Sunday, June 29, 2014

US & Europe Push Confrontation with Russia towards War

My husband states today "It's as if  the US wants war with Russia"
I reply "that is exactly what they want"
 Every opportunity the US and their toadies in the EU could have taken to bring this horrendous situation to a peaceful resolution has been instead used to increase the odds of confrontation- We aren't the only ones noticing.
The so called ceasefire has been a ruse
Claims by Ukraine of a ceasefire were mere perception management. A meme planted so the blame could be cast on Russia for it's failure- The Ukrainian thugs never stopped their killing.
As evidenced by abundant reports of refugees heading to Russia

As a shaky cease-fire in the east entered its final hours Thursday, thousands of Ukrainians in cars stuffed with belongings lined up at the border to cross into Russia, some vowing never to return.
Many said they were most frightened for their children and desperate to take them to safety.
If there was a ceasefire, these persons would not be fleeing in fear for their lives.
If Russia was truly an issue, as NATO media would have us believe, these persons would NOT be fleeing to Russia.

Sergei Lavrov rightly points out the truth of the matter

We also have partners across the ocean – our American colleagues – who, according to a lot of evidence, still favor pushing the Ukrainian leadership towards the path of confrontation” 

 “Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko would like to ease tension and go on with the truce, but there are also other forces among the Ukrainian authorities – there are radicals still controlling or very closely cooperating with armed ultra nationalists, there is the “Right Sector”, the battalions of Igor Kolomoysky and other serious groups, who do not obey Ukraine’s Central Command and the Commander-in-Chief,” Lavrov said.

A resident of the settlement of Golubovka in Lugansk region is in her house following artillery shelling. (RIA Novosti/Andrey Stenin)
What ceasefire?

When accused by Poroshenko of doing nothing to end the violence-

Stating that Russia is doing nothing to advance the peace process is, to say the least, cunning. I hope that was not done to please those in the West who want a confrontational scenario,” Lavrov said.

Global Research
This is a bit of an older article but is more relevant then ever. Sadly this piece did not contain any links back to original source. I found  some of them and linked them in. Verification is good.
US President Barack Obama and allied leaders in Europe pushed the standoff with Russia over Ukraine further to the brink of war on Friday. As troops of the Western-backed, ultra-nationalist regime in Kiev, supplemented by fascist paramilitary forces, continued to mass against pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine, and Russia launched military exercises on its border with Ukraine, Obama held a conference call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President François Hollande, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to secure agreement on new sanctions against Russia.
The sanctions threat is joined by a further push of US and NATO military forces up to or near Russia’s borders. US and NATO war planes are flying over the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; US troops have arrived in Poland; and more US war ships are entering the Black Sea.
Obama and the other leaders claimed the Kiev regime had taken “positive steps” to uphold the four-party agreement to “deescalate tensions” reached April 17 in Geneva, but Russia had “not reciprocated.”
British Prime Minister David Cameron’s office said: “The five leaders agreed that in the light of Russia’s refusal to support the process, an extension of the current targeted sanctions would need to be implemented, in conjunction with other G-7 leaders and with European partners.”
At a press conference following discussions with Polish President Donald Tusk, German Chancellor Merkel said she told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call that Germany was ready to impose further sanctions should tensions increase. Merkel’s press spokesman declared, “Nobody should be deceived. We are willing to act.”
These statements only underscore the hypocrisy and cynicism that have pervaded the actions of Washington and its imperialist allies since they provoked the confrontation with Russia and the largely pro-Russian population of eastern Ukraine by organizing a coup, led by fascist Right Sector militiamen, to overthrow the Russia-aligned, elected Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, last February 22.
The regime’s “positive steps” include throwing thousands of troops, armored vehicles and attack helicopters against protesters in the east occupying buildings to protest the new regime and demand greater autonomy, independence or incorporation into the Russian Federation. On Thursday, five protesters were killed by Ukrainian forces in Slavyansk, a center of resistance to the regime in Kiev. That brings to at least eight the number of protesters killed, in two separate attacks, since Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan made a secret trip to Kiev to advise the US puppet government.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday denounced Kiev’s so-called “anti-terrorist” operation in the east as a “bloody crime.” He said pro-Russian militants would lay down their weapons only if the Ukrainian government first disbanded its own ultra-nationalist protesters in Kiev and disarmed the Right Sector.
The Geneva agreement calls for all illegal paramilitary groups to be disarmed and disbanded, but Kiev, with the full support of the US and the European Union, has mobilized fascist thugs of the Right Sector against anti-government protesters in the east. On Thursday, thirty Right Sector operatives armed with baseball bats stormed buildings held by protesters in the city of Mariupol.
Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh has announced he is moving to the eastern Ukrainian industrial city of Dnepropetrovsk to direct attacks against anti-regime protesters. He boasts of state support for his forces, telling the German publication Spiegel Online, “Our battalions are part of the new territorial defense. We have close contact with the intelligence services and the general staff.”
The propaganda pumped out by the Obama administration and its European allies, uncritically promulgated by the media, attributes the current crisis to Russian aggression and expansionism. This reached a new height Friday, when Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told a cabinet meeting in Kiev that “Russia wants to start World War III.”
But the responsibility rests overwhelmingly with the US and Germany. Washington, in particular, seems bent on goading Russia into intervening militarily in Ukraine.
Russian President Vladimir Putin, seeking to secure the security interests of the Russian oligarchs whom he represents, has threatened to intervene to defend ethnic Russians in the east against attacks from the Kiev government and its fascist allies.
Alongside the military buildup, the US is waging economic warfare and threatening to collapse the Russian economy. On Friday, the credit rating firm Standard & Poor’s downgraded Russian credit from BBB to BBB-, one notch above junk bond status. The credit agency said it would further downgrade Russia if new sanctions were imposed.
The Russian central bank was forced to raise the key interest rate from 7 percent to 7.5 percent in an attempt to stem the fall in the ruble and the flow of capital out of the country. The ruble has already plunged nearly 9 percent against the US dollar so far this year and Russian stock prices have dropped sharply.
US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Friday that the next round of sanctions against Moscow would go well beyond the penalties targeting individuals thus far imposed. “We are working with our international partners to make sure that when we do it, we do it in an effective way,” he said in a radio interview. On the ground, anti-regime protesters continue to occupy government buildings in a dozen cities, and they have reestablished checkpoints that were attacked Thursday in Slavyansk. The Kiev regime says it is blockading the city.
A Ukrainian military helicopter exploded Friday on the tarmac of a base near Kramatorsk. Ukrainian officials blamed the blast on pro-Russian militants.
There are signs that the civil violence is spreading beyond southeastern Ukraine. Seven people were injured early Friday at a pro-Ukrainian checkpoint near the Black Sea port of Odessa when an explosive device blew up. Residents have built checkpoints aimed at stopping pro-Russian separatists entering from Moldova’s breakaway territory of Transdniestria.
With tensions growing and the chances mounting of a war between Ukraine and Russia, which could rapidly draw in the United States and NATO, Russian officials seem to be looking for a way to defuse the situation and find some accommodation with Washington. The Interfax news agency reported Friday that in a telephone call, Russian Gen. Valery Gerasimov warned US Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that Ukraine had a “substantial group of forces” near the Russian border, including troops intent on conducting sabotage.
However, there is no indication from the American side of a desire to deescalate the crisis. Comments made by Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk confirmed that the US, the EU and the International Monetary Fund are providing funds to build up Ukrainian security forces.
In an interview with the Washington Post published Friday, Yatsenyuk was asked: “Is the US giving you enough military aid to build up the army?” Yatsenyuk replied: “The US supplies us with non-lethal support.” When asked where his government will find the money to buy military equipment, the Ukrainian premier answered: “The US issued $1 billion in loan guarantees. The IMF supports us. We are getting support from the EU.”
Wars funded by bankster scum, to enrich bankster scum
In the same interview, Yatsenyuk declared that only a small minority in eastern Ukraine supported Russia and implied there was widespread support for his government.
A confidential report by NATO tells a very different story. According to an article published by Der Spiegel on Friday, the NATO report warns of a possible “failed-state scenario” in Ukraine and the “possible collapse” of the state. The report, made available to the German Foreign Office, places responsibility for the disintegration of Ukraine on the regime in Kiev, which is “manifestly unwilling or unable to seriously clarify key issues regarding the future state structure of Ukraine.”
Again this is a bit of an older article, but, what is interesting to me is that two months ago NATO was warning of failed state due to Kiev, yet, NATO continues to push an agenda all but guaranteeing Ukaine's failure. That is not one of those curious coincidences
The Spiegel article also refers to a survey by the International Republican Institute from the second half of March, which reports that 48 percent of the population in eastern Ukraine “strongly oppose” the head of state Alexander Turchinov, with just three percent expressing “strong support.” A total of 59 percent of eastern Ukrainians in the survey expressed positive feelings for Russia, with 45 percent of respondents rejecting the parliament in Kiev.


  1. Spot on Penny and you can pass along to your husband that the US is pulling the same instigation shite backing Japan, the Philippines and South Korea against China. These thugs and high criminal scum actually fancy that they can win a war with either of Russia or China. This is because the bankers are in a frenzy to combat both nation's covert war against the bankster toilet paper currency, the almighty dollar. So they're lashing their lackeys onward towards certain global destruction with the fantasy that they will somehow make it out on top to lead and vampirically drain the surviving rabble again. Delusion to the heights of total mental insanity, as these are clearly not "normal" people in any way. These self-dubbed "elite" love to laud that they are separate from the profane masses and they are, they're indeed a distinct inbred lot. A gaggle of criminally insane psychopaths with ZERO empathy, remorse or traces of humanity. They mimic (poorly) human traits and some are even Oscar worthy actors in front of the cameras. However, when it comes down to brass tacks, evening chairs exhibit more humanity then they could ever possess much less exhibit. Mere vessels whose soul has long taken leave, abandoned or traded away as a cheap commodity for power and the trappings of Mammon.

    By the by Penny, you might find this bit of under-the-radar news a bit intriguing as there are rumours of a potential US False Flag this coming July 4th. With this in mind, it appears that 3 Ukrainian men with covert ops men written all over them were caught sneaking into the US via Mexico. The border men are perplexed as they've cannot recall any previous time that Ukrainians with military builds were discovered making their way by foot across the border into the US. Oh well, I guess we're just supposed to accept their story of being a trio lost male "tourists" and move on. In any event, food for thought and grounds definitely for further investigation. You may want to grab this story before it's sanitised from the media.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey HHQ

      that is interesting- three ukies sneaking across the mexican/us border

      "isited with the sheriff Monday afternoon who says they had quite a time trying to catch these men."

      evaded capture?

      " cross the Rio Grande on foot and they document that much"
      crossed on foot and documented the journey-

      ""It's not every day that we find Ukrainians, most illegal aliens we catch are pretty poor and frail. These guys were trained, I mean they were stout," "

      Ukrainian illegals, not poor, not frail but trained and healthy?

      "The men we're trying to call a friend who was staying at a Best Western in Alpine with plans of taking them to Seattle, Washington.

      "He was at least here to pick them up, there was an arrangement made. It wasn't just coincidental that he shows up at the time that they did, but they never made connection with him and he’s gone,"

      And their connection is gone? that is not a friend or family member
      they got caught and they are on their own

  3. The narative that these guys crossing the border to possible be envolved in a false flag is misdirection. They are the false flag themselves.

    Right now there is a bill being debated in Congress to allocate additional funding for border security between Mexico and the US. If passed, this would mean billions available to private contractors and corp. interests.

    Why do you think there are so many stories lately about the 'flood of illegals' crossing the border when the actual facts are that the flow is at a low point and starting to reverse.

    1. Got to be honest Paul, I don't pay that much attention to stories about illegals crossing the US/Mexican border and am completely unaware of any bill being debated.

      I do find the Ukie illegals kind of curious though, if this is a ruse for more border security- why would Ukie nationals be necessary?
      When there are stories aplenty about mexicans and central americans?
      Gotta admit the Ukie angle seems completely unnecessary


      currently being dabated before submission to the House for a vote. Currently they do not have the votes so a lot of propaganda is being put out to try to sway 'public opinion' of constituents of Representatives.

      Why use a Ukie? It got your attention didn't it? Would you have paid as much attention if it was just another Latin American story?

    3. Would you have paid as much attention if it was just another Latin American story?

      Nope, I wouldn't have.
      thanks for the link!


      so here is some false narrative to try to get this money
      'Wave of humanity': Border Patrol overwhelmed by flow of illegal immigrants
      Mayors call on Congress to tackle illegal immigration

      but if you go back 2 years the story is quite different when Obama needed to show successes.
      Net Migration from Mexico Falls to Zero—and Perhaps Less
      Mexican Immigration to U.S. Slowed Significantly, Report Says

      something from this year
      "End of an Era" in Illegal Immigration from Mexico

      the immagration proplem is going away due to the incentives are going away. so why the need to increase security now? profit and control

      sorry to hijack the thread for a different topic, just I am tired of crap being repeated by those who do not understand how information is used against us and the fear of the unkown used to enslave us.

    5. hey paul

      Everyone is going to see things differently. It's human nature, I guess?

      I suspect this is a local issue for you, for me, not so much
      Or not at all?
      which is why we see things differently

      HHQ is on top of things and knows how we are manipulated but does not come from the same place as you- geographically speaking.

      Which is what makes it a good thing, that you can clarify this for us by bringing a different insight.

      I think we are all better off for that?

      So don't be frustrated, there are good people, everywhere :)
      ( I get a sense of frustration?) hoping I am not to presumptuous

      no worries about hijacking the thread

    6. Frustration, yes. But not at the immigrants themselves. They are just looking for the best way to live just like most people everywhere. My gripe is why it is being encouraged, not just by the state, but by certain centers of power. Not just on the US side either. For decades people in Mexico have been driven off their lands into the citys. Massive housing projects were built to house them. This was part of nafta to create the slave labor force. Well, it did not work out to well and millions left with no means to support themselves so they looked north.

      This is no conspiracy theory either. I have property in Mexico and have seen this with my own eyes. I have seen the huge housing projects with no yards but really just concrete boxes with doors and windows. I have seen the thugs with the guns who carve out large areas and drive everyone out. I can tell ya it is a bit stressfull to travel through these areas. You do not make eye contact and you do not stop for any reason or you have a big problem on your hands.

      So you see this is not just the US encouraging them to come, but also being driven out. Why... see agenda 21

  4. "Paul", first off you may want to medicate your vitriol straight out of the gate, for you do not know me, my background nor had you requested any clarifications on my part. If you weren't so suspiciously hostile and pretentiously condescending, you would have read my comment where I stated that there are RUMOURS about of a possible false flag on July 4th.

    Secondly, my comment was directed to Penny whom I've known, worked with and highly respect for a number of years, which is why my comment was brief and lacking in detail. As Penny is amongst a very few privy to my character, methodologies, sincerity and assertions. You however are not, and you would do better to show some respect to those to whom you do not know, if you indeed you expect to receive it back.

    Thirdly, if this Ukrainian incident were as you assert, 'the false flag' meant to draw attention to this border race-baiting dust-up, I believe we would have seen it blown up and propagated as large as life throughout the mass media. Not just confined to the local Texas affiliate news channel. It is in fact you who may not be able see that all this media-propagated bluster of so-called illegals now, may be nothing more than a pathetic, racialist, divide and conquer ruse. Utilised to divert attention from any number of current crimes inflicted upon us increasingly by the psychopathic self-dubbed elites.

    We will NEVER get anywhere cannibalising one another when we all have the same enemy and the same fight which is straight ahead. Working together towards common respect and solutions is the biggest fear of those who wish to feed off of fruits of our hard work whilst draining our lives in perpetually dominated enslavement.

    Do you wish to work together? Or towards the benefit of our collective enemies?

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. HHQ I deleted one comment because it posted twice
      I know yesterday blogger was being glitchy, as usual!

  6. An aside. Just a coincidence but that ship taken into custody in india causing the us diplo dustup last year had ukraine nationals also.