Sunday, June 8, 2014

Obama hints at possible military action in Syria

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama signaled Tuesday he would consider U.S. military action against Syria if "hard, effective evidence" is found to bolster intelligence that chemical weapons have been used in the 2-year-old civil war. Among the potential options being readied for him: weapons and ammunition for the Syrian rebels.
Despite such planning, Obama appealed for patience during a White House news conference, saying he needed more conclusive evidence about how and when chemical weapons detected by U.S. intelligence agencies were used and who deployed them. If those questions can be answered, Obama said he would consider actions the Pentagon and intelligence community have prepared for him in the event Syria has crossed his chemical weapons "red line."
More conclusive 'evidence'?

"There are options that are available to me that are on the shelf right now that we have not deployed," he told reporters packed into the White House briefing room.
Mindful that any military intervention in the combustible Middle East would be complicated and dangerous, Obama hinted the U.S. would probably avoid taking action unilaterally. Part of the rationale for building a stronger chemical weapons case against Assad, Obama said, is to avoid being in a position "where we can't mobilize the international community to support what we do."

The Boston bombing reappears?

The president also took questions for the first time about the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings that rattled the nation two weeks ago. He defended the FBI's 2011 investigation into Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the suspect who was killed, a probe that resulted in the bureau finding no evidence that he was a threat to the United States.

Russia has since provided more information about Tsarnaev and his mother — both ethnic Chechens— that could have resulted in a more rigorous FBI investigation.

Obama pointedly said that Moscow has been cooperative "since the Boston bombings." He made no reference to information being held back ahead of the attack, but he did say, "Old habits die hard. There are still suspicions sometimes between our intelligence and law enforcement agencies that date back 10, 20, 30 years, back to the Cold War."
That italicized sentence is very interesting- Notice how it plays on old themes? Reinforcing old implanted ideas?

While Obama insists all options are on the table when it comes to dealing with Syria, the White House has little appetite for putting American soldiers into combat there. Even Arizona's Republican Sen. John McCain, who has pressed for aggressive U.S. involvement, has said putting U.S. troops on the ground in Syria would be a mistake.
No troops on the ground  suggests massive air strikes - Libya redux


  1. I doubt that Gen. Dempsey would even do air strike with cruise missiles. I can't remember were I read it but Syria a device built in Russia that is very cheap that takes over the control of anything that uses gps. Libya only had few of these were Syria is said to have 1000 or more. Amerika is working hard to resolve the issue but haven't over come it yet.

    Then with updated S-300s with Russian techs helping out it would be a scary ride for pilots. I've read that there are over 10,000 Russian living there.

    Then again if Amerika did do this Putin could arm Iran with S-400s like he going to until he agreed to the UN deal. That decision by Russia probably still taste bad.

    1. Hi Jo if you come across any info regarding that device could you leave it?
      Sounds like interesting stuff


      Sorry didn't have time yesterday and need to run out now

    3. Primary guidance of the Tamahawks are inertial and can not be jammed. The terrain following(TERCOM) and optical matching(DSMAC) are used to confirm to the inertial system its actual location but are subordinate to inertial. Basically if something does not jive, inertial takes precedence. Now the GPS works the same way in just to confirm to the inertial its location. So if you try to jam it and something does not jive, GPS will just be ignored.

      But as far as being able to jam GPS, this is widely known and not too hard... as shown by some college students crashing a GPS guided drone.

      Just don't rely on GPS jamming on the battlefield cause this will get you killed.

    4. Russian navy shot down the two Tomahawk missiles fired from Moron NATO base in Spain on 2nd September 2013, aimed at Damascus. See
      These GPS jammers were developed in Russia, and Americans have bought them (but not, apparently, developed them for tactical use?) The upcoming Russian S-500 is immune to GPS jamming, along with many other Star Wars attributes.
      Thank God for Russia.

    5. thanks paul and anonymous

      I did read the article jo left and it was quite interesting but weapons/ military armaments are mostly out of my league
      Russian S-500?
      If you pop back in anon June 9/2014 can you leave some info?
      thanks again

    6. On the theatre missile defence tech current last year in the Syria stand-off. Here's Gordon Duff at RT, 5th September last year, right on cue:
      The not-always-reliable Al-Manar wrote this (and quoted another unreliable, As-Safir):
      A report was also carried on Russia's official info site, Interfax, about the wonderful message sent to US Intelligence,
      “...Hitting Damascus means hitting Moscow, and we have removed the term ‘downed the two missiles’ from the statement to preserve the bilateral relations and to avoid escalation. Therefore, you must immediately reconsider your policies, approaches and intentions on the Syrian crisis, as you must be certain that you cannot eliminate our presence in the Mediterranean.”
      The likely perp was General Stavridis, top NATO general, likely to have been at Moron. He is a known member of a rogue faction within the Pentagon.

    7. thanks for the comment
      by Gordon Duff being on cue - what do you mean?
      I don't read his stuff at all.... preferring to stick with what i can extract from nato media- some people say he is disinfo
      others says he isn't
      I don't know? Do you think Russian intel sent this message to US intel
      Haven't the foggiest

    8. I say Gordon was 'on cue' because his story appeared 3 days after the incident. Gordon is not a professional reporter, and somewhat erratic, but I've not detected dishonesty in his articles, which have extraordinary sources.
      I even glean tidbits from Alex Jones' rants, tho he's certainly a disinfo channel, and Seymour Hersh, Assange, Greenwald, Snowden all provide pieces of the jigsaw dsespite their tainted histories.
      The Russian MI message is on the Al-Manar page. Ziad and his interlocutors at Syrian Perspective give many hints at Syrian military tech, while being coy. Chemical weapons deals were never the reason the Yanks pulled back last year; the 12 flybys by a Russian Sukhoi-24 which jammed the USS Donald Cook's AEGIS radar off Crimea last month, should give another clue to Russia's edge in military tech. Putin has gone ahead in capability while the Pentagon spent its dollars destroying country after country.

  2. ""Old habits die hard. There are still suspicions sometimes between our intelligence and law enforcement agencies that date back 10, 20, 30 years, back to the Cold War."

    Having read a great deal of the history of the intelligence agencies as part of a deeper examination of the death of Mary Pinchot Meyer, I read the remarks by the POTUS a different way. First of all, in this era of NewSpeak, all such comments can be better understood as a kind of code language, or slyness in the extreme. The POTUS refers to the fact that many have for a very long time found some evidence and talked to the infiltration of the US government and its agencies by Communists (who are today's neo-conservatives and Zionists), and POTUS himself (and his handlers) are just the latest wrinkle on that theme. These folks have come in through our own back door of academia, secret societies, and the creation of the US security state out of the already-infilitrated Skull-and-Bones creation of the OSS turned into the CIA and now morphed into DHS and NSA. The old theme idea is merely another turn of the illuminatist kaleidoscope.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. take2

      Hi Ed(itor)

      "all such comments can be better understood as a kind of code language, or slyness in the extreme"

      I understand exactly what you are saying.. all comments are a kind of code language example of that was used by Kerry, in a further back post "Europe free and whole" or the other way around, code language for an agenda that had been instigated by Bush 1. But the agenda has nothing to do with free, and the whole is a reference to the EU IMO
      And people who don't know would take that to mean something else entirely

      The infiltration of US gov and it's agencies by Communists- or ex communists/former Stalinists that allegedly became anti-Stalinists
      Many of them practitioners of Judaism--
      Who then, it does seem, converted into neocons and zionists- via politicization

      The might Wurlitzer- it's funny how things keep popping up out of that book, likely since I am gaining awareness it is easier for me to see these little bits and pieces

      So we have likely got layers of meaning in that statement


    3. Agreed on the coding. Whole for them Free of us.

      Call signs Death 11 and 12 now in UK. Your airstrike analogy reading is quite valid especially if one or both get taken down soon. Then Russia, which has resisted the Ukraine bait gets the long planned assault from Wahhabiists out of trans Caspian region. Also means that plans for Iran must be ready to roll soon.

  3. How could the Russians have intelligence on the Boston Bombing when it didn't actually happen as the authorities claimed it did.

    i.e. it was faked.

    More layering


    1. exactly! you have the believers, believing... you then link Russia to the attacks in a surreptitious away so the seed is planted for future propaganda cultivation

    2. Interesting question. Why would Russia play along with this charade?
      Same reason they played along with 911???

      As for playing on old themes, old planted ideas. Yes indeed, like the one about the first cold war being a real conflict, instead of two sides financed by the same bankers spreading death weapons and destruction in so called opposition to each other. Same old same old.

  4. israel just deployed their Iron Drone to Golan Heights.

    something up soon???

  5. Some info on S-500

    1. thanks jo!
      I am sitting here in a bit of a state of shock watching a video from Lugansk and feeling ill because the government, that is supposed to be acting on my behalf, supports attrocities against humanity
      and it is disturbing to me