Monday, September 22, 2014

Elite approved 'climate change' protests vs all other non-elite approved protests

Really think the elites (bankers, multinationals, oil companies)  don't approve of the AGW carbon control agenda- The proof is in the protests

G-20 protests Toronto
A USMC VH-60 Blackhawk flies through Toronto's financial district, hovering over Union Station at a very low altitude, between the skyscrapers at 1pm on June 23rd, 2010.
Pittsburgh G20

complete with l-rad

Protestors face menacing police, dressed like state sponsored terrorizers

Occupy Oakland

Anti-NATO protest Cardiff

Protests that barely gathered any mainstream media mention

oh look protestors in their free speech zone

Now let's contrast the news coverage and imagery when an elite approved "protest" is happening

"Climate Change" protests- 

The climate change meme alone is so inane.  It means absolutely nothing. "Fight climate change" Empty wording your perception has been manipulated into associating with a whole lot of  unrelated information and happenings 

 The climate always changes.. 

How is anyone going to fight that which occurs naturally. Has always and will always occur naturally.

What is different from the elite/state sanctioned 'fight climate change' protests
compared to the merely & barely tolerated exercises in free speech/ protests attempted by the anti NATO/Anti-G20/Occupy protestors? I'll make a short list for you at the end 

 Al Gore world's first carbon billionaire
and environment destroyer!
see comment from Aferrismoon
 Ban Ki Moon- a man who never met a war & all the environmental destruction included, that he didn't like
Token environmentalist (Jane Goodall)  to add legitimacy and the New York mayor

The differences between the elite approved and non elite approved protests' should be obvious but I will list some of them

 A list of differences elite sanctioned vs non-elite sanctioned protests

Turn out size-
Since the elite sanctioned 'climate change' protests have money behind them. Lots of money. They can bring busloads of people in from all over the place. Those protestors having no fear of being gassed by law enforcement need not worry about protective attire

Banners and Placards
Carried by the protestors in the elite sanctioned protests vs the non-elite sanctioned protests- As you can see- ABUNDANT, COLOURFUL, MANY PROFESSIONALY DONE, at the state sanctioned, elite approved protests. Again, a reflection of the funding for elite sanctioned protests. At the non elite sanctioned protests? Not to much in the way of professional colour placards and banners because there is NO money supporting these protests

Big name politicians and high profile actors supporting the protestors?
The elite sanctioned 'fight climate change' protests feature big name politicians including Al Whore, Ban Ki Moon, Jane Goodall, Leonardo DiCaprio etc
The non elite sanctioned protests feature no one of any status- just the people. People like you and I.

Media coverage 
Elite approved 'fight climate change' protests vs  non elite approved G20/Occupy/Anti-NATO protests? 
I searched climate change  in the news section of google- 6 million results - 5,950,000 results (0.17 seconds)" 
Almost all of it glowing, colourful, happy & positive.
-Contrast the elite sanctioned protest media coverage with the non elite sanctioned 
protest media coverage? 
-G-20, Anti NATO &Occupy protestors were always portrayed negatively. 
-Constant mentions of anarchists and destruction. 
-Protestors were presented in a menacing fashion.
-That is, if the protests were covered at all by the main stream media?

You really think big business, banks and big oil are against the carbon control agenda?
Think again!

One last thought?

 Where are the anti-capitalist/anti globalist 'anarchists'? 
You know the ones that  show up at G20 and other anti-globalization protests?
Thereby, justifying the heavy handed police responses? 
Shouldn't they make an appearance at the 'fight climate change' protests? Ya know, to stick it to the elites?! To protest the oil giants?
Why are they missing in action when it comes to taking on the 
powerful global  corporations that they are sooo against? 
(I know, I know, not necessary when the elites, the ptb's, support the agenda. 
But their absence does make the usual scam more obvious)

Climate change protesters who marched through Manhattan are branded hypocrites for leaving litter strewn across the city

Look at the images included! (I hate garbage thrown around so much so that I will carry my trash back to my home if I cannot dispose of it appropriately)  But, hey they waved their placards and marched along with the OWO psychopaths and actors


  1. Excellent observations.

    1. thanks

      This is yet another example of what I like to call "hiding in plain site"
      And the carbon control agenda which includes the control of all carbon life forms commonly known as human beings is an agenda that is truly for all with eyes to see it

  2. Al Gore was VP in 1999 when NATO bombed , among other targets, the industrial city of Pančevo.

    "The town suffered 14 Nato bombardments between the end of March and the beginning of June, on chemical plant and deposits. UNEP – United Nations Environmental Programme – in a report in October 1999 on the environmental consequences of the conflict, estimated that 2,100 tons of dichloroethylene, 250 tons of ammonia, 460 tons of CVM (monomeric vinyl chloride), but also chlorine, sulphur and nitrogen oxides were discharged into the environment. Over 8 tons of mercury flowed into the Tamiš, a tributary of the Danube."

    He and his cronies keep quiet about it though, which is easy as the media tends to ignore it, as do the silly sods on the marches


  3. Of course Al Gore kept his environmental destruction quiet- all the better to win his bogus peace prize, promote his psyop movie "an inconvenient truth" distract/psyop so many caring people

    distract them from real environmental issues and the war agenda

  4. divide to conquer inherent in this scam is a left vs right division
    this isn't left vs right- it truth vs lies
    fact vs fiction
    fabricated science- intelligence created to fit the agenda
    to buy into left vs right, to participate in this is to turn ones own back on the many decent human beings on this planet- don't get sucked into the divide!

  5. In spite of the corporate bullshit regarding climate change/global warming/whatever you want to call it, some facts remain:

    Humans really are destroying the earth. Do racoons drive cars? Tigers? Who is it that actually lives their lives as if they don't have a care in the world while reaping the destructive benefits?

    Or is it the life-form at the very tip-top of the food chain? Mr./Mrs. Destructo?

    Who is it that mows down the trees to such a destructive extent? Beavers? Who cuts down the rainforest for filthy lucre? Who poaches endangered animals for $$$?

    I only know what humans are supposed to be doing. They're not doing it.

    1. tsisageya, thanks for your commenting-

      Do racoons drive cars? No. Nor are they employed to earn a wage.
      These types of questions don't make sense in relation to the subject.

      You appear to presenting a scenario where it is only humans that are destructive in their environment, yet, you and I know that is not entirely true.
      An insect infestation can wipe out my vegetable garden- For as tiny as insects are, that large scale devastation of my food crop can be total
      Is there no effect on my garden, my food supply and my hardwork?
      Of course there is!

      FYI- I garden organically, so bug infestations require handpicking or garlic sprays and such

      Have you seen a wooded area cleared by beavers? I have
      But, why would a beaver clear a vast area of trees for money?
      For a wage he/she has no need of?

      Have you seen tender young trees with bark stripped by deers? I have.

      All animals/insects etc on the planet, including the human animal, impact on the environment of the planet in one way or another. That's just a fact.

      But comparing apples and oranges isn't applicable here and now

      The 'fight climate change' agenda is NOT going to address many of the environmental woes we truly do face.

      "Fighting climate change" is going to exacerbate a great many of the issues and harm humanity in the process- along with all other living creatures

      For example "Fighting climate change" will require GMO foods. That's a fact.
      GMO is always, always, pushed as a way to deal with climate conditions. But that's shit and I know it! The earth gave us a diversity of seeds/food for every climate and the elites locked them up, they stole our human legacy for profit. And they are using climate change to mutate the food, which is harming us and the beavers and the deers
      "fighting climate change" with GMO will make us sicker/rob us of our health and lead to a whole host of new dis-eases
      which is ok with big pharma

      Nuclear energy is another saviour for the "fight climate change" crowd.
      Because it's clean and green!
      Yet, clean green Fukushima is radiating us, cancer rates will rise and as we see the elites don't even address the issue
      But, they are going to bring more nuclear reactors on line- to 'fight climate change"

      What's the fight on climate change going to do for our water supply?
      Filthy and full of prescription meds pissed out by the masses?
      Is big oil/big pharma going to stop pushing their poisons
      You can bet not.

      So, all in all, "fighting climate change' is an inane meme, that will serve one purpose and one only- My carbon friend
      That's right, you and I are carbon. We will be restricted, controlled, monitored, because we are being told we not only pollute, but, we are pollutants. I am not a pollutant. And have no desire to have my life controlled from the cradle to likely an earlier grave
      that is what the carbon agenda is about- total control
      While the elites will be free to do what they do, which is plunder

      Many a time, I have stated to change this system we have to stop participating in it- and instead people, can't be bothered to do the work necessary to change the system, just go with the flow
      rehash platitudes and wave placards at elite orchestrated marches

      I know what humans are supposed to be doing too. Thinking for themselves, using their brains, living like sentient beings rather then automatons
      I don't see that happening with our placard waving, elite approved, agenda followers

    2. No, I'm not comparing apples to oranges. I'm saying that there is an elite group of humans that propagandizes against the hoi polloi and outright lies to them.

      When the rainforest is cut down, when land is paved over, when waterways are tainted, when skies are ruined, when the whole food supply is poisoned, only humans are doing this.

      Anecdotal: Have you ever driven through the country and then driven through a city? Which is cooler? Which is warmer?

      I'm not saying one thing or the other, actually. However, I do know that humans have done their level best to fuck up their bed. Only humans shit in their own bed and call it good, and we all go along with it.

    3. Anyway, I think we're in agreement. There is no argument between us, really.

    4. 'murica, fuck yeah!'



    7. tsisageya, you have lost me with that one????
      and posting it three times???
      shrugs shoulders, not a clue what you are going for here?

    8. Sorry Penny. I promise I didn't do that three times. The first time I just thought it was funny. I wouldn't do it three times. That would be obnoxious. Maybe a glitch in something or other?

      Thank you for your forbearance.

  6. At any rate, HUMANS are not doing what they're supposed to be doing. Am I repeating myself?

    Yes, I suppose I am.

    1. :)
      passion channeled productively can produce real, meaningful change
      you got the passion!

    2. My passion can produce change. Really? How so?

    3. by being the change you want to see- you want to affect/effect?
      how you go about doing that is entirely up to you

    4. I suppose so, although usually, when I'm at my most real, I only make people mad or something.

      But I also want to say that it''s very difficult to extract oneself from this evil system we're in. Having the ability to go off the grid, for example (and who doesn't want to?) requires money, fake though that money is.

      Boycott? Where does it stop? It's about impossible. One has to be rich to boycott stuff and still live.

      Petitions? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Elections? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Justice system? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      The change I want to start seeing is some legitimate perp-walks, for example.

    5. At this point I've resigned myself to just being a witness.

    6. No offense, but the motto 'being the change you wanna see', is some bullshit Obama campaign rhetoric. Sorry.

      Or, was it Ghandi? I can't seem to give much of a care because here we are today.

      I know. You already know. I'm not arguing with you. I'm just blabbering.

    7. To my knowledge be the change you want to see long predates obama?

      the point is valid regardless of the origin, if you want to see change, you have to be that change

      if you don't like trash tossed- don't toss trash
      if you don't like to be tracked- and wish to reject the big brother control grid aka smart grid- don't have a smart phone
      If you don't like the quality of the food available- grow some of your own, find a local supplier/farmer
      stuff like that? I don't know you or your environment, but, just basic rejection of the status quo- multiplied by each of us could be a game changer, as of yet enough of us aren't doing these rejection activities

      Here are some of the things I do
      -grow and save my veggies
      -gather herbs
      veggies, foraging etc guarantee me better quality food
      -forgo vaccines
      -no smart phone
      -use cash to retain privacy
      -still use snail mail
      -absolutely do not use the self check out at any store
      and when I do any of these things I tell the people around me why I do what I do
      self-check outs= no jobs
      snail mail= keeping jobs
      cash= privacy
      I actually concoct memes to drop in public and my husband and I often talk loudly about hot button topics knowing people eaves drop
      If I am going to talk, I am going to do my best to walk that talk
      Last election here I officially declined my ballot, loudly at the polling stations

      That's about it tsisageya- blabbering? I don't think so? You give me the impression you are working to resolve something?

      and don't resign yourself to be a witness- always be a participant

    8. Thank you, Penny, but witnesses are very important. Well, at least, RELIABLE witnesses are important. Let me put it that way.

      If there doesn't happen to be a libraried archive in Boston for them, so be it.

    9. 'working to resolve something', no. Waiting to see the resolution, yes.

  7. Very nice write up and excellent observations, Penny.

    I come back and find you still writing away, dutifully reporting what you can, bringing to light many of the lies and crimes. You are tireless, it seems.

    The proof is in the pudding, in plain sight as you say. We have to recognise our own cognitive dissonance, and use the logical deductive reasoning that the media elements try to stymie.

    Keep it up, Pen. :)

    1. slozo, my friend- long, long time no see
      I am tireless, because I want to be a grandma one day and I want my grandchildren to have a wonderful planet to inhabit :)
      I know, it's corny, but dammit, I have this blog going since o8 and I am getting older

      Indeed, it is of the utmost importance we recognize our cognitive dissonance and use our critical thinking skills to see that which is being pulled over on us

      And you know slozo, the longer I do this, the more I realize if we just pay a bit of attention to what is REALLY going on, this stuff is all right out their in plain sight
      It really is
      Don't be a stranger :)
      take care

  8. They need to show "protests" somewhere after all other protests fizzled out. They announced massive protests in Russia: 50,000! Against "Putin's war"!
    The MSM reported "tens of thousands", then "between 5000 and 20,000" (the last figure given by RT, of all!).
    Then things stabilized at "thousands protest in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities".
    Australian SBS TV did not dare to go over 10,000. They did not show much from Moscow, instead much about "anti climate" protests in Sydney, Melbourne. Need to keep the "thousands" meme alive!

    1. I heard the news out of Moscow, it appears the NATO nutters are working their destabilization scam

  9. It's just like all the hipsters and their festivals - they all moon about the environment then leave the site a bloody mess! No different here. I utterly deplore litterbugs!

    I guess these people haven't made the connection between plastic garbage and actual carbon pollution eh??


    Buffy - btw I thought this was one hell of a great post for pointing out the utter spin! Thanks as usual Penny!

    1. The post got picked up by SOTT, so, clearly they thought it was good too
      which makes me very pleased

      Litterbugs, I have a huge issue with them!
      I shouldn't have to point it out, it's pretty obvious anyway
      I see the news today is all climate change- rolls eyes

  10. I do appreciate you though, Penny. Very much. I'm not trying to argue.

    But humans create their environment. Raccoons do not. They only suffer at the hands of humans who don't give a single crap about them.

    1. tsisageya- I don't believe you are trying to argue, I get the idea that you are a caring person.

      Believe me tsisageya, I am as passionate about the environment as you, I just don't believe that all humans are "the problem" though I know there has been much spin to that affect.

      I fully accept that humans have inflicted a great deal of harm on the environment. I have no problem saying that and completely agree with you on that.

      My disagreement is in the the all or nothing spin on this issue
      Because for myself, and my family I do not feel as if we are horrid humans
      And I have huge doubts that you are a horrid human.

      I guess, I am looking at the many, many shades of grey that lie between the ultimate bad and the ultimate good
      That's all.

      Today, I spent the whole day being so disappointed in the whole war situation- and all that brings and I ask myself- where are the environmentalists, so called, on this issue?
      Where is Greenpeace? And all the other NGO's
      They are nowhere to be seen.
      I find this very disheartening, because these should be the organizations that protest this horrendous destruction and they don't.
      Rather they promote the elitist agenda which will not do anything for the planet or you and I
      It is in fact never mentioned by Sierra club or Greenpeace the amount of resources consumed by the global war machine, a machine I detest with every fibre of my being.
      And that is why I am here, everyday. Blogging my heart out. Hoping to make some small difference

      Before I close my response to you I want to tell you about the most beautiful experience I had today

      I was riding my bike- the weather was glorious
      A full size red tail hawk swooped in low and went for a squirrel
      The squirrel evaded the hawk, who continued flying low along the ground until he suddenly headed upwards and landed on a low tree branch
      I got off my bike
      And said to myself, to the hawk, don't go yet my beauty and he didn't
      He was the most beautiful bird, the sun was shining on his talons, his yellow beak, I could see his eye, always moving, watching me
      Me watching him
      And then he spread his giant wings and flew away
      I felt full of joy, from that experience and couldn't wait to tell my husband when he came home-
      Humans so badly need to get back to where they belong, the earth, and their appreciation for our true home will blossom
      Until then.........
      Everything else will do nothing to truly address the issue

      Do what you can to make a difference. Everyday.
      I do.

      tsisageya- be well :)

    2. I know it's wrong to generalize about all humans. I understand what you mean.

      Thank you, Penny, for all that you do. Hawks are awesome, and so are the bluejays and mockingbirds that keep them away.

      Blessings to you.

    3. Once I saw a pair of hawks do their ballet, up, up, up in to the sky in a spiral. I watched. Then one fell , like a bullet, to the ground. I don't know but it was amazing. I felt honored to witness it in Montgomery, Alabama.

    4. At least there are still hawks, bluejays, and mockingbirds to talk about. That's a comfort.

    5. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I can believe that humans can cause a climate change. I can also believe that the whole fuss is bullshit.

      But the main thing I know is that humans are not doing what they're supposed to be doing climate change or not.

  11. I think I've come to the end of the internet.