Monday, June 30, 2014

"Whitehouse" "Al Qaeda" "bomb" 'Syria' Yemen' "airliner"

This news has all the buzzwords

What is a 'buzzword'?

*Advertising and or propaganda  (same/same) - buzzword: word or phrase that takes on added significance or new meaning through repetition or special usage
*Rhetoric and Figures of Speech - buzzword: slogan or catchword conjuring popular idea or image.
The White house is used purely for an appeal to authority.
All the rest are words used to conjure ideas and these words have certainly taken on new meaning through repetition and special usage. Special usage going right back to propaganda.
-Yup, this is how you are manipulated. Everyday.
So here is the narrative that is being passed off as a news story
Two very different headlines for the same story- geared to the audience

UK-White House fears al Qaeda offshoot may be planning bomb plot on airliner flying to America

US-Syria bomb threat could prompt increased airport security
  The Obama administration may ask overseas partners to enhance security measures at airports and is weighing whether to do the same here at home to address deepening concerns that terrorists in war-ravaged Syria are trying to develop a new generation of bombs that could be smuggled onto commercial planes
"[This threat] is different and more disturbing than past aviation plots,"

This is ‘different and more disturbing’? How so?

The back-and-forth has been based on intelligence showing that a particularly extreme "subset" of terrorist groups in Syria was working alongside operatives from al Qaeda's prolific offshoot in Yemen to produce "creative" new designs for bombs, as one source put it
"Intelligence obtained by the U.S. government, however, has not indicated a specific target or a specific timeline."

So, why mention this as a plot or plan?  No target + No timeline = No Plan
“After coming across the initial thread of intelligence earlier this year”
The thread of intelligence that has no target and no timeline? What thread could that be?
*Worth repeating.....
“Intelligence obtained by the U.S. government, however, has not indicated a specific target or a specific timeline”

What could this thread be? Since, a thread usually runs through things, like stories. Hems. Seams. And other items that need connecting. Perhaps, beads?  A thread connects seemingly random points together to make them as one. If there is  no target and no timeline, what would constitute the thread of intelligence?

 “Intelligence obtained by the U.S. government, however, has not indicated a specific target or a specific timeline”

No target. No timeline. No possible thread. So, moving along............

“The potentially lethal partnership in Syria is at least part of what sparked an advisory to airlines earlier this year to look out for explosives-laden toothpaste tubes, cosmetics and shoes”

"Lethal partnership" That sounds ominous, doesn't it? But, what lethal partnership is being referenced here?
Is it the lethal, to Syrians in Syria, partnership? The one where the US is sending all kinds of weapons and technology to aid their mercenaries (hired killers) so Syrians can be killed and their nation destroyed?
Oh, yes and to fight in Iraq?? There is abundant proof of that 'lethal partnership' all over this blog via the  NATO media

Why just the other day..............John Kerry- Arm Syrian 'rebels' to push back Iraqi 'jihadis' ????
 Of course there is also
Meet & Greet the Syrian 'rebel' who got US weapons-
 Who could forget? 
Syria: Massive CIA arms shipments, Israel & Turkey "sittin' in a tree" .

So many tales of lethal partnerships, so few hours in a day
“Since January, officials with access to the country's most sensitive intelligence have warned publicly that hard-to-detect "technologies and techniques" were being exported to Syria”
Who has been exporting all manner of technologies to killers in Syria?
And training those same killers to use all manner of technologies in  Syria?
Oh yes, the US!!

Oh look it's a thread!   

Therefore if anything does happen? I would look to the US and her allies and ask them why they created yet another terror operation? Not blow back. Not sloppiness. No ineptitude. Pure psychotic evil, bought and paid for- aided and abetted- created with malice aforethought by the powers that should not be.


    1. OBL trained them well. I'm afraid...

      ya gotta wonder what goes on in the minds of these story writers over time. Years of inventing monsters must lead to seeing them where ever they go. Paranoia sets in big and I bet they have to be eliminated so they don't screw things up. What a wasted life for a few bucks.

      but yes, this does look like a false flag narrative being set up.

    2. Yep Amerika keeps the us serfs in the fear zone so it's easier to control Amerika. Amerika has become on locked down nation, show us your papers.

    3. Saudis remove deputy def. Minister again.
      Saudis foil a plot to bomb banks

      Curious baker institute claiming a widely reported understanding hat crown prince has dementia?

      Saudi king flies back from morocco via egypt to meet sisi on tarmac. .mil alert

      Morocco summons french envoy for general meeting opposition. Western sahara fractures us relationship. Is morocco about to be jettisoned?

      Russia lavrov meets king then russia deploys fighter to iraq.

      Rethink he saudi role in all this? Sponsor or target.

      Meanwhile israel netty backs kurd state. Those teenager bodies allegedly found. Hamas in firing line, again.

      1. This comment has been removed by the author.

      2. If the Kurds can make and keep a state, Israel will throw the Saudi's to their wolves. Same for qatar. I could see that.


      Rand Paul: We Armed Isis

    5. james@wpcJune 30, 2014 at 9:53 PM
      Fine analysis, Pen

      yes and no, i have been pointing on this website the new Khazar empire, what we are seeing is what the Talmudist want, certain have not gone their way, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, Ukraine have held their ground. Time we stated to look at the real plan, not the Yidon plan, the Khazar empire plan. Bear in mind 1948, the formation of the state, the astrology during the time. For the Talmudist astrology plays a big part in their calculation, just look at their names of their war games, their destruction of Palestine.

      1. Hans- my post and your subject are two different creatures
        regarding khazar empire plans....
        If you could take the time to expand on this theory then I and other readers would better understand what it is you are referring to?
        While I have heard of the Khazar empire and have read Koestler's book
        others may not have
        clarify, please?

      2. Israel made a point of coming out a refuting the Kazhar theories last week. Just saying.

        "New study finds no evidence that Ashkenazi Jews are the descendants of Khazars, or that subjects in the medieval kingdom converted to Judaism en masse."

      3. Hans,
        I understand that English maybe your second language and I'd like to make allowances for that but I must say your words and sentence structure carry no meaning. It looks very much like Hasbarat word salad.

        Haaretz has no credibility around here. Especially when referring to Jewish history. You'll need to find better refs than that.

    6. US-Sponsored Terrorism in Iraq and “Constructive Chaos” in the Middle East


      What is unfolding is a process of “constructive chaos”, engineered by the West. The destabilization of Iraq and its fragmentation has been planned long ago and is part of the ”Anglo-American-Israeli ‘military road map’ in the Middle East”...