Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ukraine voters out in force? Absolutely not! -updated

The headline claims "voters out in force"
The numbers tell us otherwise- And we see these numbers in Canada and the US
They are the numbers of disillusionment, disgust, distrust and disdain for the political classes

"Turnout across the country was reported at over 38 percent after seven hours of voting"
That's right after seven hours of voting, just a smidgen over 38 percent of the population has turned out....

The Ukraine also changed the rules of the election concerning minimum turnout-

 No minimum turnout is required to validate the outcome but if no candidate wins more than 50 percent, a second round run-off will be held June 15.
So if 1% of the populace vote for a candidate, it's valid

Good article- Is Ukraine ready to vote?

The answer is NO. Clearly. They aren't ready to vote. Many residents don't want to vote.
For Ukraine to have a successful election, the DECs and PECs must function effectively. PECs oversee the act of voting, from checking voter identification and distributing ballots, to physically tallying the results after the polls close. Well-trained and fully staffed polling station commissions are a crucial component of a credible election. DECs compile PEC results and adjudicate disputes; unstable staffing could make the completion of these tasks more difficult. These challenges are even more acute given instability in many of Ukraine’s regions.

DECs were initially formed on April 14 and PECs were announced on May 6. The establishment of Ukraine’s election infrastructure has been impeded in many ways. Russia’s annexation of Crimea effectively closed 12 DECs (1-10 and 224-225). For the remaining 213 DECs, personnel assignments have been unstable, with officials joining and leaving the commissions over the past few weeks. 
Electoral commission personnel changes are widespread between the initial registration phase and election day. Membership on DECs has changed both inside and outside of areas embroiled in conflict.
 PECs have experienced a different challenge; instead of unstable personnel, candidates have not supplied enough representatives to complete the staffing requirements. The law initially indicated that each PEC should minimally have 12 members, allocated by candidates. This minimum requirement was lowered to nine on May 6, likely due to significant challenges of finding enough willing participants.
 At the deadline for PEC staffing, 191 constituencies had announced the appointment of 352,238 total staff members for their polling stations. Over 38,000 of these staff members were directly appointed by DECs rather than by the candidates. Twenty-two DECs provided no information about PEC staffing at all, and most of these districts are located in Donetsk. The map below illustrates the problem of polling station staffing.
Proportion of Ukrainian Polling Stations Staffed by District Electoral Commissions (Data: Central Electoral Commission of Ukraine; Figure: Roman Sverdan/The Monkey Cage)
Proportion of Ukrainian Polling Stations Staffed by District Electoral Commission
You can read the rest at the link from WP

This is about all the information I can find on the so called huge turnout in Ukraine

Voter turnout in presidential elections in Ukraine is now 38.53%

Kiev. Voter turnout in the presidential elections in Ukraine was 38.53% by 3 pm local time, RIA Novosti reported, citing data from the Central Electoral Commission of the Eastern European country.
The biggest voter turnout was registered in Lviv Oblast, 52.15%, and the lowest in-Kharkiv-24.05%.

Tell me how it is that the very  well attended referendums in Donetsk and Lugansk, not to forget Crimea, can be declared illegitimate by the western/nato tryannies? It does look as if the Ukraine elections, more appropriately, fits the illegitimate label...



  1. Great information Penny. Basically, we all seem to be damned if we do and damned if we don't (vote). These people are so expert at manipulating these staged shows of "democracy" it is hard to know how to change the game. Did I read on your site about all the voting ballots (and presses?) being destroyed in more than one area in the Ukraine? Also, did you see NorthernTruthseeker's post about the Federal Reserve bailing out Canada in 2008?!!

    1. hey Mother B

      not here, but, hubby read that news to me
      I believe it was in one of the two areas of that have declared Independance?
      think it was Donestsk

      Looks as if the coup gov in Kiev made it possible for the nato approved anointed government to win-

      did you happen to catch the news on all the Canadians voting in the Ukraine election?
      I tried to find some info on that one?
      Because Ukraine doesn't or didn't previously even allow dual nationals to vote
      Or run
      but I believe the annointed on- the chocolate oligarch is a dual national?

      I did not know the Feds bailed Canadian banks out?
      I know there were bank bailouts at that time
      when stevie boy said our banks were on solid footing
      of course stevie is loaded with sh*t
      I did some posts on the bailouts
      last time 2012

      before that 09

      before that 08

      another link

      likely other stuff too
      I will have to check out NTS's info and thanks
      Yup the manipulation is at the expert level
      we have the election in Ontario pending and they are calling it th e
      "none of the above" election
      because everyone is so disenfranchised and disgusted with the obvious bullshit all of the candied dates are peddling

    2. candied dates = candidates
      sickly sweet but not so good

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  3. I am having a terrible time with the verification codes these days and I am not a robot.