Tuesday, October 28, 2014

John Kerry in Canada:“Solidarity” Shooter video? Anti terror laws. CSIS = CIA

Canada/US solidarity in more ways then one

Solidarity is key, because NATO leader (US) and NATO toady (Canada) are joined in solidarity to expand/commit and justify global terror. Therefore solidarity would be a priority.

Of course, it’s just good timing that  Kerry was previously scheduled, (“planned trip”) to visit Canada  for “bilateral meetings’. Gives him the chance to personally express his condolences..... And keep on catapulting the propaganda.

The State Department announced Kerry's planned trip Monday at its daily briefing in Washington, D.C.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Ottawa on Tuesday for bilateral meetings but also to personally express his condolences over the events last week that led to the deaths of two Canadian soldiers.

More of that coincidence kind of stuff ?

RCMP says they have a video purportedly made by the alleged Parliament Hill shooter, but, they are not releasing it.
Considering quoted  RCMP statements it would seem they are holding back on releasing the video in case someone can challenge the contents?
The RCMP aren’t yet going to release the video, Mr. Paulson said, as the investigation is ongoing. “… It’s a video that the deceased prepared himself on his own device that we were able to recover. "Our belief is it had not gone anywhere else, but it may have gone elsewhere,” Mr. Paulson said.
Where did they recover it from?  "His own device" 
 This guy was supposed to be homeless. And drug addicted. And penniless.
(Like the rest of us Canadians-hehe)  But he had a "device" to make recordings? Did he have his "device" on him? Where/when was the device recovered? The RCMP is not being clear.
Is it just me or is the Paulson statement kind of contorted? "Our belief is it had not gone anywhere else, but it may have gone elsewhere,” The RCMP has already lied at least once regarding the Parliament Hill shooting. As previously mentioned, RCMP corruption & lying is a big, big problem...

Unsurprisingly yesterday the Tories tabled their new “anti-terror bill” .
They had it already to go the day of the shooting, but, got sidetracked.... Should have no problem passing that now. Canadians will willingly give up their freedoms for the illusion of security.
Notice I said "illusion"? That's because heavy handed security = tyranny
The bill was on the drawing board before the events of last week, when two soldiers were killed in separate attacks — one in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., the other in Ottawa — in broad daylight. The government is characterizing the deadly assaults as terrorist incidents, though some are openly questioning the state of mind of the assailants.
And this bill is bigger then just Canadian tyranny- Much bigger!

This bill turns CSIS into the CIA
New spy bill would let Canadian agents operate illegally abroad
A bill to broaden the powers of CSIS would authorize Canadian spy agents abroad to break the laws of a foreign country when investigating threats to Canada.

“A bill to broaden the powers of CSIS would, for the first time, explicitly authorize Canadian spy agents abroad to break the laws of a foreign country when investigating threats to the security of Canada”

“This makes CSIS much more akin to the CIA”

Considering the NATO lust for global war & tyranny. And, Canada’s role in that global terror operation? This bill fits the agenda to a tee! Canada giving itself authority to break other nations laws. Canada sure ain’t what it used to be.

Recall in this post I mentioned the reunion on Parliament Hill between the Libyan cohorts?

Libya: JTF-2, Parliament Hill shooter Bibeau/Zaheff & Father Be(u)lgasem Zaheff

A bit more on the cooperation between ISIS in Libya (before they called them ISIS) and Canada including JTF-2

  If Canadian fighter pilots are sent to bomb ISIS, they will be attacking the same rebels they supported in Libya

 CF-18 fighter jets into Iraq, Canadian pilots may soon be bombing some of the same gunmen their actions supported several years ago elsewhere.
“Certainly some of the players in [ISIS] are going to be the same people who fought Gaddafi,” said Martin Shadwick, a defence analyst with York University. “The ability of these forces to move across borders, to fight in each other’s battles, is something that should be looked at more closely in the future.”
 Certainly these will be the same people Canada propped previously therefore is there any real reason to believe Canada is not supporting their terrorists yet again?

 "The ability of these forces to cross borders?" Like a mercenary army? NATO's merc forces? Indeed!

 As these fighters gave NATO a pretext to bomb Libya in 2011, present day we see these same fighters are performing the exact same function and giving NATO the desired pretext to bomb Iraq & Syria. NATO has been positively drooling for these wars of destabilization and chaos creation. They wanted to bomb Libya. ISIS aka freedom lovin' rebels provided the pretext via a hard sell campaign. NATO wants to bomb Iraq and Syria, ISIS provides the pretext via a slightly different hard sell campaign, or rebrand. The only real difference is in the advertising for the operations.


  1. Hi Penny:

    Good post above. Did you happen to see the photos in Cryptome


    of the scene at the Ottawa cenotaph? There is something really disturbing about these photos, actually, the more you look at them there are a number of anomalies...from the casual stance of the bystanders in the background (as if there was a drill going on) to the lack of blood (just looks like someone dropped a vial of it) to the number of people working on the victim....looks like they're deliberately trying to conceal him from the cameras....I don't know...there's something surreal about the whole scene.

    1. Hi Greencrow!
      I have seen the images you are describing and yes I found it odd the people attempting to conceal the deceased individual
      One never really sees people lying almost on top of an injured person, unless the injured person is already dead (can't injure him further) and the bystanders are hiding that he was NOT killed with a shot gun blast.

      Keep in mind the RCMP released nothing from the war memorial
      all they released was imagery of the alleged shooter running around with a gun....

  2. Yeah, we as a society are just not "adult" enough to handle seeing the videos etc that these "killers" always make, huh? Having murderous perverted war-criminals engaged in the bloodiest of crimes? No problem. Allow us to see all of the evidence as concerns a crime scene? Eff off conspiracy theorist!!!

    I'm glad you keep on pointing out how each episode in this entire "GWOT 2.0: The Arab Spring" war of aggression is related and that the players are exactly the same. It obviously seems to take some people time to admit that what we are witnessing is a SINGLE operation being waged by the Zionist West and which was spelled out formally in documents dating back 30+ years.

    Maybe they're comforted by the seeming complexity so they then don't have to see the larger whole: the Zionist West has been waging a hot war of aggression against the planet from 2001 on and which continues to this day.

    I mean, what with all the Nazis from Operation Paperclip, Zionist war criminals and home-grown psychopaths it's not wonder that TPTB finally seemed to have found a way to wage a war of aggression against the planet WITHOUT getting caught, huh?

    The answer? Slow it down and use the MSM to make it seem that each part is a confusing independent/isolated incident that can - if things get messy - be pinned on "incompetence" or "ignorance". I used to use these terms to make it more understandable: "shitzkrieg" rather than "blitzkrieg". No lightning war but rather a slow war that fosters "debate"/confusion/discussion as the war criminals march through arena after arena.

    Can you imagine what WWII would have looked like if the Nazis had more time to export their culture/MSM to the rest of the world? Why, they would have the same faux debates/discussion about each invasion they undertook as they do today!! The Poles wanted to liberated! etc etc

    Oh well.

    1. Hi J Sorrentine!

      "I'm glad you keep on pointing out how each episode in this entire "GWOT 2.0: The Arab Spring" war of aggression is related and that the players are exactly the same"

      I have to keep pointing it out because the connections are so obvious I can't understand why I am the only one, or one of a handful able to see them
      Like a spiderweb reaching this way and that, but all interconnected to the central of the web or the spider's lair

      That's the way life is- I don't know whether some people can only think as if everything is a straight line and can't see all the offshoots or tentacles, whatever?

      "It obviously seems to take some people time to admit that what we are witnessing is a SINGLE operation being waged by the Zionist West......"

      Not exactly a single operation, rather a series of operations with one single agenda or goal seems most likely-

  3. Canada: Decoding Harper’s Terror Game. Beneath the Masks and Diversions

    By Prof. John McMurtry October 28, 2014

    Stephen Harper is the most deeply reviled Prime Minister in Canada’s history. On the world stage, he is the servant of Big Oil boiling oil out of tar-sands to destroy major river systems and pollute the planet with dirty oil, while his attack dog John Baird leads the warmongering and bullying of nations like Iran and Syria targeted by the US-Israeli axis.



    1. Thanks but, I believe the tar sands fall under Alberta's jurisdiction so putting that on Harper is a non starter.


      though overall Harper and big oil go hand in hand
      But the war mongering has certainly been at a level unseen in Canada under Harper, sadly, I expect it to be no different when the anointed one takes his crown- Yes, I am talkin' Justin Trudeau
      Nothing will change,except maybe, just maybe pot will be legalized
      but even that is doubtful what with the whole prison industrial complex/expansion of courts and hiring law enfarcement officials
      out of sync with the crime we have in this country, which is lower then it's ever been-

  4. The link below has some good info on the latest False Flag. As for the video, you can bet that scam artist Rita Katz and SITE are involved somehow.


    I always admired Canada, for being so close to the war-mongering Christians and Zionists in the States, yet remaining calm and collected.
    Looks like Canada is joining the ranks of the perpetually scared lemmings.

    1. Canada has changed Greg, Canada has changed and not for the better
      It has taken years of manipulation to push the people into the sad and sorry state- but the march towards fascism is on and picking up at a mad pace

      PS: I miss kenny :(

      I know he would have had something insightful to say about the shooting and I would have loved to have read it

  5. Hey Penny, I heard snippets of Kerry's little talk on the radio - ugh it was awful. My blood pressure went through the roof. He managed to hit all relevant 'talking points' to continue on with this war on all of us.


    We have NO choices left. It's so damn sad.

    Buffy feeling kinda Blue

    1. I figured he would which is why I made the comment

      'Gives him the chance to personally express his condolences..... And keep on catapulting the propaganda"

      It's so predictable, It really is.

  6. Watching the Zionist MSM, one can always get a sense of the nonsense propaganda that TPTB are trying to shove down our throats. Looking around you see:

    1) Putin is the devil. Obviously
    2) ISIS is about to defeat the entire world and is coming for your at home. Obviously.
    3) And this is a new one. That US/Israeli relations are "in tatters". LMFAO. Yup, you heard that right. NOW all of a sudden the US and Israel are NOT friends anymore, huh? GMAFB.

    Gee, should I view this story that is blazing around the MSM - e.g., this piece at the faux progressive site Common Dreams cites the Guardian, Mother Jones, The Atlantic and a host of other Establishment sites to boost the veracity of this report - as a true depiction of the faltering US/Israeli relations?

    OR should I just add this to the other deflective nonsense that the Zionist MSM is putting out to make it APPEAR that the US does NOT fully and whole-heartedly support the apartheid genocidal state of Israel?

    Sorry, not buying it guys. We just watched the Israelis slaughter 2000+ innocent people this summer and Western governments did NOTHING but offer support but NOW you're gonna try and tell us that they don't have Israel's back? Har har.

    What a joke but at least it tells us that they feel the need to attempt to deflect. So there's that. Oh well.

    1. ok I went to the common dreams link and got to the first paragraph....
      J Sorrentine as soon as I see stuff like "chickenshit" etc.,
      I tune out.
      How do you read it?!

    2. Recent US-Israeli tension is a charade: Ralph Schoenman


    3. The Hidden History of Zionism
      by Ralph Schoenman


    4. Here's a more completely transcribed version of The Hidden History of Zionism. I haven't found the whole book in PDF yet.


    5. thanks to both anons
      If anyone is looking for some reading material? There is some!
      Plus in the Ebola post I have Rockefeller's medicine men pdf linked for download-

  7. Joshua Blakeney: “Ottawa Incident Will Be Used to Throw Critics of Israel in Jail”


    1. I suspect it will cut a broader swathe then that, actually