Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Syria: two thirds chems transferred & Canada prepares attack Syria plans

Canada prepares to attack Syria and aid Al quada! Make no mistake about it Canada will be aiding Al Qaeda.
Perhaps a rebranding will take place, but, the product will be exactly the same. NATO's Islamic fighters more commonly known as Al Quada. That is the reality of what/who Canada will be assisting. Canada is prepared to further aid the the thugs terrorizing Syrians.
Therefore Canada is preparing to assist Al Qaeda terrorists

Beheaders, organ eaters, child rapists, captagon junkies and traffickers- Those are Canada's aid recipients
OH and car bombers suicide or otherwise

  “Canadian defence and diplomatic officials have been quietly working on plans for possible Canadian military missions — as well as shoring up non-religious groups on the ground — in Syria as its three-year civil war continues.”
There are no ‘non religious’ groups on the ground in Syria. There are only hired mercenaries employing radical religious beliefs to brainwash fighters who are then killing ordinary Syrians.

  “Internal documents obtained by the Ottawa Citizen show National Defence has drawn up at least five scenarios in which it could become involved in Syria’s ongoing civil war, as well as potential Canadian Forces missions for each situation.
 The documents have been censored to remove specifics,(why?) but allude to “the rapidly deteriorating conditions in Syria, its impact on neighbouring countries (Israel) and … the importance of Middle East stability.” (Israel)
   “The scenarios also include several assumptions such as the Syrian government remaining “defiant,” as well as “most likely” and “worst case” outcomes, such as extremist groups getting hold of advanced or chemical weapons, or the conflict spilling beyond Syria’s borders.
At least one possible Canadian military intervention “assumes that a legitimate armed opposition group has been recognized” by Canada, although details about the rest of this scenario have been blacked out”

Assumes that a legitimate armed opposition group has been recognized ?
Since there are no legitimate armed opposition groups, this tells us the Canadian government would hard sell the hired  mercs as ‘moderates’ in order to get Canadians drawn in to this fight.
In order to get Canadians to believe that which should never be believed.
As for the rest being blacked out? Why?
Let’s read through the rest of the article and perhaps we can  understand why this is heavily censored.

- Canada has expressed concern (Concern of what type?) in the past about an influx of Islamic militias into Syria
- These Islamic groups blurred the lines between the different factions fighting (killing) Syrians .How then would a legitimate opposition be ‘recognized’? Other then to sell one as the acceptable product line in a rebranding?
-In documents obtained by the Citizen, Foreign Affairs officials cited the listed terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra, as an example.  An example of what? Of a group blurring the lines between factions?  Surely al Nusra is one of those, but, the report cites them as an example of a entity that “ employs a combination of military exploits and delivery of social services to build a support base and position itself for power after the transition”
Why that reads to me as if Foreign Affairs cited the group as a prospective and legitimate opposition that could be recognized and supported? Because they are employing a multi- pronged approach- The carrot and the stick. 

 “A post-Assad Syria risks opening yet another phase in the conflict if those who vanquish Assad retain power through the force of arms, by sowing ethnic or sectarian division or through allegiance to extremist religious beliefs,”

That would work out for the endless war mongering. Sounds exactly like that which  NATO is hoping for.

 “Canada is also helping teach activists to monitor humanitarian organizations to make sure they are delivering the aid that is needed by Syrians, and training of citizen journalists. These activities are being supported by small funds run out of the Canadian embassies in Lebanon and Turkey, which have been at the forefront of Canada’s response to the Syrian crisis”

Delivering the aid that is needed by Syrians?
Via Lebanon & Turkey? Aid such as ....Mercenaries? Guns? Bombs?  Poison gas?
Training citizen journalists? Training liars for NATO

Images of Syrian torture to make an encore presentation. 

Prepare yourself for yet another round of psychological operations against the western audience with regard to Syria. As France rehashes the bogus Ceasar psyop.  This time at the UN. Sure to get additional unwarranted media coverage. Perhaps it can be used to demonize Russia for propaganda purposes at the same time as Assad gets sullied by slander. Then it can all be tied up with a boston bombing bow!

When the bogus Ceasar narrative was first dragged out a few months back I responded to the Qatar produced psyop with this post - Syrian torture claims without the torture

Abu Ghraib
one bad apple in action

Torture claims with no torture images. How is that possible? Abu Ghraib produced lots of torture images. Recall that? But that was 'just a few bad apples'

On the positive side -Syria Chemical Handover nearly complete

Syria has surrendered almost two-thirds of its chemical weapons with the resumption of transfers from the war-torn country, the global chemical watchdog said Monday, although it again pressed Damascus to step up efforts. 
“The Syrian government has completed the delivery of the 13th consignment of chemicals,” the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said.
“The deliveries have raised the overall portion of chemicals removed from Syria to 65.1 percent, including 57.4 percent of priority chemicals,” it reported in a statement in The Hague. 
Damascus had temporarily halted the transfer of its chemical stockpile, citing security reasons, but resumed the operations earlier this month. Under the terms of the US-Russia brokered deal reached last year, Syria has until the end of June to destroy its chemical weapons if it wants to ward off the threat of US air strikes.
Kudos to Syria despite all the attacks from Canada's rebels. NATO's killers. Well, you know who I mean!

Additional reading! Cause I am running out of steam-

1- American anti-tank weapons appear in Syria 

2-  US-Israel-Turkey had part in chemical attacks

3- Turkey aided Islamist fighters in attack on Syrian town


  1. I must have missed the news the day Canada became a suburb of Amerika. I do feel sorry for Canadians.

    1. Sadly jo, Canada has been a suburb of Amerika for far longer then most Canadians realized
      Myself included :(

  2. It's bloody sickening is what it is. I can no longer listen to the news on CBC radio (I like it when I am working) but when the news comes up on the top of the hour I simply shut if off.

    We are so F*cked.


    1. Hey Buffy, I am so glad you stopped by. Yes, our nation is a sick little psycho country filled with sick psycho brainwashed idiots- mostly
      I am particularly disgusted with the self absorbed youth here
      And it ain't my age!

      I cannot for the life of me understand how these addicted to their tech toy idiots get through a day
      I have had dummies texting riding their bike straight towards me
      Walking into me
      Meandering on the roadways- while driving
      It is unbelievable
      How can a sentient, allegedly human being, with any hope of survival conduct their day to day life in a manner that demonstrates they are so out of touch with their real world surroundings.
      Their lives are being stolen out from under them- and they text
      And they text

      OH and one more thing! April 16th I awoke this morning to temperatures of
      20 fahrenheit or -7 celsius
      we are just 5 weeks away from our alleged last frost date
      and... we started tomatoes they are doing beautifully
      however...... no tulips out
      no leaves on the trees
      and the summer birds are back! but there are no leaves on the trees
      we are about a month behind and the great lakes are still frozen
      no chance in getting anything in the garden that can take the frost
      peas, leafy greens etc
      And yet I still see the AGW cult out in full propaganda mode
      That despite the level of ice everywhere and ice bergs floating through the St Lawrence Seaway and welland shipping canal
      because the ice breakers had to break everything up and it ain't working
      I have never seen anything like this- ever
      Climate always changes, but, this is not AGW!!

  3. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-sezmyfUaLDQ/UOHu2HgmRuI/AAAAAAAAANk/wR3tMOWpIpg/s1600/zombie+apoc.jpg

    for you!! Texting Zombies ;)

    Honey - I hear you!! About it all!!

    It's disgraceful. I know my son, 22, can't stand these hipster do nothing and think even less types.

    No it's not our age either darling ;) It is because we think, it's because we CARE!!


    1. Ya know what I think when I see them?

      for years, years years, centuries your ancestors and mine survived all manner of trials and hardships

      from the spanish flu and wars and the depression
      they did it because they had their wits about them
      and here we are the genealogical lineage of survivors (not me, but the feckless texters) are saying whatever??? your struggle to survive and thrive as a species- who cares.

      I am going to text and crash my car on the highway
      fall into a fountain
      ride into your car
      trip and fall
      walk into you
      get hit by a train (texting and wearing earbuds)
      boy that is really having your wits about you!
      maybe I should just look at it as 'trimming the dead wood'?
      cause if these idiots don't care, why should I ?

  4. For the record, in 1982 central Indiana we had a blizzard on April 15th so I know how you feel :)

    This is info on rules of ships in the Baltic I spoke of

    They got buzzed pretty good by Russian Air Force and "shit bricks" it's said :)
    Those fake attacks make those USA exceptional "soldiers" rethink confrontation.:)
    Good for a laugh

    1. thanks karin :)

      The US should keep the ships out of the black sea- because 14 days ain't a long time!

  5. lol girlfriend I think we are overdue for a phonecall ;)


    1. yah, it's been a long, long, long cold winter

  6. Hi Penny. Suburb of the US or Israel? Or is it the same difference?

  7. Here's a great story about a foundation that has given 100s millions to canda but the govt thinks there evil. The founders of Intel come the old world of giving money away with no strings. I have never worked for them but they are near by where I live in Calli.


    They give 100s million away Calli also.

    1. I have never heard of this group?
      I have never even heard the government here mention this group?
      Additionally I find it hard to believe anyone would give away money with no strings attached
      Everything comes at a cost
      Rockefeller was very good at playing this game of do gooding while doing bad.
      It appears that desmogblog wants us to believe something that doesn't seem to be factual?

    2. When you have time and look at who a friend of the govt. and who now is on the outs. You did name the so-called good foundations according to harper and friends. The VO does a good job on why this came about. I've know a few people that received grants from Moore all they ask finish on time that you gave them and it better be right it will be per checked.




    3. Bill and Melinda Gates-crackpots
      Rockefeller foundation is a nightmare

      but ya know what jo, so is greenpeace?
      I think they started out legit, but, then got coopted

      And I hope you do not get offended, because I get that you are a caring fellow. But green peace is now as phony as a three dollar bill.
      If the Cons are demonizing them, they are just playing left/right politics.

      I am seriously disillusioned with greenpeace
      They are just another NGO (no good organization)
      They give NATO cover. Look how they targeted Gazprom?
      Big attention grabbing stunt. Just as all the Russia bashing kicked off.
      That was not accidental- Greenpeace participated in the bash Russia psyop as sure as pussy riot and the corporate media
      Where were they (GP) on the gulf oil spill? low key to non-existent

      And they don't do the environment as much favour as people like to believe they do
      There stance on Fukushima and nuclear power is abysmal.
      It took me a while to realize what a fraud they had become
      I actually supported them financially on more then one occasion and then when I began to see them for what they are... It was disheartening

      from the site- wrong kind of green


      sorry :(

  8. well this morning when I was annoyed at those frigid temperatures-- I understand that this was record breaking cold for April 16/2014
    and saw snowflakes again
    my heating bill is being increased- yeah! not!

  9. I agree it hard to bad mouth the corp. that giving you money. Even the sierra club was that way and I have now idea if they cleaned up their act.

    Sorry about the cold we are seeing 80s in my part of Calli, great growing temps for the farmers around me but there is no water.

    1. Hi jo, i have heard much about the drought in California
      So many people think Canada is supposed to be cold ..
      Well some parts of Canada are colder then others
      For instance BC along the coast is warmer then BC inland
      Winnipeg is known as Winterpeg
      And where I live is pretty much as far south in Canada as one can get without living in the US- in between the two great lakes of Erie and Ontario


      "The Great Lakes cause the hot humid weather found here in the summer by providing the moisture in the air (precipitation). The St. Lawrence Lowlands is the closest region in Canada to the equator, making the weather mild. There can be 100cm of rain each year from the humidity in the summer"

      It's mild here, generally. Far milder then where my friend Buffy lives in Canada
      The past few years have become very noticeably cooler, with this year being the longest, coldest winter I can recall.
      Just to give you an example, there are still no leaves on the maple tree I can see out my window- It is April 17th
      My tulips have not flowered- but my crocus flowers finally did- they are a month behind
      The great lakes got to around 93 percent frozen- that will keep this area cool, quite cool, and it is

      During the last ice age, where I live was under a mile of ice
      Sea levels were lower and where you live in California, all along the west coast including Alaska, was the way people travelled down from Europe to as far as South America- west coast being influenced by specific ocean currents

      jo, you are so kind. thanks :)