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Despite the tragedy in Odessa- Keep your eyes on Slavyansk, Ukraine

Wanted to get some of  this  info up yesterday, but, just couldn't.
Yesterday-  A large parade of anti-coup protestors in Odessa

Despite hot weather, thousands of people in the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa marched through its central streets on Thursday, May 1, carrying placards that read “Odessa Is a Hero City”, “Referendum” and “Fascism Won’t Pass”.
Today that parade was followed by what looks to be a massacre instigated by "soccer hooligans"?
I have a very hard time believing these are "soccer hooligans"
So, is this the new bogus name that the NATO media is going to use to cover up the crimes of their little fascists? 
 It kicked off after marchers calling for Ukrainian national unity, which the Kyiv Post claims was largely comprised of supporters of the local soccer team, encountered a rival pro-Russian group. Barricades were set up and buildings set aflame. Initial reports suggest that dozens were wounded, with at least three people shot dead, according to police. Then, police said at least 31 people were dead after pro-Kiev demonstrators hurled Molotov cocktails into a building where a pro-Russia contingent was holding out
Well if Kyiv Post tells us they are supporters of a local soccer team, then we have to assume that Kyiv Post is covering up for Svoboda and Right Sector.

Who set a building a fire that was full of anti-coup protestors? Soccer Hooligans?

Another video

The earlier attack on Slavyansk

Russia requests UN Security Council meeting after dawn raids on Slavyansk

That was today...

Yesterday... President Putin had suggested to Ukraine they call off their military adventurism in the East Obviously, that did not happen.

On March 27/14 (before Mike Whitney put up an article on the same subject) I had rehashed the Afghanistan scenario in Ukraine- Hope you read it? If not ..  History Repeats- Will Afghanistan repeat in the Ukraine?
As for Ukraine. A nation divided. Already impoverished. It is ripe for the picking -apart.
Instead of  "some stirred up Moslems" - created and nurtured by NATO,  we have another fighting force of western nurtured  fascists thugs. Gladio style (A)? Or a  Gladio B?  Doesn't matter?
It would seem those two have co-mingled In the Ukraine. And Chechnya.

Would the western backed thugs be willing to spend months poking away at Russia?
Would the western backed thugs be willing to spend months poking away at Russia?
I am sure they would. Which has resulted in the anti-coup protests. Is Russia directly involved? Doubtful. Are they guiding the way. I would suspect they are.
 This next piece comes to us form the RUSI- a decidedly NATO looking place
Let's read what they have to say about Slavyansk and more

 The Strategic Importance of Slavyansk  RUSI Analysis, 1 May 2014

 The Ukrainian military operation that began this morning (2 May) in Slavyansk seems to have been directed against a lesser problem for the Kiev government than anything that has happened recently in Donetsk, Luhansk or Kharkiv. But there are hard strategic reasons why this small city has become the new focus of the Ukrainian crisis over recent days. It is at the centre of an escalating game of deterrence that both Kiev and Moscow are playing against each other.
Slavyansk RUSI Map
 Kiev knows that it has a strategic reserve of Kalashnikov assault rifles and other light weapons stored in Ukraine as a mobilisation reserve dating back to Soviet times. It has hinted quietly but strongly in back channels between Ukrainian and Russian military establishments that it might be prepared to open this strategic reserve of weapons to an eastern Ukrainian population prepared to resist any Russian military incursions. Since the stockpile consists of up to five million weapons, the prospect would be a nightmare for Russian military planners if they realistically prepared to move into eastern areas of Ukraine. The prospect of civil war and an anti-Russian insurgency on an unprecedented scale with unpredictable consequences represents a real – if extremely dangerous – bargaining chip for Kiev.
 Or, if the five million weapons were to make their way to anti-coup protestors?
The stark fact is that at least half the strategic stockpile of light weapons on Ukrainian territory is concentrated near Slavyansk.
This explains many of the manoeuvres around this small and otherwise unimportant city. On 24 April Ukrainian authorities re-launched their ‘counter-terrorist operation’ against Russian separatists who had occupied key areas to restore Kiev’s control over Slavyansk. In a coordinated response Russian forces edged closer to the Ukrainian border in such a way as to threaten a territorial incursion to support the separatists. This Russian move was dangerous but had the desired effect when the Ukrainian counter-terrorist operation was immediately halted by Kiev. It was an interesting standoff between two sides threatening each other with their adversary’s worst fears. Today, Kiev has upped the ante in the standoff and will test Russian resolve to prevent the Ukrainian government from regaining control of the city and its light weapons stockpile.
 That was last week, roughly. Today we saw the move on Slavyansk yet again and in a more robust manner.

Cutting off Kiev’s Strategic Weapons Reserve

Such a standoff has illuminated a number of strategic factors. The multiple seizures of government buildings in eastern Ukraine, not just in Slavyansk but also in Konstantinovka in Donetsk Oblast are aimed to make it impossible for Ukrainian forces to fully control the territory and, in effect, to cut it off from its strategic stockpile of light arms which are the essence of Kiev’s present deterrent posture.
Whereas symbolic government buildings in other cities might be occupied by Russian separatists for political and symbolic reasons, in Slavyansk the separatists effectively control the whole city and the immediate surrounding area. They have physical control over the strategic weapons reserve.
 Do the anti-coup protestors have control of these weapons? Soon enough, I would think, we will know

The second reason control of Slavyansk is important to the anti-coup protestors and to Moscow?
Think of the Afghan trap and giving the Soviets their Vietnam- repeated. This is the scenario I mentioned in late March. A scenario that has to be on the mind of Moscow's leadership

 It is possible, of course, that Moscow fears the export of armed insurgency onto Russian soil as revenge for the Crimean annexation. More outlandishly, it is also plausible that the Russians are concerned that weapon stocks in Slavyansk might be used for ‘ethnic cleansing’ or even genocidal purposes against Russian minorities in a Ukrainian civil war.
 The RUSI uses terms such as outlandish when describing Moscow's fears. However, the cause for concern is legitimate. Because history does have a weird way of repeating

Intervention Through Peacekeeping

Finally, there has been a notable increase in the public discussion by Russian diplomatic representatives around the world that Russia would have a legal right to send peacekeeping units into Ukraine should the situation in Slavyansk and other cities deteriorate further (such statements have been made by the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov , Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaliy Churkin, as well as some Russian senators). The Geneva Agreement concluded by the US and Russia offers a useful mechanism for doing so: a Russian contingent could be presented as Moscow’s ‘contribution’ to an OSCE observer mission, which is explicitly called for in the Geneva Agreement.
It should be noted that the Geneva Agreement of 17 April contained considerable loopholes which did not define any restriction on the number either of observers to guarantee a peace process or the structure of any formations to support them. Regardless of what explanation Russia may offer, the real outcome of any military intervention will be to boost the forces which are already defending Slavyansk against Ukrainian government troops.
Slavyansk may be a small city that has never been on the political radar of Western planners until very recently. It now seems to be the focus for a game of deterrence and brinkmanship that Kiev and Moscow feel compelled to play and in which, despite evident Russian military planning, neither is likely to be in full control of all the elements at work on the ground. And the further use of military options remain very much part of Russia’s strategic thinking. Today, Kiev has upped the ante in the standoff and will test Russian resolve to prevent the Ukrainian government from regaining control of the city and its light weapons stockpile.
Speaking of peacekeepers and the Geneva Agreement of April 17th?
 Ukraine's offensive destroys any chance of peace

I have more,but, have run out of steam. Lots of reading here anyway- goodnight!


  1. Was up till 2am w/ locals from Slavansk and others keeping abreast of that operation and back at it w/ Odessa all day today + Kranastok (sp)

    first.. this is odd to me that out of the blue, an article from a Tx based military research site *cough* makes the rounds. Untill today, never heard of it but it was tweeted and I read it (by an American Anonymous btw).
    Then I come here and you have it up. Suspect only because who are these people coming out of the woodwork and why now ??

    On Slavonsk- at one point it was stated they killed 2 there today. Later, it was stated that they stopped the Kiev junta forces from getting to far in. Very sketchy still and RT is only letting so much out. They threatened to shut down cell and I saw no one from there tonight in my timeline,
    but Berkrut crimea tweeted this
    from VK page you have to c/p it to google translate

    Longer than this but " Fight under Kramatorsk over, law enforcement officers could not enter the city / / Clashes erupted near Yasnogorka "

    Sorry, know this is goofy, but I'm more than exhausted.

    I'm too tired to link these the easy way, but sequence of pics from an artist guy in Odessa that tweeted them to me of him catching them in the act from beginning to the last one which I will explain further.

    I'm afraid it's too long, so going to end this one and start another comment as that's not all I have left

  2. Sequence of pics as he/she tweeted them to me ( they must have trusted ) adding fuel to the fire Here they are throwing more molotovs to make the fire more intense :(

    Others are self explanatory, but ask away and I'll try to explain. They bought beer all over in stores and emptied it into the streets for the bottles. Saw a pic of that also.

    UNSC spec meeting I think they purposely make it so you can not hear translation and Russia has terrible reputation for being tardy w/ transcripts.

    Started reading this yesterday, got it the day before ( i think at Moon) but gosh it's long and then Slavansk happened. Luckily early today someone tweeted it and it is the video w/ Eng transcript ( finally) No time yet to watch, but want you to have it too.

    Oligarchical topography of Ukraine. Andrei Fursov
    Everyone raves abt this lecture and this man. Hopefully tomarrow.

    Seems like there's more buy my mind and body are shot later, pen

  3. Sorry, forgot this
    Statement of Chechnyan Leader Ramzan Kadyrov on crisis in Ukraine

    Again, c/p into google translate. It says much Imho or I wouldn' bother to do this.:)

  4. and from the WTF files: Russian Market @russian_market · 9h
    This is insane. Ukrainian "whom ever he can be but not a human being" calls people who died in Odessa fire 'Negroes' …

  5. 'From 1983 to 1988, the United States Army and Air Force conducted what they told us was war games. In 1985 to 1988, I was a Corporal in a secretive unit called the 41st Field Artillery based in Schwabisch Gmund, West Germany. We were constantly in the field. Our mission was to simulate nuclear war with the East Germans and the Soviet Union with tactical nuclear weapons. Our sister unit was in Neu-Ulm and designated the 81st Field Artillery. Both units were considered Quick Reaction Forces (QRA) and were actively erecting mobile nuclear weapons in the Black Forest of Germany and many times only a few miles from the borders of East Germany and Czechoslovakia. We often sent what we called “Azimuth Star” disinformation in the open and encrypted to misdirect the Soviet forces and their allies. My fellow cryptos and I broke many classified codes from their responses which gave us an abundance of frantic communication from the Soviet command to their field units. It was called operation Able Archer and Reforger. Only, I didn’t know that the “simulated” war was the edge of nuclear insanity.

    Reagan and his Generals had installed a new class of mobile missile erectors in Germany which were able to set-up, fire a nuclear warhead, and move rapidly to another launch site. I can still remember opening the safes that held targeting data and launch codes. I had a Top Secret security clearance and hence was privy to nearly all classified materials. We mated the warheads, erected the missiles, and counted down to launch until the last second when command, with a new intranet communication device (the internet’s beginning), would call a stand down before the end of the launch cycle.'
    mobile nuclear weapons in germany....and US complained about cuba and Kruschevs missles!

  6. Milos Lazarevic @miloslazaNBG22 · 8h
    "Separatists" in Donetsk storm building. Deaths:0

    "Patriots" storm building in Odessa. Deaths: 42 and counting

    Need one say more?

  7. Howard Amos ‏@howardamos 11h
    Eyewitness account from pro-Russian inside trade union building yesterday (Rus): …

  8. Just wanted to say..regarding the people killed in the building in Odessa

    Murder by burning or smoke inhalation with reports of those who attempted to flee the buildings being shot by the Ukrainian fascists
    This was a completely preventable and totally senseless mass killing by the thug fascists from kiev- the responsibility for these deaths lie with the puppets in kiev and their puppet masters in US/NATO/EU
    These thugs were trained to act in such a ruthless manner by the West.

    How can the West claim to be for freedom and democracy when they instigate so many horrific incidents. Globally. Spreading mayhem, misery, death, destruction.
    Libya, Syria, Iraq- It seems, as a resident of the so called western democracies, that I must say this is not done in my name and I really do resent hard earned tax dollars and worse illicit drug profits and more going to spread this kind of destruction
    This type of inhumanity is disturbing

  9. and thanks for all the great comments brian and karin :)

  10. I left this comment at Sakers because someone over there mentioned the Corbett interview with the Ukrainian in Ukraine..

    Penny said...

    regarding James Corbett's interview with Roman Skaskiw
    I am listening presently...
    He isn't entirely truthful about a number of happenings
    However, what I find most interesting about him is that he is an AMERICAN. American born, Fulbright Scholar, living in Lviv?
    For how long?

    "Captain Roman Skaskiw is a Veteran US Army Ranger who served one tour in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. He is a Fulbright Scholar who holds an Engineering Degree from Stanford"

    For a libertarian he is awfully pro EU...
    Despite the fact that Ukraine will not benefit at all from joining the EU
    Even going so far as claiming there are worse things then private central banks
    Private central banks are the blight of the planet.

    I also find the fact that him being a Fullbright Scholar could easily indicate a connection to US intelligence...

    " there is a self‑imposed prohibition on Fulbrights [Fulbright Scholars]"

    The Intelligence-University Complex: CIA Secretly Supports Scholarships

    So Skaskiw does a couple of military tours- becomes a fulbright scholar- goes to stanford and ends up in Lviv

    Skaskiw reeks of intelligence asset IMO

    Mr Corbett did not do his homework
    intentionally or neglectfully?

    03 May, 2014 23:07

    So there it is. Not a Ukrainian, an American of Ukraine descent
    a military man, 3 tours of duty and a fulbright scholar
    like I said---- intelligence asset

    1. Didn't mention this concerning the Roman Skaskiw interview v/ corbett, but I was listening a few wks back to the highly touted interview ( mentioned even as series?) on this couple who are 'trying so hard to get work into media about Libya"

      Supposedly they lost their business in Libya ( independent oilfield they claim) and btw, they are Texan ( get back to that later ) but have stayed incontact with all these tribe members they met there and are trying to help them.
      They are penniless now..yada yada.. selling CD of all the info they collected just to stay afloat.. He talks, she talks kind of atmosphere and disjointed at times.
      Then... out of the blue, she says the majic words
      "We have a way to reach the Mossad" ( or very close to that effect ) and I'm like WHOA what did she just say? and backed it up and sure enough they have direct contact w/ mossad..and james corbett has them on there and SAID he was going to do follow up shows with them thanking them llike crazy at the end and pimping their CD and website.

      THAT was really when I started questioning Mr Corbett :)

      I was just bringing over the post ID from Saker's blog of someone else who called out Corbett on his interview. Had the page up for a long time as I read all the comments for the first time in ages. Bet your comment is right below it as I didn't refresh the page in 2 hours. ;^)

      *just missed you pen*

  11. a ukrainian marxist page with some useful info

    Объединение Боротьба
    До Алексея удалось дозвониться: "Когда мы вышли из горящего здания, на нас набросилась толпа националистов. Могу сказать, что около сотни человек пострадали. Люди выпрыгивали из окон, все было в дыму. Лежачих били ногами.
    Мне и одному из наших активистов, Владу, серьезно разбили голову. Мы направляемся в больницу. Еще днем наш активист Иван получил сквозное огнестрельное ранение.

    Правый Сектор собрался на Соборной площади. Мне трудно сказать, кем была спровоцирована драка, но Правый Сектор был в полной амуниции, вооружен и заранее готовился"
    Before Alexis managed to reach: "when we came out of the burning building, we were attacked by a mob of nationalists. I can say that about a hundred people were injured. People jumped out of Windows, it was all in smoke. Bedridden kicked.
    Me and one of our activists, Vlad, seriously broke down. We head to the hospital. The day our activist Ivan got the end-to-end shot.

    The right sector met at the Cathedral square. It's hard for me to say what provoked the fight, but the right sector was fully equipped, armed and was prepared in advance " (Translated by Bing)

  12. "A credible source in Russia’s government agencies has drawn attention to the recent change in the form and tonality of the Kiev authorities’ actions in the information sphere.

    "It is formed not at all by Ukrainian citizens, but by specialists who arrived from abroad. The PR group for the so-called "anti-Russian actions" involves American experts - as far as we know, shoulder straps show through the suits and sweaters of some of them. There are also European spin doctors, in particular, from Belgium who back during the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia had tried to persuade the world of "the Russian aggression" and even achieved some success for a time," the source says, TASS reports.

    "Some of these specialists that are currently working in Kiev under the umbrella of the SBU (Security Council of Ukraine) are well known to us. We also know that one of their tasks is to send disinformation to a large number of mass media outlets in the United States and Europe," he noted.

    He said that this work is focused primarily on the European public opinion. "Here it’s more difficult to mislead journalists. The main strategy is also clear: everything that takes place in the south and east of Ukraine is inspired, prepared and implemented by Moscow, specifically - by the FSB (Federal Security Service), GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate of the RF General Staff) and the like," the source said."

  13. It doesn't do it for me and your background might be the key as to why. He says it's just not as simple as Hollywood would have you believe, yet his version is very simple. Ukrainians are all pro EU and Russia is obstructing the will of the people.

    I'm sure there are those in Ukraine with an EU bent for whatever reason...maybe they are unaware of what is happening to populations in EU countries currently. But I would be surprised if there aren't at least some Ukrainians who don't view this path for Ukraine as being best for their future. This person speaks in absolutes which just aren't credible.

    Interesting that he made accusations that Moscow had developed a network of dissidents to work on their behalf but admitted he had no proof of this, when asked. I'd guess they do, but I wouldn't be saying so on a platform like that, in that context, without something to back it up.

    Very disappointed in James as, aside from his sycophancy over Sybil, I'm a big admirer of his work...genuinely!

    Good work, Penny and thanks to all who have left useful links and analysis here. Much appreciated.

    1. karin and anonymous

      Yes, I noticed he (Skaskiw) made a bunch of sins of omission
      example: blah,blah, blah, sick of Russia Oligarchs
      clear reference to the Yanukovych clique
      sure.... but no issue when Yats appoints two Oligarchs, was it as governors of two of Oblasts? not a problem

      He felt the EU was a better option but, based it on nothing-
      Of course since that is the agenda..

      Facts on the ground speak to the opposite- the energy deal with Russia the no strings bailout- were vastly more beneficial to the Ukrainian people as a whole- BUT he is not Ukrainian- he is American and can leave Ukraine once the going gets very rough and he will..

      anon 2:21 am: re: the moscow network of dissidents? what does that even mean? really? considering that Ukraine is chock full of ethnic Russians?
      I could see where a great many of them have huge concerns over the coup government, I don't even think Moscow would have to cultivate that!

      In summary we have an American, with an alleged Ukrainian background, military man, Fullbright Scholar, who is using social media to disseminate anti-Russian propaganda


      And yes, he does some good work- I won't remove him from my sidebar, he interviews some very good people

  14. I'm agreed, and he has enlightened me much. I will still get his subscription BUT I may end my yearly contribution, I"m still deciding on that.

    Lately, I'm concerned on the route he is taking when it comes to Russia though.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Take 2! Dam I should preview first, lol!

      Hi karin

      I think it's like everything whether main stream or alternative we have to be on our toes, all the time and be prepared to do our own digging.

      I came away with the 'feeling' that Mr Corbett was maybe less then impressed with the interviewee's libertarian credentials.. cause he didn't really have any

      There was something that stuck in my during the interview...
      RS said libertarians tend to take the contrarian view.
      Which is both good and bad.
      In this case it may work to the advantage of a spook, because he would find a more receptive audience for the message he is presenting
      RS said he wrote an article for a 'leftist' site, can't recall the name of it
      Here it is- Daily Beast

      "Relying on Western help in response to every Russian aggression leaves Ukraine in a position of permanent dependence on allies who may be understandably hesitant to venture so far east"

      Pushing the same meme- with a twist. Ignoring completely the fact that the West brought this last bout of misery on to Ukraine.

      Same for Orange Revolution- because Yanukovych won that one and NGO and other assorted sundry including Boris B were instrumental in have a cooked election take place and a western backed crook installed

      History repeats.

  15. Hi Penny

    Regarding the soccer hooligans, they figure more prominently in the Ukranian fascist movement them one might anticipate. Ukranian "sports club" have been used to promote social and political division as well as a tool for organizing the right sector thus. Interestingly, wealthy Jewish oligarchs own some of the most famous Ukranian soccer teams.
    This is an article in Ukranian that mentions the sports media/clubs/owners but you will need to be translate it.
    The title/date and a quick 3 paragraph translated snip:
    "15:56, 27 January 2014
    Beat, cut, kill
    "Titushki" as an element of political struggle in Ukraine
    Dial "titushek" can also email. In addition, according to the magazine "Focus" , and customers work directly with the owners of sports clubs, and those already collected fighters. From the customer organization engaged people who are usually associated with sports media, and sometimes themselves control sports clubs - which naturally makes it easier.
    As the "News" in Ukraine in general has a large number of private sports clubs receiving funding from politicians and businessmen, and they can optionally use athletes for their own purposes. "Some of these clubs are not licensed, are located in the basements of houses and there due to the fact that the management section gives paw chief housing department and a policeman - says metropolitan boxing coach, who wished to remain anonymous. - They have the same essence. Although athletes do not even know about. Their coach just puts a fait accompli. Like, you need to go back and then do such. Sometimes guys get paid for it. And sometimes - not. "
    The amount of payment varies. On average, it is a few hundred hryvnia per day. According to the data of the Ukrainian opposition at the end of November last year, for the provocation in the capital at the beginning of "Evromaydane" power dialing "titushek" for 200-500 hryvnia (from 800 to 2000 rubles) per day. Additional costs include the cost of masks, respirators (during street clashes in Kiev used tear gas), shields to protect the hands and feet during fights and fighters of transportation around the city. If we consider equipment and transportation, it is preparing a "titushki" estimated "economic truth" , will cost about a hundred euros."

    Continued next comment....

  16. Some links (with snips) to a collection of articles written by a PHD student on the history and socio/political division within the Ukranian soccer league you may find interesting.
    "In 1991 the Soviet Union ceased to exist and Lviv once again became a city of a new nation when Ukraine was declared an independent Republic. Liberated from the Soviet Red Army, Karpaty became a founding member of the Ukrainian Premier League. Today the club, like so many in Ukrainian football, is owned by an oligarch. In 2001 Petro Dyminskyi, a manager of coal mines during the time of communism and a successful businessman after the fall, bought Karpaty Lviv."
    "...11Freunde travelled with a group of Arsenal Ultras to the Black Sea port of Odessa and described the difficulties that they endure at away matches. The article paints Arsenal fans as ultras that are being actively hunted down when traveling away to other cities.

    But there is another side to the story, as I discovered when visiting Odessa myself where I attended a game with a group of Odessa fans. I was startled when all the fans greeted each other by saying shalom instead of using the Russian privet. It was then explained to me that this was to honour Odessa’s Jewish tradition. But following tradition carries a great risk. Traveling Odessa fans, like Arsenal Kyiv’s, are being excluded by other ultra groups and are not protected by the “honour code” of not using weapons such as knives in fights which exists between hooligan groups."
    " every club in the Ukrainian Premier League, an oligarch – who made his money in the early 1990s exporting furniture and natural gas – owns Arsenal Kyiv. It was around that time that Vadim Rabinovich who was convicted of various crimes, fled to Israel, and as a Jew received automatic Israeli citizenship. As a result the Ukrainian government stripped him of his Ukrainian passport and citizenship. The United States also revoked his visa in 1995 because of his connection with the international arms trade and, as the Kyiv Post reported, alleged connections with a Swiss company that was dealing in parts of nuclear missiles. Simon Kuper writes in his book Football against the Enemy that dealings in nuclear missile parts were actually quite common in Ukraine in the early 1990s. Dinamo Kyiv, for example, held a government licence to trade in gold and nuclear missile parts. In 1996 all charges against Rabinovich were dropped and his Ukrainian passport restored – conveniently, that also meant he was a dual citizen in a country where dual citizenship is normally illegal.

    According to various sources, Arsenal Kyiv are an important centrepiece of Rabinovich’s business empire. The financing of Arsenal allows Rabinovich to use the club as a conduit for money laundering as well as a way to pay fewer taxes, as philanthropic activities in Ukraine are always tax deductible. Rabinovich has been in close cooperation with the city administration to keep Arsenal Kyiv alive. The reason for that is simple; after the departure of Dinamo Kyiv from the Dinamo Stadium the city needed an occupant for the Lobanovskii Stadium, and Arsenal were happy to use the facilities. As the Kyiv Post reported, Rabinovich also has close business ties with the Surkis brothers who operate and own Dinamo Kyiv with both clubs seemingly benefitting from the fact that Arsenal are now playing in Dinamo’s stadium."

    1. McJ
      thanks so much!!! I had no idea at all. that helps to explain much about thugs masquerading behind soccer teams

    2. You are welcome Penny. I had collected a lot of links on the subject with the idea of doing a post on it...but it never happenned. Perhaps you can make some good use of the info. It makes ya sit up and take note that a soccer team (Dynamo Kyiv), owed by the jewish oligarch Surkis brothers, held a government license to sell gold and nuclear arms!

      The guy discussed in the first article I linked (the one that needs to be translated and I think the language is Russian not Ukranian) is a professional boxer, Vadim Titushko. He was an active fascist leader at the Maiden and was the guy who visciously beat those two journalists. Note that the politician Vitali Klitscho (along with his brother Waldimir) are also former professional heavy weight boxers.

      And if you are a soccer fan (and I am :) ) you may have followed the 2012 Eurocup that was hosted in the Ukraine. Along with being ripe with corruption, it became a political magnet with some European leaders including Merkel boycotting the games over the alleged mistreatment of then jailed Tymoshenko.

      There is a lot there. I just haven't found the time to untangle it all. :P

    3. I know
      gold and nuclear arms, like what the hell?!
      But then when you think about the whole Iran situation- allegations galore and you have these Jewish Oligarchs dealing in nuclear arms components
      how insane is this?!

      I hadn't thought of Klitscho in line with this, but, yah, I wonder

      Merkel, better start acting for the benefit of the German people
      Start ending the occupation for goodness sakes!

  17. didn't catch up w/ comments Actually on break from heat outdoors and cking news.

    This was/is so very predictable.
    Jewish migration from troubled Ukraine to Israel dramatically rises

    On the Ukraine partners page ( I believe you linked to it in a previous blog post Pen ) the #1 top of the hill "partner" is CHABAD Hasidic movement and known to harbor mossad.

    The more "jewish" people (they believe) outnumbering the indigenous Palestine population, the closer they are to their illegal fanatical lie of a "state".

    I wish I could comment at Goon Squad but just can't figure out how. Anyhow, I have saved an article that Greg would/ could have loads of fun with. Or maybe I put it already in a comment. I'ts at Voltaire , but in French.. some cheap suit jew named Levine who is running for Rep in 4 different areas has proposed a Jewish state in Texas. I laughed for hours. And not Anywhere in Texas, but Waterfront property S of Corpus Cristie Tx. There is even a map.

    Remembered I sent it in email.. Got it here :))

  18. This link to an article by Robert Parry is IMO a further indictment on the supposedly on the ground honest to god report of our American new acquaintance of the Corbett interview mentioned in earlier comments.

  19. Thanks Anon for the Consortiumnews link.

    I read it and tried to leave a comment but was treated to a merry-go-round, So not to feel totally defeated, i'll leave the comment here-

    Thank you, Mr Parry, for your article detailing the disinformation and pointing out that it is ubiquitous.
    The questions now are,
    "Why is it ubiquitous and how is it organized?

    "Who has the power to organize this propaganda campaign in the press?"
    and finally,
    "Who stands to benefit from this war of words and from the confrontation with Russia?"

    An article from Robert Parry that answered those questions would be something to read!

  20. There are new photos, facts and opinions. Be careful – the photo are terrible.

    The author pays attention (photo attached) that "some dead people had burnt heads and shoulders only”, “clothing under chest is not affected by fire". He supposes that "somebody from above poured flammable stuff onto people and set them on fire".

    Pro-Ukrainian "activists" were on the upper floor of the building. You can see them on the photos and video.

    One of the pro-Ukrainian activists is seen in the window of the room, where the pregnant woman strangled by electrical wire was found. The video recorded how this woman cried and called for help while being murdered ("HELP ME! HELP ME!" cries start at 0:20). One of the Ukrainian patriots posted that photo and sign ““We offed Mommy! Glory to Ukraine!”.

    Many deceased are seem to be shot in head. The bodies have the wounds. It is seen on the photos.

    Odessa news portal:
    The article name: "The Trade Union House is set on fire - patriots burn out separatists".
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    1. Hi Katya
      Thank You. I have seen this information and have linked it in my newest post.
      I saw some of the images, men, women, young and old
      truly a preventable tragedy

    its a video from odessa. woman in building crying and shouts. She asking to help her. One animal said, that she is not woman but separatist and she had to shout up. She was killed. This woman was pregnant. Apparently, that her not born child was sepparatist to.