Saturday, April 19, 2014

Syria has removed or destroyed 80% of it's chems

Notice the lying corporate media is spinning away on that  hoax out of Donetsk, instead of reporting on the substantial progress Syria has made!! Despite all that the US/Israel and Turkey have thrown at that beleaguered nation. Almost 80 percent removal.

OPCW-UN mission reports approximately 80 per cent of its chemical weapons material.

Sigrid Kaag, Special Coordinator of the OPCW-UN Joint Mission, said in a statement that further engagement is expected to sustain momentum and to complete removal operations during the next days.
This will contribute to meeting the deadlines set by the OPCW Executive Council, including the 30 June 2014 target date for completing the destruction of Syria's entire chemical weapons programme.
“The renewed pace in movements is positive and necessary to ensure progress towards a tight deadline,” said Ms. Kaag.
The statement also noted that Syria has further completed destruction of empty mustard gas containers, and made progress closing chemical weapons production and storage sites.

What excuse, hoax. lie or false flag will US/Israel cook up now?

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  1. Mark Sleboda ‏@MarkSleboda1 2h
    Crimean Tatars promise to go in force and help people of SE #Ukraine in fight against Junta in Kiev #Russianspring

    Mark Sleboda ‏@MarkSleboda1 2h
    @tlamb775 Tatar scholars and imams against the Banderite-Orangist Putsch occupying Kiev …
    Mark Sleboda ‏@MarkSleboda1 2h
    @tlamb775 The Majlis is a self-appointed body and its hysterical raving does not represent all or even a majority of the Tatar community

  2. Truth about situation in Ukraine shared a link.
    2 hours ago
    The population rises up against the orders of its government in Kiev. They stop tanks and ask the soldiers that were sent there to lay down their arms. The soldiers hesitate, but then follow the peoples’ orders. They refuse to shoot at their own compatriots. Following this are moving scenes of fraternization in a nation that will not allow itself to be forced into war. The transitional government in Kiev declares the civil rights activists in east Ukraine to be terrorists. They do not see the possibility of exemplary peace that could take place here. Instead they send tanks into the cities in order to secure their power with military force. They cannot think differently. In the beginning, the soldiers obey until they arrive at the area of operations, where they do not meet terrorists, but an entire people that defend themselves against tanks driving through their landscape. They do not want war and they do not see why it should be fought. Yes, why actually? For long they have been lied to and betrayed by Kiev – now they can no longer trust the new government. They do not want to be occupied by Russia either – they want freedom and civil rights, and in fact many of them are closer to Russia than to the West. What does the West actually want? With which right does it claim the east Ukrainian regions? According to the official propaganda from the West, eastern Ukraine is in an explosive state, which could only become controlled by military force. In reality, what is happening there is a basic movement for peace and humaneness – a process that defies all political and military categories. The West is confused and helpless because through this movement, all its political options have been foiled. And behind its options are sturdy economic interests from the weapons industry, which always also need to be considered.

    What we are seeing in eastern Ukraine is not only the confrontation between Russia and the West; we are dealing with a fundamental conflict between the interests of politics and those of the people, between the politically represented war society and the civil society represented by the people.

  3. Happy Easter Penny, and to your readers.

  4. excellent video tho i dont understand a blood word!
    Elaine Khouri
    1 min
    A MUST See: A video that you would not see on the ‪#‎CNN‬, ‪#‎BBC‬ or any other western media station. A message to the world this is our President that loves his country ‪#‎Syria‬ and his people. Video of President Al-Assad to Maaloula on the occasion of Easter and from the heart of ‪#‎Maaloula‬ town in ‪#‎Damascus‬ countryside, President Bashar al-‪#‎Assad‬ wished a blessed Easter for all Syrians.

  5. Republic of Donetsk ‏@alexlaserthrow Apr 19
    A "couple" of people(by Kiev/Western MSM standards) in Odessa demand a referendum from Kiev. 19 April.: