Monday, July 14, 2014

Sderot Cinema- Israeli's enjoying the mass killings of Palestinians

People gathering to watch live bombing of Gaza – should make us all uncomfortable

Speaking for myself, I cannot view violence on tell-a-vision or in movies. To sit and watch people being killed in real life, as if it is entertainment, is beyond my moral comprehension

What does this tell us about the mindset of Israelis, engaging in such egregious behaviour? 

"However, a closer inspection of the image reveals that the group is witnessing what could possibly be explosions and gunfire in the distance. This, allegedly, is the Sderot cinema: a gathering of Israeli locals in Sderot city to watch the ongoing live bombing of Gaza"
Allan Sørensen @allansorensen72
Sderot cinema. Israelis bringing chairs 2 hilltop in sderot 2 watch latest from Gaza. Clapping when blasts are heard.
Since its first appearance on social media, the picture has gathered much criticism and rightful disgust. It has since become a symbol of a collective Israeli apathy towards years of systemic suppression of Palestinians, and a winning response against Israel's nonchalant attitude towards the ongoing attacks on Gaza.
It isn't difficult to confirm the veracity of the image, posted on Twitter by journalist Allan Sørensen who is reporting from ground zero. Reporters who spoke with some these spectators of war have documented their interactions.
"We are here to see Israel destroy Hamas," one of them tells a Danish journalist. "It's great to be here. You can feel the thunder and see the rockets. It is a quest for excitement," says another.
Many of them cheer with every explosion. Others have carried popcorn and drinks for the "viewing".
 If you had any doubt that Israel is a country inhabited by psychopaths........
Quell those doubts, now
sderot cinema
 I am not getting any sense of fear from our atrocity viewers, cheerers and popcorn eaters
 For the Canadian crowd. HT anonymous

Here's somethint to make us "proud" (read ashame) to be Canadian...
PM Harper doing his usual best to excuse Israel's warcrimes

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  1. My thoughts about it: Israelis have developed a wolf herd mentality. From the start of their life, they've been told that their people are the chosen one, that the rest of the world hate them, that they are surrounded by Arabs who just want to eliminate them, like the nazis before, reminding them the holocaust again and again. Brought up in that way, most will become fanatics and despise all goys. That wolf herd mentality, every traveller withness it India or South America in the way young israelis interact with the locals, trying to rip them off all the time.

    1. I would agree that these are deeply 'programmed' individuals
      As you say from birth.
      Almost as if the country is a nation of psychopaths
      However, they can break free of their mind control
      They can choose humanity- It's difficult.
      but can be done

  2. I'd be interested in your thoughts on how they can be induced or led to break free of their psychopathy... watch for a major blog entry at soon.

    1. sullen boy, let me know when you post on this subject, I would stop by to read

      As for how to induce or lead them? Well their government/religion could certainly entice them, but, they wouldn't because that does not serve their interests (religion/gov)

      So... therefore it would be up to each of them as individuals
      It would be difficult, but, any one of them could choose to do that

    2. If they really wanted to practice their free will

  3. How sad they have broken down into what they escaped and with Amerikas and Canada support continue in the killing fields. Glad to see the the northern nation has joined the bat-shit-crazy neo con of Amerika.

    Lame stream press has the people of Gaza escaping to other places, pure BS for the those that live in the largest prison on the planet.

  4. Hi Penny
    Same thing happened during Cast Lead it was war tourism then.
    Same Same

    My thoughts are barley printable about the nature of such people. So in the interests of decency I will refrain from printing them.



  5. You got exactly the same thing when the USA invaded Iraq, except Americans were watching on TV. No thought of the innocents who were dying under those bombs.

  6. (Sorry, your system won't recognize my URL)
    FROM Leeskyblue --
    Before we call a whole race of people "psychopaths" please go back and look at photos and newsreels of President Anwar Sadat’s visit to Israel, opening the possibility of amicable and peaceful settlement for all.
    Hundreds of thousands of people packed the streets from the airport to the Knesset -- a sea of thousands of cheering people with smiling welcoming faces, vigorously waving Egyptian flags that had to be hastily assembled by thousands of individual hands --they had no time to collect and distribute flags. For sensible security reasons, the visit was only announced a short time in advance. As events proved, that attempt at peace soon cost Sadat his life -- by Muslim extremists then, but he could easily have been murdered by Zionist extremists.
    As to what caused a change of attitude since then, you have to look at a spiral of disillusionment on BOTH sides that is infinitely more complicated than the latest news report. You will find racism everywhere on earth, and certainly among both Jews and Arabs as members of the human family. Right now, over there, you will find two groups of people very disillusioned and frightened of each other, cheering for what they hope is relief from ongoing threats upon their lives, and less “fair” if you will, about people whom they believe are their tormentors.
    What is the point of discussing this or any other issue unless we hope to make change? We are not going to intelligently assess what caused that downward spiral by calling people names that end discussions before they start.

    1. Before we call a whole race of people "psychopaths"

      no one called 'a race of people' psychopaths, I realize you may be quoting someone else, but....
      Israel's inhumanity to the Palestinians is obvious and the imbalance is very obvious