Friday, June 6, 2014

Torches of Freedom- Women manipulated massively.

ht to John for bringing this to mind

Following up on the thought-line of psychological operations that manipulate you into believing or participating in activities that are not really beneficial to you as an individual. These very same activities are not only harmful and/or damaging to your well being & health, but also damaging to the  health, well being and stability of your family/community and the global community at large.

As mentioned in the earlier post from today- FEMEN- War whore psyop- "stabs" wax Putin
A psychological operation undertaken to demonize a targeted world leader. The sexualized stabbing by the bare breast psychofemen under the watchful eyes of her 'guardians' ,the leadership  and participants of the global tyranny military states of NATO

John mentioned the Torches of Freedom
Interesting interview there. Who would have thought the CIA were so liberal? As you probably well know Penny, this sort of thing goes way back, reminding me of the "Torches of Freedom" campaign of the late 1920s designed to encourage women to take up smoking.

Good article on this shameful manipulation that played on emotions to encourage women to compromise their health and the health of their families.

Torches of Freedom- Women and Propaganda in the case of smoking cigarettes

Edward Bernays (1891-1995) is largely considered the founder of public relations (or “engineering consent,” as he called it) but is not known very well outside of the marketing and advertising fields. A nephew of Sigmund Freud, Bernays was the first to theorize that people could be made to want things they don’t need by appealing to unconscious desires (to be free, to be successful etc.). Bernays, and propaganda theorist Walter Lippman, were members of the U.S. Government’s Committee on Public Information (CPI), which successfully convinced formally isolationist Americans to support entrance into World War I. While propaganda was commonly thought of as a negative way of manipulating the masses that should be avoided, Bernays believed that it was necessary for the functioning of a society, as otherwise people would be overwhelmed with too many choices. In his words:
Modern propaganda is a consistent, enduring effort to create or shape events to influence the relations of the public to an enterprise, idea or group.
 After WWI, Bernays was hired by the American Tobacco Company to encourage women to start smoking. While men smoked cigarettes, it was not publicly acceptable for women to smoke. Bernays staged a dramatic public display of women smoking during the Easter Day Parade in New York City. He then told the press to expect that women suffragists would light up “torches of freedom” during the parade to show they were equal to men

As if smoking is any kind of great equalizer?
“Cigarettes were a symbol of the penis and of male sexual power…Women would smoke because it was then that they’d have their own penises.”
 A penis in a women's mouth- wow- Sexualized subservience to male genitalia as a symbol of power?
Power for who?
I'm free! Though I stink and my teeth are discoloured, but dammit I am free!

The campaign was considered successful as sales to women increased afterward. Cigarette companies followed Bernays’s lead and created ad campaigns that targeted women. Lucky Brand Cigarettes capitalized on recent fashions for skinny women by telling women to “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet”:
Cancer slims ya right down!
Believe in yourself-smoke cigarettes

smoke lots and smok'em all

Don't think that society is any less manipulated today! By all appearances the manipulation is greater, constant and way more insidious as it has gained in sophistication and subtlety and mediums with which to manipulate


  1. sounds a lot like the legalize drugs campaign. create a widespread, stoned, passive, groggy CONTOLLABLE sheeple herd ala Bertrand Russell and Huxley and sell it as hip, cool, liberated and progressive. Where "rebelling" against TPTB gives them exactly what they want. dumbed-down, compliant cattle.

    1. Not so much the legalize drug campaign, because the only legal drugs are really big pharmas mind bending stuff.

      And they are doing enough to dumb down/manage/freak out/ create violent killers and passive individuals

      But I know what you mean wrt Huxley and company..
      That's what all that free LSD was about in the 60's

    2. So in your twisted little world the State stops controlling and jailing people in order that they could better control and jail people?

      Every time something is legalized that harms no one but the individual, if at all,is a positive good.

    3. Bill, hello!

      I am not sure if you are addressing my comment or the one above?
      One of the many shortfalls of blogger If you are addressing me?

      I am actually not big on drug control,personally, nor is the big brother state really? They just want to wipe out the competition for their cronies.
      In the big brother world you can take as much prescriptions meds as a doctor will give you, Screw yourself up completely and then take more prescribed drugs to end the addiction
      It's a vicious cycle and the drug companies win
      The first drugs most kids try these days are pharmaceutical from mom and dad's drug cabinet- it's sick

      Notice the difference between drug users big pharma and drug users otherwise
      Hooked on Oxycontin- victim/rehab
      Hooked on Heroin (same thing) junkie/prison/criminal

      I also don't believe that drug use is a criminal offence.
      Persons using drugs should not be incarcerated
      However- I draw the line at giving drugs to children legal or otherwise- unlike big pharma I have some sense of what is right and wrong

      If you were responding to anonymous- that person will have to reply
      sorry :(

    4. So in your twisted little world

      What a nice way to start a reply. Typical Hasbara.

  2. Don't think that society is any less manipulated today! So true.

    Even the media's most hyped adversary to NATO knows the value of propaganda and image control. That is why Vladamir Putin spent $26 million on big a big US propaganda firm, Ketchum to manage his image.
    Wonder if all those shirtless photos were their doing? And just who were they targeted to? It helped with the farcical Time Magazine Person of the year award going to Putin too.

    Propaganda has so many layers, so many lies hidden amongst the truth.
    The non stop media drumb beat of Putin and China vs. the west is relentless. This theme is constantly repeated with every conflict hyped up while moves that indicate cooperation get the short shift by media.
    There are Chinese nationals at Bilderberg and last week Russia got a nice $3/4 billion payment from Ukraine on its gas debt while Russian soldiers coincidentally were called back from the Ukraine border. Also nice of Putin to be working so hard to recognize the new government in Ukraine......sending his ambassador tomorrow.

    When all the worlds media hype a Putin vs. the West meme, maybe just maybe people should consider the idea that they aren't such adversaries after all? One world government seems well served by advancing its strangle hold on free nations with three giant overseeing powers. China Russia and the West are allegedly fighting each other in several regions in the last few remaining free resources rich nations on the planet. Funny how the big billion dollar business deals between these adversaries never seem to get drawn into the fray, and how tragic that nations continue to get ravaged by these three monsters.
    Still, it could be that Putin the ex KGB, 911 lie supporting, IMF friend, G-8 member, is really a good guy standing up to NATO fascism. I sure don't think so.

    1. Your point on propaganda being used by everyone is a given.
      As in it's a fact and people need to be aware of that

      However.....Putin is an individual and you seem to be caught up in the cult of personality surrounding him.. as built up here in the west

      Let's talk about Russia- the nation state

      And the ever closer stationing of NATO, missiles ,troops etc in Russia's backyard. Must just be an illusion?
      Along with the US plans to balkanize Russia- illusory?
      Same as backing those chechens as a destabilizing force killing so many Russians- illusory too?
      The goal to keep Russia and Germany separate?
      The US aim to control Europe by denying it, it's natural trading partners

      The wiping out of an entire government in Poland to guarantee the presence of more complimentary partners- More illusion

      As for Gazprom being paid for services rendered, they should be.
      Are they supposed to give the product for free so you can feel as if there is no collusion?

      Chinese nationals at Bilderberg- of course they would be asked to go..
      Nothing like a few feet in the door- Was the leader of China in attendance? You didn't mention that?

      And I would suppose that Gadaffi was in on his brutal death too, right?

    2. Wow a personal value judgement in the second paragraph. Then a quick switcheroo to another topic. Hmmm.

      Not caught up in any cult of personality re Putin. Definitely caught up in trying to figure out if he is a hero or fraud, and have honestly thought both things about him. One thing is certain. You are clearly NOT interested in any discussion about Russia China and NATO working as one to achieve the NWO. That seems very very odd.

    3. I addressed your comment- be indignant all you want. It only makes you look silly
      You aren't discussing anything- you are just making claims
      Chinese nationals at Bilderberg? OK and?

      "You are clearly NOT interested in any discussion about Russia China and NATO working as one to achieve the NWO"

      It's your claim. So it's up to you to make the case. Provide the evidence, the insights the information- you don't
      I have more then 2500 posts here over the course of many years with links to original source---- I have done my due diligence
      Do yours

    4. Odd, and sad. Really.

    5. I see, that's how you intend to do your due diligence by denigrating mine
      Now that is sad.

    6. Chinese investment in the USA sets records..........again.
      Follow the money, no?

      Canada, lap dog of NATO and US interests has also gotten into bed with China with numerous multi billion dollar oil deals in addition to our multi billion dollar support for their consumer goods slave shops.

      China and the West are business partners, obviously.

  3. A very interesting and thought provoking article.
    Critical thinking and correlating patterns linking current deceptions and misinformation campaigns with those of the past. Exactly what TPTB do not want!!!
    Keep up the good work.

    1. thanks carol :)
      you keep your good work up too!!!