Tuesday, May 6, 2014

NATO: Russia may achieve goals without Ukraine invasion?!?

Saw this headline today? .-Russia may achieve goals without Ukraine invasion: NATO commander

What the heck! How long has the NATO media been repeating the mantra that Russia is going to invade Ukraine like any day?! At any moment? At the drop a hat!
Or should I use my favourite Bushism and say the NATO media was "catapulting the propaganda"? repeatedly.

It's been weeks and weeks of  Russian troops may be massing to invade Ukraine or  Russian troops poised for invasion of eastern Ukraine, despite denials

Today the coin has flipped! Breedlove is suggesting that what happened in Crimea is being replayed in Eastern Ukraine and there will be no invasion.
To quote him exactly-

 Breedlove said that until a week ago, he thought the most likely military response from Russia would be to send in troops to southern Ukraine and secure a land bridge to the peninsula of Crimea — which voted in March to join Russia — before possibly pushing on toward the Black Sea port of Odesa and then farther west toward Moldova.
"Today I would tell you I don't think that's the most likely course of action ... I think now that Putin may be able to accomplish his objectives in eastern Ukraine and never go across the border with his forces," he said.
"Now I think probably the most likely course of action is that he will continue doing what he's doing — discrediting the government, creating unrest, trying to set the stage for a separatist movement," and that would make it easier to cement Moscow's military and economic hold on eastern Ukraine, Breedlove added.
"In that case, I think it's the most troublesome for NATO because if the forces do not come across the border, my guess is that many will want to try to quickly go back to business as usual, and I, for one, do not believe annexing Crimea is business as usual."

Mr Breedlove:  

1st- Crimeans voted to rejoin Russia Suck it up, already.

2nd- a landbridge from Crimea towards Odessa?- hmm.. that never crossed my mind. I sort of figured that the anti-coup movement would grow in all the most ethnically Russian populated areas from Eastern Ukraine South to Odessa connecting in with Transanistria, which will then seperate from Moldova, finally- Transnistria is pretty much separate from Moldova, anyway. Same as Crimea was separate from Ukraine.
Transnistria operates presently as an autonomous state in Moldova. Albeit a landlocked state.
However, that could change if the anti-coup movement grows and the people get what they want.
Transnistria (also called Trans-Dniestr or Transdniestria) is a breakaway state located mostly on a strip of land between the River Dniester and the eastern Moldovan border with Ukraine. Since its declaration of independence in 1990
Thinking of the Dneiper river

 And of course the strategic pipeline below

 3rd- Breedlove-"Now I think probably the most likely course of action is that he will continue doing what he's doing — discrediting the government, creating unrest, trying to set the stage for a separatist movement"

Assuming "he" is Putin? Seriously, does Breedlove think that anyone else has to do much of anything to discredit the coup government in Kiev?  The Kiev government is so bad. A technocratic government, installed by the US. Impoverishing the Ukrainian people, subjecting them to the IMF edicts. The Kiev government props itself up with thugs/fascists/neonazis. Does anyone, anywhere, have to make much effort at all to discredit the coup regime?

The NATO media pounded on the idea of imminent Russian invasion for months and now.....????
1-Was NATO hoping to goad Russia into invading Ukraine & Russia simply didn't take the bait?
2-Is NATO leadership now perplexed?


  1. The NATO media pounded on the idea of imminent Russian invasion for months and now.....????
    1-Was NATO hoping to goad Russia into invading Ukraine & Russia simply didn't take the bait?
    2-Is NATO leadership now perplexed?

    Comment left at MOA sums it up imho :)

    "Of course it's a trap for Russia!

    So was Syria - the aim was never really to "win" against the Syrian Gov, merely to draw them into an increasingly vicious barbaric conflict so that they could be portrayed as "The new Hitler". Then Russia's image could be blackened using "guilt by association".

    The whole point of these low-intensity conflicts being fomented by the US/Israel/EU is to blacken the name of Russia once again.

    So the same game that was played in Syria is now being played in Ukraine.

    The whole point of this Ukraine conflict is to draw Russia into an increasingly vicious barbaric conflict so that they can now be portrayed as "The new Hitler".

    The US and Russia cannot ever come into direct conflict, (due to Nukes) so proxy forces are necessary for the US to "confront" a resurgent Russia, forcing the Russians to re-act which can then be portrayed as "Russia aggression" for the couch-potato idiot-box addicts.

    For that to happen, no "win" is necessary for the Islamo-loons in Syria, nor for the Nazi-Loons in Ukraine. All that is required is merely for the US/Israel/UK/EU to ensure the continuation of these vicious barbaric conflicts, forcing the Russians to re-act.

    That is why the US/Israel/UK/EU has verifiably merely drip-fed Arms finance and supplies to the Islamo-loons in Syria, turning on and off the tap when required, to make sure that the Islamo-loons cannot win in fact.

    Sounds counter-intuitive, but that is what they are doing nonetheless.

    The US calculated that the Russians would eventually have to re-act in both Syria and Ukraine, and they were not wrong, and when they have reacted the "game is on".

    Luckily for the world the Russians have reacted very cleverly, refusing, so far, to rush in armoured up to the max.

    BUT, the Russians cannot avoid re-acting in some measure, because of the need for access to warm-water ports amongst many other reasons.

    For the last decade the US name has been mud, as it murders it's way across the globe and especially the Arab world.

    So, just as the US created the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan in order to, quoting Zbiggy, "give the Russians their own Vietnam", they have also created/financed/trained/supplied the Islamo-loons and Bandera-Nazi-loons in order to "give Russia it's own Afghanistan, it's own Iraq, it's own Pakistan" etc etc

    The whole point is not to "Win!" but to keep the slaughter going as long as possible, in order to make the Russians look as bad as possible.

    Keeping the slaughter going and blackening the image of Russia IS the "Win!""

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    1. thanks Hu Bris

      both comments make sense- I had alluded to the Afghan option some months back- and the prolonged slaughter demonization of Russia definitely serves NATO interests.

      And-- as the person at MOA pointed out denying Russia and the EU a common market that would serve both entities far better then being dominated by the US/NATO war machine!


  3. PaulaSlier_RT ‏@PaulaSlier_RT 3h
    Some members of Ukrainian parliament demand the resignation of Turchinov.
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    PaulaSlier_RT ‏@PaulaSlier_RT 3h
    Yet colleagues say that it is quite difficult to get to #Donetsk. Also, they say miners in the city support the people.

    PaulaSlier_RT ‏@PaulaSlier_RT 3h
    Colleagues say it is quiet in #Donetsk. People are still gathering near the local govt building. Police said they will support the people.

    PaulaSlier_RT ‏@PaulaSlier_RT 3h
    Russian media reported that groups of Cossacks started arriving in Lugansk 2 help the locals fight the Ukrainian aggression. Going 2 explore
    no such thing as bad publicity...Kerrys antiRT rant is PR dream
    PaulaSlier_RT ‏@PaulaSlier_RT 3h
    Guys at checkpoint recognise @RT_com microphone saying "RT, John Kerry!!" - seems by dissing RT #Kerry gave us lots of publicity!!

  4. Allan Edward Tierney ‏@LowMaintainLife 18h
    @Steiner1776 According to 2 sources #Russia has established smuggling routes into #Ukraine for arms/experienced fighters (inc. Chechens)

  5. Truth about situation in Ukraine
    Today at 10:10pm · Edited
    5.05.2014 city Antratsit of Lugansk Republic
    To the city Antratsit of Lugansk Republic arrived humanitarian aid convoy which will help rebellious of southeastern Ukraine. This is column of Kuban Cossacks from southern Russia. They will help the locals to fight against mercenaries from NATO countries, NATO mercenaries are fighting more than a month against the inhabitants of Donetsk republic.
    Residents of the city welcome humanitarian convoy.
    Date of article is 6th May, but in video we see dark, so column arrived yesterday evening, 5th May — in Antratsit, Ukraine.

  6. 2-Is NATO leadership now perplexed? lol
    imho- and I've read that they don't have one decent Russian analyst because the want? / need? people who dislike or have even deeper feelings about Russia.. say like zbig :)

    Reading Wayne Madson new article at Str-culture and only made it thru paragraph one when BINGO Canada pops up. Of course, I immediately thought of my friend Penny :)

    America: The Country that Wrote the Playbook on the Destabilization of a Neighbor

    history repeats

    1. History does indeed repeat
      I recall that only vaguely cause I was pretty young, but, had a sense that things were just not right

      Quebec sells plenty of electric power to the US, so that would be a big concern
      I have oft wondered what role the US played in the western seperatist movement here in Canada, another area of US interest because of the oil resources-

  7. Hu Bris ( luv that ) :)

    Penny, this is a guy I've followed/follows me on twitter for oh year now He lives in Montana I think, but has traveled alot and tweeted back awhile some photos he took in Ukraine/ Russia driving a truck. old cars, street scenes.. old signs from USSR era, stuff like that.

    Not all my lights burn to bright and one dim one is comupter stuff (as U know) and I never knew he even had a blog.. guess I didn't think to look on his twitter page or something or, I suspect he didn't back then maybe.

    Point is, I luckily 'found out" today and what a resource I'm sure you will want. This is people stuff, not 'official' news
    This will show you what I mean

    We've had conversations on twitter (as much as you can ) and he's a great guy, and my kinda people.
    karin think you'll get some good insight there

    1. is there supposed to be a link?
      name of the blog?
      Let me know karin I would appreciate it so much
      people stuff is what I like :)

  8. Yep.. where it says "this will show what I mean" wonder what happened. It didn't like my html, but I corrected it and it "took".

    here it is again

    That pic of the religious procession... what a view ! note his comments too, I'm so glad I found this blog.

    I came back over to give you this Ytube channel. We like real people to see the truth and emotion. All these top 6 or more are today.

    They took back Mariupol as you will see in the 4 videos that are numbered.
    Chat lanin Youtube channel

    oh.. I don't understand the language, natch but that darling elderly man ranting in #1 sure says America well :)) and boy, is he mad lol