Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ukraine- 10 k or 100 k buffer zone.Israel gets first deliver of Kurdish Oil

The Ukraine and Israel. The nazis and the zionists. As it was in the past so it is in the present.
Weird how history repeats? Isn't it? Then there are the Kurds & Israel, yet another special 'relationship'?

Recall two previous posts on the lack of border demarcation?
 You can access them both at the link below
Does the Ukraine occupy Russian Territory? Ukraine attempts one sided demarcation

We have had conflicting reports regarding Ukraine's planned buffer zone? And curiously the Globe & Mail was reporting on the buffer zone and then censored the coverage???
What the heck is up with that?!

100 km zone

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko proposes to create a 100 kilometers-wide buffer zone along the Ukrainian-Russian border, Valery Chaly, a deputy chief of the presidential administration staff told a news briefing Friday.

Valery Chaly- member of the British Ukrainian Society
“We’re saying today that a buffer zone of about a hundred kilometers wide should be created along the border,” Chaly said as he spoke about the details of Poroshenko’s peace plan.
Direct quote? 100 km buffer zone? 

Or 10 km buffer zone?

As the Oman Observer observes calls for a buffer zone pretty much moot the 'peace plan' proposal
Ukraine moots peace plan with buffer zone

  Details of the proposal to create a 10-km buffer zone, contained in a photographed copy of the 14-point plan and carried in Ukrainian media, were not spelled out. It was not clear if the whole of the proposed demilitarised no-man’s land would be on Ukraine’s side of the border or part of it on the Russian side. It was also not clear what the status of people living in border areas would be.
Right now, it seems to me the direct quote from the Poroshenkos' man takes precedence.
I am a big fan of direct quotations, personally.

Interesting that the Globe & Mail, affectionately known in Canada as the  Mop and Pail, sanitized Ukraines land grab-  Keep in mind Canada is a NATO nutty nation.

Google search

Ukraine clashes killed 300 rebels, Kiev says as Poroshenko ...

The Globe and Mail-Jun 20, 2014
Details of the proposal to create a 10-km buffer zone, contained in a ...
When one goes to the actual news article, there is no mention of the buffer zone whatsoever!
( I have the edited story saved)

Reuters Africa is still reporting on the buffer zone proposal- Ukraine peace plan to call for 10-km buffer zone on Russia border

Discussion in previous post regarding this news

Israel accepts first delivery of disputed Kurdish pipeline oil

 The port authority at Ashkelon declined to comment. Securing the first sale of oil from its independent pipeline is crucial for the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) as it seeks greater financial independence from war-torn Iraq. But the new export route to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, designed to bypass Baghdad's federal pipeline system, has created a bitter dispute over oil sale rights between the central government and the Kurds.

Previous post from earlier today regarding Syria- must read stuff!

Syria: NO UN 'aid' without permission from the elected government



  1. Franklin Lamb has an article out today on the capabilities of ISIS where they claim to have nuclear devices
    “Do you think that we do not have access to nuclear devises? The Zionists know that we do and if we ever believe they are about to use theirs we will not hesitate. After the Zionists are gone, Palestine will have to be decontaminated and rebuilt just like areas where there has been radiation released.” These beasts in human form are totally delusional, just as in Syria they will be confronted by such overwhelming force, both Sunni and Shia their gains will be rolled back, hopefully as other comments have suggested the medieval perverts in the GCC end up hanging from lamp posts.

    and no...the jihadis have no plan to liberate palestine..nuke it ..maybe!

    1. I wouldn't think Israel's jihadis were going to liberate palestine....
      They aren't big on empowering only on abusing

  2. @Israel accepts first delivery of disputed Kurdish pipeline oil

    What a real, but really real surprise! It took a bit longer than predicted, but patience payed. In 2003 perceptive people said : The war in Irak is all about petrol. But some more perceptive replied: it is indeed all about petrol, but petrol for Israel!

    In August 2003 the Haaretz was reporting: "The United States has asked Israel to check the possibility of pumping oil from Iraq to the oil refineries in Haifa. The request came in a telegram last week from a senior Pentagon official to a top Foreign Ministry official in Jerusalem. The new pipeline would take oil from the Kirkuk area, where some 40 percent of Iraqi oil is produced, and transport it via Mosul, and then across Jordan to Israel. The U.S. telegram included a request for a cost estimate for repairing the Mosul-Haifa pipeline that was in use prior to 1948. During the War of Independence, the Iraqis stopped the flow of oil to Haifa and the pipeline fell into disrepair over the years". The pipeline was operational in 1935–1948. In 1948, with the outbreak of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, the official operation of the pipeline ended when the Iraqi Government refused to pump any more oil through it.

    The project was stalled by the opposition of Turkey, who warned Israel that it would regard this development as a serious blow to Turkish-Israeli relations. Now that the plan Oded Yinon of partitioning Iraq comes close to fruition, we might see the new Mosul-Haifa pipeline. And so the dream to make Haifa the distribution hub of ME petrol, the "Rotterdam of the Mediterranean" would also come true. Oy vey!

    1. this is exactly why Syria had to be subordinated (one reason)
      Because Assad was planning to build Syria into the premiere energy hub in the Middle East- (in competition to Israel) what with Israel being, well Israel, couldn't have that happen
      The 4 seas strategy- covered here long ago


      I never heard of that until now, Thanks and at google (do no wrong unless there is profit in it for google) you are 3rd from the top

    3. Jo6pac, i have been saying this, now that they have the oil pipeline that so desperately want, the next thing which the Khazar empire needs is unlimited water, here Turkey and some traitors in Lebanon, Kurdistan, Golan are eager to please. The next major battle is the Euphrates and Golan.

    4. Hi jo- didn't know it was that high up in the google search?
      likely because it's been barely mentioned anywhere by any other news outlet or alt media site
      and your welcome

    5. hans- water. Yes, Israel is looking to control water.

      And AGW caused the war in Syria,too.
      So the bankers, many of them tribal, need to create the carbon market to game the system and have a big bubble to further plunder the people
      Cause they will steal and steal and steal till we are so controlled and desolate if we let them?

      Al Gore is such a whore for the banker classes it makes me sick

      No mention of water agreements and manipulation of resources..

      The Turkish government recently cut off the flow of the Euphrates River, threatening primarily Syria but also Iraq with a major water crisis. Al-Akhbar found out that the water level in Lake Assad has dropped by about six meters, leaving millions of Syrians without drinking water.

      Al Gore makes me sick as do the AGW propagandists!

  3. First czech and slovenia now poland?

    Romania ans bulgaria under immense fracking pressure. Meanwhile romania holding out on gmo.

    1. I wonder what the context of that conversation was?

    2. Use of expletives is an inheritance from Communist times. Nothing unusual on this front. But indeed what could have made Mr. Apfelbaum-Sikorski bait the hands that feed him? It is very interesting.

      @The 4 seas strategy- covered here long ago

      I did not know you then Penny.

    3. The FM of Poland is married to the daughter of an American Neocon Zionist. He has big plans for his next job in The EU, replace that poodle Catherine Ashton. This is all play acting.

    4. hey wizoz
      I should have relinked the post but jo did the work for me
      Sikorski may be playing to some newer members of the EU?
      I don't know-without the context I can't even take a guess
      What I am certain of when the Polish government fell from the sky
      Sikorski and Tusk buddied up right away with the Americans
      Sikorski was visiting Hillary faster then you or I could imagine

      I am going to agree with hans here, something stinks about Sikorski's talk

  4. Must be coincidence those isreali hits in golan yestd. Haaretz ran article last week saying fracking debate in golan heating up.

  5. Pen,
    long time no comment. a lot of factors involving that will explain when more time, soon I hope

    for now.. I just saw this at twitter
    Remember the prosecutor gal from Kiev who was beaten and had to have her mouth fixed and is not prosecutor in Crimea ?

    They Japanese fell in love w/ her and made a song and cartoon and so did Russia.
    this is how damn low the canada jews will go

    They sanctioned that girl !!! fukers !

    you know me, I"m the head of the non university and anti-politically correct club :D

    you don't need my name, but
    it's me Karin (rouge)

    1. Karin!!!!
      I have been wondering where you had go to?
      I have been thinking about you for a bit 'where is karin'
      hope she's ok?
      stuff like that
      Believe it or not, in my eminent flakiness, I miss the people who have stopped by for a long time...
      glad your back!!

      from Karin's article

      "OTTAWA - The federal government has announced the introduction of new sanctions against 11 Russian and Ukrainian people Saturday.

      This is mainly economic sanctions and travel bans.

      Ottawa is also an entity that has "contributed to the violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine," without naming it.

      "The illegal occupation of Crimea, Ukraine, Russia and provocative military activities that leads there remains a great concern to the international community," said Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in a statement.

      Mr. Harper noted that Canada supports the peace plan proposed by the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, and will continue to work with its partners "to exert pressure on Russia," adding that other measures could be taken, if necessary.

      The army and pro-Russian rebels continued to battle in Ukraine despite the cease-fire declared by the government on Saturday. President Poroshenko, who had unilaterally declared the cease-fire, said the army would still defend themselves if attacked, reported AFP. "

      Canada's gov is pathetic- and subservient