Monday, June 9, 2014

Exclusive: Ukraine Oligarch Poroshenko seeks 'Understanding' with Russia

The quotations around 'understanding' are from the Times headline

Petro Poroshenko tells TIME in his first interview as President of Ukraine that he has no choice but to keep Russia at the negotiating table, as no country is prepared to guarantee his country's security from further attack (What Russian attack? And this claim despite all the obvious NATO involvement? )
Merkel Meets With New Ukrainian President Poroshenko
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Ukraine’s new President Petro Poroshenko wants to see Russia punished for what he calls the “tragedy” that befell his country this year. But even as Russia has annexed one region of Ukraine and encouraged a violent rebellion in two others, Ukraine does not have the option of breaking off ties with the Kremlin, Poroshenko told TIME in his first interview since taking office. His government has no choice but to seek “an understanding” with Russia, he says, even if for no other reason than the hard reality of Ukraine’s geography.

Russia “annexed” nothing. And Kiev's coup birthed the separatists movement so Poroshenko is spinning like a top
“Maybe some Ukrainians would like to have Sweden or Canada for a neighbor, but we have Russia,” he said on Monday inside the Presidential Administration in Kiev, fidgeting with a set of rosary beads throughout the interview.  (Rosary beads? What are we supposed to take away from that?? Appeal to the christian population? ) “So we can’t talk about a firm sense of security without a dialogue and an understanding with Russia.” That is why Poroshenko spent the first full day of his tenure on Sunday in marathon talks with the Russian Ambassador to Ukraine, Mikhail Zurabov. Their positions remain miles apart, at best leaving Poroshenko room for “cautious optimism” for restoring civil relations with Russia, he said.

Sweden or Canada? Interesting choices for neighbours?

But whatever progress they will make toward a ceasefire between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian (separatist) rebels in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, Poroshenko has no intention of making nice with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “To be honest, I’m not very interested in what Citizen Putin thinks of my state,” he said. If the Russian leader doubts Ukraine’s right to exist within its current borders, the best way to convince him otherwise is to build a powerful army and a thriving economy, Poroshenko said. “No one would allow himself to doubt the existence of small countries like Singapore,” the Ukrainian President said, “because when a country is strong, effective, comfortable, monolithic, such doubts would never enter anyone’s minds.”

No intention of making nice? But you are negotiating with concerned parties?  So, that is 'making nice'.He’s not interested in what “Citizen Putin” thinks of his state? His state?
Monolithic? So no federation.

Achieving that will require support from the West, he told TIME, not least of all the kind of military aid that he has been requesting. “We’re talking about assistance that will be able to stop this aggression” from Russia, he said of his discussions last week and this weekend with U.S. and European leaders. “The help can take all kinds of forms, from intelligence to military technology, from blocking our airspace to enforcing a maritime blockade” in case of attack.
The only aggression has emanated from Kiev. However, the maritime blockade is interesting
Particularly because he discussed this aid with Joe (nepotism) Biden
Poroshenko said he discussed these kinds of support last week with U.S. President Barack Obama, and brought it up again with Vice President Joe Biden, who attended Poroshenko’s inauguration on Saturday. But no Western nation has agreed to provide any security guarantees to Ukraine, nor have they made any firm pledges to renew the so-called Budapest Memorandum, the 1994 agreement between the U.S., Russia and the U.K. that was supposed to guarantee Ukraine’s territorial integrity.
With the annexation of Crimea in March, Russia violated that agreement,(So NATO says, but the Crimeans would most certainly beg to differ)  and Poroshenko has since become convinced that even the U.N. Security Council is no longer capable of preventing conflict between major powers. When one of the veto-holding members of the U.N. Security Council has in effect become an aggressor, that shows that the old system isn’t working,” he said. This argument came up in his talks with Western leaders last weekend in France, and he said they agreed “without question” about the need for the “global security architecture” to be revised. “The struggle for Crimea is a struggle to prevent such precedents from repeating themselves in the future,” he said. “We can’t allow unpunished aggression.”
The comment from Poroshenko regarding the UN Security council is telling...."when one of the veto  holding members has in effect become an aggressor......

But punishing Russia is not an option for Poroshenko at this point. The best he can do is to build a military that can prevent a future Russian attack and, at the same time, stay at the negotiating table with the country he calls an aggressor. His goals are modest. Apart from stopping the bloodshed in eastern Ukraine, he wants Russia to offer a new “model of behavior, a model of guarantees” that would restore a sense of stability. So far, he doesn’t have anything close


  1. "The best he can do is to build a military that can prevent a future Russian attack"

    now that is funny. The US can't do it with a trillion/yr but this idiot with a collapsing economy will... he should get into stand up. I could just imagine him on stage with woopie.

    'rosary beads' ... statanic in origin. Christ as well and his disciples were adamently against repetitive prayers and the like.

    also, 2 B-2s just landed with those B-52s in England. (btw, its was 4 and not 3.)

    1. Rosary beads- satanic? What! I have never read that previously
      I was raised roman catholic, so, saw many a rosary bead in my youth
      (thought it had something to do with roses or something like that?)
      hang on I am off to look that up!

      That's as I was taught

      Do the followers of Judaism use a rosary- why would that have been included in the Time article- obviously for perception management
      To make Poroshenko- Oligarch warlord seem upright/moral/appealing to christians

    2. @obviously for perception management

      Well, that's absolutely correct. After the so-called anti-Communist revolutions, all the former atheist Party cards holders started all of a sudden to fill the Churches, crossing themselves with large movements and lighting profusion of candles. You can see the chocolate boy lighting a candle.
      The "satanic" origin of the prayer beads is absolute nonsense.
      What Poroshenko had in his hand was probably a "komboskini" or "vervitsa" or "chotki" or "metanii" (Romanian), a prayer rope used by the Orthodox monks. It is actually a loop made up of complex knots, usually out of wool or silk. It has roughly the same role as the Rosary "invented" by St. Dominic in 1214, but it is much older.
      Called the "Sword of the Spirit" it was bestowed upon the entrants into monastic life. The invention of the prayer rope is attributed to St. Pachomius and St. Anthony in the 4th Century AD. That's because Poro sports to be Orthodox.
      The Uniates use indeed the Rosary and wallow in the Fatima anti-Russian nonsense.

    3. Penny, before you even start looking into this, ask for discernment. There is so much junk out there to lead one astray, the only recourse is to have the aid of the Holy Spirit. In a quest for truth it can be devistating to one who has been taught to believe a certain way and then find out some things that may be quite different after all. Believe me, I've been there.

      That's as I was taught
      Is this a teaching of man or the Holy Spirit ??

      Judaism use a rosary
      Yes, but not used for counting and is called tzitzits. Many other beliefs as well, such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Satanism, Orthodox, etc.

      Big warning Penny, if you are still a follower of Catholicism and if you really seek the truth, you will not like what you find.

      My gut tells me you would appreciate just a straight up explanation of the rosary...
      this pulls no punches

      more on this, of course, would be beyond the scope of a short post.

    4. thanks for that wizoz- very interesting

    5. Paul: my Catholicism is long gone... I broke free of the indoctrination quite some time ago. So rosaries are not an issue for me
      And yes I prefer straight up explanations-
      Thanks for the link I will give it a read


    last paragraph is disturbing.

    1. "The issue of Ukraine was on the agenda of the highly secretive Bilderberggroup holding its 62ndannual conference in Denmark from May 29to June 1in Copenhagen, Denmark. This year they talked about the concerted actions of the United States and the European Union in case Russian troops enter Ukraine and the readiness of the West for a world war"

      The readiness of the West for a world war............