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Ukraine- Updates from Anthony & Attack on Ukraine Naval Vessel in Azov Sea

Anthony has updated myself and readers on the situation in Ukraine-
Excerpts from his comments are below. There is also a news item I thought interesting and am not sure what to make of it?
The latest from the Donbass and it's as confused as ever. Here are some of the main points to note.

The militia are still holding on to the recently acquired territory in the south and have Mariupol surrounded. Mariupol would be a fantastic prize to win before the winter sets in. A sea port and apparently has large stocks of food, although the Russians have pledged to send more humanitarian aid and the roads are now pretty much clear of Ukranian forces.
I did notice that Mariupol was surrounded by militia. Kiev has forces stationed in the city. (Resource in sidebar)

The latest BBC article still persists in showing an isolated pocket of militia gains on the south coast next to the Russian order so as to further the Russian invasion meme. Even the wiki page is better and shows a corridor connecting the south coast to militia territory in the north, although wiki still vastly underplays the actual militia position.

The militia have been focussing on reducing the boilers, but they have stated that phase two of the counter offensive is planned, with lots of newly acquired equipment to play with. Ukranian soldiers have been surrendering in their hundreds. The militia are splitting conscripts from national guard, right sector and the various nazi leaning paramilitaries. My understanding is that tank crews and artillery men are also being sorted out, partly because they are guilty of massacring the civilian population, but also I think to prevent trained men returning to fight.

There was some confusion and reports of large numers of Ukranians dead and wounded when, depending on which reports you believe: 1: The Ukranians were cynically butchered by the militia who reneged on their promise of a humanitarian corridor or 2: The Ukranian soldiers were slaughtered as they cynically abused the offer of escape without weapons y regrouping and trying to power their way out with equipment, in respone to which the milita blasted them.
Could a 3rd scenario be that the neonazi's slaughtered the 'cowardly' soldiers? 
Framing the separatists and putting the fear into other Ukie troops? Is that plausible?

Highly significantly, Poroshenko has been quoted as saying that there is no military solution to the conflict. Which, translated, means that there is no chance of a Ukranian victory.

Putin has been emphasizing the need for recognition of statehood for the Donbass. The milita have all the cards right now and they can continue to fight to regain all of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics if Poroshenko plays hard ball.
Some good news on the ground.

The strategically important town of Litugino, south of Lugansk on the H21 highway, is now showing as militia controlled. A couple of small towns / villages south of Litugino are also showing as militia controlled as the boiler gets squeezed back to the Lugansk airport.

There is fighting at Donetsk airport. Ukrainian troops there are becoming increasingly isolated as the militia slowly pushes out of Donetsk.

The Ukranian flag on Debalcevo at the crossroads of the M03 and M04 highways has gone. There were reports of a Ukranian withdrawal to prevent another boiler. Are they finally learning? Thankfully, far too late.

Less positive is the Ukranian flag showing at Volnohava on the H20 highway south of Donetsk to Mariupol. The militia line here looks wafer thin, but the Ukranians to the east of the H20 are under attack from different directions and who knows the qulaity of Ukranian forces to the east.

Last comment and thanks Anthony!
In addition to the attack on Donetsk airport, the militia have also launched an atttack on Lugansk airport. Some reports claim that it has been taken.

These airports were thorns in the side of the militia and would represent decisive steps towards restoring normality in the two cities and of course free resources for other campaigns.

Curious news item- Separatists Claim Attack on Ukrainian Naval Ship 
Was Kiev attempting to move on the rebels via the Azov Sea?
Separatist rebels attacked a Ukrainian naval vessel in the Azov Sea on Sunday by firing artillery from the shore, and a Ukrainian military spokesman said a rescue operation was under way.
Spokesman Andriy Lysenko said the vessel was a naval cutter. There was no information on the number of people on board.
The pro-Russian rebels claimed responsibility for the attack near the city of Mariupol, located about 50 kilometres (30 miles) from the Russian border and about 35 kilometres from Novoazovsk, which was overtaken by pro-Russian rebels over the weekend.

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Syrian "rebels" despite strengthening their hold at Golan pose NO security threat to Israel

Of course they don't. Why would they? They are on Israel's team. They are NATO/US/Israel's Islamist fighters- They will terrorize Syrians. They will terrorize Iraqis. Because they are paid to do just that.
But, they will not threaten Israel.
Mentioned this blatantly obvious fact, not for the first time, just the other day in this post
 ISIS = Smoke & Mirrors. Giving cover now for strikes on Syria

Of course, Israel, has nothing to fear because the NATO/US/Israeli Islamist fighters aren’t interested in fighting against Israel - Jihadists in Syria not likely to open a new front against Israel
Not now, not ever

Haaretz-  And here is Israel, today, making it very clear they remain completely unconcerned 

Senior Israeli official says rebels currently don't pose a threat to Israeli security.

Syrian rebel groups strengthened their hold over the Syrian side of the Quneitra Crossing — located on the frontier between Syrian and Israeli controlled parts of the Golan Heights – over the weekend and managed to repel attacks by Syrian forces.
Some 300 members from different groups participated in the taking of the Quneitra Crossing. This varied force was led by the Free Syria Army and with only a small number of Nusra Front members. The government forces that held the crossing before sustained losses in life and retreated to the north to areas controlled by the government. Over the weekend the Syrian army conducted several artillery barrages on the crossing area and tried to retake the area unsuccessfully. Israeli security officials characterized this attempt as "pathetic.”
300 members from different groups? Brand FSA. Brand Nusra. Brand ISIS. Makes no difference the brand name for selling the narrative- At the pinnacle the leadership and direction is purely NATO. And the goal  is the same, no matter which brand 'rebel' is working to attain that goal.

A senior Israeli official told Haaretz Saturday that the new circumstances in the Quneitra region don't not pose an immediate danger to Israel and that the area near the Israeli border is held by the Free Syria Army, which has reasonable relations with Israel.
According to the official, except for the raising of an Al-Qaida flag on the Syrian side of the crossing by members of the Nusra Front, there were no provocations against Israel. The official assessed that in the short run the moderate Free Syria Army would restrain the more radical Nusra Front from taking any action against Israel fearing a severe Israeli response. "For now, no one on the Syrian side is pointing their guns at us, because they know that they will sustain a powerful blow if they try anything." He said, though he admitted that this may turn out to be temporary and that the frequent changes in Syria may have an effect on Israeli security in the future.
Yes, changes in Syria may have an effect on Israeli security, but, that has nothing to do with whichever brand 'rebel' doing the dirty work to benefit NATO/Israel and destroy Syria

Recall this news?

NATO's killers in Syria: Will Trade Golan in exchange for no fly zone enforcement

Can it be anymore clear that the 'opposition' is not Syrian? Not that I need to remind regular readers here. Can it be anymore clear that the so called opposition has been supported by, cooperated with and continues to collude with Israel. Israel is not afraid of Islamists for the simple reason they are on the same team.
That fact is abundantly clear!

Haaretz- Syrian Opposition willing to trade Golan claims for Israeli Military support
And still today, Israel has no fear from these so called rebels- 
This is blatant stuff readers. Israel and the rebels are on the same team!

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Henry Kissinger- The Assembly of a New World Order

Just published today by WSJ
The concept that has underpinned the modern geopolitical era is in crisis
 Henry Kissinger
Libya is in civil war, fundamentalist armies are building a self-declared caliphate across Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan's young democracy is on the verge of paralysis. To these troubles are added a resurgence of tensions with Russia and a relationship with China divided between pledges of cooperation and public recrimination. The concept of order that has underpinned the modern era is in crisis.
Our world as a rubiks cube? How very arrogant of the powers that shouldn't be to represent our planet in this manner

The search for world order has long been defined almost exclusively by the concepts of Western societies. In the decades following World War II, the U.S.—strengthened in its economy and national confidence—began to take up the torch of international leadership and added a new dimension. A nation founded explicitly on an idea of free and representative governance, the U.S. identified its own rise with the spread of liberty and democracy and credited these forces with an ability to achieve just and lasting peace. The traditional European approach to order had viewed peoples and states as inherently competitive; to constrain the effects of their clashing ambitions, it relied on a balance of power and a concert of enlightened statesmen. The prevalent American view considered people inherently reasonable and inclined toward peaceful compromise and common sense; the spread of democracy was therefore the overarching goal for international order. Free markets would uplift individuals, enrich societies and substitute economic interdependence for traditional international rivalries.
This effort to establish world order has in many ways come to fruition. A plethora of independent sovereign states govern most of the world's territory. The spread of democracy and participatory governance has become a shared aspiration if not a universal reality; global communications and financial networks operate in real time.

The years from perhaps 1948 to the turn of the century marked a brief moment in human history when one could speak of an incipient global world order composed of an amalgam of American idealism and traditional European concepts of statehood and balance of power. But vast regions of the world have never shared and only acquiesced in the Western concept of order. These reservations are now becoming explicit, for example, in the Ukraine crisis and the South China Sea. The order established and proclaimed by the West stands at a turning point.
First, the nature of the state itself—the basic formal unit of international life—has been subjected to a multitude of pressures. Europe has set out to transcend the state and craft a foreign policy based primarily on the principles of soft power. But it is doubtful that claims to legitimacy separated from a concept of strategy can sustain a world order. And Europe has not yet given itself attributes of statehood, tempting a vacuum of authority internally and an imbalance of power along its borders. At the same time, parts of the Middle East have dissolved into sectarian and ethnic components in conflict with each other; religious militias and the powers backing them violate borders and sovereignty at will, producing the phenomenon of failed states not controlling their own territory.

The challenge in Asia is the opposite of Europe's: Balance-of-power principles prevail unrelated to an agreed concept of legitimacy, driving some disagreements to the edge of confrontation.

The clash between the international economy and the political institutions that ostensibly govern it also weakens the sense of common purpose necessary for world order. The economic system has become global, while the political structure of the world remains based on the nation-state. Economic globalization, in its essence, ignores national frontiers. Foreign policy affirms them, even as it seeks to reconcile conflicting national aims or ideals of world order.

This dynamic has produced decades of sustained economic growth punctuated by periodic financial crises of seemingly escalating intensity: in Latin America in the 1980s; in Asia in 1997; in Russia in 1998; in the U.S. in 2001 and again starting in 2007; in Europe after 2010. The winners have few reservations about the system. But the losers—such as those stuck in structural misdesigns, as has been the case with the European Union's southern tier—seek their remedies by solutions that negate, or at least obstruct, the functioning of the global economic system.

The international order thus faces a paradox: Its prosperity is dependent on the success of globalization, but the process produces a political reaction that often works counter to its aspirations.

A third failing of the current world order, such as it exists, is the absence of an effective mechanism for the great powers to consult and possibly cooperate on the most consequential issues. This may seem an odd criticism in light of the many multilateral forums that exist—more by far than at any other time in history. Yet the nature and frequency of these meetings work against the elaboration of long-range strategy. This process permits little beyond, at best, a discussion of pending tactical issues and, at worst, a new form of summitry as "social media" event. A contemporary structure of international rules and norms, if it is to prove relevant, cannot merely be affirmed by joint declarations; it must be fostered as a matter of common conviction.

The penalty for failing will be not so much a major war between states (though in some regions this remains possible) as an evolution into spheres of influence identified with particular domestic structures and forms of governance. At its edges, each sphere would be tempted to test its strength against other entities deemed illegitimate. A struggle between regions could be even more debilitating than the struggle between nations has been.

The contemporary quest for world order will require a coherent strategy to establish a concept of order within the various regions and to relate these regional orders to one another. These goals are not necessarily self-reconciling: The triumph of a radical movement might bring order to one region while setting the stage for turmoil in and with all others. The domination of a region by one country militarily, even if it brings the appearance of order, could produce a crisis for the rest of the world.

A world order of states affirming individual dignity and participatory governance, and cooperating internationally in accordance with agreed-upon rules, can be our hope and should be our inspiration. But progress toward it will need to be sustained through a series of intermediary stages.

To play a responsible role in the evolution of a 21st-century world order, the U.S. must be prepared to answer a number of questions for itself: What do we seek to prevent, no matter how it happens, and if necessary alone? What do we seek to achieve, even if not supported by any multilateral effort? What do we seek to achieve, or prevent, only if supported by an alliance? What should we not engage in, even if urged on by a multilateral group or an alliance? What is the nature of the values that we seek to advance? And how much does the application of these values depend on circumstance?

For the U.S., this will require thinking on two seemingly contradictory levels. The celebration of universal principles needs to be paired with recognition of the reality of other regions' histories, cultures and views of their security. Even as the lessons of challenging decades are examined, the affirmation of America's exceptional nature must be sustained. History offers no respite to countries that set aside their sense of identity in favor of a seemingly less arduous course. But nor does it assure success for the most elevated convictions in the absence of a comprehensive geopolitical strategy.

—Dr. Kissinger served as national security adviser and secretary of state under Presidents Nixon and Ford. Adapted from his book "World Order," to be published Sept. 9 by the Penguin Press.

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ISIS = Smoke & Mirrors. Giving cover now for strikes on Syria

Finally, the post I have been wanting to get to!

We have to realize that ISIS is the smoke and mirrors to the ME reshape.
ISIS is the deception. The distraction. While we are spoon fed the ISIS soma, NATO headed by the US, in cahoots with Israel and the GCC nations reorder the globe to suit their agenda
 If you don't understand the metaphor- This definition will do
Smoke and mirrors is a metaphor for a deceptive, fraudulent or insubstantial explanation or description. The source of the name is based on magicians' illusions, where magicians make objects appear or disappear by extending or retracting mirrors amid a distracting burst of smoke. The expression may have a connotation of virtuosity or cleverness in carrying out such a deception.
ISIS = Smoke and Mirrors. Covering for the agenda that has been in the works for sometime now
And it's multifaceted. Kurdistan is being created with the cover of ISIS- Iraq is being further destroyed, it's elected government tossed out under cover of ISIS. Syria, is still struggling and is my focus today

Point by point on some news and views that have been on my mind

First- There has been a rumour making that rounds that the US is providing Syria with intelligence to bomb ISIS targets.

This rumour, in my opinion, is total nonsense.
-Syria has their own surveillance capabilities
-Russia can fill in the gaps
-The populace who revile NATO’s Islamist jihadis can also fill in intelligence gaps

Wherever, or however this rumour got started, mystifies me. But, it certainly shouldn’t be spread around because it is equivalent to spreading gossip.

Here is how I see events falling into place based on the information at hand-

-The US will launch airstrikes into Syria.
-They are and have been laying the groundwork for sometime now.
- Creation of the petro state Kurdistan-
-Soften targets for an onslaught of Islamists, Kurds, Turks and whoever else they have holed up in Northern Iraq
-It is possible, once they have the territory for Kurdistan cleared of Syrians, they will then offer Syria a defacto truce that will be nothing of the sort.
The US can spin the bogus truce narrative along this line.  ISIS is under control in Syria- so no more airstrikes and the so called 'civil war', that never was a civil war, will rage on with the same NATO Islamist fighters. Only this time, there will be more of them and they will be striking a weakened Syria.

This is something mentioned by the former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and it seems quite likely

  • Chas Freeman, former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, told the newspaper that a de facto truce with Assad was probable, though it was unlikely that Western government would offer public support to the Assad regime.
He said he doubted that "the liberal interventionists and neoconservatives who had pursued regime change in Syria were capable of reversing course. To do so would require them to admit that they bore considerable responsibility for legitimising pointless violence that has resulted in the deaths of 190,000 Syrians."
The liberal interventionists and neocons aren't going to take responsibility for the deaths of Syrians.  Though, to my mind, they are completely and unquestionably responsible for all the deaths of Syrians. All the displacement. All the disease. All the terror that has been brought upon the people

2nd: The US has made abundantly clear through words and actions they want Assad gone.

"As a matter of US policy, we have not recognized" Assad as the leader in Syria, Earnest said, according to a transcript. "There are no plans to change that policy and there are no plans to coordinate with the Assad regime."

When asked if Earnest's comments also represented a denial of the AFP report, White House National Security Council spokesperson Caitlin Hayden said it did.
President Barack Obama has reportedly given the go-ahead for the U.S. military to begin surveillance flights in Syria to gather intelligence on ISIS. The intelligence-gathering could be a prelude for potential strikes on the group in Syria.
Covered in this post-Pentagon laying ground work for strike on (ISIS in) Syria

3rd: Some observers and analysts have accused Assad of facilitating ISIS' rise
More nonsense, used to demonzie Assad. As I have explained repeatedly. The Syrian government, elected by the Syrian people and lead by Assad have been fighting ISIS since the destabilization began, by NATO’s Islamist army. There are no moderates, there are only extremist fighters armed, trained etc, by NATO/US/Israel. ISIS = Smoke and Mirrors

4th point- A commenter left this tidbit the other day- Linking the original news source
“In an effort to avoid unintentionally strengthening the Syrian government, the White House could seek to balance strikes against the Islamic State with attacks on Assad regime targets

This tells us quite clearly that Syria is battling ISIS, contrary to the lies.  Because the US claims they would strike Syrian targets to avoid strengthening the government against ISIS. Which of course, the US would not want to aid Syria's fight against NATO Islamist fighters aka terrorists.
The US appears to be doing almost nothing in Iraq against ISIS. Other then making a show of things. -Considering the Iraqi situation it seems plausible that the US will simply target Syrian assets to strengthen the position of their ISIS assets. As mentioned in my prognostications above
 “However, that option is largely unappealing to the president given that it could open the U.S. to the kind of long-term commitment to Syria's stability that Obama has sought to avoid.

That quoted claim is just pure, stinking, piled high excrement.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Monday tried to tamp down the notion that action against the Islamic State group could bolster Assad, saying, "We're not interested in trying to help the Assad regime."
It's pretty clear airstrikes in Syria, will be just that, airstrikes against Syria

Finally- Today we get reports  that Syria was bombing Islamists at the Golan border.

You know the ones that get their cover and succor from Israel And Israel is firing into Syria. The lying media is claiming the rebels have ‘captured’ the border crossing- Nonsense! The rebels have always been at the border crossing in occupied Golan.This has happened on previous occasions. When Syria moves on Israel’s assets- Israel covers their assets, asses.
It appears there was fighting in that area yesterday and Syria is using aerial bombing to prep a push back in.
 -Assad's forces lost control of the key area yesterday after heavy fighting
-Syrian jets bombed Al Qaeda rebels near a border crossing close to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights today after losing control of the area in yesterday's heavy clashes.
-Israel shells Syria as rebels take border crossing

Of course, Israel, has nothing to fear because the NATO/US/Israeli Islamist fighters aren’t interested in fighting against Israel - Jihadists in Syria not likely to open a new front against Israel
Not now, not ever
Taking the military post bordering on Israel is “clearly a risky move for any Syrian rebel group considering the delicate state of dynamics in that area,” said Lister. However, he said, such a move should be seen as part of the rebels’ wider campaign goal of ridding Syria’s southwest Quneitra Governorate of regime forces.

There is no risk for the rebel group- They know Israel is their ally.

Don't miss UN Security Council meeting at Lithuania's request- Separatists take strategic town!

UN Security Council meeting at Lithuania's request- Separatists take strategic town!


The UN Security Council is preparing to meet in emergency session on the growing crisis in Ukraine.
Diplomats said Thursday that the council will meet at 2 p.m. at the request of Lithuania.

Lithuania, of course, brings to mind F the EU Nuland and her neocon husband Robert Kagan

Why this sudden concern?
Strategic town taken by Separatists was the original headline.... as sent to me

This advance connects Crimea to the Eastern separatist region- hence the concern  of Lithuania

Novoazovsk, which lies along the road connecting Russia to the Russia-annexed Crimea
The new southeastern front raised fears that the separatists are seeking to create a land link between Russia and Crimea. If successful, it could give them or Russia control over the entire Sea of Azov and the gas and mineral riches that energy experts believe it contains.
Ukraine already lost roughly half its coastline, several major ports and significant Black Sea mineral rights in March when Russia annexed Crimea.
 National Guard reinforcements were taking up positions in Mariupol.
"The positions are being strengthened," the spokesman said. "The road from Novoazovsk to Mariupol is under the control of Ukrainian troops."

Check the location of these latest advances using the resource top/sidebar to the right.
Novorossiya has just taken a big step forward- I get the frantic Lithuanian request


Ukraine leader, after key loss to separatists, says situation 'difficult but controllable'

 Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, speaking on Thursday after the army lost a key town to separatists, said the situation in the conflict zone in the east was "extraordinarily difficult ... but controllable"
 The loss of Novoazovsk, Ukraine's most southeasterly point, after a two-day assault by Russian-backed separatists in an armoured column, is a blow to government forces since it leaves vulnerable the big port city of Mariupol, further west along the coast.
Yup, the NATO panic is palpable!

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No breakthrought at Minsk- Second front opens as Ukie forces flounder

Still being dam short on time and want to get to yet more on Syria & Ukraine, but this tidbit is going to have to do. Hopefully some great commenters will leave some more info!!
hint, hint :)

Janes- Opening of second front as peace talks flounder indicates a military stalemate is developing in eastern Ukraine

Key Points

  • Peace talks were held between Russia and Ukraine in Minsk on 26 August, although little progress was made in finding a solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, as separatist fighters apparently launched a new offensive towards the city of Mariupol.
  • The poor organisation, logistics, and training of Ukrainian government forces make it highly unlikely they will achieve a military victory over the rebels in eastern Ukraine before the onset of winter, while Russia's direct but unofficial military support to the separatists is likely to intensify, with the aim of forcing the Ukrainian leadership into talks with the insurgents.
Minsk summit produces no breakthrough for Ukraine

While describing the talks as "positive," Russian President Vladimir Putin said the details of truce terms are the internal matter for Kiev.
"Russia can't substantively discuss conditions of a ceasefire...That is not our business, it's up to Ukraine itself," Putin told reporters in Minsk, Belarus early on Wednesday.
Ukraine must talk to separatists
"We can only contribute to creating a situation of trust for a possible, and in my view, extremely necessary, negotiation process," he added.
Ukraine must talk to separatists

For Ukraine, the largely Russian-speaking region is where the country's economic foundation lies.
Rich in deposits of coal and iron ore, the eastern part of Ukraine holds almost the entire industry of Ukraine, making the cession of this region unacceptable for Kiev.
Kiev now urgently wants the rebels to hand back the territory they have captured in eastern Ukraine

The EU is very concerned with trade. Read entire article at above link

First post of the day- also open for comments for a short time
James Foley: Fake tape = No beheading. Spooks and spies, oh my!

James Foley: Fake tape = No beheading. Spooks and spies, oh my!

The alleged beheading of James Foley? Just another psychological operation
If you have had your head buried in the sand and have no idea what is being discussed....... James Foley “beheading” fans the war flames-Problem, Reaction, Solution

Presently-   The tape is, yawn, staged
A study of the four-minute 40-second clip, carried out by an international forensic science company which has worked for police forces across Britain, has raised a number of questions about what really happened on a patch of desert land, thought to be somewhere in northern Syria.
The analysis highlights a number of discrepancies that could indicate that the beheading scene broadcast to the world was not the genuine killing.
-Firstly, no blood can be seen, even though the knife is drawn across the neck area at least six times, the British daily said quoting experts.
-Secondly, sounds allegedly made by Foley do not appear consistent with what may be expected, it said.
-The forensic analysis expert said no incision could be seen on Foley's neck, though the right hand of the jihadist partially blocked the shot.
-Footage of Foley, 40, with his head shaven and kneeling upright in a bright orange robe, is filmed from two cameras running at the same time .
-Foley's words, which run for one minute and 26 seconds, appear to have been scripted, the report said.
-The analysis highlighted a blip in the imagery that could indicate the journalist had to repeat a line, it said.
-Scrutiny of the subsequent speech by the masked jihadist, in which he warns the US of attacks, indicate that the words are spoken by the militant even though his mouth is obscured by his headscarf.

Of course, in keeping with the completely bogus narrative, the analysis does not dispute that Foley was beheaded.  I however, do dispute that any beheading took place.
It's a simple as this- Faked beheading = No proof of a killing of anyone, anywhere, at all.
 "No one is disputing that at some point an execution occurred." Is complete and utter baloney- They cannot claim any execution took place when there is ZERO proof of said execution taking place?

A most disgusting aspect of this whole sordid saga?  The US narrative creations services aka 'intelligence' validated this tape.
Flashback to previous post- BTW: US Intelligence is claiming the video is real. So what? That doesn't make the beheading real.    No more real then any beheading that takes place in a Hollywood gore flick- That video is real, also!

Oops they lied. It must just be more of that incompetence, right? The kind that always leads to blowback?
Blowback, is of course, just another lie.  The logical fallacy of “blowback” Intoxication with the blowback mind virus

Concluding- Fake tape = No beheading = Psyop
Spooky hip/hop/rapper UK Jihadi


The fake beheading tape featured exhiphop artist:  Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary — also known as “Lyricist Jinn” or “L Jinny” — is the main suspect
-Good thing that there would be lots of voice samples available for identifying purposes, right?
-And isn't it interesting that the largely UK/European/Indian media is suggesting this fake video may get our spooky hiphop artist off the hook?
Forensic analysis of the footage of the journalist’s death has suggested that the British jihadist in the film may have been the frontman rather than the killer.
Not the killer, just the frontman. - Isn't it fortunate, that the tape is fake, for the spooky hip/hop jihadist with a ton of voice samples widely available for analysis? - Isn't it fortunate that the spooky hip/hop jihadist would be the one to do the voice over knowing he could easily be identified and cleared of wrong doing?
And, wouldn't a hip/hoppin/rappin jihadist in swingin' London make a perfect recruiting tool for NATO Islamist armies. Dupes who wouldn't have a clue they were fighting for the global war machine? It's almost foolproof. It is in fact such a good model, it was used in the US!  See one allegedly dead  American Rapper Douglas McAuthur McCain Killed Fighting for Isis in Syria  Douglas McAuthur McCain? Reportedly died in a fire fight. Identified by his passport, allegedly found on the battlefield and $800.00 cash  He was known to the FBI   Why? When he had only had minor scuffles with the law?
 In 2000, he was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, and public records show another arrest in 2006, booked for charges of obstruction.
.He was alleged to be on the terror watch list And yet............
The American travelled to Sweden to rap and several Swedes told NBC News that they met him when he performed in the town of Vasteras, near Stockholm and attended an underground rap show.

Then onto Turkey and into Syria? Sweden? These two rappin/hiphoppin jihadis are clearly linked to the massive Islamist pipeline created by any number of intelligence operations- Sweden, though? That suggests Israeli intelligence to me- But, who knows?

The UK hip/hop/rapper jihadi  has a dad with an interesting and equally spooky background

The father is alleged to be some kind of terrorist- he flees to UK and get’s political asylum in 1993? -According to the Guardian, he was arrested soon after the August 7, 1998 embassy bombings.
'There was a dawn raid by British police in white contamination suits, brandishing truncheons and breaking down the front door. Ragaa and the children were traumatized.  A dozen or so men were suddenly in their bedrooms, shouting for her husband, searching the children's clothes, tearing out pages from any books with telephone numbers.
-But British authorities found nothing to tie Bari to the embassy bombings and he was soon released
- He was arrested again when the United States applied for his extradition on the same charges that the British had dismissed
He was extradited to the U.S. in 2012. And still awaiting trial
Let's go a bit further back to get a bit more background on the UK rapper jihadist's father
and the company he kept - Extradition saga ends
Adel Abdel-Meguid Abdel-Bari, (UK jihadi's dad) sentenced to death in absentia by an Egyptian military court for allegedly plotting to plant bombs in the central Cairo Khan Al-Khalili bazaar, left Egypt for the UK in 1990. He obtained political asylum in 1993 and set up the International Office for the Defence of the Egyptian People in London in 1997.
 British nationals Syed Tahla Ahsan and Babar Ahmed are both described as computer experts. They were first detained in 2004 and 2006 for operating a website supporting mujahideen in Afghanistan and Chechnya by securing money, recruits and equipment.
Both men are charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and conspiring to kill persons in a foreign country. Ahmed also faces money laundering charges.
 Abu Hamza was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on 15 April 1958. His father was an army officer, his mother the headmistress of a primary school. After obtaining a degree in civil engineering Abu Hamza left for the UK in 1979. In the late 1980s he came into contact with mujahideen who had fought against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, serving as their translator when they came to London for medical treatment.
He soon joined them in Afghanistan where he lost his hands and one eye. In 1993 he returned to the UK for treatment only to leave two years later to support Bosnian Muslims during the worst of the atrocities committed during the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. He finally settled in the UK in 1997 and became the preacher of the Finsbury Park mosque in London.

The Guardian lamented the incarceration of UK junior Jihadi's daddy
Egypt puts British justice to shame
As political prisoners go free in post-Mubarak Egypt, Adel Abdel Bary, who sought asylum in the UK, still languishes in a UK jail
Thousands of political opponents were jailed by Sadat, and tens of thousands more after his assassination; opponents of the regime were hounded at home and abroad.
Adel Abdel Bary, a human rights lawyer who was for years one of Amnesty International's sources of information, was imprisoned and tortured for his political opposition; in 1993, he was given political asylum here. He was then arrested here in 1998, shortly after the al-Qaida attack on US embassies in east Africa. He was released after five days when the British police found there was no terrorism case to charge him with.

 In London, Abdel Bary was focused only on his own country, and ran an organisation called International Office for the Defence of the Egyptian People. UK officials were aware of these political activities.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pentagon laying ground work for strike on (ISIS in) Syria

I have more to say on this subject, the beheading of Foley, but, am short on time
So, we'll just lay the foundation with this

WASHINGTON: The US military is seeking to fly drones over Syria to gather intelligence information about the Islamic State militant group, laying the groundwork for a possible expansion of its limited air campaign beyond Iraq, according to a media report.

The Pentagon is preparing to send surveillance aircraft, including drones, into Syrian airspace to gather intelligence on Islamic State targets

While the White House insisted that President Barack Obama has not made any decision yet, The New York Times said that Obama has allowed flying surveillance drones over Syria.

The flights would be a precursor to broader airstrikes against ISIS militants, which are already taking place in Iraq, the daily said.

"The Pentagon is preparing to conduct reconnaissance flights over Syria. There is no decision yet to do strikes, but in order to help make that decision, you want to get as much situational awareness as possible," a US official said.

The White House refused to comment on the story. "We're not going to comment on intelligence or operational issues. As we've been saying, we'll use all the tools at our disposal when it comes to the protection of our people," National Security Council Spokesperson Caitlin Hayden said.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the drones would enter Syrian airspace without any Syrian regime approval or authorization. The operation would be conducted by the US Central Command. 
 "We have to be ready. We are always leaning forward. If there is going to be a shift in policy, developing an accurate picture is the first thing we need," a defense official was quoted as saying by the daily.

What shift in policy would that be? Since the policy has been destabilization and destruction of Syria and it's society and history all this time. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Italy to arm Iraqis with previously seized weapons- Gladio Flashback

This recent news story is a ‘blast from the past’ fast forwarded to the future.
Past or present, where shall we begin?
For today, let’s read the present day news- “Italy to arm Iraqis with weapons seized during Yugoslavia’s break up” This story certainly rang a bell!

Italy intends to use a stockpile of weapons it seized during the bloody breakup of Yugoslavia two decades ago to help supply Iraq with machine guns and tank-destroying rockets to combat Islamic State militants. 
The Italian government was granted broad authority over the use of the confiscated weapons under a 2009 law. 
The confiscated weapons were seized in the Mediterranean Sea in 1994 as part of moves to cut off the clandestine supply of arms to factions fighting in the ex-Yugoslavia, according to a parliamentary motion presented by lawmaker Guido Calvisi in 2011. The hoard includes 30,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles that Ms Pinotti said today aren't immediately destined for Iraq.
"We're not talking about the famous 30,000 Kalashnikovs, but we'll consider those too," Ms Pinotti said.”
“The confiscated weapons were seized in the Mediterranean Sea in 1994 as part of moves to cut off the clandestine supply of arms to factions fighting in the ex-Yugoslavia”

Cutting off fighting factions in Yugoslavia?  Is that truly why these were confiscated? Clandestine arms to ‘factions? Which factions? That is not mentioned. I'm extremely doubtful that these weapons had anything to do with the government of the time. The factions mentioned, at that time, would have surely included the KLA. If you have been paying attention you will be aware KLA affilliates are present in northern Iraq.
 The more likely scenario is that the “confiscation” of these weapons was cover for a pretty standard “gladio style” cache of weapons for future use.

An Italian policeman of the DIA (Anti-mafia Investigation Department) holds up two Katyusha rockets from the huge cache or arms found on board the Jadran Express

Let’s go back to 2011 when it was reported that these same weapons had made there way to Libya

 Enough weapons 'to start and win a small war' go missing from Italian navy yard
This article tells us that the confiscated weapons went missing, but, somehow got to Libya? And yet, these are the very same confiscated/missing weapons mentioned in the weapons to Iraq article (highlighted and italicized) So, somehow the weapons were found? Or were they never missing at all? Or are the weapons destined for the Iraqi kurds, different or new weapons  then the ones claimed to be previously confiscated?  The missing or maybe not really missing at all weapons? Whichever may be the case, this is fishy. Very fishy.
The haul, which was described by one military expert as ‘enough to start and win a small war,’ included 400 missiles, 30,000 AK47’s, 5,000 Katuscha rockets, 11,000 anti-tank rockets and 32million rounds.

All of the Russian-made weapons had been seized in 1994 by the Italian navy acting on intelligence from British intelligence who had been tracking the vessel they were on following undercover work by a spy.

Following the trial an order was signed for the weapons to be destroyed but it has now emerged that they were shipped to a secret naval bunker on the Italian island of Sardinia, which was formerly used by the American navy.
Two months ago the weapons were shipped to the Italian mainland on commercial passenger ferries – a massive risk – with the final destination rumoured to be Libyan rebels

"Following the trial"- in which all eight persons tried were cleared, including......

Prosecutors opened a criminal investigation and eight people were put on trial in Turin accused of arms trafficking but they were eventually cleared – among them was Russian oligarch Alexander Zhukov whose daughter Dasha is the partner of Chelsea supremo Roman Abramovich.
How could all 8 of them have been cleared?
“Today a spokesman for Sardinia-based prosecutor Riccardo Rossi said: ‘All attempts to get any information from the Ministry of Defence in Rome have proved fruitless as we have been told the episode is covered by State Secret”

The Italian government covered up for the arms dealers, which is why they were all cleared of charges.
I smell the overwhelming stink of a NATO op. NATO gladio style terror, arms and journalist spooks
My initial coverage of this started with the help of an intrepid Italian individual named Nikola who tipped me off to this intriguing tale. Two posts took shape around this arms movement .
Nikola if you are still around, I would love to hear from you! 
Whet your whistle with these 2 flashbacks! -

Cristiano Tinazzi the spook that ties Libya to Syria and arms from Croatia to Syria

Pt.2: Cristiano Tinazzi: A spook that ties Libya to Syria and arms from Italy via Croatia

And pay particular attention where it was Mr Tinazzi was heading to– because he connects us to present day Iraq- As do these weapons. Excerpting from previous post-
Nikola : “Tinazzi, is a nazi reporter who works with military branch of Italian intelligence. In Lybia, he's try to kidnap and kill, by his new friends of ragtag of the TNC, a jamahiriyan member who hosted him for four months. In Syria, he travel from Hatay to Aleppo, alongside with the salafi-taqfirist terrorists killers of the FSA.”

You can only imagine how this disclosure took hold of my interest? Cristiano reminded me of another so called journalist. More aptly a journalist/spook”
At that time, I referred to Marie (the pirate) Colvin- However, Mr( lost his head) Foley comes to mind presently- Journalist spooks involved, deeply involved, with the NATO state destruction machine.
Mr Tinazzi fits that mold In the previous post, I had included Mr Tinazzi’s itinerary 
Let’s look at Cristiano's itinerary?
08/03/12     Aleppo , Syria
07/28/12     Rome , Italy
06/20/12     Tunisi , Tunisia
06/15/12     Tripoli , Libya
10/14/11     Tunisi , Tunisia
08/21/11     Tripoli , Libya
03/30/11     Tripoli , Libya
08/03/10     Baghdad , Iraq
07/08/10     Baghdad , Iraq
03/29/09     Rome , Italy
03/23/09     Tripoli , Libya

Take particular notice of the fact that Mr Tinazzi is heading for Iraq

    11/07/13     Bassora , Iraq

From his current location:

    cristiano tinazzi is currently in Aleppo , Syria
Cristiano is going to Iraq. Bassora, Iraq
Is Bassora, the same as Basrah? Looks to be. Basrah Iraq. Quite near the Iranian border.
Why Basrah?
What could soon be going on in Basrah, Iraq that will require the presence of the spooky “journalist”  arms smuggler, Cristiano Tinazzi.?

Perhaps a separatist movement. An ‘autonomous’ region wanting to break away from the alleged tyranny of Maliki... Is NATO looking to get  a divisive destabilization campaign going in Iraq?!
How correct did I call that one?! Geez, I even shocked myself when reviewing that!

Curious and Curiouser?!

Don't Miss: Smartphones hampering kids' human emotion reading skills
Because humanity's survival is paramount to humans

Smartphones hampering kids' human emotion reading skills

First, no less an important story then the ongoing situation in the ME. I often say humanity is in dire straights
Though there are a large number of us- we are an endangered species.
And many willingly participate in the destruction of our humanity as we are increasingly corralled.
Does destroying the ability of children, future generations, to develop emotional  reading skills benefit the human family? Or the powers that shouldn't be?
Clearly the answer is this hampering of human development emotional and otherwise benefits the elite classes of tyrannical assess. So, you can keep moving along or you can break away from the herd? Which choice are you making? Keep in mind, your choice as an individuals affects us all as a group. Choose well.
Hampering emotional development/hampers social skills and makes children less human
The increase use of digital media now days and less time spent for face-to-face interaction have led to decline in social skills among kids.
UCLA study mentioned that the implications of the research are that people need more face-to-face interaction, and that even when people use digital media for social interaction, they're spending less time developing social skills and learning to read nonverbal cues.
Patricia Greenfield, a distinguished professor of psychology in the UCLA College, said that many people are looking at the benefits of digital media in education, and not many are looking at the costs like decreased sensitivity to emotional cues, losing the ability to understand the emotions of other people and the displacement of in-person social interaction by screen interaction seems to be reducing social skills.
Yalda Uhls, a senior researcher with the UCLA's Children's Digital Media Center, said that people can't learn nonverbal emotional cues from a screen in the way they can learn it from face-to-face communication.
The research will be in the October print edition of Computers in Human Behavior.

Friday, August 22, 2014

"Assad Policies Aided the Rise of ISIS"- Narrative Creation at work!

We're going long boys & girls- But, it's going to be worth it!
Seriously, I cannot begin to describe how furious this lie filled piece of propaganda masquerading as fact, from Wall Street Journal, made me feel.

I have written and read so much about Syria that, yes indeed,  I feel confident in saying that WSJ has published garbage.
WSJ- Islamic State, or ISIS, Gained Momentum Early On From Calculated Decision by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Go Easy on It

First paragraph from this narrative creating article
The Islamic State, which metastasized from a group of militants seeking to overthrow the Syrian government into a marauding army gobbling up chunks of the Middle East, gained momentum early on from a calculated decision by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to go easy on it, according to people close to the regime.
Wrong. ISIS originated in Iraq and entered Syria. ISIS or IS as they are now branding it did not originate in Syria. Or should I say metastasize to promote the Obama meme equating ISIS &cancer? Total PR/spin work.

FLASHBACK! Monday, June 16, 2014- ISIS- A US created "stay behind" using Iraqs plundered wealth.
If we understand ISIS to be a left behind army, working on behalf of another master, then the application of  pressure on Maliki amp;; the collusion between the Kurds of Iraq and ISIS makes perfect sense.

Where or when did ISI/ ISIS/ISIL get started? 

Note: I am going to call this Left behind army - ISIS from here on in. Because they are one Army broken down in subdivisions like any standard army- top down organization. So ISIS. Easier to recall.

CFR AND  Al-Monitor
- The roots of ISIS go back to Oct. 15, 2006, when what is known as the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) was established.
-The group emerged in the ashes of the U.S.-led invasion to oust Saddam Hussein as al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) 
-After a U.S. counterterrorism campaign and Sunni efforts to maintain local security in what was known as the Tribal Awakening, AQI violence diminished from its peak in 2006–2007. But since the withdrawal of U.S. forces in late 2011, the group has increased attacks on mainly Shiite targets in what is seen as an attempt to reignite conflict between Iraq's Sunni minority and the Shiite-dominated government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki”
ISIS originated, rising from the ashes like a goddam phoenix, in Iraq! 
WSJ Paragraph 2- Earlier in the three-year-old Syrian uprising, Mr. Assad decided to mostly avoid fighting the Islamic State to enable it to cannibalize the more secular rebel group supported by the West, the Free Syrian Army, said Izzat Shahbandar, an Assad ally and former Iraqi lawmaker who was Baghdad's liaison to Damascus. The goal, he said, was to force the world to choose between the regime and extremists
Mr Assad has been fighting "ISIS" all along, because there are ZERO moderate or secular rebels in Syria, supported by the West. That's right none. Not a one! Long time readers will knowI call these fighters NATO/Israel's Islamist army cause that is exactly what they are
I don't care what brand they are being promoting  as- they are NATO/Israel's Islamist fighters
 Cont with WSJ lies- The Islamic State, also known by the acronyms ISIS and ISIL, has emerged recently as a major threat to the entire region and beyond. Its seizure of territory in neighboring Iraq triggered American airstrikes, and its execution this week of kidnapped American journalist James Foley prompted President Barack Obama to vow to continue the U.S. air war against the group in Iraq and to relentlessly pursue the killers. General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the group can't be defeated without choking off its operations in Syria.
"ISIS", aka Nato/Israel's Islamist army, seizure of territory in it's birthplace of Iraq was not a surprise to the US- It was infact very beneficial to the US and company so they could enact a regime change, create the new petro state of Kurdistan and start bombing Syria!

Flashback yet again!  -June 14/14 & August 14/14

Iraq regime change operation- First mentioned by me, here one the blog, two months before Obomba achieved his goal-
Achieved as reported here August 14 Maliki stands down- US Regime change accomplished via ISIS terror proxy
First mentioned to readers - June 14/14. (on the 14th day, same as today) 
 Obama delivered ultimatum to Maliki via ISIS- Comply or............
I am not sure what Obama is aiming for?  But am now certain the election win by Maliki triggered the use of ISIS to help bring about the Obama administrations desired results.
 “It’s going to be very interesting to see the impact of this crisis on  that process,” the official said.

There you have it! The crisis was created to impact the election process.
The thumb screws being applied is more then clear in the paragraph below
So Iraq regime change via ISIS terror proxy benefits NATO/US/Israel.

Kurdistan creation- It's being worked on. And has been mentioned in far too many posts for me to relink
Feel free to look back- But this is interesting, I had it saved for today.
 It’s time we contemplated the possibility of a post-conflict Kurdistan
Oh, really? I am sure that has been contemplated for a hell of a long time now!
It’s time we contemplated, quite seriously, the possibility of a post-conflict Kurdistan. It would mean changing the borders of Iraq; it would mean infuriating Turkey, but it’s looking increasingly like reality.
Of course what the blathering idiot from the Spectator didn't mention is creating a post conflict Kurdistan would require altering the borders of Syria But, then that might give away a bit too much of the agenda, right?
Kurdistan creation in Syria- a foregone conclusion according to this guy- Syrian Kurdistan's status will be recognised: FM Salih Gedo  22.8.2014  - How does he know? 

Plans to bomb sovereign Syrian territory- let's count the reports?

1-Above lie filled screed from WSJ

2- If the Islamic State is to be stopped in Iraq, it must be stopped in Syria too

 3- Dempsey hits Islamic militant 'end-of-days' vision 
 "To your question, can they be defeated without addressing that part of their organization which resides in Syria? The answer is no," he said. "That will have to be addressed on both sides of what is essentially at this point a nonexistent border.
"And that will come when we have a coalition in the region that takes on the task of defeating ISIS over time," Dempsey added
4- Time  U.S. Weighs Military Action Against ISIS in Syria
Gen. Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Thursday that any strategy against ISIS would have to include action against militants in Syria, and Rhodes didn’t disagree with that assertion Friday.
“Well, we certainly agree that any strategy to deal with the [ISIS] organization has to deal with both sides of the border, Iraq and Syria.
Of course all this talk of bombing Syria was made possible by that very convenient, faked beheading of whoever we are supposed to believe was in that video. A timely beheading that, of course, benefits the US/NATO/Israel agenda so perfectly. Cause the beheading does nothing for Syria!

False Flag- Cui Bono? - James Foley “beheading” fans the war flames-Problem, Reaction, Solution

WSJ's  lying, of course,continues - Now WSJ is going to inform you of this non-truth
 The Assad regime now appears to be shifting away from its early reluctance to engage the group.
In June, Syria launched airstrikes on the group's headquarters in Raqqa in northern Syria, the first large-scale offensive against the militant group since it rose to power a year ago.
 As I have already made abundantly clear over these 3 plus years- Syria has been fighting NATO's Islamic Terror groups funded and trained by the US/Israel/Turkey and the GCC nations  all along!

Flashback yet again to October 22/2013
Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Is Seen Complicating the Drive for Peace in Syria

 This is one older example of the  moderates vs extremist  narrative. (or at least as far back as I could find right now, but, I think there are other posts addressing this nonsense)  Branding some of the NATO Islamists as 'terrorists' vs moderates. They are all terrorists- They have been terrorizing Syrians for more then 3 years now- They are bought, paid, armed, trained, fed, medically treated for with Western/NATO/US/Israeli/British/French/Canadian and GCC dollars
 "Oh it isn't just 'al  Qaeda' complicating the drive for peace. Pay attention to what John Kerry is saying.

By challenging moderate Syrian rebels,(? phony narrative, there are no moderates) the group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has forced them to fight on two fronts and divert resources from their battle with the government of President Bashar al-Assad, the official said.
Kerry then went on about Assad running for re-election and how this wasn't beneficial to peace
 If he thinks he’s going to solve problems by running for re-election I can say to him, I think, with certainty this war will not end as long as that’s the case or he is there,” Mr. Kerry said, referring to Mr. Assad.
Kerry and company made dam sure the war on Syria didn't end. He said with certainty the war was going to go on and he made it so! Kerry didn't care what the Syrian's wanted. So, when Mr Assad handily won the election well the US just had to do something

And if you pay attention to dates, because they are important, Bashar Assad was soundly re-elected by Syrians- who voted in droves, including while in refugee camps of other nations, June of this year!

Flashback again!- June 3/2014

 Syria- Assad's election win/Obama sudden change of 'mind'

Recap- Assad wins big. In a timely fashion ISIS advances in Iraq in order to enable the regime change of the democratically elected leader in Iraq. Allowing for US troop buildup, bombing runs, lots of armed killers and prepping for what? It appears as if a  long planned move on Syria is in the works! Convenient!
 June 03/14- "While the Syrians make their choice, democratically, at the ballot box the global fascist dictator, Obama, plots against the tiny sovereign, daring to be independent, nation. 
 Gulf News-Obama’s sudden change of mind on Syria
President Barack Obama’s foreign policy speech at West Point last week was in large part a list of all the things he doesn’t want to do. He doesn’t want to withdraw from the world. At the same time, he doesn’t want to use military force to solve every problem. Above all, he doesn’t want to get stuck in another war in the Middle East, or anywhere else, for that matter.
But there’s an exception to the Obama Doctrine of restraint: terrorism. Obama is ready and willing to use US military power — indirectly if possible, directly if needed — against terrorists who pose a threat to the US

Digression- So, how convenient to the US/NATO/Israel agenda of destabilizing Syria is it,that the false flag/psyop beheading of James Foley (American) was took place in Syria? Very convenient!  James Foley beheading was terrorist attack against the US

June 03/14 continues-That’s why, even as he has withdrawn troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, the president has sent military advisors to Africa. And that’s why, almost unnoticed, he has approved a gradual but significant escalation of US action on the most complicated and dangerous battlefield of all: Syria.
And finally I want to end this very lengthy post by first saying thanks for staying with it
And then, share this quote left by an anonymous commenter
h/t anonymous

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary"
– H. L. Mencken

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ukraine (Kiev) suffers heavy losses in counter attack

This article is very, very contrary to many of the main stream media news items from today
It simply begged to have more attention paid to it.
More at the link below
Heavy Losses suffered in counter attack
MOSCOW--Ukraine suffered heavy losses Thursday in a counterattack along a key supply route to the separatist capital of Donetsk, signaling that despite steady advances by government forces pro-Russian rebel fighters still pose a significant threat.

Losses have mounted recently and the fierce fighting adds more pressure on Kiev to seek a compromise at peace talks next week in the Belarusian capital of Minsk, where Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Russian leader Vladimir Putin are scheduled to meet face-to-face for the first time in two months.
If Kiev was doing well, would they even consider seeking a compromise?
The attack in the town of Ilovaisk left 19 fighters from pro-Kiev volunteer battalions dead and 42 wounded, said senior Interior Ministry aide Anton Gerashchenko, without giving a time frame. The government has been steadily eating away at rebel-controlled territory and had said it regained control of Ilovaisk on Wednesday.
Col. Andriy Lysenko, spokesman for Ukraine'sNational Security and Defense Council, said the government had repulsed the insurgent counterattacks and that reinforcements had been sent to help bolster the town's defenses. Separatist leaders, however, said they had surrounded Ukrainian units in the town and prevented reinforcements from getting there.

The losses in Ilovaisk, "shows how fierce the fighting is there," Mr. Gerashchenko wrote in a post on his Facebook page. The four battalions fighting in Ilovaisk are from four volunteer units, and Mr. Gerashchenko said they were acting effectively as army units but without heavy weaponry.

Kiev forces have increasingly relied on the committed but poorly trained volunteer units in recent weeks. Mr. Gerashchenko wrote in his post Thursday that a problem in the operation was a lack of coordination with the army, which provides artillery support for operations.

The months long conflict has begun to weigh heavily on Ukraine's already weakened economy. On Thursday, Economy Minister Pavlo Sheremeta said he had submitted his resignation because he was unhappy with the pace of reforms and the appointment of a trade representative without his approval.

Mr. Sheremeta's departed with a broadside at the government's attempts to overhaul its moribund economy, which is forecast to contract by more than 6% this year.

"We need to change this whole paradigm: The system, the people, the processes," Mr. Sheremeta said Thursday.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, an economist who threatened to quit last month over the slow pace of reform, has warned that restoring infrastructure in eastern Ukraine could cost billions of dollars and that the conflict was hamstringing much-needed economic overhauls.

At the same time, Col. Lysenko pointed to government progress in the battle for control of the rebel's easternmost stronghold of Luhansk. Over the weekend, Ukraine took control of a district police station not far from the city and on Wednesday, Col. Lysenko claimed troops had taken control of "a significant part" of the city," without specifying what additional gains had been made.

The rebels deny that the government has made any serious advances into the city. On Thursday, Col. Lysenko said that fierce fighting continues to take place there and that soldiers working in small mobile groups were moving to take out rebel units and checkpoints.
Interesting, no?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

James Foley “beheading” fans the war flames-Problem, Reaction, Solution


James Foley?
 James Foley, whatever his situation or affiliations, knew going into a war zone came with potential repercussions. Including death.

So...... why all the fuss?

Allegedly, so?
Problem, Reaction Solution

1-Problem- How to sell the justifcation/need for wider war to the masses?

Create a ‘beheading” story? Fan it up. Lots of coverage. An abundance of self-righteous outrage, demands for justice etc.,
Making conditions right for the already anticipated......................................
2- Reaction.
Let's examine a bit of the conditioning being created to guarantee the proper reaction for the predetermined outcome, which we will get to!

MSM- An overabundance of news stories for an alleged beheading. Geez there have been so many, real ones..that the main stream media looked away or downplayed?  If this beheading actually took place and that is a big if, right now. Why the reams and reams of promotional coverage?

BTW: US Intelligence is claiming the video is real. So what? That doesn't make the beheading real.    No more real then any beheading that takes place in a Hollywood gore flick- That video is real, also!
"the intelligence community reviewed the video and has "reached the judgment that this video is authentic." 
And there you have it!  The intelligence community (appeal to authority, says so, so it must be)

Social Media- James Foley’s mother has allegedly posted a statement to Facebook?
CBC- "He gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the Syrian people," said the statement, which was attributed to Foley's mother, Diane Foley.
This alleged posting is a huge red flag for me. Why?
Mr Foley is 40 years old, which would make his mother minimally early ‘60's possibly even in her ‘70's
Not the usual facebook participant: Stats on ages of facebook users!
 The numbers dwindle quickly after that, with 55-63 year-olds at 12.7 percent and 64 and older at 9.3 percent.
It appears that persons in Diane Foley's age group equal about roughly 11 percent of Facebook usage So, odds are stacked against Mr Foley's mom being an actual facebook user.
But, that is not all! No, that is not all.....
Keep this in mind!  There are known to be 83 million fake profiles on Facebook
How many unknown fake profiles are there? The number is likely more then 83 million fakes.
Therefore when we consider- a) Mr Foley’s mother’s age-b) Face book usage stats for that age group. Plus- c) the numbers of fake accounts on Facebook.
 A person can't really give any credence to the statement the msm “attributes” to the mother.
Personally speaking. As a mom and sentient human being, I find this type of activity on the part of a grieving parent completely non-credible. Sorry, if someone just killed my child,, I wouldn’t even be here at this blog.
So, for that reason along with all the others mentioned I don’t believe the statement attributed to the mother is anything but part of some public relations ploy to whip up support for the, already planned and desired by the elites warmongering psychopaths, 'solution'

Alleged beheading video?

That is the only video I could find. I do not see anyone being beheaded. A beheading is certainly suggested. But, suggestion doesn't tell us anything. It only allows us to run away with our emotions and imaginations if we choose to.
I notice the British sounding accent- British Special Ops?
I also notice the editing?
What I don't see is any beheading.
I know Kenny had a link to a video purporting to show this alleged crime,but, I couldn't view it at his link
Link available in the comment section

3- Solution.
In problem, reaction, solution, the "solution", is always that which was planned for all along.
The solution in this case means-Pushing the war into Syria.- This has been obvious for sometime.
This was the intended outcome from the arming of the Kurds, the American military involvement, the request for no fly zones and the involvement of the PKK terror group.
That was one I hadn't got around to. Though I did save articles to use?  The PKK has been involved in Northern Iraq for quite some time now.

Headline Financial Times- "PKK ‘terrorists’ crucial to fight against Isis"
To the west, they are terrorists, yet they are now fighting on the same side as their interests converge with the US in the fight to help Iraq’s Kurdish forces stave off a jihadi offensive.
But Yazidis may better remember the role of Ankara’s rivals. The PKK’s sister group in Syria, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), was the main force battling Isis and helping them escape.

The YPG – whose numbers are believed to be over 20,000 – is probably the most successful group fighting Isis. The jihadi group got its start in war-torn Syria and launched some of its first offensives against Syrian Kurds, who managed to defend most of their enclave.

“The only force that has consistently fought Isis for the past two years was the PKK, under the name of the YPG,” Mr Zagros said. “So who’s the one really fighting terrorism here?”
So brand PKK terrorist and brand YPG were always one in the same and the first offensive the militant Kurds launched was against the Syrian Kurds.... (bringing them in line?)

The West has always had a soft spot for their terrorists... so called. Because clearly they are not terrorists if they are part of the team! With the same goals.

Oh and another NATO Islamic terror group has been involved in Northern Syria- A real blast from the past. Or maybe I am showing my age? Recall the KLA? Think Afghanistan. Think Yugoslavia. Think NATO terror state, drug smuggling, human trafficking, organ trafficking, prostitution etc., 
Hasim Thaci and Madeline Albright. Hasim Thaci and Richard Holbrooke !!!! (linked below)

UPDATE #1- Flashback to old post for the images of Mr Thaci and pals along with the background.
Richard Holbrooke, KLA Terrorists, Kosovo recognition
The US administration's affinity for terrorists runs very deep

Kosovo: Hashim Thaçi in coalition with Kosovo people fighting in Syria, says ex-minister

Skopje. After the police in Kosovo arrested some 40 people accused of terrorism, it is expected the list of suspects will be expanded by at least 20 people, the Macedonian online news edition Dnevnik writes.
The leaders of the Islamist movement Bashkohu [English: Join] of Fuad Ramici and at least 4 imams accused of incitement to hatred and recruiting people to take part in terrorist organisations are among them, Koha Ditore newspaper of Pristina said.
The influential Kosovan imams are from Pristina, Gnjilane and Kosovska Mitrovica and are accused of being directly linked to the terrorist organisations Islamic State and the Al-Nusra Front.
Blerim Kuçi, former interior minister of Kosovo, thinks Kosovan Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi and the Democratic Party of Kosovo are to blame for this as they are in a coalition with the extremists and won the elections for this reason.
It surely looks as if northern Iraq is hosting a NATO terrorist reunion.
This beheading, likely not real, is all the impetus the terror states - US, UK, France, Israel (NATO) along with their terror minions need to push into Syria and make that new oil state of Kurdistan...

UPDATE # 2 - Added August 21/08

H/T  Kenny @ Kenny's Sideshow - Image from the beheading
Notice any anomalies?

To help you out in spotting the differences an image of Foley

UPDATE # 3- Added August 21/08
So we're to believe that special forces are deployed to rescue civilians?
Only in Hollywood movies.........

In a surprise development Syria warning the US against airstrikes in the country...
“Any unilateral action beyond UN Security Council Resolution 2170 will be considered an act of aggression against an independent state,” Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad said on Wednesday.

 A bit more from the article

Syria’s state-run SANA news agency quoted Miqdad as saying the US “should refrain from using the international community’s resolutions to cover for interference into internal affairs of other states.”

Because it hasn't been toooo flippin obvious this was exactly the direction the US and company are heading? How long have I been mentioning it?  Surely, Syria's gov can see what is right in front of everyone's face?!


Staged Provocations Ahead Possible US-Syrian War

With the alleged brutal murder of American journalist James Wright Foley, a wave of anger and aggression across Western audiences has been generated. Upon that wave rides two objectives. One is to create plausible deniability for the West which created the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), the other is to create a further pretext to justify a resurgence of direct US military intervention across the region.

Yup, a wave of anger and aggression has certainly been generated- the reaction factor!