Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ukraine: Chloroform deaths in Odessa? Who killed these soldiers?

 I started this one yesterday, but, couldn't get it done- 

The Ukrainian junta has every reason to want the Odessa massacre to just go away.  Particularly right before their so called 'election' just a few days away. So, claiming the anti coup protestors died of asphyxiation and heart damage due to chloroform inhalation would serve the coup government just fine. It would cover up and sanitize their orchestrated atrocity, to their benefit.
 Yet another example of how it is we have no knowledge of real history. This fabrication will enter the official history narrative though it has nothing to do with reality, fact or truth
Here or Here Pick your poison- or in this case pick your source of bogus narrative creation

“The cause of the 32 deaths in Odessa on May 2 was asphyxiation due to an unidentified substance,” Sakal said at a news conference in Kiev today. “Chloroform was found in the debris of the Union House. Chloroform is usually used in surgery. We haven’t established why it was there.”
“There is an expert conclusion that in the garbage and ashes, where there were already around 30 investigations held on the premises; a like substance of chloroform was discovered.
Appeal to an authority

 “It is used during surgeries, but how it ended up in the Professional Union Building is currently being investigated”
 Being investigated? Surely in the most thorough manner too- haha. There is no reason to think this substance would be in the building and if it was that it would kill everyone who had hid in the building-
“Inhaling large amounts of the substance leads to respiratory arrest, which is what happened during the fire, in which 32 people died from an unknown substance, not extreme temperatures”
I find this entire narrative- chimerical- wildly fanciful; highly unrealistic
A digression, if I may? The first time I ever read the word "chimerical" it was used was by Vladimir Putin in reference to something, can't recall what it was, but I was smitten with the word.

If Ukraine can present a big lie story to cover up the massacre then that is what it will do.
The death by chloroform makes everything else go away. The beatings. The gun shot wounds.
The bloodshed.  The burning alive of humans. The massacre. The brutality of it all.
Because you see the fault for all that death lies with no one. It's just one of those tragedies

Who killed these soldiers?

got this from random guy-

Hello Penny! It's me random guy that posted fresh info on Odessa last time!
I have some more, from today !
Just this morning in Ukraine, nazi CIA stooges murdered army regulars who refused to conduct punishing operations on civilians , and blamed it on people's militia. All western media has backed it up.
3 videos

Ukrainian soldiers chatting with locals- but not attacking them
" But luckly friendly locals had video's of soldiers on day before (look in first video, there is even homemade pickles someone brought to them)"

Ukrainian soldiers under attack- but who did the deed?

" and they filmed their murder by helicopters (which people militia doesn't have)"

The results

As random guy points out western media is on message, which is pretty typical

Except for this from BBC?

 "It is unclear who attacked the checkpoint, with one Ukrainian officer telling the BBC it was not separatists"
My response to random guy?
 "Most often when NATO media reports in this manner, the attacking was done by those associated with NATO-US
and they would rather claim ignorance then report fact
just my take on that type of reporting"
 Without further info who knows? Hopefully random guy will stop by with some updates
However... when we have reports of this not being anti coup protestors? I think that is worth something

Been a busy day:  China/Russia Banking/Energy deal- Cue Uighur bombing/attack! 
nice to see this one linked at Red Ice Creations- thanks kindly
2nd-  Pipelines: Bulgaria testing EU Resolve

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  1. Hey :)
    Here is a part one on full documentary about Odessa. It's 2 hour raw footage(just a 1st part), boring, i wouldn't expect anyone to watch it, but it literaly explains everything step by step. Ain't so easy to cover up government crimes in 21st century.
    About who killed the soldiers. Video above shot by a soldier is a friendly fire episode of helicopters arrived 2 hours after an ambush on the column, adding 1 dead and 2 wounded. Officially ambush was by rebels, only evidence - the car left by attackers was destroyed by copters. Few video's released of "rebel's" in masks showing of trophies and admitting an attack. All testimonials of witnesses say it was a punishing operation. Now it is an Info war episode and no one cares for truth, kinda all sources i was following stuck to their initial claims.
    While no one denies that attack was carried in armored cars of PrivatBank (owned by oligarch sponsoring maidan and Kiev government) which where claimed missing in april (he said rebels took them), but independent journalist now living in asylum in Germany have a footage of some of claimed missing cars participating in punishing operation earlier.
    This gives a twist to the story too, but really, everyone already forgot it and moved on.

    1. karin!
      where you been, missed you!
      and you know who else you missed Jose Berrarra- he was chatting in the relinked post supernatural mind control and spelling
      he left a link to a new presentation of his, he is hoping to tidy it up and I hope he does- better sound and a bit more clarity, I think he has another gem
      go back and have a look
      before I go- I will check out your stuff- likely tomorrow
      we have finally, finally finally gotten some decent weather and have much outside work to do