Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Syrians came out in droves...demonstrating massive support for Mr Assad

The Syrians deserve a cheer- And a dam hardy one! This festival like election must have just stuck in the craw of the NATO psycho leadership. I can see the evil doers just steaming.

Three cheers for the brave Syrian people. Hurray! Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Hears a round up of news and some pics-

Syrian election shows depth of popular support for Assad, even among Sunni majority
Syrian election shows depth of popular support for Assad, even among Sunni majority
Mr and Mrs Assad

President Assad- popular support- even amongst Sunni majority- blowing NATO media lies right out of the water! 

President Bashar Assad still enjoys from the population, including many in the majority Sunni Muslim community Without Sunni support, however, Assad's rule would have collapsed long ago
That support was on display as Syrians voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to give Assad another seven-year term. He won 88.7 per cent of the vote.
"If only minorities were loyal to Assad, they (rebels) would have taken the country," said Wida Saleh, a 35-year-old lawyer and Assad supporter who reluctantly identified herself as a Sunni Muslim.
"But because the majority (Sunnis) are standing behind him, they have kept Syria standing," she said at a voting booth set up in Damascus' ornate, century-old Hijaz train station.
Saleh's comments were echoed by others interviewed by The Associated Press in a Sunni-dominated, middle-class neighbourhood of central Damascus, as well as by Syrians across the political spectrum — including some of the tens of thousands who have fled their country for neighbouring Lebanon. The Damascus interviews were conducted without the presence of government representatives.
 Turn out was over 73 percent of the population- More then 73 percent!

73.42 percent to be exact............
A Syrian woman rides in a car painted in the colors of the Syrian flag with President Bashar Assad's portrait in Damascus, Syria, Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Smiling Syrians

How the NATO/US/Israeli media has lied all these years- Think about the scope of  those lies
Vast. Deep. Wide

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  1. A more believable narrative.

    "But as we have seen, a credible election is not something the Assad regime is concerned with; what they crave is a spectacle, the nature of which has remained unchanged since Hafez Assad seized power in 1970. The actual results have been decided beforehand. It is a charade the Syrian people are all too familiar with. It was to do away with such insulting and demeaning forced displays that the people of Syria demonstrated in early 2011, and have continued to fight for their rights and freedoms in the face of the most brutal oppression of this century.

    The Blood Elections, as Syrians have taken to calling them, will not be the salvation of the regime. Indeed, this orchestrated spectacle slams the door on the political solution to the Syrian conflict that the Syrian people crave, which we have sought, and which the international community has endorsed. Anytime the regime drops a murderous barrel bomb anywhere in the country, it is because the people of those areas insisted on saying "No" to the worst dictatorship to have ever seized power in the history of the country.

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