Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kiev puppets (on NATO orders, no doubt) to impose martial law in the East

The Ukrainian government said Wednesday it is developing a plan to impose martial law in eastern Ukraine, signaling its resolve to continue pushing with the fight against a pro-Russian separatist rebellion that has raged for weeks.

The move would allow the government to evacuate (terrorize and kill)  civilians from militant-controlled areas, freeing up Ukraine's armed forces to begin a full-scale military operation to regain control

Ukraine (puppet) has accused rebel forces of hiding behind civilians, which has slowed the government's advance. As the government has stepped up its fight in the past week, there have been increasing incidents of civilians being hurt.

Civilians have been being hurt and killed because the Kiev puppets are targeting civilians in a campaign of terror

"This is a real war, (yes, against freedom) and what we are doing is upgrading the legal status to match the reality," said Victoria Siumar, deputy secretary of the council. "There is a decision to call things by their proper name."

The plan will be discussed at a Wednesday meeting of the National Security and Defense Council, but would still have to be approved by president-elect Petro Poroshenko once he takes office. Ms. Siumar stressed a decision wouldn't be taken until after his inauguration on Saturday.

The billionaire (Oligarch/warlord) chocolate baron,  who won a resounding electoral victory 10 days ago, met with President Barack Obama in Warsaw on Wednesday to discuss economic support.
Underscoring Kiev's tenuous position in the east, government forces on Wednesday abandoned a border service base that had been under siege by militants for two days and a national guard barracks that had come under heavy assault in the regional capital of Luh(g)ansk.
The fighting marked the first major clashes (?) there since the separatists began seizing control in April.

The border post base, located on the outskirts of Lugansk, was surrounded on Monday by hundreds of heavily armed rebels and came under mortar and sniper fire. Border service officials said five militants were killed and eight wounded in the fighting, and that eight border guards were hurt.

On Tuesday, border service officials said the fighting had subsided, but complained that reinforcements had been unable to reach the surrounded base. The Defense Ministry said it had ordered airstrikes to destroy artillery installations that had encircled the facility.
Base was surrounded by the anti-coup separatists-

But on Wednesday, the border service said it was impossible for the men stationed there to remain so they had been "relocated to safer places to perform their duties."
If the base was surrounded and reinforcements were unable to reach the base how were the men relocated ?

Ukraine's Interior Ministry also said the national guard barracks had come under heavy fire for more than 10 hours starting late Tuesday, but the troops stationed there were forced to abandon the building in the early morning hours after running out of ammunition.
Were they alive when they abandoned the building? This recounting seems off.
The ministry said six rebel( anti coup separatists) fighters were killed and 20 wounded. A fire that erupted during the clash destroyed all the vehicles in the facility's parking lot and the guard's headquarters, as well as heavily damaging the barracks, it said.

An explosion at a government administration building under unclear circumstances left a number of civilians dead on Monday. Separatists leaders blamed the explosion on a Ukrainian airstrike but Kiev officials denied their forces were involved, and instead accused the rebels of misfiring a heat-seeking, shoulder-mounted surface-to-air missile at a Ukrainian jet passing overhead.

Kiev admitted they did the dead. Yes they used missiles and intentionally hit civilians!

On Tuesday, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, said its monitoring team on the ground on the city had made a "limited observation" that the explosion was "the result of non-guided rockets shot from an aircraft."
So, we know this came from the puppets in Kiev
"It appears to have come from the air, to have been an airstrike" organization spokesman Michael Bociurkiw said. "Our teams were there very briefly but had to retreat because of the conditions, so this is a very preliminary conclusion."

Meanwhile, heavy fighting continued in the neighboring Donetsk region, where Ukrainian forces launched a renewed push Tuesday to take over the separatist stronghold of Slovyansk. Rebel officials acknowledged the government had been able to take back the city of Krasny Liman to the north, but heavy resistance continued in Slovyansk itself.

Casualties were reported on both sides. Ukraine's defense ministry claimed that 300 separatists had been killed and 500 wounded in the clashes, although the figure couldn't be confirmed.

Railway officials in Donetsk said that airstrikes at a railway junction at Krasny Liman had seriously damaged the station and a hospital attached to it, seriously injuring a trauma surgeon and wounding three patients.

A Defense Ministry spokesman accused separatist fighters of taking positions in hospitals and schools to slow the government's advance.
blah, blah, blah taking positions in hospitals etc. An old Israeli song and dance
Kiev puppets targeted civilians- so much for freedom and democracy!

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  1. Hi Penny
    Arevordi says it so well
    Nature always brings order out of disorder

    Although the Western political establishment is employing their propagandists to paint recent events in Ukraine in the most brightest of colors, there is no escaping the fact that the Western political order is suffering serious defeats on many fronts and that their power and influence today is in steady decline. The political and financial system put together at the end of the Second World War worked miracles for the Western world - while it lasted. This system, much of it essentially a Ponzy Scheme of global proportions, can not be sustained indefinitely. Sooner-or-later the bubble will burst, the game would be over and the illusion would end.

    Unipolarity is destructive for it disrupts natural order in the universe. Nature, by nature, is multipolar and seeks equilibrium. No single entity in an ecology can remain dominant for a very long period of time simply because, as we were thought in school, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Universal order is thus designed to reject unipolarity and it does so by giving rise to countering forces. Therefore, it was only inevitable that the unipolarity within human ecology in recent decades as a result of the unprecedented power the Anglo-American-Zionist establishment yielded has given rise to opposing forces as a means of balancing-out something that nature itself sees as a disorder or simply put - unnatural. With such power and influence - and having begun to abusing it in recent years - it is therefore inevitable that the Western world world will sooner-than-later suffer a reverse of fortunes. This balancing-out process is what we are witnessing take place in the world today. This is precisely why I keep claiming that Vladimir Putin was sent to bring human ecology back into its natural order.

    We are therefore living through the birth pangs of a new world order. Nature is correcting what it sees as corruption. We are experiencing the emergence of a new multipolar political landscape where nations until recently held captive would finally be free of Western meddling.
    end snip
    As usual there is more so much more


  2. Part 2

    China is obviously a rising superpower while Russia is a declining one. This means that both will inevitably experience frictions with the United States and Europe, the hegemonic powers that now dominate global politics and economics. Since Russia is declining, its frictions will mainly involve encroachments on what Russia sees as its economic or territorial prerogatives by U.S. allies in Europe. That is how Russians see the current confrontation over Ukraine. Since China is rising, it will create frictions by encroaching on U.S. allies in the Pacific. In both cases, Moscow and Beijing will be opposed by the United States.


    U.S. dominance is on the decline — not because the United States is becoming economically or technologically weaker but because the American public is disillusioned with foreign adventures. They are no longer willing to act as global policemen. This means that U.S. allies can no longer realistically rely on Washington to deter Russia and China, especially in minor territorial disputes. Even if U.S. protection is theoretically “guaranteed” by treaties on mutual defense.


    A Sino-Russian axis is a natural fit. The two countries’ economies, military capabilities and even demographics complement each other. Russia has excess resources but a shortage of manpower. China faces the opposite problems. Russia is strong in advanced military technologies, aeronautics and software — but weak in mass production of consumer goods and electronic hardware. China has the converse strengths and weaknesses.


    A strategic partnership between the world’s second largest and sixth largest economies (by purchasing power parity exchange rates) could attract other countries, especially in Asia, that were unable or unwilling to commit themselves to Western standards of political democracy, corporate governance, trade and financial openness or quality and safety of consumer products.


    Perhaps most important, a new element has suddenly been injected into super-power relationships by the events in Ukraine, combined with U.S. President Barack Obama’s unexpected belligerence to China during his trip to Asia last month. While Chinese and Russian leaders have historically distrusted, and even disliked, one another, they are starting to dislike the United States even more.

    Russia’s reasons are obvious. In the case of China, there was less distrust until Washington suddenly turned up the heat on cyber-espionage and territorial disputes in the China Seas. Perhaps this confrontational behavior is just a brief aberration. But if Obama continues to needle and provoke China, he will not just be making an historic blunder — he will be playing straight into Putin’s strategy.

    Source: China-Russia is a match made in heaven, and that’s scary
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  3. thanks for bringing that here kamNam :)
    Haven't been over to Arevordi's for a bit is this newer?
    asap I will get over there

  4. Yes Penny , i'ts the May update I sniped from

  5. Really interesting info. Have you seen this? Same regime overthrow pamphlets that were used by the muslim brotherhood in Egypt was used in the over throw of Kiev, Ukraine by the U.S. backed E.U. terrorists.
    Yes the muslim brotherhood failed and now sits in prison with their deposed leader Mohammed Morsi.
    Egypt has since outlawed the muslim brotherhood, Saudi Arabia has now followed suit.
    But, Obama has gone on to enthrone the muslim brotherhood within his cabinet, including running home land security.

    1. haven't seen it Mother B, but, will check it out!