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Libya: JTF-2, Parliament Hill shooter Bibeau/Zaheff & Father Be(u)lgasem Zaheff

Are you a betting person? What would you think would be the odds that the players on Parliament Hill, the day of the shooting, had all spent time in Libya. At the time of the NATO bombings.
Curious, isn't it?

 I wanted to let this whole Parliament Hill shooting go. I really did! It's exhausting. But, I cannot without getting this all out of my system, so to speak
The presence of JTF-2 on Parliament Hill? As I have already explained JTF-2 is a counter terror/special ops outfit. Counter-terror is a doublespeak way of saying, while not really saying the truth/reality/fact that  JTF-2 is a state sponsored terror group. 
In this case a Canada sponsored terror group.

The emblem of JTF-2

JTF-2's Motto

 Their motto:Latin: Facta Non Verba (Deeds, Not Words)

Does that seem familiar at all? If not, let me refresh your memory?

The emblem of Gladio- NATO's left behind army in Italy

      The motto, "Silendo Libertatem Servo", means "In being silent, I save freedom"

So very similar. Could that be intentional? Or yet another coincidence?

Libya 2011

-One of JTF-2's most recent base of operations was Libya- 2011
- Libya was also a base of operations for the father of the alleged Parliament Hill shooter in 2011
And I have found one report that puts our alleged shooter, employed as a labourer, in Libya. I cannot find a specific date, or year but no matter we have him in Libya!

Digression: In case you wonder why I use the term alleged shooter, well, it’s because I haven’t seen any evidence of him shooting anything. Running around with a gun, sure. But, nothing else.

JTF-2 in Libya

“Postmedia News has confirmed that JTF2, Canada's elite special forces unit, has been sent to the region. MacKay would not comment on JTF2's movements”

 original url-  [Permalink to this cache

 What is clear from the Ottawa Citizen news article is that  JTF-2 was on the ground in Libya before NATO started it’s mass bombing campaign The article, in which Peter MacKay confirms JTF-2 presence in Libya, is dated March 2/2011.

How long JTF-2 had been on the ground in Libya prior to that admission is anyone’s guess? NATO began it’s full scale slaughter of Libyans, in earnest, March 19/2011

Father and Son in Libya

Curiously and coincidentally the father of the Parliament Hill shooter is also in Libya at this time. What are the odds? Astronomical, I would say.

Globe and Mail
 In 2011, a Montrealer named “Belgasem Zahef” was quoted in a Washington Times dispatch from the front in Libya, where he had traveled to join the rebel fight. (The same fight as NATO)
 Zehaf-Bibeau's father is believed to be Bulgasem Zehaf, a Quebec businessman who appears to have fought in 2011 in Libya. (Against the Gaddafi government)

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau: gunman 'furious' over passport delay

So in 2011 we have Zehaf- Bibeau’s father on the ground, fighting on the same side as NATO forces, in Libya. Check!

In 2011 we have JTF-2, Canada’s elite counter terror operations outfit on the ground, also working against the Libyan nation & it’s leadership- Check!

The son & alleged shooter
“The 32-year-old was reportedly born and raised in Quebec, and later spent time in Libya and various regions of Canada as a labourer”
There have been multiple reports that Mr Bibeau had his passport revoked and was in the process of attempting to get it reinstated- Something along those lines?
Yahoo news
 “The Globe and Mail and other media outlets reported that he had his passport revoked in recent months and that he had been known to authorities”

It’s quite interesting that Mr Bibeau's passport is missing in action? Had it not been revoked perhaps the media could have found out if he, his father and JTF-2 were all one big happy family in Libya, in 2011, while NATO was destroying a nation. Wouldn’t that be interesting to be able to confirm? All three parties, on the ground in Libya, together, working towards the same goal!

 We can verify through main stream media reports that JTF-2 & the father were on the ground, together in Libya, at the same time. However, the passport being revoked  or whatever, makes it difficult to find out exactly where the son was in 2011. Caveat's aside the son was in Libya and quite likely he was there with his father and JTF-2 in 2011.

Keep in mind, I am not a coincidence theorist. 

UPDATE: #1-   Ottawa gunman intended to go to Saudi Arabia, not Syria: mother
Why, oh why did the corrupt RCMP say the alleged shooter wanted to go to Syria?
Was that statement made in order to promote a specific agenda?

“I want to correct the statement of the RCMP,” wrote Bibeau, who is deputy chair of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. “I never said he wanted to go to Syria, I specically said Saudi Arabia.
“They taped my conversation, so there can little doubt about the accuracy of what I said.”
The RCMP lied when they made their statement to the public. Big surprise! Not.
FYI: the quote is direct from G& M, spelling error and all

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  1. If this needs cleaning up I shall address it tomorrow, for now, check the info and the links and coincidence theorists need not apply :)

  2. It is too much of a coincidence for me too, Penny. You do great work. The same movers and shakers seem to create mayhem that just happens to support the PTSB all over the joint.

    1. "The same movers and shakers seem to create mayhem that just happens to support the PTSB all over the joint"


  3. Penny: Have you heard where the shooter got the $650 to buy the car the day before? He was supposed to be indigent and living in a shelter. Also, how did he get the gun? Where did he store it prior to, if he was living in a shelter.

    1. Hey greencrow!

      No idea how he got the money for the vehicle
      I suspect the vehicle was provided for him as opposed to him purchasing it
      because the saga of how he got the vehicle makes zero sense
      In this post

      the unnamed witness is not credible at all and the entire tale is heresay

  4. This is very interesting, very good, thanks. I think this is an important piece of this "event".

    1. "I think this is an important piece of this "event".

      As I do also. Your welcome :)

  5. This is from Twitter today. Don't know how much of it we can trust, but it IS interesting!

    "Anonymous Photos Taken 15 Minutes Prior to Ottawa Shooting: “I’m a legislative assistant..."

    1. Hi Marie

      thanks, I did see that image and recounting over at Aanirfan's
      don't know if it's legit? It seems plausible. Yes!
      But not necessary given all the other information available through the msm
      It's seems something big is afoot
      It's non stop blathering here- sheesh