Saturday, June 7, 2014

Car bomb in Kiev ? Very Unclear.

 Definitely in need of more info!

I am finding the imagery in the YouTube video inconsistent with what is being reported and shown below. The video shows  multiple cars destroyed and a building seriously damaged.

 The YouTube imagery makes me think of Syria......but I don't know?

Car Blast Near Ukrainian President HQ

A car bomb exploded in Kiev near the headquarters of Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, just as he was being sworn into office on Saturday morning.
The blast went off in central Kiev about 10:00 am local time (07:00 GMT) near the presidential administration, Ukrainian Parliament and governmental district, authorities said. Injuries are reported.
The Infinity-make car caught on fire. The driver, a Ukrainian national in his 50s, received various injuries, including the loss of toes and a broken thigh. He was immediately taken to the local hospital and is being treated.

The car blast in central Kiev.
Even this reporting? A car bomb? A blast? The car caught on fire?

Local media reports the license plate of the car in the blast is consistent with those from the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk, one of the focal points of separatist fighting.
2nd try at image... sorry, let's see if it will stay this way?
car blast in Kiev?


  1. Can you guys and gals see the image of the car?
    It shows up on my preview but when I publish the image is a no show
    So, is it my computer or something else?
    Help, please?

    1. OK, it's all good now I can see the image in both instances- preview and publish

    2. I couldn't see the image until I went to the blog page-
      so I think direct linking to the image is being blocked.

      That image is consistent with the relatively minor injuries reported but the earlier YT vid is not.

      The YouTube imagery makes me think of Syria
      You don't miss much Penny ;-) - I'm fairly sure that the first image of that vid shows the Peugeot that was blown up in one of the major car-bombing atrocities in Syria quite a while ago.

    3. Weird, because sometimes I can see the image and now I can't!!!
      drives me bonkers

      Agreed the image is consistent with minor injuries and practically no damage
      the Video from Youtube is bogus, that my opinion
      so... did 'someone' just decide to make a minor incident into an opportunity to spread disinfo?

      And thanks for the compliment- I try not to miss too much.

  2. definitely the image is being blocked- what can I do?

    1. Link to the blog page-

  3. Can't see the image, even if I click on the blank space.

    If someone did set off a car bomb, look no further than those wharf rats that ran the junta or the former president/PM who likes to dress up as a Russian peasant when she isn't counting the money she looted from the Ukraine.

    1. HI Greg! Try the link for the jpg
      Or go to the story link and scroll down
      I don't even think there was a car bomb, at all.
      Something may have happened, maybe a defective car caught fire
      And someone is dramatizing it for the benefit of the puppets in Kiev
      So many defective cars on the road one would have to consider this a real possibility.

    2. Definitely an explosion, but fairly small for a bomb. Not a defective car IMHO.

    3. humble opinions accepted

    4. I wish I hadn't said "Definitely an explosion" since from what is seen of the silver Infiniti the damage is quite small and could just be the result of a minor collision that happened any time.

      You have to wonder how the rightperspective got a scoop on this that no one else has.

  4. good call Penny, it is a hoax.

    no news at all from any large or credible news source of any kind.

    the video is definitely fake.

    there was a car accident in the area about the same time and the police will not comment on the cause until it is further investigated, but no bomb.

    1. A hoax that will take any attention AWAY from the fact that Russia is recognizing this joke of a new government by sending its Ambassador to the Ukraine parliament for the swearing in of Poroshenko. Classic distraction.

    2. thanks Paul
      definitely struck me as off, entirely

    3. just reported on RT Live.


      source: Russia Today Live broadcast at 18:00 GMT

      Now this does not confirm anything and no new data was given. Image shown was the same as the one you have trouble showing. My guess is it is a non-event and RT is using this story, fake or real, just to throw a jab at the "Chocolatier"... bravo RT.

      Something else to note is the domain is using to hide thier identity. Remember when I wrote about them during the kavkaz/umarov thing... many of the cia fronts use it. as well as some perfectly valid enterprizes as well so this may mean nothing. But what kind of 'credible' news outlet wants to be secret???

    4. Gets even better...

      got the IP address of -

      lat-long of the IP is 40.2181 -111.6133 which is Provo, Utah... NSA data center???

    5. WOW Paul- thanks for doing that digging
      Isn't that interesting so the right perspective is quite likely some sort of front group?
      thinking about it, no valid enterprise would want to hide their identity

      And the IP is Utah?

      And yes I do recall you mentioning the domain by proxy stuff