Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Syria: Lakhdar Brahimini resigns. Chemical weapons reporting spreads

I know everyone is caught up with Ukraine... it’s understandable, yet the situation in Syria is still in flux.
In play, so to speak and I  simply can’t forget about Syria.  More news surrounding the continuing NATO destabilization of Syria

It should not come as a surprise that UN Syria envoy Lakhdar Brahimi has resigned!

Brahimi is due to brief the United Nations Security Council later on Tuesday.

"It's not very pleasant for me. It's very sad that I leave this position and leave Syria behind in such a bad state," Brahimi told reporters after Ban made the announcement.

Ban said he would work on finding someone to replace Brahimi to try to bring an end to the three-year civil war in Syria.

"At this time, I have to think who should be the right person and at what time," he told reporters.

There are several possible candidates to replace the veteran Algerian diplomat, diplomatic sources have said, among them former Tunisian Foreign Minister Kamel Morjane.
bye, bye Brahimini

No doubt the curtain fell on the Brahimini "negotiator" theatre when Syria decided they would be holding elections! How dare they! Outrageous that Syria would hold their own elections. And, to make matters worse, for NATO global tyranny, Bashar Assad is going to win. Hands down. No doubt in my mind.
That is not what the NATO global army had in mind!

Another Western diplomat told Reuters: "Brahimi had indicated that he would resign if the election went ahead, so we're expecting his resignation."
U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said after the vote was announced that Brahimi and Ban had "warned that the holding of elections in the current circumstances amid the ongoing conflict and massive displacement will damage the political process and hamper the prospects for a political solution."

The political process the UN spokesman keeps blathering on about is, of course, the regime change agenda- as pursued by the US/Israel and all the other sycophant NATO nations.

Earlier today!
 Syria: Israel should punish Assad & HRW is pushing the chemical weapon meme
Israel will bomb Syria with it’s partner Turkey, to save civilians. As if!? Ideally Israel would like a US led NATO mission, but, the talk from Israel leads one to believe Israel can do the dirty work if required to do so- with the US leading from behind no doubt- As in Libya..

 “The preferable contingency would be a NATO operation led by the United States with Turkey as its key member to implement a no-fly zone over Syria “at the very minimum.” The international drive should also include the opening of humanitarian corridors and pinpoint “standoff strikes” by NATO aircraft firing from afar at strategic regime targets”

In the past few hours the chemical weapons fabrication has been picked up by more NATO media in the west, via the google search engine. None of these were up this morning when I first reported on HRW making the claims.....

Syria used chemical weapons on rebels, claims human rights group

The Guardian-4 hours ago
The claim adds to growing concerns that Syria's government is still using chemical weapons, months after a chemical attack killed hundreds of ...
Strong evidence Syrian army used chemical weapons: Human ...
Toronto Star-3 hours ago

Been a busy day here at the blog- First post concerning Syria is linked above

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