Wednesday, April 23, 2014

US not ready to admit it can’t run the show around globe — Sergei Lavrov

I have updated the post to include the video of the entire interview- with thanks to Saker for bringing it to my attention. It's well worth taking the 30 minutes needed to watch it entirely
Sergei Lavrov has way more class then John Kerry!
Video below

Sergei Lavrov in his own words- straight shootin'

The United States can’t admit that it is unable to manage processes around the world from Washington single-handedly, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with RT television channel.

“As I said, the point is not Ukraine. Ukraine is only one case that shows the United States’ unwillingness to make concessions in the geopolitical struggle,” Lavrov said.

“The Americans are not ready to admit that they can’t single-handedly run the show in all corners of the planet from Washington, that they can’t impose their ready decisions on everyone,” he said.

“And they can’t realize — that is, I think they are already beginning to realize but still keep instinctively adhering to the position that they don’t need to take into account the opinions and interests of others,” the Russian foreign minister said.

“You know that in response to a demand to vacate the illegally occupied buildings in Kiev, [US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs] Victoria Nuland said that ‘everything that is still being held by protesters is being held with licenses and with the agreement of the government of Ukraine… or with regular leases from the owners of the building’,” he said.

“It’s just incredible! It’s hard to believe that they may use such arguments seriously,” Lavrov said.

Given the abundance of absurdities coming from the US administration it isn't hard to believe they would use such arguments, seriously.

Interview in full


  1. "It’s just incredible! It’s hard to believe that they may use such arguments seriously,” Lavrov said.

    Welcome to the mad world of psychopathic thinking, Sergei. Psychopaths believe that they create reality; that reality is whatever they say it is. It is a consequence of not understanding what Truth is.

    1. Hi james

      I love it- the world of pyschopathic thinking
      I am going to add the video of the entire interview it is soooo worth the 30 minutes to watch

      He is the "partner" to John Kerry in the diplomatic world and it is obvious he is (Sergey(i)) is the diplomatic superior
      He speaks with authority- he answers clearly
      His talking on Syria was bang on!

  2. Hi Penny
    This sums up pretty well whats happening in the good ol usa.

    Edging ever closer to the day when the house of cards falls in on its self.
    We are some way off yet, however it is getting closer and like a train or plane its a tiny spec on the horizon yet in no time at is overhead.
    Ive given up on enough Americans getting up in a peaceful revolt to remove from office all the self takers at the expense of the many. The end result will be very ugly.

    Did you see the tit for tat diplomat expulsion from Canada and Russia, silly really all the while some young underage girl gets drunk at the PM's house.

    Corruption takes on many faces. (no charges being laid)



    1. Hi KamNam
      saw the news about the drunken minor- in fact it was posted (previous one today)
      Because the PM's wife was busy at a cat film festival this week end in Toronto
      so what was going on at the residence?

  3. i again Penny

    Opps the link to the article in previous post .... silly me



  4. Hi hi Pen, (sorry about the 'hi hi' but my ipad is playing up and won't erase it!)
    It's an excellent interview as you say. It will be seen as both prophetic and as a warning in a couple of days. The US is about to screw up big-time again because of their desperation and their psychopathic refusal to accept reality.
    I hope to post on it later today.

  5. Lavrov, what a breath of fresh air. John Kerry, a wind-bag, and a sell-out. Like Colin Powell, who sold his soul for money and fame, by sucking up to Empire. These two men, can never redeem themselves in my eyes, and the eyes of many US vets who know the truth, that the US has, for many years now, become the greatest purveyor of Terrorism the world has ever known...ben

  6. Didn't Nuland-Kagan try to cover up the Benghazi attack on the US Ambassador? Yes she did.

    Of course the US supports 100% Israel's illegal land grab as if itsthe greatest expression of freedom and democracy the world has ever seen, yet a complete volte-face whenever anybody else moves a fraction outside of the US's mental picture of how the world should be, cocooned in their own desperate self-righteousness.

    Its funny that the US is having its own little land-grab war with the Bundy ranch thang.

    The US police seems to be a high-tech , militarised gangsters on steroids who can shoot or beat up who they like when they like chanting 'officer safety'. Let's not forget how they killed that homeless man a few weeks ago, and got away with it.
    I bring it up [ not just because it was officially acceptable murder] because the US is unable to compare its methods for keeping law and order with those whom they condemn. And its their level of blind hypocrisy that has lost them respect from most peoples of the world, especilly that fascist country to the west of Jordan.