Sunday, May 18, 2014

US warns China on oil rig "provocation"- Updated!

 The US warns China not to raise tensions in East Sea
The White House has described China's placement of an oil rig in Vietnam’s waters as a provocative act and warned Beijing not to raise tensions in the region.
Scuse my language, I have just woke up, pretty much, but- WHAT THE HELL!
Apparently only the US can 'raise tensions' and undertake all sorts of provocations and dictate to every other nation on the planet regarding the way that nation conducts their affairs?!

China's deployment of its drilling rig Haiyang Shiyou-981 at 15 degrees 29 minutes 58 seconds north latitude and 111 degrees 12 minutes 06 seconds east longitude, deep inside Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone, since May 2, has triggered protests in Vietnam.
The US claims this rig is 'deep inside Vietnam's" turf- But is it?
On May 16, White House spokesman Jay Carney had a message for Beijing, “We consider that act provocative and we consider it one that undermines the goal that we share, which is peaceful resolution of these disputes and general stability in the region."
The White House condemnation came one day after a top Chinese military official visited the Pentagon and indicated Chinese forces do not intend to back down.
Check the update below for news on the official visit between US & China
The US official said China's dispatch of numerous government vessels to the area threatens stability and called for restraint on both sides.
“We're very concerned about dangerous conduct and intimidation by government-controlled assets operating in this area and we call on all parties to conduct themselves in a safe and professional manner," said Carney.

In case you hadn't noticed anti-China protests had suddenly broke out in Vietnam and  those protests  have taken a deadly turn  China evacuates 3,000 from Vietnam as tensions grow

 "Last weekend, Vietnam permitted anti-China protests that drew thousands of people, a rare step that allowed it to amplify state anger against Beijing. Doing so was risky for authorities. Dissident groups joined the protests"
Suddenly Vietnam decides to permit anti-China protests? Immediately after China deploys it's oil rig? Curious timing, no?

Dissident groups joined the protests? Dissident groups funded by NATO NGO's perhaps?
Risky for authorities?-  If these protests had any risk factor for authorities they would not have been allowed- so that's just bullbiscuits

We have witnessed events such as this time and time again

UPDATE: While in  US, Chinese General Defends South China Sea Oil Rig

Vietnam and China are embroiled in tensions over a Chinese oil rig near the Paracel Islands. Popular opposition has even sparked anti-China riots in Vietnam. The U.S. and China traded barbs in statements about who is to blame for the current situation. The U.S. State Department, including Secretary John Kerry, has called China’s placement of the oil rig “provocative.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying fired back, saying “It is nothing but the wrong words and actions made by the U.S. side on maritime issues that have emboldened some countries to take provocative actions.”
The topic came under intense discussion at the joint press conference. In response to a reporter’s question, Fang repeated China’s official stance that the oil rig is within China’s waters and thus the activity is normal and legitimate. Fang also added some interesting details, such as that the placement of the oil rig had been “carefully selected” to minimize the chance of a dispute. According to Fang, China was surprised and dismayed at the reaction. He pointed out that other countries (referencing Vietnam) have previously drilled in the region without a similar backlash.
However, Fang underlined China’s commitment to both its territory in general and the oil rig in particular. On territorial issues, Fang said, China “will not give an inch” and he warned that China has the means to back up its words with actions. On the oil rig, Fang promised that “we will make sure this well is successfully drilled” without interference from the outside. He said China was willing to discuss the issue with Vietnam but would not cease the drilling activity.
When it was his turn to field questions about the Vietnam-China spat, Dempsey went over some of the issues he had discussed with Fang previously.  “We have to acknowledge that there are disputes, territorial disputes, that are in play here,” Dempsey said. China has insisted the area where the oil rig is located is not under dispute. Dempsey also said he had discussed with Fang that the use of military assets to resolve disputes is provocative. Finally, Dempsey suggested that the interpretation of what, exactly, is the “status quo” in disputed regions may be up for debate.

Finally.... pivot to Asia- PATO and that big Russian/China oil deal- all connected

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  1. my bad an OT
    for james and karin- per what we were discussing previously

    Edmonton- large Ukie populace
    Toronto- Bandera's grandson-resident and active also had a parade

  2. Only US regime is allowed to raise tensions

    1. With all power thr US have had for years, despite all accuses of false claims about invading other countries, history proved that the US has never claimed other countries' properties as its own. It looks like that it does not intend to do so.

      Long live American's way of life.
      This is how the US win the hearts and minds of people.

    2. Tom Nguyen:

      while everyone is entitled to an opinion..... you are to yours and I am to mine
      "the US has never claimed other countries property as their own"
      is patently absurd
      the simple fact is the US claims many countries as their own
      aka responsibility/entitlement to do what thou will

      Then justifying occupations- Germany, Korea- still occupied
      Afghanistan, Libya, Phillipines, Japan- still occupied
      massive slaughter- Libya, Iraq, Syria
      Destabilization- 100's of nations
      the planet can't afford the American way of life- plunder, slaughter, mass pollution, birth defects etc
      Humanity can't afford the American way of life aka global warfare, monopolization of everything
      The US doesn't win the hearts and minds of any individuals
      It only manipulates beliefs to serve the agenda


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    1. hi jo
      I saw thailand declaring marital law- honestly I am not that up on the situation except to say or wonder if the military is going to maintain the status quo
      and I am quite certain this has everything to do with that pacific pivot

  4. Hi Pen, I caught the Edmonton article. Thanks.

    Yes, I think this 'dispute' is orchestrated to disrupt/distract the Russia-China talks. The bankers must be very worried indeed. Lets hope they are worried for good reason.

    1. Saw that China and Russia have not signed the deal, yet....

      What I particularly love about the lying media is the way they are spinning this deal as Russia having to do this because of the Ukraine situation
      which is bogus
      Russia and China have been working out the details of this agreement and it is massive for something like 10 years now
      so the deal has zero to do with the present day Ukraine situation

  5. Haiyang Shiyou 981 oil platform currently located in an area west-north-west of Vietnam's Hoang Sa archipelago and south of the mouth of the Gulf of Tonkin.The latest rig movement comes weeks ahead of the first visit by Vietnam's leader Nguyen Phu Trong to the US.