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Jordan: Threatened by Western pressure applied via ISIS- Chafe at US/Israeli peace plan

ISIS has taken an Iraqi  border with Jordan! This will not result in US military intervention. At least not in the way many assume.

ISIS at Jordan border, but West taking military action would only help Islamist
 Odd how that western military action keeps helping Islamists?

There is some concern that controlling the border crossing with Jordan may be a prelude to greater activity within Jordan, but for now that seems unlikely.
For now
Analysts have therefore cited Jordan as a candidate for major public protest, but this has not so far been reflected in a rise in radical Sunni jihadism.
That's gonna change

There is undoubtedly much resentment in the kingdom. Jordan is indeed a candidate for a major public protest, but, it’s never really happened to date. However, we have some interesting facts to consider.

Let’s go back to 2011- And this post: Jordan offers a new home to Hamas

Jordan offers Hamas a "new home" Palestinians expelled to Jordan?

Why would Jordan do that? Offer a new home to Hamas? To help the Palestinians? Puhleez.
Three years ago I queried:

This is presented as being beneficial to the Palestinian cause. Is it really?
Isn't it in fact more beneficial that Palestinians get their own nation, and their lands back and their right of return? In fact the very concept of Palestinians in Jordan is one that is often promoted by Israel and that nations supporters..

May be a couple of other posts that touch on what appears to be a plan to move Palestinians into Jordan.
It won't happen overnight, but, it looks to be plan. You know, while remaking the middle east?
March 2014- The Economist
Jordan and the Palestinians- A kingdom of two halves. Sure, once Israel was created but prior to that?

Jordanians chafe at an emerging American plan for Israel-Palestine

Once you read the plan, you'll feel the chafing

Kerry and Abdullah (for sale to highest bidder)

WESTERN powers have long found money a good way of persuading the Hashemites, who rule Jordan, to do their bidding. A century ago, T.E. Lawrence, a charismatic British officer, persuaded them to rebel against the rule of the Ottoman Turks by letting them loot the trains they blew up. In more modern times, hefty dollops of aid have persuaded them to provide military facilities for the Americans in their war in Iraq and to accommodate the region’s periodic splurges of refugees, most recently from Syria. Surely, Western officials say, for the right price, currently estimated in the tens of billions of dollars, the Jordanians will help John Kerry, America’s secretary of state to fix a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by absorbing the 4.5m Palestinians who live in the kingdom, including the 3.5m who are now Jordanian citizens.
Or will they? Indigenous Bedouin from Jordan’s East Bank, who number about 3m, worry that America’s plans to persuade Palestinian leaders to strip generations of refugees of their claimed “right of return” to what is now Israel would reduce Jordan’s original inhabitants to a permanent minority. Tribal leaders fret that the refugees, barred from Israel, would campaign for full rights in Jordan, over time turning the kingdom into a second Palestinian state. The Bedouin would lose their preferential access to government jobs. They might also be deprived of the skewed electoral system that has hitherto ensured that they control Jordan’s parliament. “Kerry is destroying our home,” says a Jordanian analyst. “He is trying to solve one conflict by creating another.”
America's plans to persuade Palestinian leaders to strip generations of the their right to return to their now Israeli occupied lands. Do you understand why Jordan invited Hamas to set up shop in Jordan three years ago?

Parliamentarians from Jordan’s East Bank (ie, non-Palestinians) intent on scuppering Mr Kerry’s plan say the Palestinians must uphold their right to return to Israel. Campaigners are denounced as American collaborators for calling for more rights for those 1m Palestinians resident in the kingdom who still do not have Jordanian nationality. When Mustafa Hamarneh, a Jordanian MP, suggested giving the children of Palestinian refugees access to Jordanian state education, health care and a driving licence, he was labelled a Zionist agent.
The Palestinian right of return is enshrined under international law. It was used by the Khazar/Zionists to claim Israel as their 'land' Which it never was.

Nervous lest they be accused of selling out, many of Jordan’s own Palestinians are also opposing Mr Kerry. After four generations in Jordan, most are unprepared to go anywhere else, but do not want to admit it. Many also fear that Jordan’s government may pocket any compensation supposedly earmarked for Palestinians to persuade them to drop their demand to get back their old homes in Israel. Jordanian officials suggest that Jordan should receive $500m for each of the 65 years they have hosted the refugees, while the country’s Palestinians suggest that each family should be compensated for the properties that Israelis took after 1948. The Palestinians in Jordan also argue that, far from being a burden, they have been responsible for building up Jordan’s economy.
Jordan’s king may also have reason to flinch at Mr Kerry’s plans. Not only would a Palestinian state compete for some of the aid that now comes his way, but it might also steal the kingdom’s vaunted role as a buffer between Israel and a turbulent Arab world. If a Palestinian state were to emerge, replete with an American-backed force between Israel and the Jordan river, it could claim that role. The Jordanians are reluctant to lose it.
 Destabilize- Order out of chaos 

What might be included in that reorder?

Occupied Palestine would be free of it's indigenous people. And, full of people who had no claim to a land that somehow they had a right of return to?  Jordan would be forced to take in all Palestinians that remain alive after what would undoubtedly be a bloody war to force Palestinians to flee once and for all. It wouldn't be difficult to convince a Jordan full of Palestinian citizens with Jordanian citizenship that taking in their long suffering bretheren would be a good thing to do.
If the US can ‘convince’ Jordan  to absorb all the Palestinians already resident in Jordan, the US & Israel can relocate (forcibly, no doubt) the remaining Palestinians, in occupied Palestine, into Jordan. Israel wins.
The US wins. Jordan and the Palestinians lose. The King could line his pockets and relocate if necessary

Therefore, it only makes sense that the Jordanians could be subjected to a destabilization campaign. Lots of terror and blood will certainly help them accept the US/Israeli framework.  

A little more on the subject here-  Fearful of becoming ‘Palestine,’ Jordan chimes in on peace talks

  Jordan will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state, the Kingdom’s foreign minister declared, expressing a latent Hashemite fear of Jordan becoming the de-facto Palestinian state.
“Whoever thinks Jordan will become someone’s alternative state is delusional,” Nasser Judeh told members of parliament Sunday evening during an update session on the peace process and the recent visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to Jordan.
“With regards to the rumors surrounding the Jewish state, Jordan’s consistent position — aligned in this regard with the Palestinian position — is that this formula and this proposal is unacceptable,” Judeh was quoted by the official Petra News Agency as saying. He was apparently referring to reports that Kerry’s framework proposal will provide for recognition of Israel as the Jewish state
Jordan can become the new Palestine. One way? Or another?

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