Friday, April 25, 2014

Ukrainian Coup Junta influence waning: Russian aircraft violates Ukie airspace?!!?

First- There are a few reports that Russian planes violated Ukrainian airspace
Did they? Did they not? Well the Pentagon claims they did?
Pentagon claims - without providing details. It’s not clear what the intent was.
Or if this really happened?

Second- Webster Tarpley. Give it a listen! Interesting background information
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Guns and Butter "Ukrainian Crisis In Historical Context" with Webster Tarpley.  Citizens of Ukraine unwilling to fight on behalf of the fascist coup; Ukraine as a creation of the German General Staff in WWI; etc.,

The WP article, in line with NATO propaganda, claims Russia is escalating.  Since there doesn’t seem to be any real proof of that claim,  we are just going to look at the indications that the Kiev coup regime never had any real control of the nation. And in fact parts of Ukraine are slipping away.

The "pro-Ukraine activists” (Actually right sector thugs) struck before dawn Thursday while the separatists were fast asleep, retaking city hall after nearly two weeks of occupation and notching a small but critical victory in the struggle to keep this country’s eastern half from slipping into Russian hands”
Regarding right sector thugs and their baseball bat assault on the federalist movement

Yulia Lasazan, a spokeswoman for Mariupol's police department, told the AP about 30 masked men armed with baseball bats stormed the building before dawn Thursday and started beating the pro-Russia protesters.

Those masked men with baseball bats are the  ones that the lying Washington Post calls" pro-Ukrainian activists", which is NATO speak for the fascists..Svoboda, Right Sector- Fascist Neo-Nazis- the NATO media lies on their behalf. Our freedom loving media...


The police were soon called in,(after the fascists beat the protestors with baseball bats) and the defeated pro-Russia demonstrators were escorted out. Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov took to Facebook to trumpet the liberation, calling it “good and right” and vowing to continue “the process of normalization.”

“But victory was fleeting: By Friday, the pro-Russia Donetsk People’s Republic had been reinstated in this heavily industrial port city of half a million. Inside city hall, the separatists were busy — restocking supplies of molotov cocktails, brokering deals with the local police and vowing not to yield until they win their freedom from the government in Kiev”
Victory. Fleeting.

As soon as the fascist thugs were gone...likely stealing everything in sight
The tide was already turning back toward the separatists. As the demonstrators negotiated with city authorities, a crowd of sympathizers gathered around the building.
Others suggested that the government simply didn’t have the will to keep the motley crew of demonstrators — some in their early teens, many in their 50s or above — from returning.
“The police are supporting us now,” said Evgeniy Pomazan, 50, a sailor who identified himself as the deputy commandant of the occupying force.
On Friday,(today) demonstrators controlled the building’s grounds and four main floors. A small number of police officers stood watch on the top floor and did not interfere as the protesters filled the basement with molotov cocktails.
The demonstrators said they intend to stay until the government holds a referendum on whether to make eastern Ukraine autonomous from Kiev.

And the demonstrators are taking care of the properties they occupy

Pomazan emphasized that he and his fellow demonstrators had taken excellent care of the government property they had seized, regularly sweeping the floors and laying out mattresses in the hall so as not to disturb the contents of offices.

“After the referendum, this will all be ours,” Pomazan said. “So why should we destroy it?”
Unlike Maidan!

This episode reflects the massive challenge that Ukrainian authorities face as they try to reassert their authority in a region where government buildings remain in separatist hands

The Ukrainian government’s loudly advertised “anti-terrorist campaign” — dependent on weak security forces of questionable loyalty — has foundered.

That’s cause people don’t want to kill their extended families
“The state is weak. That is the main problem,” said Yevgeny, a pro-Ukraine activist in Mariupol who is too concerned about retribution to allow his last name to be printed. “The city authorities don’t know what to do. They don’t want blood. They don’t want conflict. And so the Donetsk People’s Republic is back.”
The state is weak thanks to the fascists thugs are acting as dividers, rather then unifiers The state is weak thanks to the US. The EU. NGO's and many others actors- Who can forget Victoria F the EU Nuland ?
From CNN
The army's first attempts to assert a presence in the east have been disastrous. South of Kramatorsk last Wednesday, CNN encountered a column of a dozen armored personnel carriers stranded either side of a railway line. Some 100 soldiers of the 25th Airborne Brigade, exhausted and dejected, were being harangued by local people, as the leader of a pro-Russian group negotiated terms for their release. Eventually they gave up much of their equipment and were allowed to leave, and the next day, Turchynov disbanded the unit. Six armored personnel carriers (APCs) from another unit were seized and paraded in Slavyansk.
CNN followed one military convoy of some 70 vehicles for two hours across a rural swathe of Donetsk region. Several of its vehicles broke down; most were of Soviet vintage and in poor repair. Stragglers were left behind. Morale seemed brittle at best.

Federalists capture bus containing International Observers

“ Slovyansk, where a pro-Russia militia captured a bus containing eight members of an international observer mission as well as five Ukrainian troops and their driver, according to Ukraine’s interior ministry.

“This is not a civil mission, because they are soldiers,” the mayor told Russia’s Life News TV. “So they are spies. Also they had a map with all checkpoints, which proves that they are spies.”

Earlier Friday, separatists blew up a Ukrainian government helicopter at a restricted airfield near the eastern city of Kramatorsk. Ukraine’s defense ministry said it was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.


  1. US media says Obama lacks the balls to be areal leader US media esp NYT wants a real killed in office!

    meanwhile, Russia Today is to independent for US likings
    as we know 'Independence ' in the devils dictionary is a characteristic of dictators

  2. Hi Penny
    Well I will never be amazed again :-)
    Top U.S. Diplomat: Russia Has Betrayed the “New World Order”

    and just for something completely different er i mean the same conform or die (a very slow drug and electro shock death) (oh whatever) just conform to be like levine

    model behaviour ,,no??? :-)



  3. state dept flack dismisses RT question on Ukraine clearly a very important question

  4. Forget the Spin, Putin Is Holding a Losing Hand

    On the contrary, Russia is really holding the better hand at this point. This will start to be more evident as|if things progress and sides have to be chosen by those who currently sit on the fence.

    On the article itself, on the initial read, I had an impression a message of capitulation was starting to be sent. Something along the lines of 'Ok, you win this round, but we'll get you in the end' sort of childish attitude. Then I had to remind myself the source of what I was reading and remembered that the word 'capitulation' was something to be despised(feared|embarrased|failed).

    So, look at the one shocker...

    To those who embrace Brzezinski's strategic perspective, Putin's aggressive actions will only undermine his and Russia's credibility in the world. The impact on the lives of Ukrainians in Kiev and Kharkov and Odessa is not the point, Brzezinski's strategic formulation is designed to enhance American power in the region in the long term, and whether Putin finds a way to pull back or chooses to invade is immaterial. Either choice Putin makes, in Brzezinski's long view, will ultimately serve America's interests, even if a Ukrainian civil war and an energy crisis in Europe have to be part of the price along the way.

    There is the real message. Back off Russia or Kiev burns, gas supply be damned.

    another bluff?? or is it for real now?

    (posted the same at Saker's.)

  5. According to representatives of the Estonia’s Defense Ministry Artur Jugaste, the United States, Poland, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Canada and Turkey have informed about their preparation to send the additional forces to the Baltic States.

    worded as though these forces will be in addition to what is already deployed.


    how many bullit throwing orifices do they need?

  7. a meme went around crimea at the time of the referendum, to try to scuttle the referendum using officers daughters....the ip addresses of these were found to be in US or Bahrain:
    this is what this youtube commentator says :
    'Для тех, кто не понял прикола.
    В марте, еще до крымского референдума, на многих интернет-ресурсах появлялись вбросы в стиле "Я - жена/дочь/сестра офицера, живу в Крыму/Севастополе 10/15/50 лет. Поверьте, здесь всё не так однозначно..." и дальше шел текст типа "на самом деле тут кроме горстки путлерюгенда не хочет в Россию, слава Украине и т.д."

    Когда такие посты от "родственниц офицеров" стали появляться десятками в день, народ на про-российских форумах уже ржал с них в голос, особенно когда обнаруживалось, что посты писались с американских, бахрейнских и других иностранных IP. не имеющих ни к России ни к Украине никакого отношения.

    Вбросы продолжались где-то до начала апреля, сейчас их почти нет

  8. thanks to memri!(imagine me saying that!)
    Two Saudis tell of their jihadi experience fighting in Syria on a Saudi TV: The rebellion is not really a rebellion; it is an invasion for the anti-Syrian-government force is mainly made of foreigners. Most of them were Saudis. All their commanders were hiding behind balaclavas or ski masks and were definitely not Syrian. Al Qaeda, al Nusra, or the so-called "moderate" FSA--were all the same sh-t.
    Fighting for allah, alawite army...its all here

  9. Nina Byzantina
    National debt by country (as at 2011/12) map—to counter the "endless Western prosperity" argument.

    #Russia #EU

  10. Very informative article by Wayne Madsen at Strategic Culture
    Wealthy U.S. Apparatchiks Rally to the New World Order

    He's done his background work on one Christopher R. Hill
    who is affiliated w/ Soros Project Syndicate and (to quote his quote from article top)
    "billed as the “world’s smartest op-ed page by The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein"

    Quite enlightening on a # of levels so far.

  11. Hi penny
    Interesting article re Ukraine and the wests pursuit thereof

  12. neonazis and islamofasists
    Arkadiusz Zulker ‏@ArkadiuszZulker 2h
    Ukraine Supplying Syrian Jihadists Since 2011 … #Ukraine #Syria

  13. Penny,
    disappearing act ;^)

    CIA's Jamestown Foundation says Ukraine delivers semi-automatic weapons to Syrian rebels via Germany (Ger)

    Speigel is zionist mouthpiece imo
    have yet to read it- busy day so it will be tonight

    1. hey karin thanks, will read link in a minute
      I had a busy weekend,hope you didn't feel I had disappeared?