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White House- Kill Syrian/Iraqi Civilians- Exemption for airstrikes

Well, isn't Obama a real peacemaker, humanity saver, democracy bringer and freedom lover?
NOT! I am being completely facetious.
Read on-

White House exempts Syria airstrikes from tight standards on civilian deaths

 Not that the US was ever very careful when it came to civilians deaths however they at least talked as if they cared. Even that  pretense will not apply for Syria and Iraq
The White House has acknowledged for the first time that strict standards President Obama imposed last year to prevent civilian deaths from U.S. drone strikes will not apply to U.S. military operations in Syria and Iraq.

A White House statement to Yahoo News confirming the looser policy came in response to questions about reports that as many as a dozen civilians, including women and young children, were killed when a Tomahawk missile struck the village of Kafr Daryan in Syria's Idlib province on the morning of Sept. 23.
 Asked about the strike at Kafr Daryan, a U.S. Central Command spokesman said Tuesday that U.S. military “did target a Khorasan group compound near this location. However, we have seen no evidence at this time to corroborate claims of civilian casualties.” But Caitlin Hayden, a spokesperson for the National Security Council, told Yahoo News that Pentagon officials “take all credible allegations seriously and will investigate” the reports.  
At the same time, however, Hayden said that a much-publicized White House policy that President Obama announced last year barring U.S. drone strikes unless there is a “near certainty” there will be no civilian casualties — "the highest standard we can meet," he said at the time — does not cover the current U.S. airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.
The “near certainty” standard was intended to apply “only when we take direct action ‘outside areas of active hostilities,’ as we noted at the time,” Hayden said in an email. “That description — outside areas of active hostilities — simply does not fit what we are seeing on the ground in Iraq and Syria right now.” 
Hayden added that U.S. military operations against the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) in Syria, "like all U.S. military operations, are being conducted consistently with the laws of armed conflict, proportionality and distinction."
  I'm torn between anger,disgust and heartbreak-

It's been an extremely busy just over 24 hours, so check out the many posts I have put up

Hong Kong Protests: Water, food, masks & medical supplies materialize

Along with Turkish tanks come Troops (and others) How about a false flag to kick off the no fly zone?

Abuse of words...............

35 (or more) Turkish tanks lineup for their move into Syria

Stefan Verstappen Interview – “Defense Against the Psychopath

Nora Gedgaudas- IQ, Fat and Good Food- Interview

Hong Kong Protests: Water, food, masks & medical supplies materialize

"Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong have been receiving donations of food, water, masks and other medical supplies as they continue their demonstration that has brought large parts of the territory to a standstill"
"The supplies have been set out in an exceptionally organised way. There are even buckets with water-soaked paper towels in them, in case the authorities start to use tear gas and pepper spray again."
That's the entire BBC article- Those two quoted paragraphs
From who or where are these donations originating? It's not mentioned. All those goods cost money?
Wasn't the BBC reporter the least bit curious? Or are we supposed to believe/assume this support is coming from others within Hong Kong, hence the lack of detail?
Is that the idea the BBC is trying to implant in your mind? I suspect that's the idea BBC is hoping to give you as you read that story. 
But then I recall images such as this-

U.S. Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland offers food to pro-European Union activists as she and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt (R), walk through Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine.
And have a pretty good idea that the magically appearing supplies in Hong Kong were put there by some NoGoodOrganization, at the behest of the US, through any number of it's grasping tentacles.
And, the appearance of the supplies don't have a single thing to do with any broader support from within the general populace

Along with Turkish tanks come Troops (and others) How about a false flag to kick off the no fly zone?

Turkey boosts troop levels on Syrian border
Turkey bolstered security on its border with Syria on Tuesday, sending hundreds of soldiers and tanks (nothing to do with the flow of refugees)
The Turkish troops join other forces, including paramilitary units, along the border.
 Including paramilitary units along the border- As I mentioned yesterday...

I suspect that the tanks will support all the fighters that are entering from the hill tops of Turkey, overlooking Syria. Ya know the ones the mainstream media lies about? The "spectators" baloney

35 (or more) Turkish tanks lineup for their move into Syria

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu would hold a Cabinet meeting to discuss potential military options in Iraq and Syria including possible cross-border operations by Turkey’s powerful and well-equipped military

Yup, Turkey’s military, not so much a state military as an institution of it’s own, more allied with NATO then Turkey.. A subject discussed previously at the blog.

Any day now for the no fly/buffer zone, I would suspect.  And how about a false flag attack to kick that off?!- Hopefully, I am wrong.

The narrative has certainly been prepped:
British special forces in Iraq 'ordered to carry chemical suits as ISIS are feared to be planning gas attacks'
Britain's elite troops operating in Iraq are carrying chemical protection suits because IS fighters are feared to have chemical weapons.
"Britain's elite troops operating in Iraq are carrying gas protection suits because Islamic State fighters are feared to have taken control of Syrian chemical weapons.

 Despite international efforts to destroy President Assad's chemical weapon stockpile, it is thought that some may have fallen into the hands of ISIS after the militants seized vast swathes of Iraq and Syria

Relinked in last weeks post
Remember " War against Iraq, Syria & Iran? " ISIS wants Saudi Arabia?
Scroll down to this flashback-

"And while I am reveling in flashbacks, recall this? 
ISIS seizes Saddam era chemical facility - US reassures . Just in case something happens..................."

Also this?

 OPCW Report and Ongoing Concerns With Chemical Weapons Use in Syria
The OPCW report raises serious questions about the Syrian regime’s compliance with its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and UN Security Council Resolution 2118 as well as its willingness to continue using chemical weapons to kill or injure the people of Syria.

Earlier this month the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations spoke of her fear that IS and other terrorists could get hold of chemical weapons if Syria is hiding any stockpiles.
Or this?
"This month, Samantha Power, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told reporters there were "discrepancies and omissions" in Syria's claims about the status of its chemical weapons materials. The concerns were heightened by the possibility that Islamic terrorists could find such materials"

Abuse of words...............

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35 (or more) Turkish tanks lineup for their move into Syria

It sure looks as if an official invasion from the Turkish border is being prepped.
I suspect that the tanks will support all the fighters that are entering from the hill tops of Turkey, overlooking Syria. Ya know the ones the mainstream media lies about? The "spectators" baloney
I saw a video on some network news outlet where the spectator/fighters just can't take it anymore and stream over the border as "ISIS" shoots at them and amazingly misses every single one of them?!?! Amazing? Really amazing, that ISIS, which is 'fighting Kurds' missed every single PKK fighter What are the odds?

 Also fortuitous was how nice the whole show presented for the American news media.

Here's one tale of such heroics

Ahmed, 41, is one of the seasoned combatants who want to take up arms against Isis. Originally from Siirt, he has been with the PKK in Turkey since 1991, but for the past two years he has been fighting against Islamist militants in Iraq. Six days ago he decided to join the battle against Isis in Kobani province.
After several brief visits with PYD fighters across the border he is ready to go. He is waiting for nightfall in a small village close to Kobani. “PYD fighters will come to the border fence to help us cross,” he explains. “They know the safe spots.”

Turkey's military on Monday deployed 35 tanks in a border town near Syria 

 Turkey's military on Monday deployed 35 tanks in a border town near Syria
Or AlJaz

 Turkish tanks have been sent to hills overlooking the Syrian border town of Ain al-Arab besieged by ISIL, while a US-led coalition intensified its bombing of the group in northern and eastern Syria.

 Yes, ISIS is chock full of Kurds, IMO. ( I have said it before and I will state it again.
Kurdish fighters make up some percentage of "ISIS".
Along with assorted NATO special operatives. US. UK. Canadian. French and so forth and so on
Imported fighters.- Chechen, Uighur, Pakistanis- European imports.
Turks and Israeli boots definitely on the ground too!

Stefan Verstappen Interview – “Defense Against the Psychopath

Nora Gedgaudas- IQ, Fat and Good Food- Interview

Stefan Verstappen Interview – “Defense Against the Psychopath

Stefan Verstappen is a Canadian writer, researcher, and adventurer. He has published six books and several dozens of articles on a variety of subjects. His latest book is, The Art of Urban Survival.
His book is on my wish list! :)
(I don't mean Amazon)



h/t Gnostic Media

Nora Gedgaudas- IQ, Fat and Good Food- Interview

 Better eatin' for better living and better health.
Keep in mind your brain is fat and cholesterol.................

Nora Gedgaudas, a widely recognized expert on what is popularly referred to as the "Paleo diet" is the author of the best-selling book, Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and A Longer Life. She is also the author of the newly released book: Rethinking Fatigue: What Your Adrenals Are Really Telling You and What You Can Do About It. She is also an experienced nutritional consultant, speaker and educator. She maintains a private practice in Portland, Oregon as both a Board-Certified nutritional consultant and a Board-Certified clinical Neurofeedback Specialist. Throughout this interview, we’ll discuss the Paleo diet and lifestyle of our ancestors. Nora speaks about the diseases of modern civilization that arrived once we adopted agriculture. She’ll talk about the changes in the human body that have occurred since the grain diet and she elaborates on the damaging effects of eating grain. We’ll also discuss the food and IQ connection and why the right kind of fat is essential for a healthy brain. 

h/t Red Ice Radio

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Ukraine; Backs off on EU brokered Gas deal & US Counterinsurgency ops deployed

I am playing catchup here so....

Read about the EU brokered gas deal yesterday, it was certainly being touted as a win/win/win for all parties- Ukraine, Russia and the EU. And then I see this!?

Ukraine backs off from EU-backed gas deal
This had to have had the blessing of the US! How else to explain this chaos & chill inducing decision?
War-torn Ukraine on Saturday distanced itself from an EU-brokered agreement with Russia that would have restored its gas supplies during winter and helped rebuild trust between the neighbouring foes.
The European Union’s energy commissioner emerged from hours of acrimonious negotiations in Berlin on Friday to pronounce the three month dispute on the verge of being resolved.
“We have developed a workable design for a winter package,” Mr Guenther Oettinger said. Both he and Russia’s energy minister added that a final agreement could be signed after consultations in Moscow and Kiev next week.
A compromise would not only save the westward leaning nation from adopting drastic energy savings measures in freezing weather but also make sure that Russian gas flowed uninterrupted to European homes.
Clearly some party wants Europe to go without gas!
Yet the meeting came with trust between all sides lacking and any remaining good will between Moscow and Kiev dependent on the fate of a fragile truce in a pro-Russian uprising that has claimed more than 3,200 lives. And Ukraine’s top energy officials vowed on Saturday to keep fighting over both the gas price and Moscow’s claim that Kiev owed it billions of dollars in debt.
“No final decision was adopted. Not a single document was signed period,” Naftogaz state energy firm chief Andriy Kobolev wrote in a Facebook post.
The deal’s interpretations in Moscow and Kiev diverged on almost every point that led to the original freeze of Russian deliveries in June.
Oettinger said the compromise would see Russia ship at least 5.0 billion cubic metres of gas to Ukraine over a six month period in exchange for an early payment of $3.1 billion. The volume roughly covers the amount of gas Ukraine says it needs to make it safely though the winter. That translates into a price rate of $385 per 1,000 cubic metres, 20 per cent less than the figure Russia began charging Ukraine.
Russia gave the Ukraine a price break and the Ukraine still chooses to screw there own people & Europe!


U.S. counterinsurgency operatives deployed to Ukraine

The Pentagon has dispatched eight military personnel to Kiev this week to provide tips to Ukrainian security forces on counterinsurgency and military planning tactics.
Military staff will share with the Ukrainians some of the Pentagon’s planning tactics, techniques and procedures while collecting data on the needs of its security forces, according to Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez. Staff arrived in Kiev, the country’s capital, on Thursday and Friday and are beginning to assess the operations of the Ukraine Ministry of Defense, Ms. Lainez told The Washington Times.
The eight military personnel have been split up into two teams, according to Ms. Lainez. One team has been told to assess the security needs of the Ukrainian government and look for ways that the U.S. can supply military equipment to the country, Ms. Lainez said.
 “With support from Ukraine and the State Department, the security assessment team will also explore the potential of expanding our current Office of Defense Cooperation in Keiv, to enhance Ukraine’s military capabilities and interoperability,” she said.
 “Please understand me, blankets and night vision goggles are also important, but one cannot win the war with blankets,” he told lawmakers.
So, for Kiev, the war is still on

Don't Miss!

US Considers a no fly zone to 'protect civilians' from SAA in North/Eastern Syria

Air Force Missions over “hostile” Syria require this newest jet



US Considers a no fly zone to 'protect civilians' from SAA in North/Eastern Syria

Here is the latest!

-The Obama administration has not ruled out establishing a no-fly zone over northeastern Syria to protect civilians from airstrikes by the Syrian government

-Mr. Hagel and General Dempsey indicated they are open to considering the request of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey for a buffer zone.

  Refute By Exposing the Contradiction/s
 Show that a statement is false or at least unreliable by exposing a contradiction with other statements or facts.
Official narrative or conspiracy

-The US and co. claim that they are bombing north/eastern Syria to get ISIS or Khorasan
*U.S.-Led Airstrikes Target Oil Refineries In Northeast Syria
*Syria: US begins air strikes on Islamic State targets
The strikes targeted Raqqa, an IS stronghold in eastern Syria
* Finally a map, from BBC, that clearly shows us the US strikes, in North Eastern Syria

Concluding that yes, the US strikes are most definitely in the north and the east of Syria.

If as the US, UK, France, Israel, Turkey claim this is ISIS held territory and ISIS is the enemy, exactly why is it that Turkey and the US are talking about a no fly zone to stop the Syrian army from bombing these same ISIS terrorists?
Of course the US and Turkey are selling their lie, as a measure to ‘protect civilians’. We can of course be absolutely certain that the US & Turkey are absolutely unconcerned about civilians. Ever. Anywhere. Are we supposed to believe American bombs are morally superior? Of course, they are not! We know America has already killed Syrian civilians in their recent bombing runs.
 So we know with certainty the protection of civilians is yet another outright lie from the US.

What scenario is more sensible, logical and realistic?

 Obviously ISIS has been the pretext I have stated  all along. Since we are all aware that ISIS is affiliated with the western intelligence apparatus and we also understand ISIS is not the real target. We can expose the lie, by demonstrating the contradiction in the claims made by the US & the coalition of the killing.

And the biggest contradiction is a no flyzone to protect civilians, which intentionally & purposefully,  protects ISIS/ NATO/Israel's terror group, from being taken out of Syria by the Syrian Arab Army.

Continuing on with the buffer/ no fly zone news
General Dempsey added that “a buffer zone might at some point become a possibility,” but he said it was not imminent. Creating a buffer, or no-fly zone, would require warplanes to disable the Syrian government’s air defense system through airstrikes.
 Definitely connected into news of  the F-22

Air Force Missions over “hostile” Syria require this newest jet

 As to the effectiveness of airstrikes in eradicating ISIS? I don't get the impression the US is trying very hard.-NYT's
Separately, United States Central Command, which oversees American military operations in the Middle East, said that American warplanes conducted 10 more airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria on Thursday and Friday. The warplanes destroyed three Humvees and one vehicle, disabled two armed vehicles and damaged one mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle, or MRAP, in five airstrikes south of Kirkuk.
Airstrikes west of Baghdad destroyed a guard shack, an armed vehicle and a bunker. An airstrike near Al Qaim destroyed four armed vehicles, a command and control position and a checkpoint.
In Syria, three strikes south of Deir al-Zour destroyed four tanks and damaged another, according to the Central Command.

 US bombed empty buildings

OH, dear!
Damon revealed on air early Wednesday that ISIL terrorists who were held up in the town may have been tipped off weeks in advance to the US airstrikes on Tuesday. According to Damon:

“15-20 days before the airstrikes, (ISIL) buildings were evacuated, and fighters then mixed in with the local population”

U.S. blowing up its own Humvees

How sweet is that for the war profiteers?

 The U.S has hit 41 Humvees since attacks began in August, according to data from United States Central Command.

The U.S. is sending $30,000-bombs to destroy Humvees ($250,000 a piece) that were left accessible to ISIS, intentionally. The military industrial complex will then have to reproduce and resupply to Iraq. At a huge costs to taxpayers. Win/win for the war machine

Of course, the environment does not win. The civilians don't win. US taxpayers don't win.
Planet earth and humanity don't win.
And yes, I am still waiting for the protests from Greenpeace. UN. Sierra Club. WWF.
Any day now.....

Air Force Missions over “hostile” Syria require this newest jet

Hostile Syria?!

Since the US started bombing Syria- I have been trying to understand, why it is that  Damascus has  remained mostly silent on the raids. Bombing  the areas that have been under siege for so long can do nothing but assist Syria in their fight against the takfiri- But, what about the very obvious fact that the US& Israel want Assad gone. And will inevitably try to fire on Syrian targets.

Perhaps Syria does indeed have very superior air defences? And those air defences are cause for concern?  The audio isn’t available yet, but, will soon be. Regardless I am posting it for your enjoyment, when it does become accessible

For Missions Over Hostile Syria, Air Force Unwrapped Its Newest Jet
Audio for this story from Weekend Edition Saturday will be available at approximately 12:00 p.m. ET.

Available since 2005, the $90 million F-22 fighter was simply more machine than the military had needed - until there were worries about whether Bashar Assad's air defenses would stand down.

Syria's air defence systems would definitely explain why it was the US rolled this stealth fighter out ostensibly against ISIS, when the jet was very clearly overkill. This fact is noted by the Spencer Ackerman @ the Guardian

F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jet makes combat debut against Isis in Syria

The most sophisticated and expensive warplane in the US arsenal joins assault against foe with minimal anti-air capacity

So, in just over a couple of hours from now, this audio will be available, I will be glued to my computer speakers! :)

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East Mediterranean Gas: what kind of a game-changer?

A 37 page pdf, that you can read through in under half an hour.
Stumbled across this today.  Excellent reference.

Good for getting a sense of what's at stake in this part of the world. Ya know, why all the interest?
Though the East Mediterranean is quite far  from the US, the US is going to embed itself in the region for many years to come.  Clearly these 'game changer' gas reserves are a big part of the reasoning. It certainly isn't ISIS or humanitarianism or even terrorism. Not when the US, UK, Israel are the kingpins of global terrorism.
 This information ties into so very many posts here at the blog. But, one three part series comes to mind, as being particularly relevant-  I will relink all three below the pdf.

PDF East Mediterranean Gas: what kind of a game-changer?

 Three part series relinked-

March 28/2013: Part 1: Cyprus, Israel,Turkey, Syria: NATO and global resource diversion/control

March 28/2013: Part 2: Cyprus, Israel,Turkey, Syria: NATO and global resource diversion/control

April 1, 2013: Part 3:Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, Syria: NATO and global resource diversion/control

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Remember " War against Iraq, Syria & Iran? " ISIS wants Saudi Arabia?

I am packing a heck of a lot of info into this post! It has to be done. 
Sit down for a spell and read.
The US strikes ISIS oil targets? Lots of news outlets presenting the US air strikes as strikes on ISIS assets.. Let’s be straight on this. These aren’t ISIS oil assets. These are Syria’s oil assets.
And there is no doubt in my mind that ISIS ‘took over’ these oil assets so the US could take these same oil assets out!
 Recall this?

War against Iran, Iraq and Syria?

Pepe published a piece that coincided with everything I had found for that long ago post, so I used it as a back bone.  You really should reread that post and all the external links
My comments in italics
“Pipelinestan  is one of the fundamental reasons (but, not the only reason) for the proxy war in Syria. Against the interests of Washington (and Israel), for whom integrating Iran is anathema, the pipeline bypasses two crucial foreign actors in Syria - prime "rebel" weaponizer Qatar (as a gas producer) and logistical "rebel" supporter Turkey (as the self-described privileged energy crossroads between East and West)”
 The US$10 billion, 6,000 kilometer pipeline is set to start in Iran's South Pars gas field (the largest in the world, shared with Qatar), and run via Iraq, Syria and ultimately to Lebanon. Then it could go under the Mediterranean to Greece and beyond; be linked to the Arab gas pipeline; or both.
 Considering how opposed the US/Israel crowd was to the pipeline that bypassed both Turkey and Qatar, along with Israel? And, what of the Kurds?  Were they going to be players in the Arab pipeline? So, I have to question just how convenient is it that ISIS took over the Syrian oil assets? Necessitating the US bombing  of that oil infrastructure?  The infrastructure that would be needed and used to construct and support this very hated pipeline? That surely worked out well for some parties, but, definitely not all parties- Iraq (under the had to go Maliki) Syria (under the has to go Assad) And Iran (next target of the US/Israeli/UK/Kurdish hitlist

So, is the US bombing ISIS oil?  No

Is the  US taking out the supply and infrastructure, that could have joined the Shiite led nations? Yes. 

Is the US taking out the assets that would have excluded Turkey, Qatar, Israel & the Kurdish petrol state? -Yes

A war strategy develops

Obama and his advisers, led by his special envoy, Gen. John Allen, have focused on five main lines of operation against the Islamic State: direct military action; counterterrorism operations against foreign fighters; disruption of financing; humanitarian assistance; and media activities to “de-legitimize” the extremists.

Military action is the centerpiece. The U.S. will lead air attacks on the Islamic State and other terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. Perhaps more important, the U.S. will train and assist Iraqi forces and the amorphous Syrian “moderate opposition.” Obama wants most of the trainers to be overt, uniformed U.S. military personnel, operating under standard Title 10 legal procedures, rather than troops detailed to the CIA under Title 50 “covert action” authority. The White House believes the coalition will work better under these more transparent rules.
Deja vu!
Throwing good money after bad, the US plans to do exactly that which they have done previously! Including using the same planners and trainers to do the job. What's the definition of insanity?
I actually do not consider them insane. The chaos only appears insane to people like me and you.
This planning worked for them and they are simply continuing what works. Cause if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
I will highlight the policy continuation and relink the posts that reference these very same past endeavours

Previous posts:

ISIS- A US created "stay behind" using Iraqs plundered wealth.

Al Qaeda + "Awakening Councils" = ISIS
“The Iraqis to be trained will include members of the existing military that collapsed so ignominiously in Mosul. The U.S. will also lead the training of about 10,000 Sunni “national guard” troops, drawn from tribal fighters. These Sunni forces will act as a local gendarmerie, to keep order in their home regions once Islamic State fighters have been cleared. Training camps are already under construction in Jordan and northern Iraq, and are expected to be ready in three to six months”

The U.S. military will also lead the training of Syrian forces, but this will take longer because the opposition there starts from a low base of readiness. The hope is that by sometime next year, a well-vetted force of at least 5,000 Syrians, trained in Saudi Arabia and other countries, will be ready. It will move into areas in southern and northern Syria where the Islamic State and al-Qaida affiliates are now dominant. The big Syrian ground battles may be a year away.Obama has tapped Maj. Gen. Michael Nagata to head the training mission. He's an Army special forces officer with many sensitive combat assignments, as well as a stint commanding U.S. military activities in Islamabad, Pakistan. Like Allen, a retired Marine who helped oversee the “Sunni Awakening” in Iraq, Nagata has experience in tribal cultures such as those where U.S. trainers will be operating.
The same plan undertaken previously in Iraq. The same Sunni awakening groups. The same trainer. Expanded to Syria. Guaranteeing easier overthrows should they become necessary in the future.
As we saw with the recent pushing out of democratically elected Maliki, in Iraq, whose removal was  completed just a couple of months back. So we understand the terror states of US,Israel,UK are planning for the future- No incompetence. No blowback.

And while I am reveling in flashbacks, recall this?  ISIS seizes Saddam era chemical facility - US reassures . Just in case something happens...................

-Costs rack up in ISIS fight- Costs rack up in pipeline control wars
The United States launched nearly 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Islamic militant targets in Syria on Tuesday, each of which cost about $1.5 million to replace.

The military also used F-22s, F-16s and B-1 bombers to pound Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) positions, which cost between $20,000 and $65,000 per flying hour.

The figures highlight how President Obama’s campaign against the terrorist network will have high fiscal costs for the nation.

The average cost of sending a single soldier to the region would be $1 million per year, Biddle said.

Even without putting boots on the ground, Adams estimates the fight against ISIS could cost between $15 to 20 billion annually — something he said was a conservative estimate.
Bloomberg changed the headline to this article, I am leaving the url as it was originally published!
US drops, in one Arabian night, a month of bombs on Syria

The U.S. dropped almost as many bombs and missiles on Islamic State positions in Syria over the past two days as were used in the first month of attacks on the extremist group in Iraq
Interesting, no? Give us an interesting insight into the agenda

 - A very rare link over to commondreams- only because they mention Syrian civilian casualties and how much the besieged Syrians detest ISIS

Kurdish forces push back Islamic State in northern Syria

How do the Kurdish fighters keep doing it? ISIS allegedly moves in, Kurdish fighters also move in and very quickly secure the territory- Without the benefit of aerial bombings? This same scenario occured in Iraq.  Did ISIS just melt away when the Peshmerga and PKK fighters came to secure the territory that ISIS had so conveniently cleared for them?
“Although all ISIS positions and their heavy armaments, including tanks and armored vehicles around Kobani, are clear and within view for everyone on the front line, it is worth noting that these targets have not been bombed yet,” YPG spokesman Redur Xelil said.
It's very symbiotic.

U.S., coalition forces hit oil refineries in Syria

Where are the environmental NGO’s? The protestors?  I read and hear nothing. Except for my own complaints. The silence from the usual mouthpieces is deafening!

Feds name 12 backers of terrorism in Syria and beyond

Image: Omar al-Shishani
Shishani etc
I find there number once choice so interesting. Especially since he is supposed to be dead. 
Ya know, killed by the Kurds?! If the Kurds really did kill him, the US/Israel crew would surely be aware. Of course, I didn't believe the Kurds had killed him- But, perhaps they helped relocate him?
With the help of Turkey. That seems to me to be the more plausible, logical explanation- He will show up back in Pankisi Gorge soon enough

One Khorasan leader dead?  And look at the connections?

U.S. missile strikes against an obscure al-Qaeda cell in Syria killed at least one of the group’s leaders, delivering what U.S. officials described as a significant but not decisive blow to a terrorist group accused of plotting attacks against Europe and the United States.
“The Khorasan group” is the name U.S. intelligence uses to refer to dozens of al-Qaeda-
affiliated foreign fighters who have moved into Syria over the past two years from Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen and elsewhere in the region.
U.S. officials said late Wednesday that American intelligence agencies had not confirmed reports that the leader of al-Qaeda’s Khorasan group, Mushin al-Fadhli, was the senior operative killed in the barrage of strikes west of Aleppo
Although Obama administration officials described the group as “nearing the execution phase” of a potentially major terrorist plot, other U.S. officials on Wednesday said there was no indication that it had selected targets, deployed operatives or otherwise set a specific plan in motion.
Among the rebels, the foreigners are referred to as “Khorasani,” a reference from early Islamic texts to a geographic area primarily in western Afghanistan but also including parts of eastern Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The online magazine of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan is called “Vanguards of Khorasan.”
The administration’s use over the past week of the previously unknown “Khorasan group” label has puzzled some experts. “Jihadis themselves haven’t used it,” said Aaron Zelin of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
Brian Fishman, a counterterrorism expert at the New America Foundation said he believes that “these are elements of the logistics network stood up” by al- Qaeda leaders some years ago “to move information back and forth between Iran and Afghanistan.”
“Publicly,” Fishman said, “there hasn’t been a declaration or any indication that this is a separate organization” in Syria.
I guess the US and company created a new brand for us all! Sweet! Imagine the marketing campaign?!
ISIS prisoners, won't go to Guantanamo
Likely due to the fact there won't be any ISIS prisoners

No worries for oil and gas- Amply supply is shielding the prices
Long article, but, good. Worth reading.

And for the commenter/s that suspect KSA is next on the hit list.....Two interesting items I came across just today

Video- ISIS points fingers at Saudi Arabia in Strikes

ISIS’s Ultimate Goal: Saudi Arabia’s Oil Wells

Similarly, IS knows that it will only feel secure once Saudi Arabia is part of the Caliphate, and its oil fields are under IS control — which is why the group has two logical next steps.
First, to capture and secure the most important country in the Muslim world: Saudi Arabia.
The authors dispute the widely believed notion that Saudi Arabia created IS and is funding it. “Saudi Arabia is not the source of ISIS — it’s the group’s primary target,” they write.
 Hmmmm... it didn't occur to me that ISIS was funded or created by KSA?
 I looked to US/UK/Israel.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Kurds: Israel's not so improbable ally

Interesting article from Standpoint magazine

Focusing on the history between the Khazars and the Kurds............
While Israel's relations with its neighbours remain deeply problematic, its ties with the Kurds have for years helped nurture a military force that has proved itself more resilient than the US-funded Iraqi army. For years Israel's relationship with the Kurds was kept secret, but gradually the issue has cropped up more and more in interviews in Israeli media and in academic reports.
The Kurds constitute the world's largest stateless people. There are 30 million Kurds, mostly spread across Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey. They have been seeking a state of their own for centuries.
Although the links between Jews and Kurds go back centuries, the substantive roots of the relationship go back to the 1930s, when a Jewish journalist stationed in the Kurdish part of Iraq and writing for the Palestine Bulletin began making contacts with local activists.
Years later, that journalist, Reuven Shiloah, became the first director of Mossad, Israel's external intelligence agency.
By the early 1960s, following the outbreak of the Kurdish rebellion against the Iraqi Ba'ath party's Arabisation policies, Molla Mustafa Barzani, father of the current Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani, held talks with Israeli officials
These meetings were facilitated by Savak, the Shah of Iran's notorious intelligence service, whose agents had been trained by Israel, the US and the UK.
These days, the Israeli officials involved in those talks paint the relationship as a marriage of convenience that somehow blossomed into a love story. But in reality, realpolitik demanded cooperation. Israeli cooperation with the Kurds was motivated by the fact that Iraq had been an enemy state since Israel's founding in 1948. The ability to gather intelligence from inside Iraq was too good to pass up.
More broadly, cooperation with the Kurds was part of Israel's general foreign policy direction during the 1950s, the principles of which were articulated well before the establishment of Israel by its future leader, David Ben-Gurion. The Arabs were "the primary enemy of the Zionist movement", wrote Ben-Gurion in the 1930s, and in order to counter-balance this, Israel would need to form other allies from among those who oppose "Arab nationalism".
Ben-Gurion also deemed it important to make allies from those minorities who had been oppressed by the Arabs. After 1948, his ideas evolved into policies, as Israel sought allegiances with non-Arab countries which bordered the Arab world — Iran, Turkey, Ethiopia — as well as those beyond, including countries in Asia and Africa. The Kurds fitted the criteria.
For Israel, one of the other key benefits of co-operation with the Kurds was the human link. As a result of the relationship, Israel was able to ensure the safe passage of several thousand Jews fleeing Iraq. Meanwhile in Israel more than 100,000 Kurdish Jews pressured the government to help their brethren and relatives.
I have always come away with a feeling of  the concept of the Kurds as a stateless people, being contrived, in the same way as the Jews were alleged to be stateless and in need of a theocratic state just for them. The Kurds are NOT stateless. They live in a number of states. Iraq. Iran. Syria. Turkey. So they are not stateless. I find the claims of them being 'stateless' suspect and convenient for the creation of a new nation state from the destruction or theft of others. Everything I read, just reinforces that suspicion. Of course, I could be mistaken....
Professor Ofra Bengio of Tel Aviv University, an expert on Israeli-Kurdish relations, notes in a recent article for Middle East Quarterly that military supplies were delivered from the late 1950s. In the early 1960s, a permanent Israeli representative was dispatched to Kurdish Iraq. A field hospital was tentatively established. As relations increased, so did military cooperation. Weapons supplies, ranging from small arms and ammunition to anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, began streaming into the region, often through Iran which, together with Turkey, was the first Muslim majority state to recognise Israel when it was established and continued being a close ally until 1979.
In time, Israel also began providing military training to the Kurds, and helped establish Kurdish intelligence cells, information which proved very useful for strategic planners in Jerusalem. But in 1975 disaster struck, in the form of political betrayal. Saddam Hussein, then Iraq's vice-president, reached an agreement with the Shah of Iran which put an end to Iran's arming of the Kurds and by extension to Israel's, as the latter relied on the Iranian land route for transport. The Kurdish rebellion was halted. Iran's reasons for agreeing were that Baghdad promised to define the international border between the two neighbouring countries — who less than six years later would become embroiled in a long and bloody war.
"The Shah had sold the Kurds out, like Chamberlain in Munich," said Eliezer Tzafrir, the Mossad bureau chief in Iraqi Kurdistan, who was left with just hours to make a hurried getaway. "We were in a big hurry to burn papers," Tzafrir recalled in a recent interview with the US magazine Tablet. "I had to get out of there before the Iraqi army turned me into a kebab."
Whether Israel's support of the Kurds stopped completely in 1975 and when exactly it resumed is not clear. But in 2005 Sargis Mamikonian, a scholar at the Caucasian Centre for Iranian Studies in Yerevan, Armenia, wrote that information provided by Savak and from Kurdish sources may have furnished Israel with intelligence used to carry out one of its most daring missions — to destroying Iraq's nuclear reactor.
"It is plausible to conclude that Israeli intelligence, thanks to its contacts with Kurdish sources and former Savak agents, had obtained valuable location and identification data (although aerial reconnaissance was more important in this particular case) for the Iraqi Tammuz-1 nuclear reactor at Osirak, which the Israeli Air Force bombed in June 1981," wrote Mamikonian.
Such cooperation turned to ashes following the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the ousting of the Shah. In a grand role reversal, the Kurdish territories of Iraq and Turkey may have been used to conduct operations in the newly-established Islamic State of Iran, notes Mamikonian, citing papers from the US embassy in Tehran.
Israel's cooperation with the Kurds in other countries also proved problematic after 1979. The Kurdish guerrilla leader Abdullah Öcalan fled from the Turkish authorities and was granted asylum by the then president of Syria, Hafez al-Assad. Öcalan allied himself closely with the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, which was at the time in a state of war with Israel. Even if Öcalan had proved to be amenable to Israeli overtures, Turkey — at the time a close ally of Israel — regarded Öcalan's Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) as its number one enemy.
After 1979, Israel was largely unable to cultivate open relations with Kurds in Iran and Syria. The Israeli-Kurdish ties had remained a well-kept secret until 1980, when Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin openly declared that Israel was supplying the Kurds with military advisers, weapons systems and humanitarian aid.
The next known major manifestation of the ties at the human level came a decade later, following Saddam Hussein's brutal crushing of Kurdish uprisings in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Saddam's chemical weapons attacks killed thousands, and Israel's Kurdish community launched protests, demonstrations and relief operations for their brethren in Iraq.

For a short while, the Kurds and Israelis even faced missiles from the same source when both were subject to Saddam Hussein's attacks, just before and during the First Gulf War in 1991. The missiles were deflected from Israel's economic and business capital Tel Aviv by the prematurely operationalised American Patriot system and hit the nearby town of Ramat Gan instead. The irony escaped no one: Ramat Gan boasts a large Iraqi population, which led many wryly to conclude that Saddam Hussein was once again bombing his own people.
Since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the subsequent establishment of a de facto Kurdish state, relations between Israel and the Kurds have become easier and more open. Writing in the New Yorker, the well-known American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reported that he was told that in 2003 the Israeli government, under the premiership of Ariel Sharon, decided to expand "its long-standing relationship with Iraq's Kurds and established a significant presence on the ground in the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan", in order to "minimise the damage that the war was causing to Israel's strategic position".

As a result extensive ties have flourished, Hersh maintains, with Israel training Kurdish forces to operate to the level of its most secretive commando units, the Mistaravim. "Some Israeli operatives have crossed the border into Iran, accompanied by Kurdish commandos, to install sensors and other sensitive devices that primarily target suspected Iranian nuclear facilities," wrote Hersh. He then quoted a former Israeli officer as saying: "Look, Israel has always supported the Kurds in a Machiavellian way — as balance against Saddam. It's realpolitik." He added: "By aligning with the Kurds, Israel gains eyes and ears in Iran, Iraq, and Syria."

Although Hersh's claims have been vociferously denied by Israeli officials, Kurdish leaders have come out publicly to confirm the existence of a relationship with Israel. In 2005, the Kurdish regional government president Massoud Barzani stated publicly: "Relations between the Kurds and Israel is not a crime since many Arab countries have ties with the Jewish state."  Three years later, the Iraqi president and head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Jalal Talabani, shook hands with the then Israel defence minister Ehud Barak.

In recent years, the Middle East has undergone dramatic changes, from the Syrian civil war to  the recent spread of the radical jihadist Islamic State in the region, which have indirectly resulted in the Iraqi Kurds gaining a wider independence for the Kurdish state. In Syria, the Kurds, for the first time in the country's history, have created a Kurdish-controlled area.

Developments have been even more dramatic in Iraq. In June 2014, the Iraqi army was chased out of the Sunni-held area of Iraq by the oncoming IS militants, who quickly took over the country's second biggest city, Mosul. More than 300,000 refugees from Mosul and beyond have fled to the Kurdish region. At the same time the Iraqi Kurds managed to gain control of and begin administering the oil-rich Kirkuk region.

Even before the rise of IS, neighbouring countries had been quick to identify business and economic opportunities. After IS appeared, this expanded into other areas. "These states' pragmatism and realism had told them that the spectre of another non-Arab, non-Turkish and non-Persian entity in the region pales against the real dangers emanating from their Arab and Sunni brethren," wrote Professor Bengio.

"Paradoxically enough, the country that went the farthest in embracing the Kurdish entity was also the one that had been the most vociferous against it: Turkey, which has become the midwife for a Kurdish state in Iraq with oil and gas as foundations for a strategic partnership that Turkey seems to see as a stabilising force on its own borders," Bengio noted in a recent article in Tablet.

In June 2014, Turkey agreed an unprecedented 50-year deal with Kurdistan in order to allow the passage of two oil pipelines and one gas pipeline through its territory, enabling the independent export of energy. In June, crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan was delivered to Israel, and there are reports of a further delivery in August.

In the same month, Israel's prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu openly declared his support for an independent Kurdish state. "We need to support the Kurdish aspiration for independence. They deserve it," he said. Israel's then president Shimon Peres and foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman have also reportedly raised the issue in meetings with President Barack Obama and secretary of state John Kerry.

While the Iraqi army proved itself to be merely a "hollow shell", the Kurdish military force, the peshmerga, with more than 350,000 troops, has proven itself to be "a vastly more capable partner", says Dr Jonathan Spyer, senior research fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs Center in Herzlia. "That is why so many countries are now queuing up to try and supply the peshmerga with arms, because they think that if someone has to try and stop the continued eastern advance of the Islamic State, then the peshmerga would be a good candidate for that."

While Baghdad sweats over IS fighters carving up its territory, new shopping malls sparkle in Erbil as international businesses continue to flock to the region's de facto capital. A referendum may soon follow. Describing a recent trip to the Kurdish region in Iraq, Dr Spyer notes "an inevitable sense of moving towards [a referendum] that was almost palpable and tangible". Regardless of the outcome, Israel seems set to continue to play a role behind the scenes.

Despite the recent setbacks occasioned by IS, most notably in the crisis around Mount Sinjar, for the first time the Kurds have achieved self-determination in two out of the four states in which they are present .

The quick-moving sands of the Middle East have shifted once again. Now Turkey and Israel stand once again at odds with one another, the Iraqi government is an Iranian proxy, and the US and Iran appear to be edging closer together. Out of the rubble of devastation in the region we may yet witness the birth of a Kurdish state, to which Israel has been a helpful, if self-interested, midwife.

US defends inexcusable airstrikes in letter to UN- no concern for climate change?

The Nobel peace prize winning- planet loving, environmentally concerned President and his sick sidekick at the UN have no qualms about destroying the environment when it comes to making war.

Deal with the cognitive dissonance that has taken hold of your mind. Obama doesn't care about the environment- He is not a peace president. A spell has been cast upon you. Break it!
Stop believing the lies you are spoon fed and look at the reality.
Witness the lies of the war whores, humanity crushers, soul destroyers and environment destroyers

US Ambassador to the UN says Syrian regime has shown that it cannot and will not confront ISIS safe havens effectively
The United States told the United Nations on Tuesday it led airstrikes against ISIS militants in Syria because President Bashar Al Assad’s government had failed to wipe out safe havens used by the group to launch attacks on Iraq.
No thanks to the US/Israel and company
In a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power wrote: “The Syrian regime has shown that it cannot and will not confront these safe havens effectively itself.”
No thanks to the US/Israel and company
The strikes were needed to eliminate a threat to Iraq, the United States and its allies, she wrote, citing Article 51 of the UN Charter, which covers an individual or collective right to self-defence against armed attack.
 “States must be able to defend themselves ... when, as is the case here, the government of the state where the threat is located is unwilling or unable to prevent the use of its territory for such attacks,” Power wrote in the letter obtained by Reuters.
No thanks to the US/Israel and company
“Accordingly, the United States has initiated necessary and proportionate military actions in Syria in order to eliminate the ongoing threat to Iraq,” she wrote, adding that action was taken also against Al Qaeda elements in Syria known as Khorasan to address terrorist threats that they pose to the United States and our partners and allies.”
Ban circulated the letter to the UN Security Council, diplomats said. Under Article 51, the 15-member body must immediately be informed of any action that states take in self-defence against armed attack.
Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari told Reuters on Tuesday that Power informed him in person of imminent US and Arab airstrikes against ISIS targets on Syrian territory on Monday hours beforehand.
Ja’afari said: “We’re in close coordination with Iraq.” The US mission confirmed that Power had informed Ja’afari.
Power wrote in her letter to Ban on Tuesday that the Iraqi government asked the United States “to lead international efforts to strike ISIS sites and military strongholds in Syria in order to end the continuing attacks on Iraq.”
I see, so it was Iraq that requested the US act on it's behalf ? Sure!
Ban told reporters on Tuesday that ISIS militants pose a serious threat to international peace and security, echoing language that the UN Security Council has used in the past to greenlight military interventions.
Ban Ki Moon war monger, fresh of his stint as environmental preacher advocates for more destruction of people, of the environment. All good for big oil, banks and the military industrial complex-
“I’m aware that today’s strikes were not carried out at the direct request of the Syrian government but I note that the government was informed beforehand,” he said.
“I also note that the strikes took place in areas no longer under the effective control of that government,” he added. “It is undeniable and the subject of broad international consensus that these extremist groups pose an immediate threat to international peace and security.”

Problem, reaction, solution

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

David Cameron to recall Parliament- strikes in Iraq? Or mostly Syria

Rather then updating an already lengthy post, I started anew-

US/Israel & GCC nations strike Syria- Khorasan and Updates

 David Cameron- strikes on Syria, cause let's face it the strikes in Iraq have been mostly for show. Once the regime change was taken care of in Iraq. Syria was going to be the target.
This news ties in quite nicely with a comment from Marie, earlier today

September 23, 2014 at 8:20 AM
Hi Penny

I am greatly saddened by the news. It was inevitable, as we say. I must tell you that the president of Cyprus (who is by all accounts in the pockets of the US) went to the UK and then on to NY to meet Joe Biden AND John Kerry AND elSisi, then onto the UN for the meeting. It seems obvious he was told (yesterday) that Akrotiri British base was about to be used. We're told that the US Vice President will visit here very soon for the first time ever....this is all bad news..
image borrowed from here

Parliament could be recalled as soon as Friday to authorise Britain’s participation in air strikes against Isis militants in Iraq, it has emerged.
David Cameron is due to meet the new Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, at the fringes of the United Nations meeting in New York on Wednesday. Downing Street sources said they expect Mr Abadi to request UK assistance for air strikes against Isis in his country.
The Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, has strongly hinted that British involvement might be extended to air strikes in Syria.
“The government of Iraq is entitled to argue that it is under attack from Isil [Isis] forces in Syria or coming from Syria,” he told The Spectator.
“Iraq is under attack not just from terrorists inside its own borders but it is under attack from terrorists in the north of Syria and if Syria continues to be unwilling or unable to deal with Isil then at least the question arises as to whether we shouldn’t assist Iraq in doing so.” He added: “I hope Parliament now will have the courage shown by our armed forces already, [and] will  have the mental strength to take on this challenge, but we’ll see.”

US/Israel & GCC nations strike Syria- Khorasan and Updates

This post is a work in progress. Check back for updates because they are forthcoming!

The news this morning, broke my heart. My husband read to me as I prepped food in the kitchen and he said “The US is bombing Syria” and I said “No!”  Hightailed it towards the computer and there were the reports. I knew it was coming... But the knowing didn’t lessen my sadness and disgust

As I wrote for readers here, Saturday September 20/14 in this post

"Boots on the ground" pour into Syria- PKK appeals for Kurds to fight with ISIS in Syria

‘To conclude- The ISIS mercs, PKK terrorists and the Peshmerga are the boots on the ground for the impending airstrikes on Syria-   And they are moving into place!
Which is highly suggestive airstrikes are coming sooner rather then later.....’
And none of my readers said anything about this statement? I wondered, why? Was it too obvious that this was the case? And no one wanted to believe how ‘in your face’ this stuff is?
I don’t know what others think, but, I really did wonder if that post had been deemed to ‘controversial’ for regulars?

US/Israel/GCC nations launch airstrikes against Syria

Israel shoots down Syrian fighter jet in support of the Islamist fighters. Israel is now claiming this jet was in Israeli airspace, which is bullshit!

IDF assessment: Syrian jet was en-route to attack rebels near Quneitra
The pieces of a Syrian fighter jet that was shot down by an IDF patriot missile in the Golan Tuesday morning fell near Quneitra in Syria. The initial indications of the security forces is that the plane was en-route to attack rebels in the area of Quneitra, which was captured last month by al-Qaeda affiliated militants.

The plane was enroute to attack Israel’s terrorists and Israel shot the plane down!

IAF Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet Near Golan
"This Syrian aircraft, apparently a MiG-21 (fighter jet), which was approaching the Israeli side of the Golan, was shot down by a surface-to-air Patriot missile," the radio said. The wreckage of the aircraft landed on the Syrian-controlled side of the strategic plateau, it added.
Israel- terror state

Syria is reporting the US notified Damascus before striking
Syria says Washington informed it before strikes
The Syrian foreign ministry said on Tuesday that the United States informed Damascus' envoy to the United Nations before launching airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Syria.
The ministry issued a brief statement, carried by Syrian state media, saying that "the American side informed Syria's permanent envoy to the U.N. that strikes will be launched against the Daesh terrorist organization in Raqqa."

The ministry statement was Damascus' first official reaction after the U.S. and five Arab countries launched airstrikes
U.S. officials said the airstrikes began around 8:30 p.m. EDT (0030 GMT), and were conducted by the U.S., Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates
Eight civilians, including three children, have been killed in US-led air strikes targeting IS fighters in Syria, Reuters reported.
 MOSCOW: The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday any airstrikes against Islamic State's positions on Syrian territory must be agreed with Damascus and otherwise will fuel tension in the region.

"Any such action can be carried out only in accordance with international law. That implies not a formal, one-sided 'notification' of airstrikes but the presence of explicit consent from the government of Syria or the approval of a corresponding UN Security Council decision," it said in a statement.
The airstrikes have expanded already! From Raqqa to Aleppo
Even as it launched sweeping new airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria, the U.S. military said Tuesday that it had expanded the campaign to the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, targeting an offshoot of Al Qaeda said to be plotting  "imminent" attacks against American and Western targets.
A total of eight U.S. air attacks carried out in Syria’s largest city were aimed at the "Khorasan Group," described in a U.S. Central Command statement as an organization of Al Qaeda veterans.

The Aleppo campaign marked an expansion of the bombing effort launched initially against strongholds of Islamic State in eastern Syria, conducted by U.S. planes, drones and ships with the help of five Arab nations.

The strikes indicate that the U.S. air campaign in Syria has broader objectives than going after the Islamic State, the target of the attacks in eastern Syria.

US Navy displays their attacks

Claiming they are targeting ISIS- when they are really attacking a sovereign nation- Syria

The US said it had carried out over 100 air strikes overnight and killed "tens" of IS fighters.

Oh and btw- the new terror group- Khorasan?

  • Greater Khorasan, a historic region which lies mainly in modern-day Iran. It was previously known as Parthia; later, during the Sassanid era, it was changed to Khorasan.

Oops I mean Khorasan, yeah, yeah, Khorasan

Why are they called Khorasan?
Khorasan was an ancient province of eastern Persia, which the group aims to recreate. The territory encompasses present-day Afghanistan, eastern Iran, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. According to jihadists, this the place where they will defeat their enemies.
Why are they a threat to the United States?
Because the US always needs an enemy to justify it's war making?

Which nation is next on the NATO/US/Israel hit list ? You already know it! Iran.
Khorasan connects us neatly to Iran. How is that for pre-selling the next war?


 Turkish government will ask for the parliament's authorization for military operations in Syria and Iraq, the newly-elected PM Ahmet Davutoğlu said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Elite approved 'climate change' protests vs all other non-elite approved protests

Really think the elites (bankers, multinationals, oil companies)  don't approve of the AGW carbon control agenda- The proof is in the protests

G-20 protests Toronto

A USMC VH-60 Blackhawk flies through Toronto's financial district, hovering over Union Station at a very low altitude, between the skyscrapers at 1pm on June 23rd, 2010.
Pittsburgh G20


complete with l-rad

Protestors face menacing police, dressed like state sponsored terrorizers

Occupy Oakland

Anti-NATO protest Cardiff

Protests that barely gathered any mainstream media mention

oh look protestors in their free speech zone

Now let's contrast the news coverage and imagery when an elite approved "protest" is happening

"Climate Change" protests- 

The climate change meme alone is so inane.  It means absolutely nothing. "Fight climate change" Empty wording your perception has been manipulated into associating with a whole lot of  unrelated information and happenings 

 The climate always changes.. 

How is anyone going to fight that which occurs naturally. Has always and will always occur naturally.

What is different from the elite/state sanctioned 'fight climate change' protests
compared to the merely & barely tolerated exercises in free speech/ protests attempted by the anti NATO/Anti-G20/Occupy protestors? I'll make a short list for you at the end


 Al Gore world's first carbon billionaire
and environment destroyer!
see comment from Aferrismoon
 Ban Ki Moon- a man who never met a war & all the environmental destruction included, that he didn't like
Token environmentalist (Jane Goodall)  to add legitimacy and the New York mayor

The differences between the elite approved and non elite approved protests' should be obvious but I will list some of them

 A list of differences elite sanctioned vs non-elite sanctioned protests

Turn out size-
Since the elite sanctioned 'climate change' protests have money behind them. Lots of money. They can bring busloads of people in from all over the place. Those protestors having no fear of being gassed by law enforcement need not worry about protective attire

Banners and Placards
Carried by the protestors in the elite sanctioned protests vs the non-elite sanctioned protests- As you can see- ABUNDANT, COLOURFUL, MANY PROFESSIONALY DONE, at the state sanctioned, elite approved protests. Again, a reflection of the funding for elite sanctioned protests. At the non elite sanctioned protests? Not to much in the way of professional colour placards and banners because there is NO money supporting these protests

Big name politicians and high profile actors supporting the protestors?
The elite sanctioned 'fight climate change' protests feature big name politicians including Al Whore, Ban Ki Moon, Jane Goodall, Leonardo DiCaprio etc
The non elite sanctioned protests feature no one of any status- just the people. People like you and I.

Media coverage 
Elite approved 'fight climate change' protests vs  non elite approved G20/Occupy/Anti-NATO protests? 
I searched climate change  in the news section of google- 6 million results - 5,950,000 results (0.17 seconds)" 
Almost all of it glowing, colourful, happy & positive.
-Contrast the elite sanctioned protest media coverage with the non elite sanctioned 
protest media coverage? 
-G-20, Anti NATO &Occupy protestors were always portrayed negatively. 
-Constant mentions of anarchists and destruction. 
-Protestors were presented in a menacing fashion.
-That is, if the protests were covered at all by the main stream media?

You really think big business, banks and big oil are against the carbon control agenda?
Think again!

One last thought?

 Where are the anti-capitalist/anti globalist 'anarchists'? 
You know the ones that  show up at G20 and other anti-globalization protests?
Thereby, justifying the heavy handed police responses? 
Shouldn't they make an appearance at the 'fight climate change' protests? Ya know, to stick it to the elites?! To protest the oil giants?
Why are they missing in action when it comes to taking on the 
powerful global  corporations that they are sooo against? 
(I know, I know, not necessary when the elites, the ptb's, support the agenda. 
But their absence does make the usual scam more obvious)

Climate change protesters who marched through Manhattan are branded hypocrites for leaving litter strewn across the city

Look at the images included! (I hate garbage thrown around so much so that I will carry my trash back to my home if I cannot dispose of it appropriately)  But, hey they waved their placards and marched along with the OWO psychopaths and actors