Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Encore Presentation “Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control”

I have been thinking for a long while about relinking this interview. It seems now is the right time.
I first put this up over a year ago. It was well received then. Hopefully new readers will find it informative, enlightening and intriguing. I know, I did. As I said back then and it still applies now-
" Where to begin? WOW!
 Does wow work for you?
I first listened to the audio only, which is included below the video.
Then I watched the video and that made all the difference in taking away the ideas being presented and also understanding how deep the mind control programming runs.
Or, for people who for whatever reason find the term mind control to out there, this video makes very clear how the implementation of specific images and rituals are used, EVERYDAY, to manage your perception of society & your place in the society.
Or in other words the mind control runs deep."
It certainly does.  As you and I have spent more then another year watching everything being manipulated. And I mean everything. From the presentation of what is supposed to be reality delivered to us en masse by the lying media -  TELL-A-VISION- Or the many and multiple manipulations via anti-social media. (Who can forget? I am Ukraine or the Syrian chemical weapon false flag, both psyops delivered to us via Youtube)

Audio only version:

Additional info: http://www.josemariabarrera.com/


  1. gosh
    this video was the breaking point of my finally being brave enough to comment it overwhelmed me so much and enlightented and clarified so much.
    remember that Penny? :)

    It was a few months again before I spoke up / out again and sometimes you prob wish I'ed shut up now ;^)

    Few things have had the impact on me that this video did. It was like opening a window in my mind and letting more light in... finally... I saw the bigger scheme of things and since then it's so much easier to "spot the bull' that was blocking my vision before.

    Not that I don't get blindsided anymore, but after a short period I know I'm being blindsided and the shock turns to a clearer process of reasoning.

    You will forever be my "mentor" for making it available here on your blog. I sure hope other people can find the time to really listen and absorb it. It's invaluable information as far as I'm concerned and Yes, now is a good time maybe for a refresher course for myself also.
    thanks pen

    1. thanks karin- and I never wish you would shut up. not ever :)
      I do remember what you had told me.
      And I reposted it so new readers and participants can take it in, process the information and come away with the understanding that we can break free of the non stop manipulations used against us.

      It's not easy, because we have to recognize the manipulations first, but once we do..
      It's like breaking free of the chains.
      Manipulations ingrained so deep and for so long can now be seen for what they are and hopefully rejected.
      Your welcome karin :)

  2. This is a long the same lines, thanks for the link.


    1. hi jo
      AP is my good bud and i left some comments in that post
      hope you catch them and enjoy this presentation
      take care!

    2. I went over to the site comments. This type of thinking always reminds me of this song.


  3. I am so glad you reposted this Penny. It's funny but I have looked it up again and listened at least three times now, just recently about a month ago. It is one interview I enjoy sharing with others - due to the effect it has.

    Brilliant, as usual darlin'


  4. Penny, thank you for re-posting my presentation. I'm delighted that people find it relevant, that pays a thousandfold for all the effort.


    1. jose: you are most welcome, truly!

      I absolutely love this presentation. As you can see or read, others here have found it very enlightening too

      I feel it really shows us all how to understand what is real. As opposed to the way everything is presented to us

      How 'magic' is used to reel us- hook, line and sinker- into believing stuff we should never believe or accept.

      I KNOW this presentation empowers me and the others who have actually taken the time to watch it and think about the knowledge you presented then apply that knowledge to our everyday reality.

      It is a gift- ya know?

  5. Here is another presentation I gave afterwards, I apologize in advance for the sound quality, the conditions for the presentation were not the best.
    I would love to get your thoughts...

    The Goddess Reason Part 1:
    The Goddess Reason Part 2:



    1. Thanks Jose
      I will check them out, thanks! :)

  6. Thank you Jose! I will listen too :)


  7. Jose: that was a very good presentation. I have to watch it again, or maybe two more times to take away enough or more info from it
    but, if I may?
    I took some notes as I watched
    the age of reason-began the age of quantifying everything
    ignoring that which cannot be quantified- which is of course, quality of life
    contributions to well being which can not be quantified- the love of a mother for her child- quality of course, but, no quantity-
    reason-rationalization-rations- numbers reduces us to the value of that which we can produce

    so, someone like me who blogs for free- cause I am interested in doing so, and does not have ads or anything, while I am productive- I am not producing in a way that can be quantified, dollarified or counted in an tangible way
    If readers come here to read and they enjoy, get informed or are enlightened it is all for naught- because that cannot be quantified in anyway

    The, and here I was going to say progression of life, -but it isn't progression
    It's actually the regression- (a return to a former or less developed state) the moving backwards, of making life not about the quality of your life or my life- but rather quantifying and actually moving us right back to serfs- where we are judged/valued on that which we produce and really despite our technology just as equally ill informed

    Make sense Jose?

  8. Makes total sense Penny.

    It is the destruction of life and consciousness because they cannot be quantified. At the age of reason and enLIGHTenment the god is quantity, and what better token for quantity than money? It is he ultimate measurement for everything, the ultimate ratio.

    Thanks for watching and commenting!!!


    1. Jose:
      just curious, is there any way at all to tidy up that presentation?
      It would be so wonderful if it could be done. Making it sooo much more appealing The presentation deserves the effort, in my opinion, but that would be up to you or someone who can do that kind of stuff-

      I thought of something else after I wrote my comment
      we really have gone full circle haven't we?
      right back to where we started

    2. Penny,
      Yes, I have the slides, I really want to make the presentation again with good sound quality. The problem is that I need someone to do the presentation to, I think it flows more natural than me having a monologue.

      Yes, we are back where we have always being but there is one big difference,now we have the perspective of our past experiences and we can use it to change. What sets us apart from baboons is that we have free will. If we choose to use it is another matter.