Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tunisian with ties to Canadian 'train plot'- plea bargain- NO terrorism charge?!

Canadians who read here may or may not have forgotten, that very easy to forget, alleged terror plot (false flag psy-op) involving VIA Rail.

April 22/2013 Canadian Police "thwart" major terror attack: How convenient is this?

 Refresh your memory-

The RCMP said at an afternoon news conference that Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, of Montreal, and Raed Jaser, 35, of Toronto, had received support and "guidance" from al-Qaeda "elements" in Iran, but there is no indication they were "state sponsored."
Neither is a Canadian citizen. The RCMP would not identify their nationalities or say how long they had been in the country.
al Qaeda in Iran- I roll my eyes- round and round

Continuing with the refreshing ..........

 Al Qaeda in Iran? Really? Canadians, canadians, don't be this gullible. Al Qaeda in Iran is nonsensical. First I have heard of Al Qaeda in Iran. After more then 5 years of blogging on all things geopolitical.

This nonsense certainly serves Israeli interests.

OH and one last thing? All this takes place on the very day when the Canadian government tables more useless anti-terror legislation? 
Coincidence?  NO
Hard Sell? YES!

This came hot on the heels of the Boston bombing production and exactly as the Harper regime was pushing through new anti-terror legislation without debate, of course

Now that you are fully refreshed and up to the speed of a VIA train - pun intended
Check this news out!  The alleged American connection to the non Canadian train plotters pleads guilty to non terrorism charges in the US.

A Tunisian man accused of ties to an unsuccessful plot to derail a Canada-U.S. passenger train on Tuesday accepted a plea offer in federal court that includes no terrorism charges
 Ahmed Abassi pleaded guilty in New York to lying to immigration authorities about his occupation upon entering the United States last year.
 The agreement with the office of Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara appeared to mark a significant shift from its earlier portrayal of Abassi as a radical seeking to "commit acts of terror and develop a network of terrorists here"
  But, wait it get's better!

Abassi's court-appointed defense lawyer, Sabrina Shroff, argued that Abassi was entrapped by the agent, ( the FBI Agent) who she said promised to help Abassi secure a visa to return to Canada where he had been studying.
At Tuesday's hearing, Abassi said he and his wife traveled to Tunisia to get married, but that he was barred from returning to Canada because authorities there said his student visa had been issued in error. His wife returned to Canada in the meantime.
After unsuccessfully trying to obtain a visa, Abassi said an acquaintance, Tamer, (the FBI agent) called him and suggested he travel to the United States first and apply for a Canadian visa.
Tamer, an undercover FBI agent, called Abassi, (in Tunisia) his parents and his wife repeatedly to convince them that Abassi should go to the United States, Abassi said.
Did Tamer, the undercover FBI agent,  just pick a random phone number and happen to call Abassi, in Tunisia?
When he arrived, Abassi told immigration agents at a New York airport that he worked in real estate and then repeated the lie on his green card application, which he said he filled out with Tamer's ( the FBI agent) help.
 The VIA plot that never was. Serving the agenda of the political leadership in two nations. The US and Canada

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  1. Sorry, Penny. Can you scratch my last comment's ending. I misread what you wrote. My mistake, not yours. Haven't had my coffee. MotherB

    1. Hey MotherB
      It's gone! No worries. I couldn't let this update pass- Since the arrests took place right after the Bbomb and just as Harper was pushing through more anti freedom laws--- It was all a set up. This man was the so called American connection- And it looks entirely as if he was set up by the FBI-

  2. It's enough to make me want to get politically active. I am trying to do my part, learning all I can, and sharing as I am able to, at a cost to my family, of course, because there is only so much time in the day. I guess I will have to enlist some deputies...letter writing, online petition, ?

    Maybe I am wrong, but I feel we are gaining momentum. I have a very important post up about odious debt which points the way to real freedom, if we can find politicians who aren't already bought and paid for.