Friday, August 15, 2014

ISIS Tentacles Reach toward China

This is an interesting article. 

What do readers here think about these connections?
 I see it as a definite possibility, when we recall the fact that Uighers and  Pakistanis were killing Syrians and making their NATO best effort to destroy that nation. It already seems we have some connectivity.
I know nothing of Peter Lee. If anyone else has come across his work let me know?
"It's been reported on the always-reliable Twitter by a Pakistan journalist, Ali Kamran Chishti, that Abdul Maulana Aziz has declared his support for the "Caliphate of Abu Bakar Baghdadi", ie ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, now the Islamic State. "Video to be uploaded soon". If confirmed, this is potentially big and bad news for the People's Republic of China.

Abdul Maulana Aziz was the radical spiritual leader of Lal Masjid, the Red Mosque, in downtown Islamabad. In 2007, after a prolonged and desultory siege, Pakistan armed forces stormed the mosque, signaling a partial fracture of the de facto alliance between the Pakistan deep state and radical Islam.  The confrontation was little noted in the West, but it was big news in the People's Republic of China.
 Followers of the Red Mosque had targeted Chinese sex workers as part of a purification campaign; Uyghur students - "terrorists" according to the PRC - were reportedly ensconced at the mosque, and, as the as the siege muddled slowly on its initial stages, radical Islamists retaliated against Chinese in other parts of the country.

In response, the PRC, which at that time relied largely upon the good offices of its local allies and assets to keep a lid on Uyghur extremism, demanded action. The then president, General Pervez Musharraf, torn between his military/intelligence and Chinese constituencies, obliged the PRC by sending troops personally loyal to him to storm the mosque in a bloody, catastrophic attack that probably claimed hundreds of lives.

Aziz had previously attempted to escape the siege by disguising himself in a burka, but was captured and paraded before the cameras in a humiliating fashion. His brother died in the assault


  1. Peter Lee

  2. who remembers Pussy riot? and will this become an international incident?
    Sin of the flesh: Woman arrested for filming porn in Austrian church

    and yes Peter Lee runs the china matters blog

    1. HI brian
      no, no international incident
      non nato target nation

  3. He is a frequent contributor to Asia Times Online, where he is introduced as:
    "Peter Lee is the moving force behind the Asian affairs website China Matters which provides continuing critical updates on China and Asia-Pacific policies. His work frequently appears at Asia Times Online".

    The idea of the "Khalifate" was concocted by the Mossad/CIA/MI5 to unify the Muslim world including the Muslim populations of Russia (Tatars and Caucasians) and China (Uyghurs) invited to revolt against their "oppressors".

    1. Hi WizOz!!

      I was wondering where you had gone, and had hoped you would be back
      so three cheers that you are still around

      "The idea of the "Khalifate" was concocted by the Mossad/CIA/MI5 to unify the Muslim world including the Muslim populations of Russia (Tatars and Caucasians) and China (Uyghurs) invited to revolt against their "oppressors".

      I wouldn't doubt that one bit

    2. Hi Penny,

      It gives you a pleasant tickle to be missed! Just been busy with some unavoidables. Nothing serious.

  4. was thinking about the movement of ISIS into China in terms of all the cooperation between China and Russia- trade, pipeline- energy purchase
    avoiding the nonsensical sanctions regiment

    1. The problem is older:

      "The Chinese government has claimed since 2012 that Uyghur militants from Xinjiang are fighting with the rebels in Syria against the government of Bashar al-Assad. On July 1, China said that a Uyghur militant who studied in Istanbul and fought with the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo had returned to Xinjiang and was arrested while planning to carry out "violent attacks" in China". (China claims Uyghurs trained in Syria, By Jacob Zenn, Asia Times Online, Jul. 15, '13).

      It is part of the "Great Game". The creation of the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan had a wider objective than repelling the Russians. Certainly it should have work in sync with revolts in Tibet and Central Asia. The first rapprochement between Russia and China in 1996 was precisely due to this menace (The "Shanghai Five" which evolved into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization)
      Ironically Xinjiang means "the new frontier", a "Ukraine" of sorts.

  5. Well if the dots connect then this a winner for Mossad/CIA/MI5 in that this a thorn in China side that the Amerika would want for sure.

  6. thats the danger of a religion that spreads itself around the world: the brotherhood aspect merges with the militancy and the become a threat to any state

  7. now if the rich venezuelans were in charge, this would not exist

  8. israel and ISIL are allies... PressTV


  10. The grave of Stephan Bandera, the spiritual leader of American-Ukrainian Nazi's is blown in Munchen, Germany.

  11. I think a step in the right direction by Egypt.

    The highest administrative court in Egypt, the Supreme Administrative Court, dissolved the political party of the Brotherhood in Egypt, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP). The Court also liquidated all of the FJP’s assets in an attempt to forfeit any further political ambitions and activities that the party, and more to the point the Brotherhood itself, might have in Egypt.

    good to see that zionist funded trash get kicked in the teeth.

    This statement 2 years ago by Tony Cartalucci hits the nail on the head,

    The Muslim Brotherhood has been combated by nations across the Arab World to stem the tide of their sectarian extremism, violence, and their targeted erosion of secular nation-states. Ironically, the US which has claimed to have been fighting the forces of sectarian extremism and “terrorism” for over a decade now, have been revealed as the primary enabler of the most violent and extreme terrorist organizations in the world. These include, in addition to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in Libya, Baluch terrorists in Pakistan, and the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) currently based in Iraq and being used as proxies against Iran.

    Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Khaleq al-Shabrawi, leader of the Shabrawia Order, one of the largest Sufi spiritual orders in Egypt said there is no difference between the Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood, both are funded by "international Zionism and Freemasonry" (Vetogate: Jun 22, 2014)

    so it what is behind extremists in Egypt is zionists and masons, and the fact that everywhere they show up are oil interest that zionist and mason controlled oil companies want their hands on or are not in full control of, logic would say that these groups are also behind destabilizing China in the area where future pipelines will run that are not controlled by zionist or masons.

  12. All through the 70s and until quite recently, the Chicoms stood at the ready to backstop the Pakistanis, whenever it looked it liked the Americans, the other ally of Pakistan, were looking to rein in the Pakistanis. The restraints that the Americans tried on the Pakistanis, ranged from trying to stop nuclear proliferation, the support for Islamic terrorism and terrible discrimination against the minorities in Pakistan. But every such restraint that the Americans, tried to impose, was successfully bypassed by the Pakistanis as they appealed to the Chicoms, who were their most reliable ally during that period. The Chinese aimed to triangulate against India, which bled from Islamic terrorism from across the border in Pakistan. A Machiavellian policy, that served China well during that period. As long as it was someone else's ox that was getting gored, the Chinese were as happy to pay off the Pakistanis with aid and international support. Now that it is their turn to suffer from the whirlwind, that they had so clearly sown, they are all victims of Islamic terrorism if you please.

  13. hearing rumors of airstikes in Tripoli, Libya. Unknown fighters fly overhead then multiple explosions. I wonder if it was the Tornados stationed in Cyprus? or is Egypt getting serious?

    1. Or those rapid reaction forces repositioned to italy late last year. Or niger...

    2. Worth exploring imran khan in pak. His ex specifically now tied to russell brand. Khan us eitger a nationalist in the putin mold or a imposter. His falling off the stage in late innings of elections allegedly cost him votes. He is against the ground op in frontiers. Meanwhile sharif has been making very dovish overtures to india. Last week came out former isi chief advising imran. No status of forcrs agreement in afghan and kerry election agreement is already unwinding. India remains the prize. Rumor of a joint russian and india airliner after the sukoi incident is sure to raise ire after modi failed to deliver thus far robust dereg. Aig especially mentioned. Who was lobbiest? Frank wisner. Hagel was just in country sciuting .mil sales. Sharif for his part allegedly sent brother to meet garrison in rawalpindi to consult military and warn emphasis of turning pak into ukraine. India detente, saudi troop and possible nuke deployments, iran pipeline, china silk road....crosshairs

  14. Egypt is arming up a bit... with Russian arms.

  15. More on that Malaysia and Indonesia spillover.
    Former Malaysian PM Mahathir says he has lost faith in the government.

    Malaysian opposition averts split as PAS backs Anwar Ibrahim

    Looks like Malaysia is about to become ground zero

    Keep in mind someone apparently was spamming fliers against the Thailand military late last week...

    Between the brazil plane crash and the Indonesia/Malaysia + HK occupy, full fledged global offensive.

  16. thanks for the comments everyone
    will read and reply later, busy just now!