Monday, April 7, 2014

Ukraine as Pandora's Box- Opened

Oddly enough this metaphor had come up in the last few weeks at home. Must have entered the discussion for some reason? Ukraine is starting to look very much like that which was unleashed, is running wild.
Once Pandora’s Box is opened can the pandemonium be reigned in?

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Donetsk has declared itself a people’s republic and they want a referendum

And they have asked for a peacekeeping contingent! (quote from last linked article)
''In the event of aggressive action from the illegitimate Kyiv authorities, we will appeal to the Russian Federation to bring in a peacekeeping contingent,'' they stated in their proclamation. 
Beside Donetsk, Kharkiv and Lugansk  have seen anti-coup protestors take over government buildings.

You may ask yourself- why am I referring to these people as ‘anti-coup’ protestors?
Pretty simple, really. These protests and declared aspirations of Russian populations are a direct result of Victoria Nulands (State Department)  F the EU attitude and the US unlimited dollar creation- Along with Gladio style left behind terrorists groups.

Now we have Kiev between a rock and a hard place- As Eastern Ukrainians push to join Russia
Several heavily Russified eastern regions now want to stage referendums on joining Russia when Ukraine holds snap presidential polls on May 25 that feature two frontrunners who want to tie the country’s future to Europe.

Ask yourself this question- If you were facing forced impoverishment, cut pensions and huge increases in gas prices.. What would you do?

Brief  rant and digression- In Canada you would sit down and take it. Play on your computers take in your tell-a-vision and text your friends. Cause that is how Canadians roll with it.  Or lay down for it? I do not advocate violence but  do put the blame on the absolute mess Canada is in on the citizens who do nothing, not even put up the slightest resistance to their own oppression. Rant digression over

Apparently persons in heavily populated Russian areas are not willing to have some else cut their noses of to spite their very own faces. 

Ukraine has made no payments to Gazprom despite them being due at midnight.

 Ukraine has made no payments to Gazprom despite a midnight (2000 GMT) deadline to reduce its $2.2 billion debt for natural gas supplies, the Russian gas producer said on Monday.

"There have been zero payments from Ukraine," he said.

Ukraine has missed deadlines in the past without punishment but Gazprom has suggested it might ask Kiev to pay in advance for gas if it does not meet the monthly deadline.
Will Gazprom make an exception yet again?

Ukraine's Coup government- eye ball popping statements

Some of the talk coming out of Ukraine’s coup government is pretty funny- as in theatre of the absurd?

 How did ‘Yats’ take power? Through extreme violence & of course- Victoria F the EU Nuland chose him.


So, it is with a chuckle I read Yats being all 'in charge'- After all those Ukrainians being referred to by Yats want no part of the coup government. They didn't elect him.

Yats-  He told a cabinet meeting that the violent demonstrations are clearly part of a plan to destabilize the situation and allow "foreign" troops to cross the border and seize Ukrainian territory.
Yats, if I may? The Ukraine was destabilized long before this day and you, your banker cronies & gladio fighters along with the US state department buds were at the helm of the destabilization

Ukraine's acting president, Oleksandr Turchynov- 'anti-terrorist measures'' would be deployed against those who had taken up arms even as separatists demanded that Ukraine's eastern regions hold referendums on whether to split from Ukraine and become part of Russia.

WHAT! I am shocked. Shocked I tell you! Yanukovych was condemned harshly for attempting to rein in the ‘democratic aspirations’ of Ukrainians
Recall?  US Condemns Ukraine's Anti-Protest Laws as 'Undemocratic'
Because in the US and Canada the anti-protests laws are oh so democratic-not!

Who can forget the “I am Ukrainian” psyop?

All the  protestors in Donetsk , Kharkiv and Lugansk want is the freedom to choose their own destiny.
How can the US and company deny them that choice?  Obama tells us all, in reference to Ukraine that  ‘freedom isn't  free’  therefore  he should support these protestors in their desire and willingness to sacrifice and suffer for their freedom.


  1. Israel backing chems claims in Syria

    Hirsch was right on Iran

    Western press all over the return of Bandar and all that apparently means

    Us allegedly providng TOW missles in make good on promises to Saudi to ramp up heavy weapons to Syria rebels.

    ||They said during the Olympics that Russia won the games and lost Ukraine. |It now appears Syria will become the battleground. How will Russia play it? Turkey and Israel as pointed out have been moving closer into alignment publicly for the past month. Saudi is preoccupied trying to bring in Pak troops as the GCC schism blows open. They have their own twitter issues. US is pressing ahead with the |Iran deal in spite of Cheney singing bomb bomb bomb. |||LEbanon is threating to move ahead with offshore exploration which is a direct threat to the Israeli drill program. |Timelines are aligned for a major event in Syria/Lebanon. Hezbollah took credit for the border bombing a few weeks ago with Israel. This morning Israel blamed not just an Algerian for the Burgas (Bulgaria being home to the major US missile deployments) but Hez/Lebanon. Remember the Syrian rebels promising Golan for weapons. |Now with Russia disproving the thesis that they lost Ukraine, Syria become that much more critical (possibly Algeria for its gas too).

    How will Russia play it. This morning Hezbollah all but said the rebels were incapable of launching any widespread attacks.

    1. dammit!
      I was hoping that one was going to go nowhere, but, with Israel on the job....
      hahaha Israel is always on the job

      " Israeli official: Assad used chemical weapons in Damascus two weeks ago
      Israeli security sources confirm there is solid evidence Syrian regime used neutralizing chemical materials in two locations in the capital."

      Israeli security sources confirm?? Sure they do, they were probably involved if anything was actually used
      Or Israel can concoct some 'evidence' and match it to some videos already on line--

      FYI: the chemical attack alleged is covered here
      but it wasn't two weeks ago?

      unless I missed some other reports,I have been checking, but it's possible

  2. US Condemns Ukraine's Anti-Protest Laws as 'Undemocratic'

    Of course they do Amerika needs another outlet for sales of teargas. I'll look for the story just released on motherland security, fbi, banksters and fusion centers all working against OWS. Like we are free here in the new Amerika.

    1. Hey jo

      Protests are only democratic when the US government says they are, which is why the only protests that ever get covered are the state created and approved ones

      All others are completely "undemocratic"


    crackdown begins