Thursday, June 19, 2014

Maliki- "viewed as someone who could be controlled"

Vindication!- Not that I was in need of it. I had confidence.
It's been blame Maliki since ISIS pushed into Mosul. ISIS wasn't the problem, Maliki was the problem
The headlines are becoming increasing blatant about the agenda- but the clues were always there
Blame Maliki

"I believe that had Nouri al-Maliki made a serious effort to reconcile with the Sunni community and Kurdish community and governed in a more even-handed manner, that the region wouldn’t be in this position today," said Mansoor, author of the book Surge: My Journey with General David Petraeus and the Remaking of the Iraq War.
"It says something when the Sunnis feel so bad about the way they’ve been treated that they would forge a temporary alliance with these very extremist jihadists."
Al-Maliki, the Shia leader of the Dawa Party, became prime minister in 2006, when he was initially seen as the compromise candidate, a somewhat weak leader who was acceptable to all factions, and possibly viewed as someone who could be controlled.
Possibly viewed as someone who could be controlled?
Controlled by who?
The US? 
Banking scum? 
Multinational oil companies.
That is a blatant as it gets readers. That is a blatant as it gets!

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  1. Hi Pen, it's all about controlling oil and gas sales and denominating them in $US and shutting Russia and China out of oil and gas exploration.

    So, yeah, Maliki is the problem because he was straying off the reservation and trying to rebuild Iraq after Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL). He is using Russia and China who have mutual interests in seeing Iraq free and prosperous as opposed to the view and interests of the scum bankers (as you rightly call them!)

    1. you got it james
      not as controllable and compliant as the psycho nato military bosses had wanted

  2. thought you might like this Penny.

    1. thanks Paul, will check it out!
      I have much catching up to do with links etc

  3. I'm well behind the curve on this story so forgive me if I go over well trampled ground-

    We are supposed to believe that a huge convoy of ISIS go marauding around IRAQ at lightening speed with impunity. I think it's a con, and we know that to sell a con you need good marketing, usually with an iconic image such as-
    Convoy of Toyota Pickups

    Looks impressive, and we were impressed (me included), for example-
    PennyJune 16, 2014 at 4:09 AM
    "Just that line up of Toyota trucks screams Daddy Warbucks!"
    I love that comment, and yes, it does
    I used the picture a few posts back, what 30,000 plus a pop, times how many trucks?
    100's ? thousands? big money- where do our 'rag tag' fighters get millions of dollars for no doubt non standard Toyota trucks-

    But look closer. Not 100s or 1000s but fewer than 20 trucks in that convoy, and where are the hoards of ISIS?
    That photo is not a casual snap, it is not photo journalism but it is carefully crafted propaganda; it gives the impression of a huge convoy stretching waay back - the iconic image.

    ISIS is in effect an agitprop team and probably quite few in number (at least compared with their 'legend'). They are there to instil fear (with real atrocities) and make propaganda. They are the front; the real players are elsewhere. I would suggest that 'team NWO' have been gathering together a network of disaffected former henchmen of Saddam, the Sunni military elite who were deposed by the American backed (at that time) Shia government. Probably Sunni elements in the armed forces are also part of the deception, hence their dismal performance in tackling the ISIS 'invaders'. Shias were put in power to replace the (mainly) Sunni Saddamists but now the pendulum is swinging the other way. Using ISIS gives a pretext for action against Syria and keeps the hands of the former and yet to return Sunni military relatively clean.

    Just my take - anyone, fell free to rip apart.

    1. I won't disagree with your take on the presentation. But have to sensibly assume there are more trucks given ISIS propensity for movement between two nations. But, I get what you are saying in relation to the photo and the use of iconic imagery

      " I would suggest that 'team NWO' have been gathering together a network of disaffected former henchmen of Saddam, the Sunni military elite"

      I am so on that angle freethinker and I think you will find my newest post
      that I worked on and finished this am. yesterday and wednesday explains just that...

      Calling this group ISIS does present the pretext for moving on Syria, which I suspect is one of the reasons the left behind Army rebranded as ISIS moved into Syria in the first place- beside the usual destabilization, terror spreading etc

      I am not ripping your comment apart because we are pretty much on the same page save for minor variances

    2. "left behind Army rebranded as ISIS", plus some genuine ISIS (if there is such a thing) for the throat slitting etc.
      Yes we are pretty much on the same page, I had forgotten to clarify that.

      But have to sensibly assume there are more trucks given ISIS propensity for movement between two nations.

      But are they really, or is that part of the illusion (magic)? Their speed of manoeuvre seems incredible.

  4. To clarify - what I was thinking as 'the real ISIS' being that gang who has been active in Syria whereas this 'stay behind' gang is (mainly) Iraq based. I guess the Hydra has many heads, and we have the overt ISIS cut-throats and now the covert stay-behind gang. In any location the covert can become overt and the conjuring illusion is accomplished without miles-long convoys that ought to have been strafed by the Iraqi airforce, or as Syrper is claiming the Syrian AF.