Monday, June 30, 2014

"Whitehouse" "Al Qaeda" "bomb" 'Syria' Yemen' "airliner"

This news has all the buzzwords

What is a 'buzzword'?

*Advertising and or propaganda  (same/same) - buzzword: word or phrase that takes on added significance or new meaning through repetition or special usage
*Rhetoric and Figures of Speech - buzzword: slogan or catchword conjuring popular idea or image.
The White house is used purely for an appeal to authority.
All the rest are words used to conjure ideas and these words have certainly taken on new meaning through repetition and special usage. Special usage going right back to propaganda.
-Yup, this is how you are manipulated. Everyday.
So here is the narrative that is being passed off as a news story
Two very different headlines for the same story- geared to the audience

UK-White House fears al Qaeda offshoot may be planning bomb plot on airliner flying to America

US-Syria bomb threat could prompt increased airport security
  The Obama administration may ask overseas partners to enhance security measures at airports and is weighing whether to do the same here at home to address deepening concerns that terrorists in war-ravaged Syria are trying to develop a new generation of bombs that could be smuggled onto commercial planes
"[This threat] is different and more disturbing than past aviation plots,"

This is ‘different and more disturbing’? How so?

The back-and-forth has been based on intelligence showing that a particularly extreme "subset" of terrorist groups in Syria was working alongside operatives from al Qaeda's prolific offshoot in Yemen to produce "creative" new designs for bombs, as one source put it
"Intelligence obtained by the U.S. government, however, has not indicated a specific target or a specific timeline."

So, why mention this as a plot or plan?  No target + No timeline = No Plan
“After coming across the initial thread of intelligence earlier this year”
The thread of intelligence that has no target and no timeline? What thread could that be?
*Worth repeating.....
“Intelligence obtained by the U.S. government, however, has not indicated a specific target or a specific timeline”

What could this thread be? Since, a thread usually runs through things, like stories. Hems. Seams. And other items that need connecting. Perhaps, beads?  A thread connects seemingly random points together to make them as one. If there is  no target and no timeline, what would constitute the thread of intelligence?

 “Intelligence obtained by the U.S. government, however, has not indicated a specific target or a specific timeline”

No target. No timeline. No possible thread. So, moving along............

“The potentially lethal partnership in Syria is at least part of what sparked an advisory to airlines earlier this year to look out for explosives-laden toothpaste tubes, cosmetics and shoes”

"Lethal partnership" That sounds ominous, doesn't it? But, what lethal partnership is being referenced here?
Is it the lethal, to Syrians in Syria, partnership? The one where the US is sending all kinds of weapons and technology to aid their mercenaries (hired killers) so Syrians can be killed and their nation destroyed?
Oh, yes and to fight in Iraq?? There is abundant proof of that 'lethal partnership' all over this blog via the  NATO media

Why just the other day..............John Kerry- Arm Syrian 'rebels' to push back Iraqi 'jihadis' ????
 Of course there is also
Meet & Greet the Syrian 'rebel' who got US weapons-
 Who could forget? 
Syria: Massive CIA arms shipments, Israel & Turkey "sittin' in a tree" .

So many tales of lethal partnerships, so few hours in a day
“Since January, officials with access to the country's most sensitive intelligence have warned publicly that hard-to-detect "technologies and techniques" were being exported to Syria”
Who has been exporting all manner of technologies to killers in Syria?
And training those same killers to use all manner of technologies in  Syria?
Oh yes, the US!!

Oh look it's a thread!   

Therefore if anything does happen? I would look to the US and her allies and ask them why they created yet another terror operation? Not blow back. Not sloppiness. No ineptitude. Pure psychotic evil, bought and paid for- aided and abetted- created with malice aforethought by the powers that should not be.

    Sunday, June 29, 2014

    US & Europe Push Confrontation with Russia towards War

    My husband states today "It's as if  the US wants war with Russia"
    I reply "that is exactly what they want"
     Every opportunity the US and their toadies in the EU could have taken to bring this horrendous situation to a peaceful resolution has been instead used to increase the odds of confrontation- We aren't the only ones noticing.
    The so called ceasefire has been a ruse
    Claims by Ukraine of a ceasefire were mere perception management. A meme planted so the blame could be cast on Russia for it's failure- The Ukrainian thugs never stopped their killing.
    As evidenced by abundant reports of refugees heading to Russia

    As a shaky cease-fire in the east entered its final hours Thursday, thousands of Ukrainians in cars stuffed with belongings lined up at the border to cross into Russia, some vowing never to return.
    Many said they were most frightened for their children and desperate to take them to safety.
    If there was a ceasefire, these persons would not be fleeing in fear for their lives.
    If Russia was truly an issue, as NATO media would have us believe, these persons would NOT be fleeing to Russia.

    Sergei Lavrov rightly points out the truth of the matter

    We also have partners across the ocean – our American colleagues – who, according to a lot of evidence, still favor pushing the Ukrainian leadership towards the path of confrontation” 

     “Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko would like to ease tension and go on with the truce, but there are also other forces among the Ukrainian authorities – there are radicals still controlling or very closely cooperating with armed ultra nationalists, there is the “Right Sector”, the battalions of Igor Kolomoysky and other serious groups, who do not obey Ukraine’s Central Command and the Commander-in-Chief,” Lavrov said.

    A resident of the settlement of Golubovka in Lugansk region is in her house following artillery shelling. (RIA Novosti/Andrey Stenin)
    What ceasefire?

    When accused by Poroshenko of doing nothing to end the violence-

    Stating that Russia is doing nothing to advance the peace process is, to say the least, cunning. I hope that was not done to please those in the West who want a confrontational scenario,” Lavrov said.

    Global Research
    This is a bit of an older article but is more relevant then ever. Sadly this piece did not contain any links back to original source. I found  some of them and linked them in. Verification is good.
    US President Barack Obama and allied leaders in Europe pushed the standoff with Russia over Ukraine further to the brink of war on Friday. As troops of the Western-backed, ultra-nationalist regime in Kiev, supplemented by fascist paramilitary forces, continued to mass against pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine, and Russia launched military exercises on its border with Ukraine, Obama held a conference call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Fran├žois Hollande, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to secure agreement on new sanctions against Russia.
    The sanctions threat is joined by a further push of US and NATO military forces up to or near Russia’s borders. US and NATO war planes are flying over the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; US troops have arrived in Poland; and more US war ships are entering the Black Sea.
    Obama and the other leaders claimed the Kiev regime had taken “positive steps” to uphold the four-party agreement to “deescalate tensions” reached April 17 in Geneva, but Russia had “not reciprocated.”
    British Prime Minister David Cameron’s office said: “The five leaders agreed that in the light of Russia’s refusal to support the process, an extension of the current targeted sanctions would need to be implemented, in conjunction with other G-7 leaders and with European partners.”
    At a press conference following discussions with Polish President Donald Tusk, German Chancellor Merkel said she told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call that Germany was ready to impose further sanctions should tensions increase. Merkel’s press spokesman declared, “Nobody should be deceived. We are willing to act.”
    These statements only underscore the hypocrisy and cynicism that have pervaded the actions of Washington and its imperialist allies since they provoked the confrontation with Russia and the largely pro-Russian population of eastern Ukraine by organizing a coup, led by fascist Right Sector militiamen, to overthrow the Russia-aligned, elected Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, last February 22.
    The regime’s “positive steps” include throwing thousands of troops, armored vehicles and attack helicopters against protesters in the east occupying buildings to protest the new regime and demand greater autonomy, independence or incorporation into the Russian Federation. On Thursday, five protesters were killed by Ukrainian forces in Slavyansk, a center of resistance to the regime in Kiev. That brings to at least eight the number of protesters killed, in two separate attacks, since Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan made a secret trip to Kiev to advise the US puppet government.
    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday denounced Kiev’s so-called “anti-terrorist” operation in the east as a “bloody crime.” He said pro-Russian militants would lay down their weapons only if the Ukrainian government first disbanded its own ultra-nationalist protesters in Kiev and disarmed the Right Sector.
    The Geneva agreement calls for all illegal paramilitary groups to be disarmed and disbanded, but Kiev, with the full support of the US and the European Union, has mobilized fascist thugs of the Right Sector against anti-government protesters in the east. On Thursday, thirty Right Sector operatives armed with baseball bats stormed buildings held by protesters in the city of Mariupol.
    Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh has announced he is moving to the eastern Ukrainian industrial city of Dnepropetrovsk to direct attacks against anti-regime protesters. He boasts of state support for his forces, telling the German publication Spiegel Online, “Our battalions are part of the new territorial defense. We have close contact with the intelligence services and the general staff.”
    The propaganda pumped out by the Obama administration and its European allies, uncritically promulgated by the media, attributes the current crisis to Russian aggression and expansionism. This reached a new height Friday, when Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told a cabinet meeting in Kiev that “Russia wants to start World War III.”
    But the responsibility rests overwhelmingly with the US and Germany. Washington, in particular, seems bent on goading Russia into intervening militarily in Ukraine.
    Russian President Vladimir Putin, seeking to secure the security interests of the Russian oligarchs whom he represents, has threatened to intervene to defend ethnic Russians in the east against attacks from the Kiev government and its fascist allies.
    Alongside the military buildup, the US is waging economic warfare and threatening to collapse the Russian economy. On Friday, the credit rating firm Standard & Poor’s downgraded Russian credit from BBB to BBB-, one notch above junk bond status. The credit agency said it would further downgrade Russia if new sanctions were imposed.
    The Russian central bank was forced to raise the key interest rate from 7 percent to 7.5 percent in an attempt to stem the fall in the ruble and the flow of capital out of the country. The ruble has already plunged nearly 9 percent against the US dollar so far this year and Russian stock prices have dropped sharply.
    US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Friday that the next round of sanctions against Moscow would go well beyond the penalties targeting individuals thus far imposed. “We are working with our international partners to make sure that when we do it, we do it in an effective way,” he said in a radio interview. On the ground, anti-regime protesters continue to occupy government buildings in a dozen cities, and they have reestablished checkpoints that were attacked Thursday in Slavyansk. The Kiev regime says it is blockading the city.
    A Ukrainian military helicopter exploded Friday on the tarmac of a base near Kramatorsk. Ukrainian officials blamed the blast on pro-Russian militants.
    There are signs that the civil violence is spreading beyond southeastern Ukraine. Seven people were injured early Friday at a pro-Ukrainian checkpoint near the Black Sea port of Odessa when an explosive device blew up. Residents have built checkpoints aimed at stopping pro-Russian separatists entering from Moldova’s breakaway territory of Transdniestria.
    With tensions growing and the chances mounting of a war between Ukraine and Russia, which could rapidly draw in the United States and NATO, Russian officials seem to be looking for a way to defuse the situation and find some accommodation with Washington. The Interfax news agency reported Friday that in a telephone call, Russian Gen. Valery Gerasimov warned US Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that Ukraine had a “substantial group of forces” near the Russian border, including troops intent on conducting sabotage.
    However, there is no indication from the American side of a desire to deescalate the crisis. Comments made by Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk confirmed that the US, the EU and the International Monetary Fund are providing funds to build up Ukrainian security forces.
    In an interview with the Washington Post published Friday, Yatsenyuk was asked: “Is the US giving you enough military aid to build up the army?” Yatsenyuk replied: “The US supplies us with non-lethal support.” When asked where his government will find the money to buy military equipment, the Ukrainian premier answered: “The US issued $1 billion in loan guarantees. The IMF supports us. We are getting support from the EU.”
    Wars funded by bankster scum, to enrich bankster scum
    In the same interview, Yatsenyuk declared that only a small minority in eastern Ukraine supported Russia and implied there was widespread support for his government.
    A confidential report by NATO tells a very different story. According to an article published by Der Spiegel on Friday, the NATO report warns of a possible “failed-state scenario” in Ukraine and the “possible collapse” of the state. The report, made available to the German Foreign Office, places responsibility for the disintegration of Ukraine on the regime in Kiev, which is “manifestly unwilling or unable to seriously clarify key issues regarding the future state structure of Ukraine.”
    Again this is a bit of an older article, but, what is interesting to me is that two months ago NATO was warning of failed state due to Kiev, yet, NATO continues to push an agenda all but guaranteeing Ukaine's failure. That is not one of those curious coincidences
    The Spiegel article also refers to a survey by the International Republican Institute from the second half of March, which reports that 48 percent of the population in eastern Ukraine “strongly oppose” the head of state Alexander Turchinov, with just three percent expressing “strong support.” A total of 59 percent of eastern Ukrainians in the survey expressed positive feelings for Russia, with 45 percent of respondents rejecting the parliament in Kiev.

    Friday, June 27, 2014

    John Kerry- Arm Syrian 'rebels' to push back Iraqi 'jihadis' ????

    Brand- rebels? Brand - jihadis? The label depends on the spin. 

    1st up -Syrian rebels to receive yet more US funding.  Let's look at them?
    President Barack Obama is seeking $500 million from Congress to train and arm select members of the Syrian opposition  U.S. administration officials say the U.S. has grown increasingly confident in recent months about its ability to distinguish the moderate rebels from the more extremist elements?
     More money to arm Islamist mercs to terrorize Syrians. Has the US grown more confident? No.
    This isn't about confidence. Or the nonsensical moderates. Key sentence. The one that counts.
    " there are almost no secular, liberal rebels fighting in Syria, some rebel groups are considered mainstream"
    No secular, no liberal,  no moderate rebels. Considered 'mainstream' by who? More war mongering lies

    John Kerry is off his rocker!  His meds? Or something? This is beyond belief

    strange days indeed!

    Syria rebels can play role in Iraq: Kerry&

     JEDDAH: Syrian rebels can help push back jihadists in Iraq, US Secretary of State John Kerry said yesterday as Washington unveiled plans to boost Syria’s opposition with $500 million in arms and training. The top US diplomat, who landed in the Red Sea city of Jeddah in the afternoon, also met Saudi King Abdullah a day after hosting urgent talks in Paris with the Saudi, Jordanian and UAE foreign ministers on the widening crisis in Iraq and Syria.

    Ahmad Jarba, leader of the Syrian National Coalition, welcomed the huge US boost to his forces, battling to oust Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

     Ahmad Jarba- compromised every which way imaginable- Saudi fave, drug dealer and worse.

    This is quite a tale! - Arming Islamist mercs in Syria to push back the Islamist mercs in Iraq. It's mind boggling, to conceive of how much swill one would have to willingly consume to believe this nonsense!
     ISIS in Syria -good- arm them to fight  ISIS in Iraq- bad
    HRW sees ISIS doing bad in Iraq, but, failed to see ISIS doing bad in Syria?

     Still with me? I know it's dizzying

    You know those moderate rebels in Syria? The ones that don't really exist but the NATO media and psychopaths like John Kerry keep telling us about them anyway- Because if the keep catapulting the propaganda you are going to finally and hopefully believe it!
    Here is the latest on the so called (brand) moderate rebels. They really don't exist. Not that they did, ever, anyway.

    Syria opposition military command sacked
     Syria's opposition government sacked the military command of the rebel Free Syrian Army late Thursday over corruption allegations, as the White House asked lawmakers for $500 million for moderate insurgents.
    Of course, the opposition government is led by Ahmed Jarba
    The government in exile said it was also sacking FSA chief of staff Brigadier General Abdelilah al-Bashir.
    It called on "revolutionary forces on the ground" to set up within a month a new defence council and to fully restructure the rebel army's command.
     The funding from Scary Psycho Kerry is going straight to NATO's Islamist mercs, no matter which brand name they go by- 'revolutionary forces on the ground' include ISIS/Al Quada

    Syrian airstrikes in Iraq? Yes or No? -Updated

    We have read or heard reports that ISIS positions were bombed in Iraq, by Syria?

    I initially covered these allegations as they were breaking in this post

    Unknown planes bomb ISIS position in Northern Iraq- Pentagon: Not US

    US planes were identified by Iraqi television, but the Saudi Al-Arabiya network claims that the raid was carried out by Syria
     BBC Arabic reported earlier on Tuesday that unmanned American aircraft had bombed the area of al-Qaim.
    Right away we have conflicting narratives.

    U.S. officials said Syria launched airstrikes into western Iraq on Tuesday in an attempt to slow insurgents fighting both the Syrian and Iraqi governments.
    BBC was claiming Maliki welcomed these strikes, but BBC has since retracted that claim. (Reported by the Guardian)
    Maliki said both countries were threatened by Isis as the group continues to make gains in Iraq. Initial translations of his BBC interview suggested Syria had struck inside Iraq, but these were later corrected.
    The claims of a Syrian airstrike most likely originated with someone affiliated with ISIS. Or western intelligence assets

    Fox News- 
    An official in Iraq’s Anbar province and Mohammed Al Qubaisi, a doctor in the area’s main hospital, told The Wall Street Journal that missiles fired from what appeared to be Syrian warplanes hit a market, a bank and a municipal building on Tuesday

    We have Syria immediately and officially denying these moves

    Iraq air strike claims false, says Syrian government

    Syria denied Wednesday reports that its air force bombed a market place in western Iraq, killing up to 25 people.
    Syria's official news agency SANA quoted an Information Ministry spokesman as denying that Syrian warplanes attacked Al Qaim in the western Iraqi province of Anbar on Tuesday.
    “News saying that Assad forces had carried out air strikes on the Iraqi Al Qaim district are not true,” SANA quoted the ministry spokesman.
    h/t kamnam-
    We also have Ziad at Syper telling us the airstrikes may have happened, but, Ziad is telling us this has not been verified. I have the utmost respect for Ziad. And acknowledge he has the insider perspective.
    SANA and the Syrian Ministry of Information has been playing down Syria’s role in the air over Iraq because there was a belief that the Iraqi government of Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki did not want to publicize its need for assistance in the areas we just mentioned.  The disavowal by the Syrian MoI and blame cast on “biased media sources” for the reports puzzled us because it seemed that supporting the Iraqi government was a badge of honor.  We suspect that Minister ‘Umraan Al-Zu’bi will relent on this issue since the cat’s out of the bag.  SyrPer was the first to report the air assault on Tal ‘Afar, by the way.

    However, I am staying with my original assessment.  For a few reasons
    -Syria has not gone outside of it's border, previously. To my knowledge
    -Syria taking this kind of action would most certainly bring much trouble from the US.
    -Syria has her hands full within the borders of Syria

    One last reason: Thursday, it was reported armed predator drones began to fly over Iraq

     As the first armed American drones began flying over Iraq on Thursday
     But the drones could have been flying on Wednesday?

    Indeed Armed drones may have been flying when Wednesday's attack took place

     The official said the flights started in the last 24 to 48 hours to bolster manned and unmanned reconnaissance flights the military has been sending
     Back to my Wednesday post-
     Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby rejected on Tuesday reports that the US had carried out a drone strike targeting hardline Islamist militants on the Iraq-Syria border.

    Therefore,without further verification, I have to still stay with my assessment of this not being a Syrian airstrike into Iraq. And await some substantive information. Hopefully Ziad will get some?

    Hang down your head Thomas A Dooley- CIA covert operative

    Some may recall me mentioning the book "The Mighty Wurlitzer"? Very interesting read. Likely just a surface scratching expose. The CIA stooge Gloria Steinam is reported on. As mentioned in this post regarding what is undoubtedly another intelligence created psyop- FEMEN.  Femen being the extremist version of 'feminism' as originally promoted by Steinam with much CIA assistance.

    Another interesting individual who played America, the world and the Catholic believers was Tom Dooley.
    Interesting and lengthy article about Mr Dooley from LA Times in 1991

    This guy was a superstar. Dr America!

     Dooley’s use of showbiz became apparent when the Kingston Trio named one of their songs after him so as to make people increasingly aware of Dooley and his work. Fisher also presents the Kingston Trio’s song “Tom Dooley” as evidence for Dooley’s successful self-marketing while also pointing to Dr. America (Thanh Mo America), a term people in Laos used to glorify Dooley
    Thomas Anthony Dooley III was the seventh-most well-known name in the world after Winston Churchill, Pope John XXIII, Albert Schweitzer, and a few other prominent figures.
     The song was released at the height of Tom Dooley mania in the US in 1958. So, consider the song as cross brand promotional.

    Mr Dooley, it was claimed was a great humanitarian doctor. Highly questionable
    Excerpts from the extremely lengthy LA Times article
     IN APRIL, 1956, MOST AMERICANS got their first glimpses of Vietnam through the eyes of a 27-year-old naval officer named Tom Dooley. The fevered, patriotic prose of his book, "Deliver Us From Evil," filled 27 pages of Reader's Digest with a first-hand account of Operation Passage to Freedom, the U.S. Navy boat-lift moving refugees from newly communist North Vietnam to the soon-to-be-democratic South.
    The book, presented as fact, was purely fictional. A way to get readers emotionally involved in the situation in Vietnam. To tug at the heart and loosen the purses and wallets. Particularly amongst the Catholic crowd
    To many readers, Dooley's book seemed to be more than a compelling chronicle of this operation; it reflected the sensibilities and concerns of a Cold War humanitarian and idealist. "All in Viet Nam dream and strive for freedom," he had written, "the people who toil in the rice fields with backs bent double and faces turned to the brackish mud, the naked children playing in the monsoon, the little fruit sellers in the arroyos of the markets and the poor with amputated arm or hand outstretched. They have one dream: Freedom."
    My how little has changed? That is what struck me about this bit of history. How really and truly nothing has changed in the way we are given heroes. With a supporting narrative. Created to strike all the right chords.
    Only now there are more mediums to present the lies across, truly drawing us all into a contrived matrix: something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form

    Dooley's book "Deliver Us From Evil,, was written with CIA assistance-
    Such a book would be just the tool the Navy needed to make Operation Passage to Freedom a success. Officially, the operation had a simple objective--moving hundreds of thousands of refugees and getting French weapons out of reach of the communists. But more important was its classified purpose: to create a strong constituency in South Vietnam for Diem, who had next to none. Catholic, like the reviled French, and just back from three years of exile in the United States, Diem was subject to suspicion that he was a puppet of his American mentor, Cardinal Francis Spellman, as well as the French and the U.S. Department of State.
     Yes, the US wanted a refugee crisis created to create conditions for an election win beneficial to US interests. 
    The operation was a two-part attempt to bolster Diem. First, there was a psychological-warfare campaign organized by the CIA's Edward Lansdale, aimed at frightening northern Catholics into fleeing south. This phase, involving such scare tactics as bombings falsely attributed to the Viet Minh and pamphlets warning that Catholics would be tortured or slain under communist leader Ho Chi Minh, was meant to stock the South with people who would vote for Diem and support his administration.
     There were real bombings, perpetrated by the French or the US.
    In Dooley, the Navy found a media magnet. He was not only handsome and eloquent but also confident that vanquishing communism in Asia was a matter of showing people the benefits of the American way of life, and he could express this in a spirited, captivating and infectious way. The Navy granted him a leave to write his book. Dooley, an ambitious dreamer, soon had visions of parlaying any resulting publicity into a position as Navy surgeon general. And the Navy was prepared to distinguish his accounts with an official imprimatur. But they were not prepared to deal with the discovery that he was a homosexual.
    They were very prepared to deal with his homosexuality. His homosexuality made him very pliable.
    He also allegedly had a penchant for young boys-- which was likely the more problematic issue

    The book told of how he had treated children whose feet had been crushed to "moist bags of marbles" by soldiers, and of a priest who had had nails driven into his skull in a mockery of the crown of thorns of Jesus--sensational atrocities that found their way into the book reviews and into the hearts of readers.
    The atrocities, he wrote, "seemed almost to have a religious significance. I was accustomed by now to patching up emasculated men and women whose breasts had been mutilated and evenlittle children without fingers or hands. But more and more I was learning that these punishments were linked to the refugees' belief in God."

    In one long passage, he described a priest who, he said, had been hung by his feet and beaten for defying a Viet Minh order to stop saying Mass at night. When Dooley encountered him, he was "lying on a bamboo stretcher, writhing in agony, his lips moving in silent prayer. When I pulled away the dirty blanket, I found that his body was a mass of blackened flesh from the shoulders to the knees. The belly was hard and distended, and the scrotum swollen to the size of a football. I gave him a shot of morphine and inserted a large needle in the scrotum in an attempt to draw off some of the fluid."

    Dooley provided a compelling catalogue of horrors. But, as U.S. officials knew early on, the horrors were completely unsubstantiated. None of Dooley's correspondence, official or personal, describes the atrocities, that, in his book, he attributes to the communists. There are no corroborating accounts in the war diaries kept by Navy commanders nor in anything Dooley wrote during the operation.
    The many letters he had mailed home from Haiphong describe dismal conditions to be expected as a consequence of a protracted war--squalor, disease and battle-related injuries. But there was no mention of atrocities, says Lederer, who now lives in Peacham, Vt., because "those things never happened. The atrocities he described in his books either never took place or were committed by the French. I traveled all over the country and never saw anything like them." And he didn't see Dooley's accounts of the atrocities until after the book came out
    The catalogue of horrors didn't exist and those that did exist were horrors perpetrated by French troops stationed in Vietnam.  
     Dooley's descriptions encouraged one more fundamentally flawed perception: He implied that most Vietnamese, like most of the refugees, were Catholic, when, in fact, fewer than 10% were. "The adults had children on their backs and by the hand, and even the older kids toted babies," he wrote. "Across their shoulders they carried balance poles with shallow baskets at either end. There they had their meager belongings--clothing, rice bowls, heirlooms and, invariably, a crucifix."
    The book had to be written is this way because it was intended to draw in the Catholic population of the day
    The reason for the distortion was obvious. It would be hard to muster support for Diem in a country where he was at odds with 90% of the population and was considered a relic of a French regime despised by those wanting independence. By writing as though the Catholics' fears of persecution were shared by all Vietnamese, Dooley made a compelling case that Americans should be actively concerned for the fate of that country. As journalist Robert Scheer would observe in an article published 10 years later, "Tom Dooley's major achievement . . . was to convince the American public that the U.S. must come to the aid of these people"
     Convince Americans of the need to save the Vietnamese............... 
      The protests about the book's veracity were ignored. Tom Dooley's editor, Robert Giroux, had an idea that the book wasn't, strictly speaking, true. "But," he says, "it had the essence of truth." And given the Cold War climate, he observes, that was just as good.
    The Navy, for its part, had wholeheartedly endorsed the book--Adm. Arleigh A. Burke, Chief of U.S. Naval Operations, had even written the introduction. If the Navy had any qualms about the truth of Dooley's accounts, they went unexpressed. And the book, when it was released, was a runaway bestseller.
    The essence of truth. Like truthiness.

    Regarding Dooley's sexual orientation
    During his tour, detectives from the Office of Naval Intelligence had tailed Dooley, and their final report runs to 700 pages. It represents hundreds of hours spent rifling through his briefcase, engaging him in leading and suggestive conversations and listening at bars and hotel-room doors. At the Statler Hotel in New York, Dooley was observed entering the bar. "He (Dooley) immediately stood beside a young fellow in civilian clothes," the informant reported, "and struck up a conversation, the following statements of which were overheard:
    "Subject (Dooley): 'Are you married? Are you a Roman Catholic? Do you go to church often?'

    " . . . Subject and civilian left the bar and proceeded to subject's room."

    If Navy investigators had simply wanted to prove Dooley was homosexual, what they produced was overkill. It seems they were after more--proof that his conduct would damage the Navy. Proof, in other words, that he wasn't fit to serve
    Which leads me to suspect that the issue was not just one of homosexuality. Some reporting indicates that Mr. Dooley was openly gay. So, the overkill may have had more to do with allegations of pedophilia. Something that could turn the public away from the hero and of course, much more importantly, the agenda

    Customarily, the Navy casts off homosexuals in a deliberately demeaning manner--stripping them of their bars in front of an assembly of officers and enlisted men. But the Navy couldn't dismiss Dooley that way. In fact, it couldn't even acknowledge that it had let him go. It had decorated the man and endorsed his book, and both would be worthless to them if the young
    doctor's sexual orientation were known. So Dooley and the officers charged with his dismissal concocted an alibi. Dooley would announce that he was leaving the Navy in order to serve the people of Vietnam in his own way.
    "The brass say I'm more Navy now that I'm out than when I was in," Dooley wrote to console his mother, though he couldn't have wanted her to understand exactly what he meant by that. The Navy could ruin him now. The investigations had destroyed his dream of becoming Navy surgeon general. And, with a simple lapse of discretion, it could devastate any dreams he might replace it with.
    More malleable then ever
    Early in Dooley's promotional tour, he stopped at the Willard Hotel in Washington to address the lobbying group American Friends of Vietnam.(intelligence connected) There, he met two men who could help him get back to Vietnam: Leo Cherne and Angier Biddle-Duke. Cherne, a longstanding member of the President's advisory board on intelligence, was president of the International Rescue Committee,(CIA created and still active in more then one country)  an organization devoted to helping certain political refugees escape persecution.

    Among the refugees the group had assisted was Ngo Dinh Diem, finding him sanctuary with Spellman, then arranging his return to Saigon as an "unofficial" adviser. Biddle-Duke, chairman of the IRC, agreed with Cherne that Dooley would be an asset to their campaign to win more U.S. support for their protege.

    Dooley thought his popularity--his celebrity--would free him from the Navy's grasp. But he was wrong. Cherne and Biddle-Duke knew about the Navy's intelligence report, and what they knew--and what they observed for themselves--made them nervous. Dooley was often indiscreet; he might, if left on his own, inadvertently give himself away and sabotage the very campaign he was meant to advance. They asked Gilbert Jonas, a publicist and executive secretary of their allied group, American Friends of Vietnam, to spend two days with him--to help him stifle the "telltale" mannerisms and to bring him up to date on foreign policy objectives.
    Dooley planned to go back to Vietnam, but....
     The International Rescue Committee had something else in mind, and Dooley, dependent on its sponsorship, couldn't make a move without it. At an IRC dinner, ostensibly in his honor, Dooley was told that Operation Brotherhood, a CIA-trained Filipino medical corps, already had Vietnam's health-care needs covered. Then he was introduced to the ambassador from Laos, Ourot Souvannavong, who invited him to open a clinic near his capital city, Vientiane.
    Dooley's "independent mission" to Laos, then, was not independent of the CIA or the Navy. Dooley was too much of a loose cannon to be trusted with substantial intelligence responsibilities, but as an eloquent anti-communist committed to peace by means of human services, he could be counted on generally to fire in the right direction. Dooley was useful as a spokesman and a symbol, and, to some degree, as a spy and a courier. In return for his support, the Navy wanted "situation reports." Likewise, the rescue committee asked him to dispatch weekly "Letters from Laos."
    The CIA asked him for help of a different order: The agency wanted him to take weapons, along with his pharmaceutical supplies and surgical gear, so he could bury caches of arms that agents could use to mobilize local militia. His task would be to promote his clinics as outposts of peace, all the while covertly preparing for battle and giving induction exams to Laotian boys to clear them for service in the militia. Dooley's clinics were early mobilization efforts--in a part of Indochina that was meant to be neutral.
    Much of Dooley's Vientiane clinic project was a sham. Dooley's assistants were untrained and unqualified to give him the kind of help he would need to operate a legitimate clinic. His medicine chest was full of pills and elixirs that had been donated by Pfizer, a drug manufacturer, because they had expired and were no longer legal to sell in the United States. Yet feature stories in Life, Look, Newsweek and Time presented Dooley as an ideal role model in features titled "The Splendid American," "Do-it-Yourself Samaritan" and "The Schweitzer of Asia." (According to Ann Miller, Schweitzer was not flattered by the comparison. He considered Dooley a dilettante and a charlatan.)
    Dennis Shepard, who spent several months with Dooley as a volunteer in Laos, remembers that Dooley would round up as many of his former patients as he could whenever potential sponsors came to tour the clinic, giving the impression that he had a full and active hospital. In fact, he handled few cases, and the hospital was largely empty. According to Shepard, Miller and others, local CIA officers came by often to find out if Dooley had picked up anything about the movement of Chinese troops. They also came, Shepard remembers Dooley telling him, to ensure that the weapons Dooley had brought up with his medical supplies were well-hidden and secure. Shepard adds that he thought Dooley, always after a way to inflate his importance, may have been bluffing. But home movies Dooley took of his move to Nam Tha show a boatload of rifles, jealously guarded by his escorts--armed members of the Laotian militia.
    According to Ted Werner, Dooley exaggerated too much to be really useful to the CIA. "They would ask me to report on certain things when I was up there visiting Dooley, which was an indication to me they weren't relying on him in that sense," he says. Yet the weapons cache made the clinic an outpost of sorts, in contrast to its publicized purpose.
    Ted Werner downplays Dooley, but, the facts speak for themselves. Dooley was created as a heroic figure. His clinics were publicized. He actively participated in all manner of covert ops
    And the clinic was publicized. It made sensational copy, as this lead from a New York Daily News story suggests: "I have come halfway around the world to report one of the most dramatic stories in modern medicine. An incredible journey in Laos to within five miles of the Red Chinese border took me to the primitive land where Dr. Thomas A. Dooley operates a hospital at Nam Tha."
    Before long, Dooley had become a familiar and favorite guest on radio and television talk shows, including the popular programs hosted by Arthur Godfrey and Jack Paar. He had his own radio show, broadcast over KMOX, St. Louis, ostensibly recorded each week in Laos. But according to Werner, who was present at several recording sessions, Dooley often set up his tape recorder during idle moments--wherever he happened to be--and improvised his "true" stories of life at the clinic while Werner and others faked ambient jungle sounds. Dooley was even the celebrated guest on "This Is Your Life." Once again, his audience was deceived. While the program usually lured the celebrant on a ruse, Werner says that Dooley's appearance was made with his knowledge and direction. Unwitting viewers didn't know that Dooley's reaction--utter surprise--wasn't spontaneous.
    Whispers about his sexuality were quashed by those that supported him
    The rumors died before most people heard them, killed off by those who had invested in his image. The Navy issued denials--restating that Dooley had resigned from the Navy only to continue his humanitarian work in Indochina. And Life ran a three-page spread, replete with photographs of the good doctor at work and at play. Churches, schools, and corporations went on with fund drives for Dooley, while Reader's Digest bid with other publications for exclusive rights to his next piece.
    His homosexuality wasn't really a problem- shrugs shoulders.
    Within a year, Dooley came home, swinging through the country to solicit support. He had it in mind to franchise himself, to set up a foundation called MEDICO (Medical International Cooperation) to sustain a network of clinics throughout the developing world. He also intended to move farther north in Laos, near the Chinese border, so that he would be close to the action--if any developed.
    Thomas Anthony Dooley develops an extremely deadly form of melanoma-
    Dooley parlayed his cancer treatment into a public-relations event. He invited CBS News to film his operation at New York's Sloan Kettering Medical Center, and the network dispatched cameras. On film, in contrast to the grave, stentorian CBS commentator Howard K. Smith, Dooley, painfully thin and wearing a bathrobe, was calm and straightforward. He has agreed to have his surgery broadcast, he said, to comfort other cancer victims and to promote MEDICO. The resulting footage, titled "Biography of a Cancer," was broadcast nationally on April 21, 1960, and ended on a sanguine note. On television, Dooley's doctor told him he would survive for years. In fact, Dooley knew that he had a year, at most, to live.

    He died one day after his birth day at the age of 34.

    Change up the story a bit -insert Angelina Jolie/Earth mother

    Or Russel Brand and his Jesus complexMessiah Complex

    History repeats, because, we never learn any real history. And we get sucked in by the same lies. That was the biggest lesson I took away from the saga of Thomas A Dooley
    Devout humanitarian catholic- betrothed to his work.

    Just a bit more.......... Here
      It was February of 1959 when Dooley and his staff took a two-week trip back to visit Nam Tha, traveling part of the way by boat.  As they were returning, they stopped at several villages:  some along the smaller Nam Tha River and others on the larger Mekong River.  On his way to one of those villages, Dooley lost his balance and fell down a 25-foot slope.  He landed on some rocks, gashing his head and hurting his chest and arm.  At the time, this seemed like a fairly minor incident; but later it assumed much larger significance.
      Dr. Dooley's chest pains increased.  By June a small lump on his upper chest had gotten larger.  His arm also continued to ache badly.
     In July, Dr. Bill Van Valin, a friend of Dooley's, came for a week's visit.  After an examination, Van Valin performed surgery to remove the lump (or tumor).  When the doctors checked it, they found its color was jet black.  Medical knowledge in 1959 told them that such a tumor was probably cancerous, but confirmation was necessary.
       The tumor was sent to a hospital in Bangkok, Thailand which had the facilities to do required tests.  In the meantime Dooley continued to work, in spite of his discomfort and the uncertainty he felt.
    Can one contract malignant melanoma from injuring oneself ? The way the piece linked above is written it reads as if there is a connection?  Where had I heard this type of narrative previously? Ah, yes. Another famous man, who had also become a liability and as coincidence would have it has also contracted melanoma from an injury. Curiously, dying at a very young age. And of course we have the required CIA links That person was Bob Marley.  AP's excellent post- Bob Marley- Everything happens for a reason.

    * Very superficial coverage of Unethical human experimentation- including injecting people with cancer cells, knowing it would increase their chances of contracting cancer

    Chester M. Southam, a Sloan-Kettering Institute researcher, injected live cancer cells into prisoners at the Ohio State Prison. Also at Sloan-Kettering, 300 healthy women were injected with live cancer cells without being told. The doctors stated that they knew at the time that it might cause cance

    As if  two relatively you men dying of melanoma from injuries, who had both become liabilities to the ptb's isn't strange enough?   While looking up the doctor who treated Dooley, initially, Dr Bill Van Valin? Friend? Compatriot in the CIA business? Well he is affiliated with a known CIA operation. Seems likely he too would be an operative. While searching Dr Bill's name, I did find was a doctor of the same name linked to Michael Jackson? Dr Bill Van Vallin II Who seemed to be involved in drugging Michael Jackson?

    Thursday, June 26, 2014

    David McGowan- Covert Ops behind the Hippie Dream

     Thanks Henrik @ Red Ice Creations! 

     David McGowan was born and raised in Torrance, California, just twenty miles south of Laurel Canyon. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in psychology and has, since 1990, run a small business in the greater Los Angeles area. He is also a lifelong music fan who still frequently keeps his radio tuned to classic rock stations. McGowan’s previous books include Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder, and Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion. We’ll discuss his new book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream. We’ll discuss the dark underbelly of the hippie “utopia.” Many think the hippie movement began in San Francisco but it was actually Laurel Canyon, a neighborhood in Los Angeles

    Wednesday, June 25, 2014

    Sleight of Hand: US reaches out to "awakening councils"

    Sleight of hand is often associated with tricks done by magicians. Sleight of hand is a method of deceiving an audience. Whether done by one man. Or a group of many.

    Sleight defined: Old Norse- dexterity or deceptiveness Cunning; craft; artful practice.
     2. A clever or skillful trick or deception; an artifice (subtle but base deception) or stratagem (A military maneuver designed to deceive or surprise an enemy. 2. A clever, often underhanded scheme for achieving an objective.  Sleight of hand depends on the use of psychology, timing & misdirection.

    Let's now expose the sleight of hand perpetrated by a group of many, dependent on psychology, timing and misdirection.

    You are already familiar with ISIS as created via the Awakening Councils?
    If not, read this post-Al Qaeda + "Awakening Councils" = ISIS

    If you understand that the US/UK, mostly, but not solely, created the 'Awakening Councils' in order to organize former baathists, and al quaeda into a cohesive militaristic structure controlled at the top by the western intelligence apparatus. If you understand that reality.  You will then understand what is really going on when you read the next news item.

    US eyes Sahwa in fight against ISIL

    The Obama administration is reaching back to an Iraq War programme as a guide to keep disgruntled Sunnis from joining a rampant new insurgency. US officials hope to persuade Sunni militiamen known as Sahwa, or Awakening Councils, to fight back against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as they did nearly 10 years ago against Al Qaida.
    First item I wish to discuss- Obama reaching back? Not so much. This leads a reader to believe that there has been a disconnect between the Obama administration and the Awakening Councils? Nothing could be further from the truth.  Perhaps a better descriptor would be Obama called up the troops. Who were always at the ready. If you read the AQ+ Awakening Councils = ISIS, and checked all the links, you would have read this?
    "When George W. Bush visited Iraq in September 2007, my host on my tour of Fallujah, Sheik Aifan, was delighted to meet him. Bush, he claimed, was "very smart and a brother." During the summer of 2008, he would meet Barack Obama as well. When asked what he thought of Obama, he told Richard Rowley, "U.S. foreign policy tends not to change with a new president"
    Say what?! Sheik Aifan- The Teflon Don- was working all along with the US administration. Therefore there is no reaching back to rekindle or reconnect- This is a straight and continuous line of contact, collusion and cooperation.

    We already know that ISIS is full of baathists and sunnis and former Al Qaeda.
    Jamal Kashoggi verifies this fact yet again," Save Syria, Iraq is already lost? An interesting opinion piece"
    " ISIS benefitted from its previous mistakes and expanded its alliances. Some are experts and strategists from the old Baath regime"
    " the truce with"alQaeda-ISIS"
    There can be no doubt that the Awakening Councils + AQ  is ISIS
    The Awakening Councils sided with US troops and were a pivotal force in defeating Al Qaida during the war. It’s unknown how the US and its Mideast allies will urge Sunni tribes to resist Isil without being funded, armed or assisted by US troops as they once were.
    Still are! Still are funded, armed or assisted.  We have Obama visiting the Teflon don just 4 years ago. "U.S. foreign policy tends not to change with a new president" Therefore- These fighters were and still are being supported by the US   

     It likely will require a new government in Baghdad to support the militiamen who have been sidelined by Shiite Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki.
    But, if there is not going to be a new government the US will support their militia
    US teams of special forces going into Iraq after a three-year gap will face an aggressive insurgency, a splintering military and a precarious political situation as they help Iraqi security forces  (notice the wording? Security forces as opposed to Iraqi military) improve their ability to battle jihadist militants.
    The Army Green Berets, expected to make up much of the US force, have been assessing and training other militaries for decades as a core part of their job. But while much of what they will be doing in Iraq will be familiar, it will be complicated by the stunning collapse of the Iraqi military, left leaderless by internal Sunni-Shiite division.
    The Pentagon spokesman, Rear Adm. John Kirby, said Iraq had outlined acceptable legal assurances for the short-term mission in a diplomatic note ensuring that troops will not be subject to Iraq’s judicial process. Instead, if there are any problems, troops would be subject to the US Uniform Code of Military Justice.
    The legal protections are similar to those provided to US diplomats and troops working out of the embassy, officials said.
    Who in Iraq had outlined acceptable legal assurances for the short term mission? It does not seem to have been Maliki. He is not mentioned at all! "Iraq had outlined" Well can a geographic location sign an agreement?
    Rogers also noted that a number of US special forces have served in Iraq.
    “The relationships that we have with the Iraqis, at least those that I had while I was there, were very strong, and I’m sure that we’ll be able to capitalize on this as we go back in,” Rogers said.
     Officials also noted that the force being sent in now is much smaller than the several thousand that the military planned to leave there after 2011.

    The smaller US  contingent is simply their to shore up the left behind army, that previously had 80,000 soldiers. More or less now? I don't know. What is clear is the US never lost contact with their left behind soldiers.
    What will come next is anyone's guess. However, I read today that Maliki was not caving to US pressure
    Iraq PM Nouri al-Maliki rejects 'national salvation' government - Salvation government- nice NATO media spin  Therefore, it would seem sensible, the US will rally ISIS to make life a hell for Maliki and the Iraqi civilian population. Possibly going into Syria