Monday, August 18, 2014

The logical fallacy of “blowback” Intoxication with the blowback mind virus

Logical Fallacy: a misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning;  the logical fallacy of assuming the conclusion in the premises
Blowback is a logical fallacy- the logical fallacy of assuming the conclusion in the premises
Blowback, as commonly touted by the lying war mongering media, is always presented in this fashion: unforseen consequences from previous actions  Emphasis always on the “unforseen” 
Unforseen- defined as not anticipated or predicted.
Unforseen goes hand in hand with the ‘incompetence’ meme constantly and continuously.

These mind viruses work together like this-

1-We overthrew this (Insert name of country_______) government  + Said government then became a tyranny & very bad things happened = We had no idea this would result in any type of blowback, because we are a) incompetent b) lacked imagination c) could not have anticipated this outcome

Surely there are more examples that can be presented, but, am hoping this one will suffice?

I have been rolling this concept around in my head for some time now. Iraq’s most recent violent regime change was the impetus for today's post. What with the US claiming they want a “unity” government......
When facts speak otherwise. This is how I see Iraq playing out (comment from previous post)
“what I am certain of.. there will be more bloodshed
because the majority shiites will find themselves impoverished, usurped and left out- its not going to sit well with them all and of course
Iraq is central to that area so it will be a staging ground for further bloodshed”
In other words I can see the situation worsening not improving. The media will sell this as the logical fallacy known as blowback.  Of course, it is not blowback! It's the plan!

Witnessing, via the media, the recent state sponsored terror inflicted regime changes. In Libya. Ukraine. Iraq. Presented  to the masses with specific positive humanitarian themes and sales campaigns-
Taking stable nations and completely destabilizing them in the name of :
a) saving certain peoples (recently Kurd brand Yazidi)- which always begs the questions why only certain persons are ‘worthy’ of saving
b) freeing people from “tyranny” or “tyrants” (recently Gadaffi)
c) responding to the overwhelming desire of the masses (recently Ukraine)
What all these regime changes, for the so called benefit of the populace, have brought is instability. Violence. Displacement. Brutality. Degradation. Hunger. Homelessness. Disease. You get the picture?
Not improvement. Rather, the complete opposite. Degeneration. Degredation. Instability.
Are we to believe this is simply the unintended consequence of these regime changes?
The blowback?

I cannot accept this as anything other then yet another logical fallacy- That which seems to make sense on the surface, but, when one looks below the surface................

Then, I came across this piece!
 Maliki and the futility of regime change
The author goes through a history of regime changes American style and it’s not shocking to notice that they are big, glaring failures!

“America’s track record in the business of selecting or changing leaders in global hot spots where the United States finds itself involved (as if that is just some random occurrence?) is rather poor. Operations such as the overthrow of Mohammad Mossadegh in Iran or the Diem family in South Vietnam, or the botched Bay of Pigs raid to oust Fidel Castro, or the various clandestine operations in Latin America, have often generated problems greater than the ones they were meant to solve”
“The history of flubbed regime change does argue that there is no quick fix”
Notice the incompetence sales pitch? "flubbed"

And yet, despite this over abundance of historical failures the US keeps on violently changing regimes?
Therefore one has to sensibly conclude these failures are the desired outcome.
Failed states. Disease. Poverty. Displacement. Etc., And that ‘blowback’ is simply the sales pitch, propaganda term, PR spin, the mind virus spread to the masses in order to make them believe otherwise.
 If that is not exactly the desired outcome then why keep taking the same types of actions over and over and expect anything but the exact same result? Which is of course the definition of insanity and to my mind the definition of psychopathy.

Either way? - We have a problem with those we allow to lead us and it is not incompetence. It is evil. Pure evil, manifesting itself in the most horrific anti-human activities imaginable then hiding their criminality behind spin. To break free of this toxic, evil, psychopathic leadership we need to first rid ourselves of this blowback mind virus. Detox or cleanse it from our own brain and stop infecting others with this intoxicant!

Intoxicant- Anything taken into a body by one mean or another that produces a condition of diminished mental and physical ability, hyperexcitability, or stupefaction.


  1. Is there a Saudi-Iran-Russia-Egypt axis?

    Is Hariri - part time Parisian where the mystery raid just occurred on Prince - part of the Saudi/US tangle in lebanon as each race to arm up the Army?

    Us said to be moving into Anbar

    Hezbollah once again claiming ISIS is a US op. Do Saudis believe it? If so, what about those IS threats to the Kingdom?

    Saudis options are narrowing by the day.

    1. "Saudis options are narrowing by the day"

      How so?

  2. Amerika lives for blowback so it can continue to scare it dumb down citizens. Then of course give its dod vendor friends billions along the way.

    1. exactly jo
      scare people, but, also keep them believing in the official conspiracy theories put forth by the lying, killing, psychos
      time to stop believing

  3. Interesting stuff in this article.

    don't miss the referenced articles at the bottom

    1. The flimsy part of the article is the Saudi piece tying in Ukraine. This is reminiscent of the float back during Sochi about the Saudi Chechen plan to unleash bombers, which had the foul smell of disinfo at the time - incidentally that rumor allegedly came from Bandar who according to this author was dead at the time (an aside). Yrs ago the NYT ran a piece about smuggling op of weapons from croatia into Syria via Turkey. Croatia now being ground zero for the work around of Russian pipelines via the LNG plant. Croatia also just took in a kurd crude tanker. EU has elevated the Croatia LNG over South Stream, obviously. Croatia and WWII history well known.

      When you explore the totality of Saudi developments over the past years - MERS, eastern riots, social media crackdown, rumored border violations via Iraq/Jordan, troop callouts, Dong Fengs parade, Pakistan nukes, Pakistan loans, Pakistan troop deployments, Lebanon aid, Hariri return, IS threats about Kingdom, Abdullah promotion of sons, Nayef ascent (critically his fathers sudden death and hard anti MB stance), Morocco and Egypt skipping US Africa confab, more rumors about morocco rolling up IS training cells (narrative being spun it is a hollow state), Egypt/Algeria threats on Libya (then "anonymous" airstrikes), Syrian Jihadist recall/deadline, aired confession of former jihadist, US Fracking/OPEC production tussle, Aramco "hack", GCC fallout with Qatar, Saudi calls for a GCC defense force last year, etc. the picture is clear. And this is to say nothing of the economic implications of the GCC monetary union once again proposed.

      To reiterate: strong suggestions that the US and Saudi are NOT cooperating.

      Egypt once again out chiding the US..

      as more IS trainees pour over the border into Syria

      Now US is banning flights over Syria..What's coming?

      Worth reading Hez speech form Friday which calls IS an existential threat.


    2. yah, number 25 right?
      posted it here,but, was sort of half and half about it
      I have no doubt it's true
      don't need snowden to tell me- but the author thinks it was leaked to take the heat off Saudi Arabia- I don't see that it does.

    3. above reply to Paul
      anonymous 7:28 am
      how do you do it?!
      so much to read
      funny how Egypt chides the US--
      IS trainees pouring over the border is not a surprise- I have been expecting this- just haven't had time to delve into it, but, have surely hinted around it enough
      thanks for all the links
      I will read some more of them tomorrow

  4. corporations boycott??? no surprise the wealthy support the genocidal...just as they did the nazis
    '“We were scheduling six days in Glasgow, three for business and three for leisure time,” Cassin wrote. “Having read your statement endorsing Hamas and its leadership due to the number of Muslims in your city, I have decided to cancel all plans for our trip. We are a Fortune 500 Company, so costs were really not a serious consideration, location was,” he said.

    “Hopefully, the Muslim population that you so sincerely endorse will have the spending power of the very people you have chased away so well.”
    RT ‏@RT_com 44m
    US corporations boycott Glasgow over #Gaza support

  5. I usually dumb it down to a lie touting incompetence as a means to deny malfeasance i.e. planned destruction. That said, the record of sleeper cells left in Europe surfaces once in a while. And, of course, PNAC blew wide open the plans for rewriting the map of oil bearing nations so as to hinder resistance to exploitation. I like the 1999 war game "Post-Saddam Iraq : Desert Crossing", revelations of the URUK net including effects of depleted uranium, The Panelist's "The Real Winner in Iraq was Monsanto", Transcend Media's "The NPT TRAP"..and then accounts of the planning sessions at Foggy Bottom THE STRUGGLE FOR IRAQ: PLANNING; State Dept. Study Foresaw Trouble Now Plaguing Iraq - New York Times, apologized improperly in the style you cite Incompetence in the Iraq War

    1. Hi Opits :)

      yes that article makes my point beautifully- this is why I am simply not buying or accepting the intoxication, of my very clear thinking, with this stupefying mind virus

      Glad you "got' where I was coming from with my post

      Thought it was pretty important but without feedback I don't know if people comprehend?
      It's just time to stop believing this nonsense.
      thanks opits

  6. You could say I had a head start 'getting it.'
    Opit's LinkFest!: Perception Alteration

    1. you most certainly did!
      wow- a ton of info