Tuesday, May 20, 2014

China gives Putin a diplomatic boost- Really?

China gives Putin a diplomatic boost  Weird headline?

Why not- "China gives Russia a diplomatic boost"?  It would seem to be more sensible to speak of two nation states bolstering one another as opposed to implying an entire nation is boosting just one individual?
It truly seems the western media is creating a cult of personality around Mr Putin.  Do you think there is an agenda surrounding this cult building promoted by western media? Of course, I do. Speaking further of agendas at play. Notice that the western media is promoting this Russia/China energy deal as a consequence of western sanction?
“A deal would give Moscow an economic and political boost at a time of Western sanctions”
As if to conjure the omnipotence of western sanctions as opposed to the impotence of them? The recent sanctions had nothing to do with this Russia/China energy deal. Those two nations have been hammering out this massive deal for approximately 10 years. Long before the sanctions game began.
“Russia has been negotiating for more than a decade on a proposed 30-year deal to supply gas to China.”
So why does the western/nato msm want it’s readers to believe otherwise? Perception, of course.
The so called western nations have forced Russia's hand... or something like that?

The Russia/China oil deal has not been signed yet.
“The two sides had yet to agree on a widely anticipated multibillion-dollar natural gas sale”

The two leaders issued some interesting joint statements:
1st, regarding Ukraine: “In a joint statement, Putin and Xi urged Ukrainians to start “broad nationwide talks” on ending their country’s crisis. Russia has been pressing for such talks and they are an element of a peace plan proposed by European mediators. The Ukrainian government has refused to invite separatist rebels in the country’s east to participate”

That should cause temper tantrums at the Whitehouse.
2nd  “The statement appealed for global rules to limit use of computer technology to hurt state sovereignty”

The WP put their spin on this statement. However, I would think this has much more to do with the social media used , as we have witnessed, in destabilization campaigns aimed at any number of nations-
Phony Kony. # Save our girls,  “I am Ukrainian” and a whole host of videos out of Syria.

WP also mentions the web controls of Russia and China, while failing to mention the web controls, spying and ISP reporting here in the alleged free democracies of the NATO tyrant union
Of course I am referring to US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia etc, You get the picture? Where freedom is an illusion reinforced by rituals. Like ‘elections’, that never really change anything.

The Associated Press
Foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei speaks during a daily briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Beijing, China Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Related: Perhaps you noticed promptly after China disobeyed US edicts, in two instances listed below, all of a sudden 5 Chinese officers are charged with cyberspying
1st:  Did not back down regarding the oil rig that is either nowhere near, near, or in Vietnamese waters, who knows?
2nd: After China said they were going to go ahead and complete the deal with Russia
(Original url to above new item included for a very specific reason)
Judging by the original url to the AP story China summoned the US envoy, that reporting seems to have been removed. China announced it was suspending cooperation with the United States in a joint cybersecurity task. China also pointed out that the US is "the biggest attacker of China's cyberspace."
Undoubtedly a correct statement.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, flanked here by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, left, and Chinese President Hu Jintao,
Baird makes my skin crawl, yeech! But, I digress.

Canada, the US sidekick, has been on the China cyber espionage/security narrative for a while now: China/Canada relations on the cooling side of things
The prime minister's concerns today focus on the threats of cyber espionage and cyber security. 
This cooling of the relationship is in stark contrast to just two years ago.
So it's obviously a concerted effort between the NATO countries

There is a tentative energy agreement between Russia and China already in place

A tentative agreement signed in March 2013 calls for Gazprom to deliver 38 billion cubic meters of gas per year beginning in 2018, with an option to increase that to 60 billion cubic meters.
The US has of course been pressuring China not to sign this most recent and substantial deal for many reasons, I'm sure. Two big reasons would be US global hegemony via NATO and of course the supremacy of the petro-dollar

What else might be at stake?

“A gas deal would mean China would be in a “de facto alliance with Russia,” said Vasily Kashin
 a China expert at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies in Moscow.

In exchange, Moscow might lift restrictions on Chinese investment in Russia and on exports of military technology, Kashin said in an email.

“In the more distant future, full military alliance cannot be excluded,” Kashin said”

“It will, however, take years for China to start playing in the Russian economy a role comparable to that of the EU,”

Resulting in..........

 “After that happens, both China and Russia will be much less vulnerable to any potential Western pressure and that, of course, will affect the foreign policy of both these countries.”

In other words, the US will no longer be able to dictate to either nation. So, if you, like me, have this feeling everyday that the US is itching to start a war in order to retain top dog status, it’s likely because they are.

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  1. "Where freedom is an illusion reinforced by rituals. Like ‘elections’, that never really change anything."


    1. glad you like that comment :)
      It seems to sum up the reality of elections in the west.