Thursday, June 5, 2014

Explore- Classical Trivium,Magic Mushrooms,CIA, Zionism and more

ht freethinker- who brought this video to my attention

I usually catch all of Jan Irvin's stuff, but, missed this one completely. Sigh...... Can't be everywhere at all times. Quite a thought provoking interview. Or not. Maybe, offensive? Or not. Guess that all depends on you, the individual. If information/knowledge, charges up brain cells and inspires rational discussion then we should at least consider that different or challenging information gained from exposure to a broad range of topics?

Believe it or not this is the first I have ever heard of Joshua Blakeny! Though he is in Canada. Who knew?

Without further aideu
 In this episode of The Real Deal journalist Joshua Blakeney interviewed California-based ethnomycologist Jan Irvin of Irvin addressed a wide array of subjects in the show including the Classical Trivium, the role of the CIA in popularizing Magic Mushrooms, Jewish ideologies and the health effects of consuming wheat.

About 1hour 45 minutes


  1. do catch the Robert ford interview. Says rebels winning in the north and us should push "friends: into the arena ASAP.


      Former U.S. ambassador to Syria Robert Ford said he resigned from his post because he could no longer defend the Obama administration’s Syria policy.

      I did see a bit of this yesterday and I don't believe the reason the psycho gives for why he left

      What's interesting is that he is promoting "terror" as a means to justify an attack on Syria

      “The United States and our friends, we have tools that could put greater pressure on Bashar al-Assad,” Ford told Amanpour. “Especially as the extremist threat to the United States and to our friends emanating out of Syria grows, I think we really must consider carefully whether or not we are doing all we can to help our friends in Syria.”

      Our friends in Syria- goodness! He is of course, obviously, referencing the hired killers/the consorts, the partners, their friends. It's sick

      So he is right on the message delivery with that bullshit!

      I mentioned that just the other day in this post:

      If the rebels were winning in the north there would be no need to push the 'friends' into the arena
      this is of course a no fly zone etc being referenced
      Ford, reinforcing the Obama changing mind meme
      Right now I am feeling pretty disgusted over the situation in Syria
      Why can't the US and "friends" just take their killers and guns and go home?
      I believe it is because they are doing everything they can to bring on the big one... reorder out of chaos

      because they are completely out of their minds- crazed with power
      they should be locked up in the deepest darkest dungeon and left to die
      Kerry said something that I felt was so insulting to the Syrian people the other day- how does he get away with it?

      Why escalate? The threat of terrorism, of course. A means of presentation that has been discussed on this blog previously

  2. Blakeney is 'The Real Deal', although I have strong misgivings about his host Jim Fetzer.

    Penny, you might not be familiar with Blakeney (although I've mentioned him a few times) but JDL is -
    Press TV's correspondent in Calgary, Canada says he has received a threatening message

    Some straight talking on PressTV regarding Canada and Zionism-
    US & EU should stop using language of threat against Russia

    An interesting and quite short discussion on how the 'American Imperialism' argument of many commentators (eg Draitser) falls short in explaining the GWOT
    Joshua Blakeney's Epic Rant About Syria

    Much interesting stuff here with surprisingly few views-
    Joshua Blakeney's Youtube channel

    1. thanks freethinker, I will check them all out asap.
      (I don't recall you mentioning him? sorry about that :( sometimes I have information overload)
      the interview for this post was quite interesting so much so that I listened twice and am in the process of going through the trivium stuff yet again

      I feel as if I can gain more insight from relistening to all the interviews cause i have been working on the trivium book off and on for some time now, but have a journal and notes alongside it- it's great stuff really

      I shall run off and listen to blakeneys rant about Syria though, right now!