Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Toward a Europe Whole & Free" Via NATO global dominance

This post contains a ton of info-  Europe Whole and Free, is of course, nothing like it reads. In our Orwellian world of doublespeak. Whole and free  is really Europe subordinated to NATO/US dominance.
Europe 'whole and free' is a plan that has long been in the works-
Let's go back to 1989 and George HW Bush- 
If the video below doesn't work for you, I am linking the text directly below the video link

*Video- George H.W. Bush, “A Whole Europe, A Free Europe,” 31 May 1989

*Text of his speech is here 

George H.W. Bush- "The time is right. Let Europe be whole and free"

Then listen to John Kerry speak, in 2014, about a plan 25 years in the making.
Take approximately 25 minutes of your time and absorb the full meaning of  the words and language John Kerry is employing.

Transcript here
And a few interesting quotes Mr Kerry- all in quotations and italicized.

What does John Kerry really mean when he says-

"I think NATO without any question has done more to promote security, more to promote prosperity and more to promote freedom than any other alliance in human history"
Promote freedom, security and prosperity, for whom?
The crisis in Ukraine now calls us back to the role that this alliance was originally created to perform, and that is to defend alliance territory and advance transatlantic security. 

Advance transatlantic security? - That doesn't sound like a 'defensive' pact to me.

Recall? - A new lease on life for NATO?

"Clearly, not all allies are going to meet the NATO benchmark of 2 percent of GDP overnight or even next year. But it's time for allies who are below that level to make credible commitments to increase their spending on defense over the next five years"
 "Two, if we want a Europe that is both whole and free, then we have to do more together, immediately, with a sense of urgency, to ensure that European nations are not dependent on Russia for the majority of their energy. In this age of new energy markets, in this age of concern about global climate change and carbon overload, we ought to be able to rush to the ability to make Europe less dependent. And if we do that, that will be one of the greatest single strategic differences that could be made here. We can deliver greater energy independence and help to diversify energy sources that are available to the European markets, and we can expand the energy infrastructure across Europe, and we could build up energy storage capacity throughout the continent.

Third, we have to invest in the underpinnings of our economic partnership. We are, together, Europe and the United States, two of the largest markets in the world"
Recall?-   Trigger a cold war to make it easier (for the US) to annex Europe

Rick Rozoff on the Corbett Report-  Rick Rozoff Calls Out the NATO Warmongers
Rick is always worth  the time to listen. Fortunately, he does most of the talking.
And it isn't pretty.  He speaks of NATO expansion- The massacre in Odessa and much, much more
 Interview 881 - Rick Rozoff Calls Out the NATO WarmongersAbout 45 minutes in length and very, very informative. Worthwhile to the ongoing situation in Ukraine/ Eastern Europe/Russia/US
Podcast: Play in new window | Download
All these posts combined with the information you can glean from Rick Rozoff, John Kerry and George HW Bush  should fill in the blanks and inform you more fully about what is really ongoing, now, as I type this post.  It is not Russia that is being aggressive. It is NATO. And NATO has planned this aggression, methodically for years. We have the information to contradict the bogus narrative presented to us via the war mongering media. Let's use it to serve our own agenda.


  1. Russia, Syria, sanctions.. GRRRRR
    US impose sanctions on Russia's Tempbank for dealing with Syria gov’t
    Read more:

    US undersecretary COHEN is in Europe "working to make the sanctions more effective" so as not to crunch on EU so badly (PressTV yesterday)

  2. Sorry, Penny, I put my comment on at the wrong post.

    Listen to that guy doing the intro. He says at the very start

    "Kerry, here who has been such a great friend of Europe whole and FREE OF PEACE for years already now the purpose of this gathering"

    What is that....a Freudian slip??

  3. Hi karin

    Yup, that is exactly what he said "whole and FREE of PEACE for years"
    OMG!! I missed that little but significant freudian slip
    Indeed there has been NO PEACE in Europe and there will be NO PEACE, not with these psychos at the helm!

  4. You are right. That seems to be "the purpose" of so many of their "gatherings" but they aren't usually so truthful!!

    1. yah, but there amongst friends at the atlantic council
      so there all comfy in their psycopathy

  5. I didn't listen to it yet, so that is not my good catch on freudian slip ( damn ) :)

    silly, I know, but darn it sometimes we need a bit of humor
    Tymoshenko Doll - Slaviansk I corrected the wrong spelling of the city.

    Got some more info Will bring it by later

    1. thanks karin
      and do listen to it
      some of the links are back to older posts, possibly before you started reading here
      but you have already read the poland stuff so you know what the scoop is on that angle

      btw I signed up for that blog you left the link too

  6. Hi Pen, thanks for dropping by and thanks to Brian for leaving a link in an earlier post of yours.

    That is a very interesting speech from the Ketchup Kid. His masters are very worried and they have good cause to be. His admission at the end of his speech is the real bottom line - "The fact is that our entire model of global leadership (ruler-ship) is at stake."

    It makes you wonder who he is talking to. Rick Rozoff in his talk that you link to (thanks!) mentions that NATO leadership (ruler-ship!) includes many European aristocrats. Those are, in my opinion, who Kerry is addressing.

    He is saying in effect, "We have to all pull together otherwise all your privileges from centuries past will be lost". He is trying to put fear into them lest they consider (as I'm sure many are) dropping NATO (i.e. the jewish bankers) and joining with Russia.

    Kerry's speech is yet another example of trying to create reality out of lies - substance out of smoke. But it is all falling apart. People (incl some aristocrats, I'm sure) have had quite enough of being kept in line through the fear and lunacy of the bankers who in desperation are using evermore fear and looking evermore like lunatics.

  7. Anatoly Karlin ‏@akarlin88 18 hrs
    WOW sht, US image in Russia has plummeted off a cliff. Not even Iraq or Georgia came close.

  8. 1. Steiner ‏@Steiner1776 9 hrs
    #Ukraine Just for confirmation. Armored vehicle in #KrasnyiLyman is flying the flag of the #Donetsk republic
    1. Steiner ‏@Steiner1776 9 hrs
    #Ukraine Armored support for self defense forces has arrived in #KrasnyiLyman via @vetochckina2012
    Nina Byzantina @NinaByzantina · 5h
    Recognizing they were sent vs reg. citizens—dozens of #Ukraine's soldiers switch sides to join #Donbass self-defense …

  9. Thanks Penny, as always, you provide solid evidence to support your contentions.

  10. so after all the killing, Junta forces flee Mariupol:
    'After a long and exhausting fight, Mariupol has been taken over by protesters. National troops and special forces units of Ukraine have set the police center on fire and fled, taking wounded and casualties along. Fire brigades came just in time to put off the fire.

    According to official Ukrainian media, the city is out of government control. Mayor has hit the road moments after the shooting started and is still in the hiding. Police wouldn't dare take over buildings.

    Interior Minister Arsen Avakov claims that many soldiers have suffered wounds or are dead.

    An armored infantry vehicle, seized by protesters, was transported to the city administration and now is showing off colors of Donetsk People's Republic.

  11. I don't even know how to state this.
    I'm just going to drop off the links for you Penny. I'm in semi shock it's abt Syria and Ghouta I think they gave those sick bastards DU or something even worse.
    you know how they love to play with chemicals and mix even worse effects :(

    Zaid tweeted this awhile ago

    Feel like another piece of my heart broke off for Syria :(( feel weak w/ grief

    Ukraine.. came thru my timeline few minutes ago
    Taraz Kuzio Economic and political consultant, journalist and academic Toronto- Washington DC (author)
    The (long overdue) Jewish-Ukrainian alliance against Putin.

    (his tweet is altered a bit from title as you will see) hubris ? you know me, I got POed early on and had to stop reading, besides still freaked abt Syria video :(

    And I already suspicioned this have to translate, at Russia RT elf-defense in Donetsk: The vehicles of the Red Cross transported militants of Right sector

    There was a provocation situation.. Voices of Russia had it over there. I call out the stinking Red Cross every damn time I see them (rarely) in my timeline.
    Not only for thier horrid lies and actions, but the 6 figure salary and HER Limo for crying out loud. She makes close to 1/4 Mil a year ! Limo ? are you kidding me ?

    I'm just sick at heart.. I want out of this damn country so badly, have for 6 years. Saw alot of this coming and it's going to get much worse.
    Our Gov is butch women and gay men come on !! WTF ? My mouth dropped open when I saw that eurovision thing.. I wanted to puke.

    I'm not a homophobe or racist, but damn... they have pushed me over the edge nearly. A very very bad time is coming and I don't want to be in America when it happens, I really don't but I begged for years and he won't have it :(
    Do I leave him ? shit..
    sorry.. I feel like someone beat my soul up and I know that sounds stupid as hell.

    I have alot of info on SE, but can't do it now.. just can't

    1. "Our Gov has butch women and guy men" has a certain eloquence, not to say accuracy, about it. Is this just a coincidence, do you think ?

  12. Red Cross vehicles used to transport Right Sektor terrorists?
    22:01 GMT:
    Several cars from the Red Cross organization were used to transport activists of the Right Sector radical movement, Donetsk city self-defense told RIA Novosti.

    “They were driving the Right Sector activists in those cars all across the region,” a self-defense spokesman told journalists on Saturday.

    Anti-government activists have been tracking the cars since April 14, gathering evidence that the vehicles were used for disguise by the radicals. The Right Sector group was using the cars at night, changing drivers, they said. Portable radio transmitters and spare Ukrainian number plates have been found inside the vehicles, when they were seized by the self-defense forces.

    The detained people posing as Red Cross members had only printed out badges as IDs and could not answer basic question on medicine, the self-defense spokesman said. The ICRC volunteers had already been released on Saturday, unharmed, he added.

  13. Penny,

    It hit me after I awoke this morning ( mind is clear, not jumbled by all the bull )

    Not the chemical weapons that did that horror in that picture in the news article or the unspeakable crime against humanity and Nature in the short video..

    We have to get with Zaid and Leith and others somehow. Maps, go back to the Maps of where the scum of isreal bombed and the Dates.. always the dates of their horrid crimes .
    One one tthem was even described as having a mushroom effect in the video that just so happened to be filmed so well of the 'event.

    I'll bet my life isreal did this. I've run it thru my mind every waking and half awake hour since finding out. the ritualistic zionist jew scum in isreal did this !


  14. thanks for the comments karin and everyone else
    was busy to reply, hopefully back later today