Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Canada's duplicitous deceitful treachery on display. Democracy? In what reality?

Canada's PM made a point of being in attendance at the annointing of the Ukrainian Oligarch/Warlord/Puppet Poroshenko. Canada's government has been falling all over itself to support 'freedom' and the right of some people to choose their own destiny in the Ukraine. But only some people.
 PM Harper does not  extend this right to NATO's targeted ones. Whether in Syria or Ukraine.

 "We're fully behind you on that. I also do want to express the solidarity of the Canadian people with the Ukrainian people in your aspiration for a democratic European future and not a return to the country's Soviet past."

This wish for 'solidarity' on behalf of the Canadian people has nothing to do with me.

If some people in the Ukraine have aspirations to rejoin Russia or Hungary, I have no problem with that. Ukraine’s Other, Almost Completely Ignored, Ethnic Quandary? 

It is up to those people to choose. That is democracy. By the people, of the people and for the people.
However PM Harper made very clear that the so called democratic (not) choosing has already  been done. Already chosen, by others.
He said it clearly " a European future" No other choice.
Is that freedom? Is that democracy? Is that really our human rights at work?

After the coup in Ukraine, we Canadians saw all so called government and party leaders march in goose step with their NATO masters. Trudeau/Liberals. And the man from the NDP whose name is escaping me at this moment. They couldn't send their 'team players' to Ukraine fast enough to do the bidding of the NATO global army

And money! Canada is sending money. Money is being taken from Canadians to kill innocent people in other countries.

So, Canadians witness your tax dollars at work. Slaughtering ethnic Russians, whose only crime is the misfortune of geography. People who are not being allowed freedom, democracy or even their basic human right. To their own life. Keep in mind  that when these people chose to become independent they did so at the ballot box. They did not go to other parts of Ukraine to to inflict their will on others. No, they did not.  They held a referendum, they voted and made a non-violent, democratic, human choice to travel their own path

Witness the carnage that is being supported by Canada's leadership with taxpayer dollars that should be staying in Canada-
Be warned this is heart wrenching and graphic stuff


  1. Yep, I use to like the govt north of the border but now I only like the people in Canada.

    1. thanks jo and back at you! :)
      you and I both realize that the people who shouldn't be in power are pretty much entirely psychos and they don't represent the people at all
      In the case of US and Canada they are promoting global tyranny via the global army NATO- it's despicable
      People have to wake up and realize NATO has zero to do with self defence and has everything to do with crushing humanity

      Did you happen to catch the Rick Rozoff interview embedded along with Pepe Escobar from SOTT?
      If you didn't you should, it was excellent
      thanks jo, my human friend :)

  2. Good of you to highlight Canada's end in all of this. And to draw attention to NDP and Libs goosestepping along with the fascist PM on this latest crime spree.
    All parties toe the NWO line with equal devotion, only their styles differ.

    It appears as if the next election is going to feature the age old abortion debate as the primary point of differentiation between KKKon and Lib. How pathetic that some people still fall for that crap, it must be getting harder to sell.

  3. I no longer vote.
    Even when a so-called grassroots party, I thought represented me, like the Reform Party in the early 1990s, they eventually turned out to be liars - just like every political party.

    1. I hear ya. There are no parties that represent us. They all represent business NATO, bankers- not necessarily in that order but there it is

  4. looking at options for additional presence going forward but no decisions have yet been taken
    there is that same statement from the cfr group... 'going forward'
    Canada is sending more soldiers than initially planned

    on a different note...
    I don't know if I ever mentioned it here, but I have in different circles quite a bit, that the signal of when the west would get involved in Syria is when Iraq falls into civil war. Now today we see al-cia-da take over Mosul and a mass exodus of the population buggin out of town.


    Does the west think that nato has Russia preoccupied enough with Ukr. to finally unleash in Syria... ??? My gut just turned to knots on this news.

    1. Harpie is so gung ho for this war because of NATO membership and this is also advance staging for the battle for control of Arctic resources...

      To which Russia holds the largest share.

      Does the west think Russia is preoccupied enough with Ukraine to unleash in Syria-
      I don't know maybe?
      The west/NATO has been unrelenting in Syria,creating conditions for the final blow.