Thursday, August 14, 2014

Maliki stands down- US Regime change accomplished via ISIS terror proxy

The image below was not chosen to offend any of my American audience.
I am certain that you all, like myself, would want people where ever they live, to choose their own way. Amongst themselves.
Unfortunately psychopaths who have usurped power have other twisted ideas
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"Mission Accomplished" Claimed George Bush with regard to Iraq- some years back.
But, today another US President, a peace prize winner, has again accomplished his mission.
A mission that my readers were informed of two months ago!


June 14/14. (on the 14th day, same as today) Wow, I must be psychic! NOT
Obama delivered ultimatum to Maliki via ISIS- Comply or............
Snipping from that post- you can go back and read it

I am not sure what Obama is aiming for?  But am now certain the election win by Maliki triggered the use of ISIS to help bring about the Obama administrations desired results.
 “It’s going to be very interesting to see the impact of this crisis on  that process,” the official said.

There you have it! The crisis was created to impact the election process.
The thumb screws being applied is more then clear in the paragraph below

The crisis was of course, ISIS coming to life- all of a sudden like

        "Asked about a risk of the security situation on the ground getting out of hand while the administration waits for political movement, the official said, “That line may well exist. We’ll know it when we see it.” Obama, he said, has ordered military options prepared to “get ahead of” the line and to allow for quick action, if necessary"

This is very clear, to me, that ISIS is a terror asset controlled by, for simplicity, the US. The administration will be able to 'get ahead' of the line and act quickly should it become necessary.
Just another example of when an election doesn't go in the direction the US wants, the US ignores, derides, or worse enacts a regime change- That  indeed looks to be the situation
Bringing the news up to date- Today August 14/2014

 Maliki finally steps aside as Iraq Sunni leader sees U.S. help
Nuri al-Maliki finally bowed to pressure with Iraq and beyond on Thursday and stepped down as prime minister, paving the way for a new coalition that world and regional powers hope can quash a Sunni Islamist insurgency that threatens Baghdad.
Bowed to pressure with Iraq and beyond. Yes, pressure from the US proxy terror army ISIS.

One last item: the US administration must have been aware that Maliki, the rightfully elected leader of Iraq, was going to step down, because suddenly the Yazidi crisis is not a crisis anymore
Covered that in an update in yesterday's post

US Special Ops meet 'refugees' on alleged beseiged mountain- Updated! 


The Obama administration had been weighing the use of U.S. ground forces and aircraft to mount an emergency rescue

That strategy depends on the formation of a new Iraqi government

If the agenda is to save beleaguered persons under siege from 'terrorists'
what does the formation of a new government have to do with it? 
The obvious answer is nothing-
what a scam!
 The wool wasn't pulled over my eyes, or my savvy readers eye's either!
Iraq,as I have been aware of it my entire life, is done. 


  1. Feeling a bit bummed out, wondering how much longer this terror is going to be inflicted on us all- When are we, the masses the multi millions going to stop participating in this system- big sigh.................

    1. it will last until USrael achieves its goals, then the foolish sunnis will be sacrificed by their masters.
      Do they really know whom they are working for? or do they only see arab middle men?

    2. I don't know what they see
      Not sure
      what I am certain of.. there will be more bloodshed
      because the majority shiites will find themselves impoverished, usurped and left out- its not going to sit well with them all and of course
      Iraq is central to that area so it will be a staging ground for further bloodshed

  2. rob reiner is mistaken:
    'Reiner shlould be worried about the zionist control of congress! and compare them to the jews in israel crushing the native palestinians'

  3. lets hope more do the same:
    'On Sunday, July 20, an Israeli fighter jet dropped a bomb on the Ziadah family’s home in al-Bureij. The bomb killed the family matriarch, Muftiyah, 70; three of her sons, Jamil, Omar and Youssef; Jamil’s wife, Bayan; and their 12-year-old son, Shaaban. The bombing thus orphaned Jamal and Bayan’s other five children, four daughters and a son, while bereaving Omar’s two sons and Youssef’s three sons and a daughter of their fathers. The bombing also killed Mohammed Maqadmeh, who happened to be visiting the family that day.

    Zanoli, an attorney by profession, heard about the killing of the Ziadah family from his niece. As a way of expressing his shock and pain, he decided to return the medal and certificate that were awarded to him and his mother (posthumously) as Righteous Among the Nations. Because of his age and poor health, he did not do so in person, but sent them by messenger to the Israeli Embassy in The Hague – the same place where he received them in an official ceremony three years ago.

  4. de ja vu!
    Russian Market ‏@russian_market 2h
    How a Polish man's website became an Isis propaganda tool …

    recalls out friend in coventry:

    1. Poland eh?
      surprising and yet not surprising

  5. It is the iranians and sistani and sadr that wanted maliki gone for a while now. He ua made common cause because maliki was facilitating the cross territory shipments pipeline aside. Iran rg is fighting and dying in iraq. Ni doubt it was tehran that ordered maliki to step aside and likewise iran called for he integrity of iraq. Now the us is moving into anbar with the sunni tribes slash isis allies slash enemies. Nabucco being floated again is no doubt a us floated carrot too split russia and kneecap pakistan and india gas routes. But iran lawmakers like hezbollah weeks ago have called isis a us creation like maliki yesterday. And the us is moving into lebanon heavy alongside saudis sending hariri back to keep the place divided so the med basin????

    1. Nabucco was only viable, going on recall with Iranian oil
      If there was no Iranian oil, there was no Nabucco
      Nabucco is, if I am recalling correctly the competitor to south stream- Russia's southstream- I would have to reread some of my older posts, but, I am pretty sure there is a connection

      Yes, I saw Harriri the scum was back, a knew immediately that did not bode well for Lebanon

      Likely connected to med basin- Israel's claim on lebanons reserves

  6. See everything is now OK, the newly elected Amerikas man is in place. Who cares if no one got to vote;)

  7. O/T here is a pdf 521 pages of trade deal from hell coming to citizens of the world. I found this on common dreams were they write about the wrong subject and it isn't on top of the page.