Monday, May 26, 2014

Syria: Bending Rules- "special tribunals" and specific exemptions

It is absolutely disgusting to ponder the perception management that the NATO nations, lead by the US, will engage in to create the  belief, that they are concerned with the well being of humanity. Anywhere.
In this case, the somewhere were speaking of is Syria
Often, when reading through information it is difficult to comprehend the level of perversity involved in these twisted machinations. Nonetheless the depravity of the war mongering, life and environment destroying psychopaths is obvious for those with eyes to see...

A push to bend global rules, that is international laws and norms, in order to justify by any means, destroying Syria.

Background- France,  that pathetic disgusting little nation, attempted to push a resolution through at the UN Security Council to take Syria to the ICC.
Not the hired killers, backed by the NATO nations, those who have committed untold atrocities against Syrian civilians- The most bloodthirsty and disgusting of these hired killers hailing from the UK.

1-British jihadists are the most bloodthirsty in Syria says rebel commander as they are blamed for beheadings and crucifixions

2-Syria’s most bloodthirsty jihadists ‘are British’

France (NATO) was of course talking about Syrian government officials. That move was promptly vetoed by Russia and China

What to do? What to do?
Make peace? Call off your hired killers? Cease the weapons flow?  To sensible! Too obvious!
Why not just bend the rules! To suit the agenda. Circumvent all international laws and norms.
Why not? That thinking is something any criminal or psychopath can completely get their head around..

 Now those who demand accountability for war criminals in Syria will have to prepare other options, potentially including ones outside of the International Criminal Court. 

One option could be setting up a special tribunal, which American officials have privately suggested in the past. 
Like a kangaroo court! That's it!  A kangaroo court, run by the criminals. Like an insane asylum run by the inmates.Yes, that's perfect!

None of these options would be easy, legal scholars and diplomats have said. Each would face considerable diplomatic and legal hurdles
  Syria has not signed the international treaty that created the court, which is why the court cannot start an inquiry. The US is not signatory to this treaty either. I wonder about the state of Israel?  No problem for Israel! The US is prepared to open a can of worms because they secured exemptions for their soldiers and of course, Israel!
 The United States, which has not signed the treaty that created the Hague-based court, supported the draft resolution only after it secured important exemptions: namely protecting its soldiers from prosecution by the tribunal, should they ever get involved in Syria ( and you know that American soldiers are already involved....) with Security Council authorization, and ensuring that its ally Israel — which holds the Golan Heights, territory that Syria also claims — is not made vulnerable to a court investigation
Because you all know, Israel is more then knee deep in the killing spree taking place in Syria. And the request for exemption by the US makes that abundantly clear. Not that there was ever any doubt!
Isn't that just peachy! 


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  2. Us deploying advisors to Syria ahead of elections and the iran deadline. Is this release just the after action report from those rebel bombings considering the Jordan exercises?

  3. thanks for the comments- it's kind of sad that people have forgotten Syria :(
    I know it's difficult with to much going on.... but I can't forget Syria
    I read the voltaire article and anon 2 did not know the US is deploying advisers ahead of the election, curious?

    I am quite certain the US doesn't want the election to take place- heading up the global dictatorship of NATO