Wednesday, August 20, 2014

James Foley “beheading” fans the war flames-Problem, Reaction, Solution


James Foley?
 James Foley, whatever his situation or affiliations, knew going into a war zone came with potential repercussions. Including death.

So...... why all the fuss?

Allegedly, so?
Problem, Reaction Solution

1-Problem- How to sell the justifcation/need for wider war to the masses?

Create a ‘beheading” story? Fan it up. Lots of coverage. An abundance of self-righteous outrage, demands for justice etc.,
Making conditions right for the already anticipated......................................
2- Reaction.
Let's examine a bit of the conditioning being created to guarantee the proper reaction for the predetermined outcome, which we will get to!

MSM- An overabundance of news stories for an alleged beheading. Geez there have been so many, real ones..that the main stream media looked away or downplayed?  If this beheading actually took place and that is a big if, right now. Why the reams and reams of promotional coverage?

BTW: US Intelligence is claiming the video is real. So what? That doesn't make the beheading real.    No more real then any beheading that takes place in a Hollywood gore flick- That video is real, also!
"the intelligence community reviewed the video and has "reached the judgment that this video is authentic." 
And there you have it!  The intelligence community (appeal to authority, says so, so it must be)

Social Media- James Foley’s mother has allegedly posted a statement to Facebook?
CBC- "He gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the Syrian people," said the statement, which was attributed to Foley's mother, Diane Foley.
This alleged posting is a huge red flag for me. Why?
Mr Foley is 40 years old, which would make his mother minimally early ‘60's possibly even in her ‘70's
Not the usual facebook participant: Stats on ages of facebook users!
 The numbers dwindle quickly after that, with 55-63 year-olds at 12.7 percent and 64 and older at 9.3 percent.
It appears that persons in Diane Foley's age group equal about roughly 11 percent of Facebook usage So, odds are stacked against Mr Foley's mom being an actual facebook user.
But, that is not all! No, that is not all.....
Keep this in mind!  There are known to be 83 million fake profiles on Facebook
How many unknown fake profiles are there? The number is likely more then 83 million fakes.
Therefore when we consider- a) Mr Foley’s mother’s age-b) Face book usage stats for that age group. Plus- c) the numbers of fake accounts on Facebook.
 A person can't really give any credence to the statement the msm “attributes” to the mother.
Personally speaking. As a mom and sentient human being, I find this type of activity on the part of a grieving parent completely non-credible. Sorry, if someone just killed my child,, I wouldn’t even be here at this blog.
So, for that reason along with all the others mentioned I don’t believe the statement attributed to the mother is anything but part of some public relations ploy to whip up support for the, already planned and desired by the elites warmongering psychopaths, 'solution'

Alleged beheading video?

That is the only video I could find. I do not see anyone being beheaded. A beheading is certainly suggested. But, suggestion doesn't tell us anything. It only allows us to run away with our emotions and imaginations if we choose to.
I notice the British sounding accent- British Special Ops?
I also notice the editing?
What I don't see is any beheading.
I know Kenny had a link to a video purporting to show this alleged crime,but, I couldn't view it at his link
Link available in the comment section

3- Solution.
In problem, reaction, solution, the "solution", is always that which was planned for all along.
The solution in this case means-Pushing the war into Syria.- This has been obvious for sometime.
This was the intended outcome from the arming of the Kurds, the American military involvement, the request for no fly zones and the involvement of the PKK terror group.
That was one I hadn't got around to. Though I did save articles to use?  The PKK has been involved in Northern Iraq for quite some time now.

Headline Financial Times- "PKK ‘terrorists’ crucial to fight against Isis"
To the west, they are terrorists, yet they are now fighting on the same side as their interests converge with the US in the fight to help Iraq’s Kurdish forces stave off a jihadi offensive.
But Yazidis may better remember the role of Ankara’s rivals. The PKK’s sister group in Syria, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), was the main force battling Isis and helping them escape.

The YPG – whose numbers are believed to be over 20,000 – is probably the most successful group fighting Isis. The jihadi group got its start in war-torn Syria and launched some of its first offensives against Syrian Kurds, who managed to defend most of their enclave.

“The only force that has consistently fought Isis for the past two years was the PKK, under the name of the YPG,” Mr Zagros said. “So who’s the one really fighting terrorism here?”
So brand PKK terrorist and brand YPG were always one in the same and the first offensive the militant Kurds launched was against the Syrian Kurds.... (bringing them in line?)

The West has always had a soft spot for their terrorists... so called. Because clearly they are not terrorists if they are part of the team! With the same goals.

Oh and another NATO Islamic terror group has been involved in Northern Syria- A real blast from the past. Or maybe I am showing my age? Recall the KLA? Think Afghanistan. Think Yugoslavia. Think NATO terror state, drug smuggling, human trafficking, organ trafficking, prostitution etc., 
Hasim Thaci and Madeline Albright. Hasim Thaci and Richard Holbrooke !!!! (linked below)

UPDATE #1- Flashback to old post for the images of Mr Thaci and pals along with the background.
Richard Holbrooke, KLA Terrorists, Kosovo recognition
The US administration's affinity for terrorists runs very deep

Kosovo: Hashim Thaçi in coalition with Kosovo people fighting in Syria, says ex-minister

Skopje. After the police in Kosovo arrested some 40 people accused of terrorism, it is expected the list of suspects will be expanded by at least 20 people, the Macedonian online news edition Dnevnik writes.
The leaders of the Islamist movement Bashkohu [English: Join] of Fuad Ramici and at least 4 imams accused of incitement to hatred and recruiting people to take part in terrorist organisations are among them, Koha Ditore newspaper of Pristina said.
The influential Kosovan imams are from Pristina, Gnjilane and Kosovska Mitrovica and are accused of being directly linked to the terrorist organisations Islamic State and the Al-Nusra Front.
Blerim Kuçi, former interior minister of Kosovo, thinks Kosovan Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi and the Democratic Party of Kosovo are to blame for this as they are in a coalition with the extremists and won the elections for this reason.
It surely looks as if northern Iraq is hosting a NATO terrorist reunion.
This beheading, likely not real, is all the impetus the terror states - US, UK, France, Israel (NATO) along with their terror minions need to push into Syria and make that new oil state of Kurdistan...

UPDATE # 2 - Added August 21/08

H/T  Kenny @ Kenny's Sideshow - Image from the beheading
Notice any anomalies?

To help you out in spotting the differences an image of Foley

UPDATE # 3- Added August 21/08
So we're to believe that special forces are deployed to rescue civilians?
Only in Hollywood movies.........

In a surprise development Syria warning the US against airstrikes in the country...
“Any unilateral action beyond UN Security Council Resolution 2170 will be considered an act of aggression against an independent state,” Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad said on Wednesday.

 A bit more from the article

Syria’s state-run SANA news agency quoted Miqdad as saying the US “should refrain from using the international community’s resolutions to cover for interference into internal affairs of other states.”

Because it hasn't been toooo flippin obvious this was exactly the direction the US and company are heading? How long have I been mentioning it?  Surely, Syria's gov can see what is right in front of everyone's face?!


Staged Provocations Ahead Possible US-Syrian War

With the alleged brutal murder of American journalist James Wright Foley, a wave of anger and aggression across Western audiences has been generated. Upon that wave rides two objectives. One is to create plausible deniability for the West which created the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), the other is to create a further pretext to justify a resurgence of direct US military intervention across the region.

Yup, a wave of anger and aggression has certainly been generated- the reaction factor!


  1. James Foley was one of a new breed of activists calling themselves journalists. He didn’t travel to report on a story, but to promote an agenda. And the agenda was obvious from his Twitter feed."

    This kind of thing shuvved into the Herd Attention Space is quite revealing.

    Just imagine ourselves in a darkened Soviet movie theatre watching the newsreels. Got that expendable feeling yet as one heads off to a 12 hour shift in the tank factory. Don't look glum or the CHEKA will disappear you.

    Here in the trouble making centre of the human zoological gardens Cameron is talking out his mouth piece again. British terrorists, imported, raised, fed, indoctrinated under UKplc institutional care and released into the world to cause mayhem are referred to as citizens. NO Cameron, subjects of her majesty and her at her majesty's pleasure when they return from Mission Accomplished.

    One thing that can be guaranteed is that none of these ISIS/IS/AlCIAduh/MKUltra'd morons will never bomb a Rothschild great house here in the sceptic Isle. Like Gladsone's and Victoria's chimerical killers they don't bite the hand that feeds.

    UKplc is due for a lockdown soon to assimilate it's latest batch of imported killer talent. Just like in 1939. Nothing like a good war to make everyone forget their differences. USofA corp might get the same but more likely a civil war exported from UKplc.

    Anyway note that if we get theatrical productions ad nauseam re Holohoax and no great plays from Ukraine circa 1930 then we can guess that the geezer in the dayglo jammies is a special crisis actor due for a 2015 oscar.

    1. dayglo jammies- the fashion wear of American prison camps

  2. Back to the future. Remember the 'journalists' beheaded in Afghanistan? The Zionists and Israeli Firsters are pulling out some very old tricks to keep Americans PO and ready to fight and die for Israel for the next 40 years, the amount of time Israel needs to finish off its ethnic cleansing campaign against Palestine.

    1. Remember the 'journalists' beheaded in Afghanistan?

      Nope, can't say I recall those specific beheadings
      The one from iraq did- can't remember his name, but, that one didn't appear legit either
      Do you know which incident I am referencing?

  3. Here's a link to the video that's working right now.

    Does the knife even have a sharp edge?

    1. Hey Kenny, was just over at your place- literally just came back from there

      I was thinking that too- about the knife- small
      Thinking of a butcher knife, pretty substantial, considering one has to go through bones and muscle tissue

    2. ISIS’ Cheap Stage Knife and the James Foley Beheading Video

      The spooks are getting sloppy. They could at least have used a Stunt Blood Knife, which includes a tube leading from the blade edge to either a blood resevour & airbladder, small enough to fit into the hand along with the knife or a length of plastic tube where someone in the crew can use the supplied pump to add as much or as little blood as required:

      What's next, this? :

      Official Ghost Face mask and knife


  4. I thought that the video was potentially fake as you are right, there was no beheading, however your thought process on who uses Facebook is so laughably poor that I feel compelled to post. The age group you mentioned is the exact age group my dad, his brothers, their wives his sisters and their husbands fit in and every single one of them is on Facebook. Every single one. In fact I think I know more people of that age on Facebook then I do my own age.... So while I like where your thoughts were going it is complete conjecture and shouldn't really be considered.

    1. Your experience with some users is not born out by the stats
      My "laughably poor thought process" is supported by the stats as linked
      You may happen to know some of the people included in the approx 10 percent of users- So, what?
      That doesn't make a well supported claim- conjecture
      Check the links first
      Personally speaking my mother, mother in law and father and numerous older relatives are in that age group- NONE of them use face book
      I am younger and I do not use facebook- nor does my husband
      So, I am going to stick with the statistics
      next time I will just delete your extremely rude comment

  5. Here's a video that "shows" it.

    In my opinion, the scene at the 4:20-ish mark looks like looks like that from a low budget horror film. I find it odd that after several "slices" across the neck, which should've hit a MAJOR artery, there is NO BLOOD. Strange. I also notice that the neck line at the end of the event looks pretty darn clean. The posture of the body at the end raises concern also. His real head could very well be nicely tucked into the sand. I certainly do not pretend to be in the field of forensics, but these things seem obvious to pick up on.

    1. thanks-

      several slices across the neck and no blood?
      very unusual
      I will check it out

  6. The colour scheme was reminiscent of Lady Gaga meeting Queen Elizabeth the second a few years ago in England. Entertainment and News producers are starting to share some provocative simularities.

    1. I must have missed that meeting
      oh well, my loss I guess ;)

    So we're to believe that special forces are deployed to rescue civilians? Handy for NATO that ISBS are using their 'seized' weapons against 'evil' Syria, eh?

    1. Hi majestika
      I saw that news just this morning
      And I thought, sure, special forces went into to Syria to 'rescue' these guys...
      That's true, like it's true I am secretly the queen of england

  8. In a surprise development Syria warning the US against airstrikes in the country...

    “Any unilateral action beyond UN Security Council Resolution 2170 will be considered an act of aggression against an independent state,” Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad said on Wednesday.


  9. Kissinger circa 2013 on partition call:
    “It is now a civil war between sectarian groups”, Kissinger went on to state. “And I have to say we have misunderstood it from the beginning. If you read our media they say: we’ve got to get rid of Assad. And if we get rid of Assad, then we form a coalition government. Inconceivable. I’m all in favour of getting rid of Assad, but the dispute between us and the Russians on that issue, was that the Russians say: you start with getting rid of not just Assad, that’s not the issue, but you break up the state administration and you’ll wind up like in Iraq- that there is nothing to hold it together. And then you’ll have an even worse civil war. This is how that mess has taken the present form.”

    NOw look at ISIS gains

    Now look at Alawite territory

    Looks like Kissingers plan is being enforced.

    Kissinger has also called for a Finland solution in Ukraine as a best possible outcome circa cold war..

    1. I have said it before the latest time right above
      I believe ISIS is being used to carve out the newest petro state of Kurdistan, and Israel is on board

      "This beheading, likely not real, is all the impetus the terror states - US, UK, France, Israel (NATO) along with their terror minions need to push into Syria and make that new oil state of Kurdistan..."

      But, I don't believe they are prepared to go to much further south, at least not immediately- If Assad can keep the rest of Syria in tact over time, it will be a miracle.

  10. Now France is saying they dumped weapons into Syria a few months ago which lines up with the US raid which BBG reports "one American was wounded when an aircraft carrying members of the team was hit by ground fire, the officials said"

    April 2014:
    "In fact, Assad told a former Russian prime minister on Monday that much of the fighting in the war will be over by the end of the year, reported Reuters."

  11. Staged Provocations Ahead Possible US-Syrian War

    With the alleged brutal murder of American journalist James Wright Foley, a wave of anger and aggression across Western audiences has been generated. Upon that wave rides two objectives. One is to create plausible deniability for the West which created the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), the other is to create a further pretext to justify a resurgence of direct US military intervention across the region.



  12. CHEVI789 says:

    August 21st, 2014 at 2:01 AM [Level 8 - Legatus Legionis]

    And btw, where did he get the orange jumpsuit, ain't that an american standard issue for terrorists/criminals?.

    Comment from SP

    1. thanks jo and yes the orange jumpsuit has been standard american issue for it's prison camps for some time now

  13. There are several updates check them out
    I debated doing a second post but opted for updates
    Any relevant comments and info is greatly appreciated

  14. I am expecting soon enough the "blowback" narrative is going to make the rounds
    I call bullshit on that.


    watch the parent's

    how many times do they say 'hope' 'believe' and 'prayer'
    and the mother couldn't recall jim's birthday?
    remember jim as a dedicated, compassionate american?

    If someone killed my child so brutally I would NOT be talking like that
    I would be incoherent, blubbering about my baby
    My nose would be running, I would need tissue, seriously
    this is a child, a life you and a loved one have created
    I would be inconsolable


    1. seen it, thanks, hope others here have read it too!

  17. I hope his beheading is real as he wasn't a journalist but a spy like Mathew vandyke. They sided with terrorists and reported false information all the time. His friend Mathew vandyke who has an interview tonight at BBC Arabic will talk about him. Vandyke was hacked his msgs were leaked by the electronic army and his mission was to get rich from this war. He even had sex with a sheep. He has also picked up a weapon and fought in Libya. When you do that, you are a target. I can't wait for his beheading video.

    1. Hi Anonymous

      Vandyke is a scum to be sure, so he's making the rounds for his 'friend' is he? spooks for spooks
      Regarding foley, whoever he really is, that "beheading" was fake, IMO

      As for Vandyke, had sex with a sheep, eh?
      that is super creeepy and sick
      That poor sheep- it was raped, it was violated


    Yep game on

    1. thanks jo,
      saw the news this am about striking Syria, had something bookmarked to put up regarding this, not common dreams though, but, I'll have a read

  19. NATO Using Foley and ISIS As A Pretext For Bombing Syria - Ultimate Target Is Russia
    Brandon Turbeville Friday, August 22, 2014

    1. Yup, I have been on that theme for a while now, but, thanks for the link!

  20. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
    – H. L. Mencken

    1. I love that saying, thanks!
      It is so appropriate- gonna have to feature it!

  21. James Foley was a key propagandist in sparking the U.S. air invasion of Libya, in 2011. The proof is here. Believe it or not, it was through his kidnapping then ALSO... part of it spent on a posh resort island! Just about a year after his 'release' from that, he's kidnapped AGAIN! This time, he's calling us to attack Assad... apparently.
    There seems to be plenty of evidence, that we have NOT been told the truth about Foley's life at all - AND, perhaps not surprisingly, that he works for the CIA... under "press" cover. Does he have a second, secret life that is udeful for these warmongering exercises?
    The Corporate Media skunked AGAIN. Or are they the skunks? The 'beheading of James Foley, 'reporter', revealed for what it really is - another cheezy propaganda FAKE meant to somehow justify a new mindless war against Syria. AGAIN!

  22. James Foleys parents have vehemently spoken out against Assad and his disgusting attempts to use their son that he is responsible for killing for his own perverse propaganda attempts to hide his horror.