Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sleight of Hand: US reaches out to "awakening councils"

Sleight of hand is often associated with tricks done by magicians. Sleight of hand is a method of deceiving an audience. Whether done by one man. Or a group of many.

Sleight defined: Old Norse- dexterity or deceptiveness Cunning; craft; artful practice.
 2. A clever or skillful trick or deception; an artifice (subtle but base deception) or stratagem (A military maneuver designed to deceive or surprise an enemy. 2. A clever, often underhanded scheme for achieving an objective.  Sleight of hand depends on the use of psychology, timing & misdirection.

Let's now expose the sleight of hand perpetrated by a group of many, dependent on psychology, timing and misdirection.

You are already familiar with ISIS as created via the Awakening Councils?
If not, read this post-Al Qaeda + "Awakening Councils" = ISIS

If you understand that the US/UK, mostly, but not solely, created the 'Awakening Councils' in order to organize former baathists, and al quaeda into a cohesive militaristic structure controlled at the top by the western intelligence apparatus. If you understand that reality.  You will then understand what is really going on when you read the next news item.

US eyes Sahwa in fight against ISIL

The Obama administration is reaching back to an Iraq War programme as a guide to keep disgruntled Sunnis from joining a rampant new insurgency. US officials hope to persuade Sunni militiamen known as Sahwa, or Awakening Councils, to fight back against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as they did nearly 10 years ago against Al Qaida.
First item I wish to discuss- Obama reaching back? Not so much. This leads a reader to believe that there has been a disconnect between the Obama administration and the Awakening Councils? Nothing could be further from the truth.  Perhaps a better descriptor would be Obama called up the troops. Who were always at the ready. If you read the AQ+ Awakening Councils = ISIS, and checked all the links, you would have read this?
"When George W. Bush visited Iraq in September 2007, my host on my tour of Fallujah, Sheik Aifan, was delighted to meet him. Bush, he claimed, was "very smart and a brother." During the summer of 2008, he would meet Barack Obama as well. When asked what he thought of Obama, he told Richard Rowley, "U.S. foreign policy tends not to change with a new president"
Say what?! Sheik Aifan- The Teflon Don- was working all along with the US administration. Therefore there is no reaching back to rekindle or reconnect- This is a straight and continuous line of contact, collusion and cooperation.

We already know that ISIS is full of baathists and sunnis and former Al Qaeda.
Jamal Kashoggi verifies this fact yet again," Save Syria, Iraq is already lost? An interesting opinion piece"
" ISIS benefitted from its previous mistakes and expanded its alliances. Some are experts and strategists from the old Baath regime"
" the truce with"alQaeda-ISIS"
There can be no doubt that the Awakening Councils + AQ  is ISIS
The Awakening Councils sided with US troops and were a pivotal force in defeating Al Qaida during the war. It’s unknown how the US and its Mideast allies will urge Sunni tribes to resist Isil without being funded, armed or assisted by US troops as they once were.
Still are! Still are funded, armed or assisted.  We have Obama visiting the Teflon don just 4 years ago. "U.S. foreign policy tends not to change with a new president" Therefore- These fighters were and still are being supported by the US   

 It likely will require a new government in Baghdad to support the militiamen who have been sidelined by Shiite Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki.
But, if there is not going to be a new government the US will support their militia
US teams of special forces going into Iraq after a three-year gap will face an aggressive insurgency, a splintering military and a precarious political situation as they help Iraqi security forces  (notice the wording? Security forces as opposed to Iraqi military) improve their ability to battle jihadist militants.
The Army Green Berets, expected to make up much of the US force, have been assessing and training other militaries for decades as a core part of their job. But while much of what they will be doing in Iraq will be familiar, it will be complicated by the stunning collapse of the Iraqi military, left leaderless by internal Sunni-Shiite division.
The Pentagon spokesman, Rear Adm. John Kirby, said Iraq had outlined acceptable legal assurances for the short-term mission in a diplomatic note ensuring that troops will not be subject to Iraq’s judicial process. Instead, if there are any problems, troops would be subject to the US Uniform Code of Military Justice.
The legal protections are similar to those provided to US diplomats and troops working out of the embassy, officials said.
Who in Iraq had outlined acceptable legal assurances for the short term mission? It does not seem to have been Maliki. He is not mentioned at all! "Iraq had outlined" Well can a geographic location sign an agreement?
Rogers also noted that a number of US special forces have served in Iraq.
“The relationships that we have with the Iraqis, at least those that I had while I was there, were very strong, and I’m sure that we’ll be able to capitalize on this as we go back in,” Rogers said.
 Officials also noted that the force being sent in now is much smaller than the several thousand that the military planned to leave there after 2011.

The smaller US  contingent is simply their to shore up the left behind army, that previously had 80,000 soldiers. More or less now? I don't know. What is clear is the US never lost contact with their left behind soldiers.
What will come next is anyone's guess. However, I read today that Maliki was not caving to US pressure
Iraq PM Nouri al-Maliki rejects 'national salvation' government - Salvation government- nice NATO media spin  Therefore, it would seem sensible, the US will rally ISIS to make life a hell for Maliki and the Iraqi civilian population. Possibly going into Syria


  1. Interesting as usual Penny. But about Iraq, I agree with what Xymphora says in his/her blog:
    The advantages to the Zionist Empire of the current situation in Iraq:
    1.the break-up of Iraq into three statelets following the Yinon plan, thus wrecking another potential Israeli opponent;
    2.the general Jewish plan of tricking gentiles into fighting one another;
    3.the removal of Maliki, considered to be too close to Iran (and replacement with log-time Israeli stooge Chalabi, big pal of Richard Perle, currently being carefully talked up by the usual neocons);
    4.the weakening of Iran by removing Iraq as an ally;
    5.the blocking of supply lines between Iran and Syria/Hezbollah through the creation of the new Sunni terror state; for Sunni terrorists fighting the Syrian people;
    7.the use of the new Sunni terror state as a base for operations against Iranian interests and as a base for terrorist attacks worldwide to continue the Israeli propaganda idea of the Global War On Terror;
    8.the establishment of the new state of Kurdistan, a firm Israeli ally (which happens to be approximately where the Kharzars, the ancestors of the Jews who run Israel, lived);
    9.the opening of oil supply lines between Kurdistan and Israel (the Kurdish ability to independently ship oil was disputed by the Iraqi government).
    The advantages to the American Empire of the current situation in Iraq:
    Actually, the increase in oil prices, with a very delicate American economy under control by Jewish/Israeli regulators, could create an utter disaster for the United States. It is laughable that some think the Sunni terror state is an American, rather than a Jewish/Saudi, conspiracy.

    zionists will do anything to save their apartheid state, even ruining the whole region and giving a black eye to the Obama administration.

    1. I will not disagree that Israel has a big role in this. And have mentioned it on multiple occasions
      But as long as oil is denominated in US dollars- the US wins too
      The delicate American economy? What economy is that?
      The military industrial complex economy? It's not delicate.

    2. The role of America was, from the very moment of its creation, to always, in any circumstances and at any cost, act in such a way as to serve slavishly the interests of Greater Israel (aka International "Community", aka Comintern).

    3. Hey WizOz

      Let me make sure I am understanding your comment correctly
      Since America was created long before Israel we are not talking nation states- Greater Israel aka International Community = Zionism not of the nation, but, of the crazy elitist psychopathic international community
      which as an example can take in Roman Catholics?
      Am I understanding you correctly?

  2. Stellar post, Pen! You've hooked it all up very nicely and exposed the fundamental scam underneath the whole bloody operation in Iraq. That is, that the US is behind ALL the violence in Iraq. The question always is, "Who is supplying the guns and the money?"

    And what is the purpose of all this violence? It is the terrorisation (torture) of the whole country and specifically the Iraqi govt at the moment to do what the bankers want.
    Here's a post I wrote a year ago which goes into some of this James Steele - The Making of Mayhem

    With regard to the very good comment from Anon @ 11:54 - If seen from the perspective of the bankers who control both the US, (and Saudi Arabia by extension) and israel, we can see that it all suits them. They rely on the $US, oil sales denominated in $US, the US military and the sovereignty of israeli territory to win their domination of the world. No other interests matter to them including those of US citizens or even israeli citizens

    1. Correct James! And worth repeating! " If seen from the perspective of the bankers who control both the US, (and Saudi Arabia by extension) and israel, we can see that it all suits them"

      No other interests matter to them including those of US citizens or even israeli citizens

      Which is why we see American fingerprints all over the situation, as well as Israeli as well as Saudi

      How xymphora could make this very non-credible statement?
      "It is laughable that some think the Sunni terror state is an American"
      is beyond me?

      It is an all of the above terror state. As you have correctly pointed out
      Because it supersedes the nation states

      Also the quotation again from Xymphora, again, I am not understanding this

      " the increase in oil prices, with a very delicate American economy under control by Jewish/Israeli regulators, could create an utter disaster for the United States."

      Since when does the US government have one iota of concern for the domestic American economy? Which is the built in assumption to that claim.
      There is nothing to substantiate this belief.
      It was America that dismantled it's entire domestic production capability.
      It was the 'elected' American government that created all the conditions for the banking scum to rob the American people ( in the housing bubble) and it will again be the domestic governments that will create the next bubble to plunder the people, which will be the carbon scam, something Xymphora supports or used to -the AGW scam, and I am supposed to believe they somehow give a rats ass about the domestic economy?
      It doesn't fly.

      Not at all

  3. Back to the history factor and isreal bogus claims / destroying the ME culture

    Drought Reveals Iraqi Archeological Finds 2009

    Call me uneducated and I will agree.. call me unable to see thru bullshit and I don't.

    Causing droughts in nearly all the countries over a period of decades and having access via UNESCO etc plus the isreali scholars sure can put the slant on history IF indeed a certain tribe desired it.
    just saying

    1. thanks karin

      good point, manipulating the environment so so called israeli scholars can go in pilfer the history and rewrite it
      its a perfect scam
      That was what I had in mind when I linked that interview from red ice with the Armenian fellow.
      That is exactly what I had in mind

      "What other nation would gain by removing Armenians roots of civilization from our global human heritage? Hint- Israel (Think of the mind virus "judeo-christian heritage")

      just a little piece of the puzzle I am sure, but, still a piece

  4. Hilarious! can someone tell the brits there empire is over and denmark is no where near britain...also you never hear the brits complain when US is prowling near North korea, china, russia, cuba, venezuela brazil etc

    1. Britain your empire is over! Dam you bastards
      Shakes fist!
      I told them brian, but, sadly they aren't going to listen!

      Interesting though a 'stealth ship'?
      Doesn't mean much to me, my weapons knowledge is pretty limited

  5. Hi Penny
    I almost choked on my cider when I read this
    Secretary of State John Kerry responded to news of Syrian airstrikes against ISIS-controlled towns inside Iraq’s Anbar Province today, warning Syria that the strikes “might exacerbate the sectarian divisions.”

    Kerry went on to caution that Syrian military involvement against ISIS “could act as a flash point with respect to the sectarian divide,” while other officials expressed concern about Iran sending surveillance drones to aid Iraq.

    Though the Obama Administration had made clear their own intention to intervene militarily on the exact same side and for the exact same reasons, officials have been extremely negative about Syria and Iran doing so.

    When pressed on the matter, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf insisted the US blames Syria and Iran for the entire ISIS problem, saying one of the main reasons ISIS is so strong is because of the civil war in Syria.
    end snip

    Question: Whats the difference between Anal Flatulance and Verbal Vomit?
    Answer: in kerrys case Nothing they both speak the same hot air.
    Cheers Penny

    1. thanks kamnam

      I noticed the msm is presenting a narraitve of
      Iran and Syria interfering in Iraq...
      Even saw a forbes opinion piece where the young writer is presenting this exact msm narrative as something 'conspiratorial'
      oh my!

      btw: Syria denied striking with Iraq and I happen to believe the claim
      because the US controls Iraqi airspace- so if a syrian plane came into iraqi airspace it would have been shot down- by the US/NATO

      I like your joke
      so true regarding Kerry, so true
      thanks kamnam :)

  6. Israelis says fait accompli on kurds: Israel told the US Kurdish independence in Iraq was a 'foregone conclusion' and Israeli experts predicted the Jewish state would be quick to recognise a Kurdish state, should it emerge

    Meanwhile King issues national security directive for Kingdom...Saudi king orders ‘all’ measures to protect nation

    Makes one wonder what the Lavrov discussion was all about, the Egypt King Stopover and Siss meeting on the tarmac + Kerry flying in to KSA tomorrow...

  7. Current events like the offer by Israel to help moderate Arab neighbors today pout the Saudi leak in context...

    Israel offers to help Arab nations over Iraq crisis

    April 2014 Saudi Arabia denies Lieberman's claim of secret diplomacy

    ISIS media wing is a mash up of cast lead social campaign and Al AQaeda publications..

  8. Looks like Saudi and Turkey are caught in a pincer of their own making.
    Turkey - Kurds and Israel saying it is defacto go
    Saudi - the Qatar split, call for GCC .mil campaign, the timely Kuwait graft leaks and rumored Yemen coup (Saleh?)

    Recent Saudi Actions defy the DEBKA push that it is in fact Saudi behind the Jihadist move.

    If that is the case why did Saudi issue a recall to Syrian Jihadis?

    Saudi Arabia listed the Muslim Brotherhood and two Syrian jihadist groups as terrorist organisations Friday, and ordered citizens fighting abroad to return home within 15 days or face imprisonment.

    Saudi jihadist says forced to join ISIS in Syria: Subaie decided to quit the group after realizing that his Twitter account, followed by thousands in Saudi Arabia, was being used to broadcast "messages inciting" violence against rulers and clerics in Saudi Arabia.

    Saudi Arabia cracks down on Twitter

    MSM and Israeli rhetoric don't match the Saudi actions.

  9. Hi Penny
    Re air attacks in Iraq
    This from one of my reading sites, information I class as genuine.