Monday, April 28, 2014

Ukraine & the Misleading NATO media with an update regarding sniper fire

I see the misleading media is doing what it does so well- Misleading.

CBC Headline today: Ukraine crisis: Kharkiv Mayor Hennady Kernes shot in the back City hall in another city seized by masked men with automatic weapons

Kharkiv Mayor shot. City hall in another city (notice it is unnamed?) by masked men
The reader will then assume the Mayor of Kharkiv was shot as his city hall was seized.
This is how media misleads. It's like a sleight of hand... Leading the reader by misleading the reader
Let's check the facts!

The Mayor-

 -The mayor of Ukraine's second-largest city was shot in the back Monday.
- Hennady Kernes, the mayor of Kharkiv was shot in the back?
-Officials have not commented on the circumstances of the shooting and it was not clear who was behind it
-Kernes was a staunch opponent of the pro-West Maidan movement that toppled President Viktor Yanukovych in February and was widely viewed as the organizer of activists sent to Kyiv from eastern Ukraine to harass those demonstrators.

Loaded language there CBC- Kernes opposed the Maidan movement and he sent protestors to Kyiv to 'harass' demonstrators? Really shameful stuff! And 'it is not clear who was behind' the shooting?
Sure it is. Taking all my clues from the article

The shooting of the Mayor? He was shot by the Svoboda/Right Sector? 
 UPDATE: Should have said- sniper fire and I knew that I should have- smacks head!   

RT is reporting 
 They shot him in the back from the forest,” Kernes’s friend Yury Sapronov said. “The injury is serious. His lung is pierced and his liver pierced all the way through.”
 A shell “allegedly from sniper rifle” was found at the site where the mayor was shot, Irina Kushchenko, from the public relations department of the city’s Executive Committee.
 Party of Regions presidential candidate Mikhail Dobkin, a close friend of Kernes, said the gunman used live fire. According to Dobkin, there was a 7.62 mm shell from a Dragunov sniper rifle.
Yes, it is a Russian made gun, but that does not mean it was the anti coup movement or Russian forces
 Sniper fire was reported at the shooting at Slovyansk-  Shooting near Slavyansk Ukraine/ Sniper reports
Of course sniper fire was reported and linked to the Maidan fascists

Update ended!

Hence the claim by NATO media that 'it was not clear'.  Especially if it was sniper fire! All the better to leave that ambiguous. Because snipers indicate an entirely different dimension to the Ukrainian issue
Sniper fire to get everyone fighting with one another would certainly serve a specific divide to conquer agenda

The City hall seizure took place in Kostyantynivka- 

-160 kilometres from the Russian border.( not sure how that is relevant?)
-After the seizure, about 15 armed men guarded the building. Some posed for pictures with residents while others distributed St. George's ribbons, the symbol of the pro-Russia movement.
Kostyantynivka is just 35 kilometres south of Slovyansk, a major city in eastern Ukraine that has been in insurgents' hands for more than three weeks now.

The shooting of the Mayor and the City Hall seizure are not connected to one another. Though the media is working to create a perception of connection.


  1. Good catch, Pen.
    "-160 kilometres from the Russian border.( not sure how that is relevant?)"

    I'd take that as implying that it was the Russian army that took over the city hall as they are only 160kms away. I'm surprised the distance wasn't converted to 100mls as it is a smaller number!

    1. Hi James

      I figured they had to have included it for some reason and yes, your right, it's really just a couple of hours away- so of course
      It wasn't converted because in Canada we use kms
      highway speed is 80 to 100 kms
      If it was American media it would have been in miles

    2. I take the not clear who dunnit it to mean it was not the anti coup movement

  2. Good catch, Pen.
    "-160 kilometres from the Russian border.( not sure how that is relevant?)"

    I'd take that as implying that it was the Russian army that took over the city hall as they are only 160kms away. I'm surprised the distance wasn't converted to 100mls as it is a smaller number!

  3. When alternative ways of getting "news" became available I dropped Canada's media. The lean is even more pronounced today than a generation ago. A brother of mine used to make the ridiculous claim that he knew what was going on because he read the paper faithfully.We are estranged.

    1. Sad to say 'reading the paper faithfully' means one knows less then nothing
      I have a family member that reads the paper daily too
      and sheesh.. were not estranged but we have to agree to disagree

  4. Yes the reporter so aptly states at the conclusion, "it's business as usual"

    1. you might like my latest post
      regarding business as usual..

  5. A minor overlooked detail:

    "The Jewish mayor of the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, Gennady Kernes, has been shot in the back by unidentified gunmen, the city council’s press service reports...Kernes has been described as a "mini-oligarch" - a successful businessman wealthy enough to launch a career in politics".

    1. I expect the anti semite card to be played
      Coming hot on the heels of the Guardian article setting the parameters for the narrative - afraid of anti coup Ukrainians.
      Or as the media calls them 'pro-russian terrorists'

  6. hes been sent to israel for treatment.....ODD

    1. I noticed that news..
      ODD. No he's a follower of Judaism
      Probably going for reprogramming.. hehehe

  7. Always pay attention to Bhadrakumar:

    "Obama aims at regime change in Russia" By M K Bhadrakumar – April 28, 2014

    ...the US seems to be aiming to create dissensions within the Russian elites and crack up the calculus of power in Moscow — a veritable “regime change”. Capitulate or regime change — that’s the choice the US is offering Moscow.
    It’s a high-risk project. Of course, the system that Putin created is not a pushover. But, the US is undoubtedly in a punishing mood. What accounts for it? Can’t be Syria. Can’t be Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan. Can’t be the Arctic, can’t be BRICS.
    Yes, it has to be the unprecedented humiliation and damage caused to the US’ global standing and foreign and security policies by the Edward Snowden affair, which Washington believes was masterminded from the Kremlin. It’s payback time for the CIA".

    It is the continuation of the war the Berezovskys declared on Putin, backed by the whole Kosher Nostra.

    1. Hey Wiz

      The regime change/destabilization agenda for Russia precedes Snowden by a great many years- so if Bhadrakumar is suggesting that as the reason for this attack on Russia? Just my opinion, but, he is mistaken

      You are correct on this being a continuation of an agenda since BorisB started his campaign of destabilization so many years ago...
      I see Khordokovsy has picked up the Boris B reins

    2. Of course Snowden was just the catalyst for the Jewmerican subversion to came out in the open. I am very much inclined to believe that the whole circus was determined by a real or perceived "threat" to the eternal victims of Russian "antisemitism", more precisely an exposure of the collusion between the Ukraino-Israeli "oligarchs" and the Americano-Israeli oligarchs in plundering Ukraine (as a compensation for the "persecution" of Berezovky, Khodorkovsky and many others in Russia). Besides, hatred of Russia is the oxygen of the Dybbuks and Golems!

    3. Hey WizOz

      "Besides, hatred of Russia is the oxygen of the Dybbuks and Golems! "
      I would agree with that cause I get the Golem reference
      Though I have to go look up what is a Dybbuks!
      Ok Dybbuk- gotcha!

      In Jewish mythology, a dybbuk (Yiddish: דיבוק, from Hebrew adhere or cling) is a malicious possessing spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person.

      You know, I am of the mind that Snowden was foisted on Russia?
      Isn't everything a threat when one is a eternal victim..
      How can those persons live in that manner?
      It must be psychologically damaging, really damaging

    4. They suffer from Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder:

      "the well-established Judeocentric tendency to interpret almost any legitimate political and ideological criticism as a perpetration of an upcoming Judeocide should be comprehended as a severe form of paranoia verging on collective psychosis, which I define as Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Pre-TSD)....While many of us are convinced that Israel’s behaviour is the outcome of moral bankruptcy, I insist that the Israeli identity is emerging as a pathological psychotic case. The moral bankruptcy, thus, is a mere symptom of a deeply concerning mental disorder" (Gilad Atzmon)

    5. Tarpley is of the same mind (that Snowden was foisted on Russia). Sounds farfetched, but Tarpley is rarely wrong. Bhadrakumar suggested the same.
      I doubt that his "colleague" Putin was fooled.

    6. Gilad is absolutely correct in his opinion.

      I don't think Putin is fooled by Snowden, I just don't know what he can do with him without looking badly
      so he keeps his enemy close