Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Turkey at war with Syria. Prepping a chemical attack on Damascus

Erodgan says:
Erdoğan has surprised many after his party's victory in the local elections by declaring that Turkey is at war with Syria. Experts, however, say the declaration is problematic in a legal sense.
Onur Öymen, the former deputy chairman of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), told Today's Zaman that Erdoğan's remarks about declaring war on Syria do not comply with either national law or the principles of international law. “Turkey cannot declare war on a country unless an attack happens first. This [declaring war] is not possible without a reason,” said Öymen.
And Erdogan was definitely looking for a reason. Any reason. 


Turkey 'shuts off YouTube" to cover up leaked false flag attack plans on Syria

Part 2-Turkey, YouTube,the incriminating audio?! A declaration of war?

Reality ?

Turkey has long, long, long- from the get go- been involved with destabilizing Syria and terrorizing her populace

Even today .....

Militants in Syria prepare chemical attack in Damascus – UN envoy  (Yes, the Security Council has been made aware......)

Armed gangs in Syria are conspiring to stage a chemical attack in the Damascus suburbs in order to later lay the blame on the Bashar Assad’s government, Syria's UN Ambassador Bashar Jaafari has warned the Security Council.

Competent Syrian authorities intercepted a wireless communication between two terrorists in the Jawbar area of the Damascus governorate,” Jaafari said in a letter addressed to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council. The letter was published on Tuesday on the UN website.
In that communication, the diplomat said, one “of the terrorists said that another terrorist named Abu Nadir was covertly distributing gas masks.
The Syrian security services, Jaafari said, also intercepted another communication between militants one of whom was called Abu Jihad. During that conversation, the latter indicated that toxic gas would be used and “asked those who are working with him to supply protective masks.
Back in March, Jaafari informed the Security Council that a person named Haytham Salahuddin Qassab transported chemical substances from Turkey on behalf of the terrorist organization known as Ahrar al-Sham.” He allegedly purchased the chemical agents from Turkey’s Dharwa Import and Export Company.

Turkey-has 'been at war' with Syria. Without a declaration. Or any lawful justification.


 Turkish Court Case regarding Syrian 'Jihadis' aka NATO/Israeli mercs procuring chemical weapons
 Syria: Syrian Army takes al-Qusayr, Sarin & UN and Condoleeza is back.....


  1. I think this is going to happen and if this does I would back Turkey over this as Syria needs some sort of intervention to stop the mass slaughter from going on in this country. Turkey needs the support of other Nato countries.

    1. John Christopher- the problem in Syria is that there is 'intervention' in the form of NATO/Israeli backed destabilization aided, of course, by Turkey
      The 'mass slaughter' has been perpetrated by those elements

      Those same western backed elements need to be withdrawn from Syria
      More war and killing is not the answer

    2. Wow amazing hilarious John! Turkey and erdogan are why there is a flow of terrorising jihadis INTO Syria to cause the chaos you claim they are the solution to . Your thinking is all American!

  2. Sounds like good news. Erdoghan, like many politicians, has to lie all the time. Now he has to cover the charge of being weak by lying and sounding strong. Besides, the reality on the ground is very grim for the insurgents.

    1. What sounds like good news?
      That Turkey will kill even more Syrians?
      And the reality on the ground is 'very grim for the insurgents'?

      I am not going to shed any tears for bought and paid for killers

  3. March 29th, 2014
    Mass protest in Frankfurt/M (Germany) against NATO, against Russophobia and warmongering and in support of Russia

    How the ordinary people of Odessa joined together to repel the armed thugs of Right Sector and the Maiden this weekend

  4. Turkey has been getting cozy (publicly) to Israel of late
    Israel shooting of Jordanian
    Israel agitating on the Lebanon border with the Hez cross border attacks
    Kerry fail: Palestine going back to UN - echo the Pakistan drone finding last week against US
    US just warned Lebanon about offshore drilling in disputed waters
    Cheney is on record touting an Iran attack
    US accelerated delivery of Osprey to Israel
    UAE security official declared Qatar part of Emirates yesterday
    Saudi / Obama visit an obvious fail in view of the Saudi moves against Youtube / Twitter (Turkey echo)
    GCC-US divide with Saudi clearly looking east (and to Pakistan for its "umbrella")
    Iraq insurgency in full bloom; US rushing drones and hellfire there to aid the fight against the Sunni?


    1. Kerry was being a complete ass wrt the Palestinians anyway-
      don't know if going to the UN is an improvement, don't think so personally
      but Kerry is a dead end
      I have more stuff on the Pakistan/Saudi arabia saved

  5. World jewish Congress had a biannual meeting on March 31 in Paris.
    Voltaire has a run down of the event World Jewish Congress meeting in Paris

    in the end, it's all about darling isreal :(
    Dieudonne attacker v/ gov gets their support natch.. read for yourselves , just a couple of paragraphs. Don't have a big problem with the "nazis" they say :)

    Did you know 'nazi' was a term the jews came up with and called Germans to make them mad, or irritate them. At least thats what I read the other night. :)

    Who opened up 'Troll Hell' and left the flood gate open ? they are everywhere

    1. Of course they don't have a big problem with the nazis
      the zionists colluded with them previously
      I am of the mind that Simon Wiesenthal was a total collaborator.