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Africa- Past and Present: AIDS, Banksters, CIA, CULTS, EBOLA & Hollywood

Ebola- It's been in the news lately In case you haven't noticed?
AIDS - Also originated in Africa. Allegedly?
CIA - A continuing evil in the world
CULTS: make me think of CIA/MKultra
Banksters- Same as the CIA
Hollyweird- Managing your perception. Always. In cahoots with CIA and Banksters.
Using Glenn Close, the actress, as our starting point and going full steam from there !

Recall William T Close?-  We met William T Close in this post- Glenn Close raised in a cult?! The Moral re-armament cult?In her own words...

  William T Close, member of the Moral Rearmament Cult, linked to the CIA. Doctor to a CIA installed dictator, father of aforementioned Hollyweird actress Glenn Close. (I'm old school so- actress it is)
 If you also read the post from yesterday, James Bond (Bankster) & the Killer Bag Lady? CIA/Bankers/Mkultra ,you have been made aware of the banker, murdered by some sort of Manchurian candidate, who also just happened to be the CIA paymaster for the overthrow of Patrice Lumumba and the installation of the US backed Dictator in the Congo
  " Deak’s network also financed the CIA-assisted coups in Guatemala and the Congo"
Just one reason that article got posted. There are others

 I did a bit more digging around on the father of Glenn Close and lo and behold, he is very connected to yet even more curious happenings in Africa! As if  CIA affiliated cult membership and private doctor to CIA installed dictator isn’t unusual enough for you all ?
  William T Close, father of Glenn, is also linked to the first “Ebola” outbreak in Africa in 1976 and connected to the AID’s outbreak in Africa!  It was an extensive obit in NYT's that caught my attention. All that for a country bumpkin doctor, in his golden years, in Wyoming?
William T Close had to be more then he seemed? This lengthy write up offers up many a clue.

 In the NYT's obituary William T Close is presented as real ‘character’, with all these extraordinary attributes. "Take charge guy" or "using his connections", access to unusual resources. As if he was magical? Of course, I read that kind of fluffy descriptor in a very different manner.
Let's read the obit together?

2009:William T. Close, Who Helped Control Ebola Epidemic in Congo, Dies at 84
Dr. William T. Close, with his daughter Glenn in 2004, was the physician to the president of Zaire, now known as Congo.

Meet and Greet:
Dr. William T. Close, an American surgeon who in 1976 played an important role in controlling the first epidemic of the deadly Ebola hemorrhagic fever in central Africa and preventing it from spreading, died on Jan. 15/09 at his home in Big Piney, Wyo. He was 84.
The cause was a heart attack, said his daughter Glenn, the actress.
“Dr. Close was both personal physician to President Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, now known as Congo, and chief doctor of the army at the time of the epidemic, which caused widespread panic in the country....
Ebola hemorrhagic fever
Dr Close, personal physician to a dictator & chief doctor of the military in Zaire now known as Congo. He was certainly well positioned in the country at the time of the outbreak
.....three doctors involved in helping to control it recalled in interviews. His connections, organizational ability and medical expertise were essential in halting it, they said.”
His connections? What connections? Connections to who?  Not even broached by the NYT's!  Why would the NYT's omit this information?  Could it be that these connections are intelligence connections ? I would say that's possible. Intelligence connections would definitely get glossed over
Ebola was a newly discovered viral disease causing severe sore throat, rash, abdominal pain and bleeding from multiple sites, particularly the gastro-intestinal tract.

Ebola was not  an entirely  new disease. Ebola is a variation or variety of  haemorrhagic fever.

"Ebola and Marburg virus are also classified as "hemorrhagic fever viruses" based on their clinical manifestations"

The name Ebola, chosen to brand the variant, was taken from a nearby river in Africa.

“Medical resources were scarce at the time and under threat themselves. (Under threat from what?The missionary hospital in rural Yambuku, in the heart of the epidemic, had closed after 11 of 17 staff members died of the disease. Belgian missionary nurses who had been infected at the hospital died after they were transferred to Kinshasa, the capital. Roads were blocked. River traffic and commercial air service stopped. Military personnel shunned the epidemic area”
The missionary hospital in Yambuka was under threat from something that is not mentioned. I haven't a clue what it was. What is clear is that the missionary hospital was 'ground zero' for the breakout. A Belgian Catholic/Christian missionary hospital. Sound at all familiar? Ring any bells for you present day? The first American to contract Ebola was a Christian missionary.

Present day Ebola break out
*The first American reported to have contracted the disease is Dr. Kent Brantly, 33, from Fort Worth, Texas, the North Carolina-based charity Samaritan's Purse said
One of the first hospitals closed due to the most recent outbreak was

St Josephs Catholic Hospital 
 Of course on the ground are Rockefeller's medicine men- Doctor's Without Borders- covered in this post from yesterday Cui Bono: Drugmakers bet on Ebola vaccines, treatments

 In 1976 it appears we had very similar circumstances- The missionary hospitals are breeding grounds for disease spreading, this is why they are often shunned by the locals- Not because the locals are backwards? The hospitals are shunned because the locals are aware of this history.

Back to 1976 and William T Close
“No more dramatic or potentially explosive epidemic of a new acute viral disease has occurred in the world in the past 30 years,” the commission that investigated and controlled the epidemic wrote in The Bulletin of the World Health Organization in 1978"
The WHO and hyperbole- ring any bells for you?- Swine flu hyperbole comes to my mind.
“Dr. Close’s role in the crisis began on a flight from Geneva to Kinshasa as he was returning from home leave in the United States. Overhearing comments between two epidemiologists sent at Zaire’s request from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta to help control the epidemic, Dr. Close asked to join in the conversation. The three spoke the entire night flight, said one of them, Dr. Joel G. Breman”
Dr Close, personal doc to both the dictator and the nation's army doctor, on his way back to Zaire (Congo) from CIA cult central in Geneva, just happens to be on the same flight with two epidemiologists and just happens to be sitting close enough to overhear their conversation and be allowed to join in. That whole paragraph reads to me as if Dr Close was meeting with his underlings, his team, as they flew into Kinshasha.
“On arrival in Kinshasa, Dr. Close, a man with a take-charge personality, immediately arranged a meeting with the Ministry of Health. He was able to help commandeer pilots and airplanes to ferry equipment to where it was needed. Dr. Peter Piot, a co-discoverer of the Ebola virus, said Dr. Close played “an indispensable” role in controlling the epidemic by using his direct access to Mr. Mobutu to gain political and military logistic support”
"A man with a take charge personality" Tells me he's in charge!
He's got the contacts and can access the resources- This tells me, again, this man is running the show. And intentionally so! "Arranged a meeting"- "Commandeers pilots and airplanes to ferry necessary equipment" What other conclusion can one rationally draw other then this was not happenstance and William T Close was 'the man' in charge of this Ebola episode!
Dr. Close had one of the earliest mobile phones, “so heavy it had to be carried by someone,” said Dr. Piot, who recently retired as director general of the United Nations AIDS program.
“He impressed everybody” by commandeering a Zairian Army transport plane to fly a team to the epidemic area and helping to identify capable people to work on the team, Dr. Piot said, adding, “I thought, ‘This man is more than Mobutu’s physician.’ ”
It was even obvious to Dr Piot who thought to himself and I will again quote his thoughts and say I agree wholeheartedly:  ‘This man is more than Mobutu’s physician.’
“We, the investigating team, were scared,” said Dr. Breman, who now works at the Fogarty Center at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. But, he said, “Bill was right in the middle, running the hospital in Zaire, assigning aides and making sure the needles, syringes, generators and other equipment were getting to where needed.”
 Bill was in charge of the response to the Ebola outbreak. That much is clear. What is not clear is exactly what qualifies a surgeon for such a position. Was it his connections?
The team broke the chain of Ebola virus transmission by providing protective clothing for hospital workers, sterilizing equipment and strictly isolating patients in their villages. The final tally: 318 cases, 88 percent fatal” 
Wow, common sense sort of stuff! Broke the chain of transmission by running a clean operation. That's doesn't seem like rocket science! So, what is going on present day? Instead of a common sense, tried and true approach, that will save lives, all we hear &  read of is the pushing of vaccines. The necessity of vaccines. Highly suggestive of an entirely different agenda being in play 2014

Regarding the 1976 Ebola breakout?  Was this some sort of experiment? It feels as if it was an attempt to release then reign in a rather uncommon fever virus.  The placement of  obviously CIA affiliated William T Close front and center?  His relationship with the dictator? His position as the army doctor? His access to resources? His connections? He certainly seems well placed in a way that goes beyond happenstance.

Oh, by the way, here's some background on William T Close from that NYT's obit:

William Taliaferro Close was born on June 7, 1924, in Greenwich, Conn. He was reared in France and educated in British and American schools before entering Harvard in 1941. He left in 1943 to become an Army pilot in World War II.

After his discharge, he earned his medical degree from Columbia University, trained as a surgeon at Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan and soon joined a peace missionary group, Moral Re-Armament, for which he went to Zaire in 1960. There, he had a private practice and directed the 1,500-bed Mama Yemo hospital in Kinshasa and the Zairian national health service.

Background on Moral Re-Armament:

Moral Re-Armament was not a cult at that time, according to NYT's it was a 'peace missionary group'? The bit of reading I did on Moral Re-Armament which was first known as "The Oxford Group" suggests to me that this was somewhat like a cult, not a religion (as commonly thought of) but it was also more? Like some sort of clearing house for the elites? Very strange stuff!
If I had more time, it would be worth delving deeper into this organization. However, I will whet your whistle with this link
"In 1946 the world training center for MRA was opened in Europe at Caux-sur­Montreux in Switzerland. In seven years 55,000 people from 166 countries attended the World Assemblies at Caux. They in­cluded prime ministers, cabinet ministers, members of parliaments, heads of industries and industrial organizations, and the elected heads of sixty million workers, church leaders, armed forces, press, radio, and education. Buchman's popularity grew tremendously, and he was decorated with the highest orders by the governments of France, Germany, Greece, and Iran"
 Moral Re-armament reeks of being a cult for the elite classes. Very curious stuff. Look at all the influential persons that passed through this "training center" after the  end of WW2. That seems odd.

William T Close and AIDS
Dr. Close’s efforts also played an indirect role in early studies of H.I.V. a decade later. Tests showed that a high percentage of people in Kinshasa were infected with the AIDS virus. But the rate of infection in rural areas was unknown.

To determine whether the prevalence of the disease had changed over a decade in rural Zaire, Dr. Joseph B. McCormick, a co-investigator of the Ebola epidemic, led another team that tested people in the area in the mid-1980s. In part by comparing rates found in blood stored from a survey in the Ebola region in 1976 to rates from the newer samples, Dr. McCormick said, “we found that the prevalence of infection in the rural area was stable and low at 0.8 percent.”

The AIDS study showed that H.I.V. infection and AIDS could have existed and remained stable in a rural area of Africa for many years. It was one of the rare studies able to compare rates over time in the early period of AIDS and would have been impossible without Dr. Close, said Dr. McCormick, now dean of the University of Texas School of Public Health in Brownsville

Willam T Close ran a hospital in Kinshasa, a large hospital, coincidentally in that area there were a high percentage of people infected with AIDS as tests had shown. Yet, in the rural area the prevalence of infection was stable and low?
Could the low and stable infection rate in the rural areas have something to do with the rural dwellers not availing themselves of the christian run 'health care' facilities in Kinshasa?

One more little tidbit I want you to bear in mind before I end this post:

AIDS And Ebola Found To Use Same Mechanism  To Spread In Body from 2012- Archived copy
The viruses that cause AIDS and Ebola, two deadly, contagious and highly feared diseases, spread through the body using the same mechanism, U.S.-based researchers said on Friday
The researchers, led by Dr. Paul Bieniasz of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center at New York's Rockefeller University, said they hoped their finding might lead to the discovery of new drugs to help treat HIV and Ebola infections
Their study, published in the December issue of the journal Nature Medicine, shows HIV and Ebola use a protein called Tsg101 to bud from the cells they infect.
"It's remarkable to see two such different viruses share a common budding mechanism," Bieniasz said in a statement.
I have to assume he is referring to the 1976 Ebola/hemorrhagic fever strain as opposed to the Marburg hemorrhagic fever strain? What jumped out at me, from this 2012 news story was that AIDS &  Ebola virus used the same mechanism to spread . As one of Rockefeller's medicine men stated "It's remarkable"
 The AIDS and Ebola virus are linked by a common budding mechanism, a common location AND the presence of Doctor William T Close. Remarkable indeed.

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    1. Yes, Marie you can see how it could all be true!
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