Friday, June 20, 2014

Obama: push Maliki out!

As the agenda comes into focus- Obama makes his most blatant statement regarding the pushing out of Maliki


With the country now in turmoil, al-Maliki's rivals have mounted a campaign to force him out of office, with some angling for support from Western backers and regional heavyweights. On Thursday, their effort received a massive boost from U.S. President Barack Obama.
The U.S. leader stopped short of calling for Nouri al-Maliki to resign, saying "it's not our job to choose Iraq's leaders." But his carefully worded comments did all but that.
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Legitimately elected Maliki
Iraq's Shia prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, embattled by the militant offensive sweeping his country's north, faces a growing campaign to force him out of office as insurgents press on with their campaign.
The agenda was a regime change. Or total servitude
"Only leaders that can govern with an inclusive agenda are going to be able to truly bring the Iraqi people together and help them through this crisis," Obama declared at the White House.
"We've said publicly, that whether [al-Maliki] is prime minister or any other leader aspires to lead the country, that there has to be an agenda in which Sunni, Shiite and Kurd all feel that they have the opportunity to advance their interest through the political process," the president said.
An "inclusive agenda" has not been high on the priorities of al-Maliki, however. Many of al-Maliki's former Kurdish and Shia allies have been clamouring to deny the prime minister a third term in office, charging that he has excluded them from a narrow decision-making circle of close confidants.

Of course 'all inclusive' is not the agenda. Balkanization is the agenda. Sunni/Kurdish supremacy. Shiite's subordinated is the agenda! As in Saudi Arabia. As in Bahrain. Get the idea?

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