

  4. Hi Penny

    Washington blundered into the Ukraine crisis in an attempt to stave off a multi-polar world independent of the dollar. It backfired - because of sanctions, Gazprom is now issuing bonds in Yuan instead of dollars. "Whereas in 2000 some 55% of all reserves worldwide were in US dollars, today it has declined to 33%. And the trend is accelerating," Iran's Press TV quotes Progressive Press author F. Wm Engdahl. "If the USA and EU try to isolate Russia, Moscow will look East for new business."
    Ens Snip


    just under the smart person holding a bear cub :-)

    THis I think shows how the us is decoming ,,, well,,, desperate to hold onto the $



  5. Truth about situation in Ukraine
    Today at 9:10pm · Edited
    Translation of interview with local citizen from the city Slavyansk about fascists attack on checkpoint at night of Easter. About 4 SUV's attacked checkpoint with unarmed local citizen at night of peace.

    Man: - There were about 5-7 men in each car because at the moment of departure they sat on the roof of the car. They shot from the guns of 7.62 calibre. It is explosive bullet. This means it makes the hole in human back. And this is caliber of our bullets, you can compare them. This is us and this is their.
    Girl: - Where did they take them? What is the production? Can you see it?
    Man: - Frankly speaking, I don’t know. We are not military men. The conclusions will be made by professionals.
    Girl: - Can you explain how did these cars get here? The whole city is surrounded by the blockhouses in order to monitor the situation and not let such cars in.
    Man: - Frankly speaking, it is mystery for everybody. But there are blockhouses..
    Girl: - And who is there on those blockhouse where everything had happened?
    Man: -. Local are on this blockhouse. But we haven’t ever gone to that blockhouse because we don’t know this place.
    Girl: - As far as I know there is traffic police blockhouse there? Man: - Yes, that is truth. There is a possibility that the policemen let those guys in about 1 a.m. when a peaceful agreement had been made! The agreement presupposed to let nobody come in Easter Day! If our guys hadn’t been there, if we hadn’t repulsed the gunmen, they would have entered the city! And we don’t know, what would be there!
    Girl: - What did you find in their car? What weapons did you find? Man: - We found almost nothing in this car because everything was in other cars. Because when the car was burning, it exploding many times. It is evident, that there were a lot of bullets because they were exploding!
    Girl: - Ok, thank you! I will add that some gunmen managed to escape because there is only 2 cars here. The cars were burnt by local activists. They were furious because many peaceful inhabitants died during the fight. Also I will add that a sing # 20 of “Right sector” was found during the search and a visit card of Dmitriy Yarosh. "

    Video of this interview — in Slavyansk, Ukraine.

  6. pro-russians hailed as heroes in sloviansk