Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vahan Setyan - Armenian Roots of Civilization & The Armenian Genocide

Couldn't  help but notice what has looked like the intentional targeting of Armenians in Syria by the Turkish elite via their Islamist mercenaries backed by NATO/Israel.
Why would Turkey engage in this kind of genocide. Of course most readers here will be aware of the Armenian holocaust (that word-holocaust- belongs to no one group) perpetrated by the Turkish military in order to erase Armenians from the human historical memory.
Why would the Turks want to do this?
What other nation would gain by removing Armenians roots of civilization from our global human heritage?  Hint- Israel (Think of the mind virus "judeo-christian heritage")

Thanks Henrik @ Red Ice Creations  for this very enlightening interview


  1. Finally, some time to blog!!
    I am working on something regarding Iraq, in the meanwhile enjoy the interview
    it was pretty darn interesting

  2. lavrov heading to Saudi June 20.
    Russia says any US moves in Iraq go through South Stream
    Russia says Bulgaria under pressure. Cancel Of Alexandria Burgas. Meanwhile Ukraine says no need for South Stream as Ukraine-Eu-US consort will "force" Russia gas through Ukraine. This as Eu calls for southern Med pipeline corridor via Austerity ridden GREECE.

  3. Yesterday fin min adviser in Russia calling for anti dollar axis

    From the link a few days ago

    "When discussing the status and prospects for the Russian-Saudi bilateral relationship, the parties stressed their readiness to intensify it, including the trade, economic and energy cooperation which has a solid potential for growth," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
    Read more:

    Go back to the end of the cold war when the US and Saudi conspired to dump oil on the market.

    Then consider the current situation:
    Massive and ongoing changes inside the Kingdom's royal family (interior to nayef, Abdullah sons to key posts, defense, health etc) governance kicking off around Egypt when hardline ant brotherhood crown prince died somewhat unexpectedly - like the former Intel head of Egypt

    Saudi fires off on Qatar for backing insurgency inside the Kingdom. Qatar power "transition" looks a lot like Netherlands, Spain etc.,d.b2k

    AANGIRFAN wrote something a while back about gun battles in Qatar invilvoing US forces...

    Was this gas blast in Doha related

    Saudi/UAE fallout with Qatar

    US using Oman as back channel - reported to be UK intel major listening post - while Oman has stood dead against GCC enlargement, monetary union and the Saudi call to stand up a GCC military reaction force

    Saudi rolling up social media - like Erdogan, Russia and China etc..

    UAE and Saudi rolling up Islamist and convictions

    US shale revolution meme with BBG touting specifically the US passing Russia and Saudi -accident

    Saudis invite Iranian FM who can not attend

    From 2012: Saudi king sits next to Iran's Ahmadinejad in goodwill gesture

    In Yemen, Hadi and US airstrikes moving against reports of Saleh plotting a comeback as moves to defang the Rev guard run by his son ongoing

    Al Arabiya report about the Saleh hit
    US investigators reportedly say Yemen’s Saleh hit by advanced US-made missile

    More Yemen drone strikes of late
    Three Troubling Lessons from the Latest U.S. Drone Strikes

  4. Another angle on the Russia Saudi
    Russia took delivery of that Kurdish oil tanker spurned over lawsuit threats
    BBG running article talking about 1/2 priced Kurd crude

    Russia says will fulfill all weapon deliveries to Iraq



    2014: Russia to Fulfill All Military Contract Obligations with Iraq

  5. thank you thank you thank you!!!!
    I have just caught a news story that is very interesting, going to post it quick while I continue to work on the other iraq post- which is more background, but still vital
    you are just giving me that much more to read but I love it!!!!