Monday, October 20, 2014

EU Stepping Up Sanctions against the Assad Government

 LUXEMBOURG—The European Union stepped-up its sanctions against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ’s regime on Monday as the bloc’s foreign ministers discussed the latest in the international campaign to defeat Islamic State, the Sunni extremist group that is also fighting Syrian authorities.
Details of the new sanctions weren’t immediately available but an EU official said 16 people and two entities will be targeted.

Most of the people are being targeted with an asset freeze and travel ban because the bloc believes they have been involved in repression of civilians, the official said. Two people and two entities are being sanctioned for “practical support to the regime,” the person added.

"Repression of civilians" So says the EU.Of course the EU sees no repression of civilians in the western backed destabilization right? When the NATO rebels kill and extort civilians that's not repressive. Rather, that has to be supported.

Mr. Fabius said France will continue supporting the moderate opposition in Syria.
As you and I and most aware people realize there is no moderate opposition? There are only terrorists, terrorizing Syrian civilians.

The EU has long called for the ouster of Mr. Assad over his repression of civilians since the onset of the country’s civil war. It supports the appointment of a transitional government.
What transitional government? Not one selected by the Syrian people. Nope! One selected by the NATO superstructure.
However there has been growing debate within the bloc over the EU’s stance as international efforts have escalated to contain the threat posed by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
While EU countries have focused their military assistance on those fighting Islamic State in Iraq, officials privately acknowledge tensions between effectively combating Islamic State in Syria while also pushing for the regime’s ouster.
However Monday’s decision signals the bloc won’t adjust its stance. French Foreign Minister Luarent Fabius said last month there is no contradiction between opposing both the Assad regime and Islamic State.

Laurent, Laurent.... there is a contradiction. By opposing the elected government of Syria, which is fighting terrorists such as ISIS, you are supporting ISIS.  The more difficulties the EU creates for the government of Syria, the more difficult it becomes for Syria to fight the terrorists NATO has set up in Syria

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